RAYA OS : Naughty Love

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Ram had some important work in office he spent hours in office he would leave early in the morning and would come back late at night at home too he had no relief he was always busy over the phone

Ram and Priya hardly had the time to even talk to each other most of the days he would leave even before she woke up nd would return late into the night Priya would have breakfast alone go to her classes spend evenings either in sharma house or with Neha and sometimes with Dadi and Rishabh then have dinner after coming back home and fall off to sleep on the couch reading a book Ram would come home ate into the night he would pick her up from the couch and put her on the bed he would then fall off to sleep beside her tired from the days work as soon as he would start snoring Priya would know he's home she would lie there looking at him for sometime and then fall asleep admiring him she missed him badly she felt alone and lost nd she now wanted to spend some time with him

The sun slowly peeked in the distance as the night had disappeared and was slowly replacing it with daylight even though the he had the two week off from his work for his love 

Priya's eyes flutter open as she looked around in the dark room she turned around as a pair of arms wrapped around her body her gaze went to the man who was holding her Priya smiled and snuggled into his warm chest a low chuckle escaped him as Priya looked at him with a tired expression

Priya smiled softly and her hand was softly running through his dark hair almost combing

Priya were sitting on the bed and playfully hit him in the chest Ram lazily opened he saw his partner Priya sitting infrot of him

Hmmm kya hain Priya

Kya kya hain chaliye uthiye Mr. Kapoor it's 9 Priya said

Ha toh aaj toh Saturday hain na aaj office nahi hain aur muje bahot nind aa rahi hain toh muje ab sone do Ram answered and close his eyes

Arre aise kaise sone du aaj meri bhi classes nahi hain

He rubbed his eyes and gazed over to Priya and said accha aaj tumari bhi shutti hain and he pull her toward him embracer her and said toh tum itni jaldi kyu uthgai chalo so javo

Rammm ye kya hain

Hmmm Priya Plzz yaar sone do na kitne dino ke bad aise so raha hu

Kya Mr.Kapoor aap ko such main sona hain she asked

What do you want to do today my Hitler ? Priya buried her face into his chest

Shopping as long as I'm with you Ram I want to spend time with you

Ram rubbed his eyes again look at her and said shopping You okay baby

Ha kyu? Priya replied

Nahi tumare muh se shopping sunna toh woh kya hain na tumain shopping pe jana accha nahi lagya na issliye

Ha muje shopping pe jana accha nahi lagta par aaj muje apne boyfriend ke liye shopping karni hain toh uthiye jaldi aur fresh ho jaiye

Haawww Priya tumain sharam nahi aati aisa bolte huye ek toh tumara boyfriend hain aur tum apne pati se bol rahi ho ke main tumare sath chalu woh bhi tumare boyfriend ke liye shopping karne ek kam karo ussiko sath he le javo muje mat bolo

Priya look at him and said arre aise kya kar rahe ho Mr.Kapoor mera ek hi toh boyfriend hain na plz chaliye na and make puppy face

Ram trun other side close his eyes and said mere pass tumare boyfriend ke liye time nahi muje sona hain

Priya : arre aisa kya kar rage ho plz uthiye na and shook him

Ram : nahi muje nahi uthna hain muje sona hain

Priya sat on bed and pushed Ram over onto his back laying herself on top of him and kiss every inch of his face she started with a light kiss to his forehead then one on his check then another under his eye and so on she had gotten about half finished when her kisses

Priya let me sleep she smile goes closure to his eras and start singing

Kalaiyaan... Kalaiyaan...

Tu leya de meinu golden jhumke..
Main kanna vich paavan chum chum ke 

She start nuzzling on his neck

Mann jaa ve... mainu shopping kara de
Mann jaa ve... romantic picture dikha de
Requestaan paayiaan ve..
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri white kalaiyaan ve 
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri teri hisse aayiaan ve 
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve

Slowly Ram looked up to find her black eyes gazing deeply into his brown eyes Priya winks him and hugs him tightly when she does not get any response from Ram she breaks the hug and looks at his eyes making a puppy face she sings 

Ram see her action he love very much he wants to enjoy more suddenly he turn his face other side and sleep Priya come top of him and kissed his cheek and Ram smile he woke up and look at her Ram nodded gently and very carefully he lifted Priya and place other side

You're my darling angel baby
White kalaiyan drives me crazy
Shiney eyes say glitt glitt glittery
You're the light that makes me go hazy 

Ram couldn't help but smile Priya with her pouted lips hugging him from behind starts the last torture what she can do on her rightful place caressing his full face only with her one finger she smiled sweetly at Ram and patted the spot beside her Ram teasingly raised an eyebrow 

Oh mainu chadhiya hai rang rang
Main khwabaan de sang sang aaj ud'di phiran
Main saari raat ud'di phiran
Oh badle jindadi de rang dhang
Meri neendein bhi tang tang, aaj ud'di phiran
Main saari raat ud'di phiran

Mann jaa ve... gulabi chunni diva de
Mann jaa ve... colourful chudi pavaa de
Requestaan paayiaan ve..
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri white kalaiyaan ve 
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri teri hisse aayiaan ve 
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve

Ram remove her hands from his neck and trund towards other side she is come close to him Priya comes close near to Ram nd she use her finger tops to caresses his face she sings Ram groaned and lifted the pillow over his head  

Priya plz mujeh sone do  

Ghumde phirde saare chitiyaan milgiyan
Chittiyaan kalaaiyan ve kalaaiyan ve
Tere hathaan nu chumda rehnda
Kam tu lai laiyaan, oh chittiyaan ve
oh chittiyaan ve

He lying in the bed he was covered partially with a comforter he pushed aside her nd pulled comforter on himself   Priya is cuddle form behind him Ram is still sleeping on the swing Priya leans and encircle her arms around his neck feeling her sudden touches Ram gets little nervous Priya kisses on his cheeks Ram tries to removes her hand but she holds him little tigtly

Mann jaa ve... mainu shopping kara de
Mann jaa ve... romantic picture dikha de
Requestaan paayiaan ve..
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri white kalaiyaan ve 
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri teri hisse aayiaan ve 
Chittiyaan kalaiyaan ve
Oh baby meri chittiyan kalaiyan ve

Ram...Priya scratch his arm Ram she shook his arm again

Ram tried his best to ignore her

Ram plz uthiye na

Plz yaar muje bhot nind aa rahi hain Ram said

Priya : aap na belkul unromantic ho udhar Vikram ko dekhiye woh Neha ki har bat manta hain aur ek aap hain meri koi bhi bat nah mante

Ram : kya main aur unromantic

Priya : ha aur nahi toh kya jara apne dost ko dekhiye Neha jo jo bolti hain Vikram uski har bat manta hain usse shoping pe le jata hain movie bhi le jata hain romantic dinner pe bhi jate hain dono aur ek aap hain ki aapko business ke alava kuch aata he nahi hain

Ram smile and thinks aaj ise ho kya gaya hain aise phele toh kabhi isko aise nahi kiya

Priya : kya dekh rahe hain aise Neha such kaheti hain sare mard ek jaise hote hain shadi se phele kya kya wade karte hain aur shadi ke bad biwi ki taraf dekhte bhi nahi hain

Ram : oye main konse wade kiye the shadi ke phele ham toh ek dusre se shadi bhi nahi karna chate the pata hain na hamari shadi khese hui hain Natasha aur Karthik ke wajhase and wink

Priya : ha pata hain yaad dilane ki jarurat nahi hain par aapne uss din jo bola tha woh

Ram : kya bola tha yaar

Priya : ke aap mujse pyar karte hain mere wajhase badal gaye hain woh sab kya tha aap mere siwa rhe nahi sakte

Ram blash woh toh Priyaa

Priya : woh toh

Ram arre kya bate le kar bheth gai ho yaar tum na ab se Neha se mila mat karo

Priya : kyu nahi milu usse

Ram : tum usse milti ho toh pata nahi kya kya tumain sikhati rheti hain ye Neha bhi na meri acchi khasi biwi ko begad ke rakh diya hain

Priya : kya main bigdi huyi hu

Ram : hmm muje aisa lagta hain tum kitni bolisi thi koi saval nahi karti thi par ab sawal karti ho toh rukne ka nam nahi leti ho

Priya Mr.Kapoorrr

Ram : ha aur nahi toh kya bilkul tipical biwi yo ke tharha ban gai ho har waqt tang karti ho

Priya : kya main aapko tang karti hu

Ram : ha toh kitna pareshan karti ho tum

Priya : accha kab kiya jain maine aapko tang

Ram : har waqt har pal muje tang karti ho yaar ab muje ayr tang mat karo he lied down on bed turning to the other side and pulled comforter on himself and said ab muje sone do ok bye

Priya angrily thik hain soiye golu, khadus, akdu ,sadu and come out from bed and went to downstairs

Ram gets up and try to surch her but she is not thiere he smile and said isse aaj ho kya gaya hain but jo bhi hua hain I like It.

At the kitchen

Ram saw hes wife cooking he went to kitchen

Suddenly she finds his hands firmly gripping on her waist from standing behind her he pulls her close to him after a slight push given by him she finds herself still standing but leaning against him her heartbeat rise as she loses her composure in many ways due to his action and his presence

Need some help my beautiful he smiled looking at her

Priya stair him angrily

Without saying anything he went near her and stands behind her she felt a pair of hands encircle her bare waist she knew it was her ram then she turned back to see her love he starts massaging her shoulders he was

Standing too close to her she can feel him

In a husky voice Ram

Naughtily what darling Ram said

Ram plz let me do my work and push him back

So do who is stopping u he moved his hands down to her waist and holding her nd he starts nuzzling her she moaned she can feel his arousal on her back

Ram go and sleep na

She looked at him he winks and kissed her lips softly he turn off the gas

What r u doing Ram


She look at him

What happen baby u said me I'm unromantic


Are you angry with me baby




Kya Hmmm

OK baby u just go and get ready we r going out

Where ? Priya said


I don't want to go anywhere she said

Why? yaar tumain he toh shaping jana tha na

Hmmm but abhi mera mood nahi hain

Arre aise kaise mood nai hain tumain toh tumare boyfriend ke liye shopping karni thi na come on jaldi ready ho javo

Muje nahi hona hain ready

He piked her in his arm took her upstairs

Ramm leave me

He turned her and took her face in his palms and bend himself he kissed her lips

Baby ab tum khud ready hoti ho ya main kuch help karu and wink

She smile nd went to chang

Priya come out from changing room and Ram look at her and lost in her beauty

Ram seeing her wow Priya you look amazing Ram said taking the sight of Priya in  Ram walk toward her pull her his arm and hug her and said u look so beautiful

At mall

Priya seletct some t-shirt and said to Ram try It

Ram look at her and said why me? ye toh tumne tumare boyfriend ke liye liye hain na tph main kyu try karu

Priya smile and said hmmm woh kya hain na Mr.Kapoor ye toh main apne boyfriend ke liye he le rahi hu bas check karna chati hu usse barabar aayege ya nahi

Ram : accha toh main kyu phenu usse he bulavo na

He is not here so aap ko he phenna hoga ab jaldi kijiye na Priya whined looking at Ram pleadingly

But Priya he replied utterly bewildered with his wife's demand

Ram took t-shirts from her and want to trial room

She began to pull his cheeks

Priya what are you doing? that hurts

You look so handsome let me enjoy by the way you haven't complimented me yet

Ha but ye mere liye thodi na hain and smlie

Priya smile and said aap ko bhi chaiye kya

He pulled her into the compartment and pushed her up against the back wall before she could even comprehend what he was doing his demanding lips landed on hers sucking fiercely his tongue probed for entry but she did not comply

Ram about to kiss her Priya push him and come out from trial room

Priyaaa he shout

Priya kya hain jaldi change kijiye aur bahar aaiye

He change and come out

Priya : ho gya ab chaliye

Ram : wait yaar abhi muje mere girlfriend ke liye shopping karni hain

Priya : muje kuch nahi chahiye

Ram : tumain kuch nahi chahiye matlab tum kya meri girlfriend ho

Priya smlie and said nahi toh main toh aapki biwi hu

Ram : ha toh yahi pe khadi raho main mere girlfriend ke liye shopping karke aata hu

Priya look at him and herslef lo ab inki bhi koi girlfriend hain muje toh pata he nahi tha and smile aftre some time Ram comewith shopping bag's Priya said you done with you'r shopping for you'r girlfriend

Yes Ram smile and said

Waise kya liya aapne apne girlfriend ke liye

Are u my girlfriend no na he winked at Priya toh chup raho

Priya smiled and Ram gazed lovingly into her eyes  now let's go we are going somewhere

Ram and Priya in his came to the car

Where we are going Ram Priya asked as he dropped himself on the driving seat of the car

He look at her and said wait for some time

After some time Priya and ram soon reach their destination

At a familiar beach house beach house why did you bring me here Priya asked

Because  I want to meet my girlfriend and went toward door

At a familiar beach house Ram making plans to spent time with Priya It was at the same beach house where Ram and Priya loved to spend their vacations whenever The Ram Kapoor was granted time off nd since it was their Ram was had two week off  to spent time with his beautiful better half

Priya dressed in a sky blue cotton dress was sitting on the thick wooden railing of the beach house It was wide nd sturdy enough to hold her weight as she leaned back against the post and stretched her legs out in front of her along the railing she closed her eyes and revelled in the feel of the sunlight on her bare legs and the sounds of the ocean waves as she held onto a tall glass of ice water in her left hand the warmth of the sunlight on her legs along with the calm sounds of the surf allowed Priya's mind to wander as she raised the glass to her lips and drank the water

Her thoughts focused on the man she had the privilege of calling her husband she couldn't help but smile as she thought of how far they had come as friends now and best of all as husband and wife Priya was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't realise that her beloved man in question was standing in the doorway admiring the stunning scene before him he had finished stocking the fridge with food for the week which included a black forest cake

Dressed in dark knee length board shorts and a t-shirt Ram stood and leaned in the doorway with his arms crossed over his toned chest and admired his wife as she sat on the railing he honestly could just watch her all day

Beautiful said Ram with a smile as he moved from the doorway to be with his wife he placed his right hand on the post she was leaning against above her head while his left hand gently took the empty glass from her and placed it on the railing away from her feet his left hand then slid across her stomach to fix itself on her right as a sign that he would not let her fall and leaned in to give her a gentle kiss

It is beautiful Priya answered after their brief kiss as her right hand came to rest on his arm while her left hand slid around his lower back and rested her head on his shoulder

True but I wasn't talking about the scenery Ram chuckled what are you doing out here anyway?

Hmm... just relaxing thinking about things Priya answered with a giggle as he raised her head from his shoulder the warmth of the sun had left her in a playful mood

Gonna tell me what was on your mind? Ram asked with a smile

What are you gonna do if I don't tell haa? use some of your tricks to try and interrogate me for an answer? Priya giggled Ram couldn't help but chuckle clearly her playful mood had become infectious

I could always handcuff you you know Ram smirked and leaned in to capture his stunning wife's lips in a slow passionate kiss when Priya moaned into his mouth he pulled away from her luscious lips to leave feather light kisses to her throat and right shoulder she let out a laugh of happiness as her right hand slid up his arm to bury her fingers into his thick dark hair to Ram Priya's laughter always sounded like music to his ears

Okay if you really wanna know what I was thinking about it was you Priya answered the lovely smile had not left her face the sunlight had left me so relaxed that my mind started to roll through memories of how far we had come together

Her answer caused Ram to stop his gentle assault of kisses on her skin and raised his head to gaze into her eyes he had to admit they had come a long way both together and apart

I know what you mean Priya Ram answered as he lowered his head slightly to rest on the top of hers and stared out to the ocean and moved his right arm from the post to curl around her shoulders Ram let out a sigh as he curled his arms around his wife more tightly

Don't blame yourself for that Ram Priya rubbed his arm

His Priya's words of commendation about that moment brought a smile to his face and moved to place a kiss to her forehead

Missing you so much everyday when your not around my heart aches even more you fill the void the void thats been missing for some time now that hasen't been filled In a long time but now that I'm with you the void is no more you make me feel so good but I miss you so bad I'd do anything to see you anything in the world right now all I want Is to be with you the sweetness of your personality your voice is sweet all I want right now Is to be with you but you busy with you'r work

What do you mean Priya?Ram asked as she placed a soft hand to his cheek

I miss you so much baby

I miss the way my heart skips a beat when I hear your voice I miss the way my whole world lights up when I see you I miss the way your head fits my chest and I wrap my arms around you I miss the long phone calls when we speak for hours I miss how our bodies mould together as soul mates I miss the smell of your hair

I miss the feel of your touch I miss the way you make me happy when I am sad I miss the way you make me feel whole again I miss the way you say my nameI miss the way you call me, just to hear my voice I miss the way you tell me that you love me I miss the smoothness of your lips against mine I miss the way your eyes when I am around you I miss the way you hold me tight I miss the way you would look up into my eyes

I can see peace in your eyes feel the love in the back of my mind It's all I can do to will it to last forever the fleeting moments when I feel there's only one heart of us together and as we held each other skin to skin touching your delicate hand over my heart I wonder just how close you can feel of the millions of little reasons I missed you and  I love you

I would gladly catch any firearm you throw in my direction and I would fight by your side in a heartbeat because I believe in you and I believe in us and in the strong bond that we share that is what makes me unafraid to stand by your side and fight if needed I love you so much my golu

It's like finding a connection into my own heart to gaze into the beautiful of something that could one day feel terrible trust in that you won't look away at least not before your heart slips from mine nd I wish for it to never slip from mine because the only music I long to hear are your whispers in my ears the only promises of happiness I need nd perhaps a little more taste of your soft soft lips I love you baby incredibly nd hope you feel the same indefinitely because I feel I want you so much you could not possibly imagine nd love you in a way where no part of my heart could be left hidden

Priya's arms moved to slide around Ram's neck as she buried her face into his shoulder his arms clamped his wife to his chest tightly as he thought about what she had told him her confession had left him overwhelmed He truly had an amazing strong willed woman to call his wife as he gently moved her face away from his shoulder to kiss her passionately her confession

I love you so much Priya you are perfect girl for my life Ram said with pride in his voice

To be honest it doesn't matter to me that you're not an The Ram Kapoor or whatever I love you for who you are why on earth would you feel so proud Priya couldn't help but giggle

Really? and hug her

Am glad ur my husband Ram

I love u priya

Both break the hug

Okay now would my lovely lady like to take a walk with me along the beach? Ram asked and grinned at the sight of his wife's playful pout at not being told she then broke out into a grin

Okay since you asked me so nicely I'd love to Priya felt Ram's hands on around her as he helped her down from where she had sat on the railing he was about to lean in to kiss her when she surprised him and escaped his grasp then stood at the top of the two small steps of the beach house

That was for not telling me what you had planned tough guy now you'll have to catch me for that kiss she said with a wink Priya then jumped the steps and ran down the small path that led to the white sand with laughter Ram stood there surprised that she had escaped his hold but his surprise quickly turned to joy at the sound of her laugh

And that's why I love her so much he said to himself as he moved to walk down the path that led to the sand

You'll pay for that Priya Ram shouted with joy and then ran along the sand to catch up to his cheeky wife

Being able to spend some quality time with Ram were moments Priya enjoyed the most to be able to have her beloved hubby all to herself and enjoy his attention nd since her husband was granted some much needed time off she revelled in the chance to enjoy that special attention at a private little movement hidden in the beach house Priya standing near window looking outside lost in her thought

Without saying anything he went near her and stands behind her she felt a pair of hands encircle her bare waist she knew it was her ram then she turned back to see her love

Standing too close to her she can feel him

Priyaa Ram said

Hmmm what Priya said

Ram give her one packed and said wear this outfit Priya look at him and said this for me and what about your girlfriend

Ram: don't ask questions and wear this

She took it from him she didn't ask anything more from him and went changing room she opened packet and find swimming suit she roll her eyes and shout Rammm swimsuit he smile and I no you just wear it darling Priya was feeling very awkward she was shying like anything but he insisted her and she has to wear it she wore for Ram she is looking utter s**y Priya come out from changing room and Ram look at her and lost in her beauty he dint cared to blink his eyes atleast Ram walk toward her pull her his arm and hug her and said u look so s**y baby

The couple were enjoying the swimming pool all to themselves Ram enjoyed swimming laps up and down the length of the pool dressed in a pair of dark board shorts while his wife sat by the edge happy to watch him as she dangled her legs in the shallow end and applied sun lotion to her skin Ram had stopped swimming and decided to take a breather to watch her at the far end of the pool his sweetheart looked incredible in her sapphire coloured bikini with a matching short sarong he couldn't help but smile as he saw her happily soak up the sun with her slender legs immersed in the water he noticed the opened tube of sun lotion by her legs and his smile became a devilish grin as much as he had enjoyed the refreshing swim earlier he wanted Priya to enjoy a swim with him he quietly swam over to Priya as his hands then reached out under the water and gently grabbed her ankles Priya automatically let out a shriek as she slightly jumped in surprise

Rammm you scared me Priya exclaimed when her shock wore off Ram only chuckled as his hands began to caress her legs under the water

With a smile she opened her legs slightly to allow Ram to be closer to her as his hands continued to explore the skin of her legs as Priya's hands began caressing Ram's arms she moaned in delight when she felt Ram's lips softly leave kisses to her leg he raised his head when he felt Priya's hand comb through his wet hair as she leaned forward to share a soft and slow kiss

Come and join me for a swim baby Ram said softly as he breathed in much needed oxygen from their kiss and his hands crept up to rest at her hips Priya had wanted to sun bathe a little longer but the feel of his hands lightly tugging her left her with no room to say no with a giggle she allowed him to pull her into the water In Ram's eyes Priya looked incredibly beautiful with her wine coloured hair floating along the surface of the water as she began to race a lap of the pool with him

I won Priya cheered as she touched the wall of the pool where she had left her sarong and the open tube of sun lotion the moment she had turned around she was lightly trapped near the wall of the swimming pool by Ram's muscled frame and his arms on either side of her

Then allow me to congratulate the winner Ram growled in excitement as he swooped down to capture his stunning wife's lips

His mouth swallowed her moan of delight as she felt his calloused hands move from the pool edge to slide along every inch of her skin under the water as Ram moved his arms to curl around Priya he growled in approval at the feel of her slender legs wrap around his waist as her hands combed his damp hair with a cheeky use of his skills he untied Priya's bikini top with one hand and caressed the length of her back to distract her with the other the sudden feel of her bikini top disappearing from her skin made Priya pull away from their heated kiss in surprise

Ramm? Priya panted in surprise as her arms automatically covered herself and quickly looked around to make sure they were alone the sight of Ram's smile made her realise that her husband was up to something as she leaned back against the wall of the pool he then handed her the bikini top he had been holding in his left hand as he reached around to grab the tube of sun lotion with the other

We're the only ones here my love so there's no need for you to hide Ram reassured her as he softly kissed away her initial surprise turn around

With a smile as she unhooked her legs from around his waist Priya did as she was told although she still felt a little self conscious about her exposed cleavage her fears immediately disappeared when she felt Ram's lips leave soft kisses to the skin of her neck as his left arm lovingly curled around from behind to hide her exposure as his right hand began to apply the sun lotion to her bare back

Are you applying sun lotion on me or giving me a massage?Priya moaned in delight at the feel of his calloused hand gently rubbing the sun lotion into her skin

What would you do if I said both?Ram chuckled in her ear from behind as the fingertips of his roaming hand moved to slide along her spine It made Priya clutch her bikini top into a fist at the sound of his rugged and s**y voice

I'd say keep going handsome Priya swooned as she gazed over her shoulder in a s**y manner that left the Ram on the verge of drooling as she turned around to face him

His hands immediately began to apply sun lotion to her cleavage and stomach as he swooped down to capture her lips in a mind blowing kiss the feel of his hands rubbing the sun lotion to her cleavage made her shiver in delight as her arms encircled around his shoulders Ram's hands slid around to cradle his wife as he gently led her away from the wall of the pool to lean against it himself with her in his arms their kiss lasted until they needed to pull away to breathe

I love you Ram whispered into her shoulder as his hands slid along her bare back he raised his head from her shoulder to place a kiss to her forehead as he guided her wet hair over her shoulders and down her back

I love you too Priya blushed as she placed her bikini top back on and tied the straps behind her neck even though they were the only ones in the swimming pool she was surprised when Ram's arms quickly moved around to tie the straps behind her back as he kissed her again Priya grinned as she slid her hands along the length of his muscled chest as she applied the sun lotion to his skin in the same sensual manner that he did with her

Do you want to stay out here or continue this in our room? Priya asked seductively in his ear and trailed kisses to this throat she grinned when she felt his breath hitch under her lips with a grin of his own he lifted himself out of the pool and offered his hand to help Priya out of the pool completely uncaring that they were both dripping wet from their swim he led her by the hand to the shade covered sun lounge where they had left their beach towels and sat down he then lightly pulled her to straddle his thighs as he wrapped his arms around her

Right now we're staying here we can continue this in the shower later Ram growled as his hands again caressed her thighs she leaned forward to place a gentle kiss to his cheek and let out a soft giggle

What's so funny?Ram asked with a smirk as one of his hands moved to cup her cheek

I never thought that something so simple as applying sun lotion could get so intense Priya admitted with a soft blush.

It's because of your love Priya It's your love that has saved me in so many ways and has made me into a much stronger man every time you're in my arms it makes me want to make you feel special Ram said sincerely as he captured her lips in a sensual kiss to emphasise his point

If this is how we're going to spend our two weeks here I can't wait Priya said seductively as she carefully turned around to lie back in his arms

Count on it Priya Ram declared as he wrapped his arms around his precious wife as they soaked up the atmosphere together on the sun lounge

The strong scent and sounds of the ocean awakened Priya from her sleep but she had awakened with a smile she had always wanted to visit the bech house with Ram and now she had her chance Ram were true to their word on the promise that their best husband would be left alone for the two weeks as they laid under the sheets Ram carefully rolled over to embrace her as he slept he gently curled his muscled right arm around her and Priya guided his hand over her heartbeat with a smile the sounds of the ocean was soothing to Priya it almost lulled her back to sleep until she felt Ram pull her closer to his chest and bury his nose in her black coloured hair as she continued to listen to the sounds of the ocean in the distance her mind began to wander

It made her blush as she thought about how they spent the previous night It felt just like the night he had returned home Ram had felt guilty about how she miis him he had wanted to make it up to her that night and let her know how sorry he was for putting her emotions through such a rollercostar

And make it up to her he did

Just like that night there was not a single inch of her soft skin that he left untouched as he brought her to such dizzying heights of ecstasy he had wanted the entire night to be about her and his actions in the swimming pool earlier with the sun lotion had set the scene for the rest of the evening and through the night memories of the previous night made Priya shiver in giddiness it brought goose bumps to the skin of her arms

Then the shower they later shared together to rinse off the chlorine from their swim had left her breathless Ram had treated her as if she were a priceless porcelain doll the entire time they stood together under the warm spray of the shower as he glided the body sponge lathered with her vanilla scented body wash all over her skin

Even when he had her lightly pressed against the tiled wall of the shower Priya immediately noticed through the strong look of adoration in his eyes and the feel of his touch to her skin as he gently held her to the shower wall he was telling her without words how precious she was to him It was a feeling she gladly returned equally as she hooked her leg around his hip and lightly scraped her fingernails along his muscled chest and down to his abdomen with a grin as her lips left gentle kisses to his throat she sighed in utter bliss when she felt his hand caress her thigh that she had curled around his hip and almost cried from the sheer beauty when she felt their bodies become one as he kissed her deeply

As Priya pressed his hand more closely to her heart as he slept the strong sounds of the ocean in the distance reminded her that their love was like that ocean vast and deep calm and beautiful and strong and powerful they had been through so much together and swam so many tides both together and apart had forever changed them and it gave them a connection very few people understood other than Vikram and Neha

 She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't realise her husband had woken up until she felt his lips trail kisses to her shoulder and his right hand caress her skin

Good morning Priya giggled at the feel of Ram's lips on her skin as she turned her head to gaze over her right shoulder

Ram said nothing as he gently pressed his lips to hers as his roaming hand coaxed her to lie on her back Priya's hand found his left one and laced their fingers together above her head and she moaned in delight at the feel of his roaming hand caressing her stomach Ram's lips soon left hers and trailed kisses to her throat When he heard her sigh in bliss he lifted his head to gaze down at her flushed face

The Ram Kapoor could not have imagined a more beautiful sight to greet his eyes his Priya beside him under the sheets and her slightly flushed skin was an incredible sight he felt that not even the world's greatest artist could ever replicate her unique beauty in any art form Priya opened her eyes the moment she felt his hand gently cup her face and his thumb slide along her cheek bone Ram continued to simply gaze at Priya with a soft smile as her breathing began to even out and her hand reached up to cover his that held her cheek Priya's smile was incredibly intoxicating he preffered to be left drunk by her beauty and her smile than by even the best whiskey he could afford

Good morning to you Ram said softly as he slid his hand away from her cheek and curled his arm around her in a gentle hug as he lightly settled himself in the cradle of Priya's thighs he couldn't resist placing a soft kiss directly over her heartbeat as his arms curled more possessively around her she sighed in bliss from the feel of his lips on her skin above her heart and gently combed her fingers through his hair with her left hand

Thank you Ram Priya panted at the feel of Ram's lips to her throat It made the Ram immediately raise his head with a look of confusion Priya couldn't help but giggle

For letting me choose the destination as to where we would get to spend your two week break

With a soft smile Ram said nothing as he rolled over onto his back taking Priya with him and she rested on his muscled chest as he readjusted the bed sheets to keep their bodies partially covered she moaned in delight at the feel of his hands sliding along her bare back and through her hair his smile became a grin when he felt Priya place her ear directly over his heartbeat as her left hand slid along his chest to stop at his shoulder

That's ok my love Ram said softly as he placed a gentle kiss to the top of her head the gentle act caused Priya to raise her head and gaze at his face I know this past month had been completely swamped with my work which meant the cancellation of plans I know you had your heart set on us doing together nd for that I'm truly sorry I wanted to make it up to you somehow and when I saw the look in your eyes when I told myself I was given two weeks off I knew I had made the right decision to let you choose the destination this time I want these two weeks that we have here together to be completely about you and how precious you are to me always remember Priya that I love you

His words left Priya blushing she knew how disappointed she felt about the special plans they had made together had to be cancelled because of the demands of his work her disappointment lifted when she realised just how strongly Ram had felt that same disappointment she knew from his actions both in the pool and in the shower he really did want to make it up to her and for that she couldn't help but feel that he had accomplished his work

I can truly say that you made it up to me and more my love you certainly know how to spoil me Priya whispered as her hand that rested on his shoulder came up to cup his cheek with a smile Priya lovingly placed her lips to his in a gentle kiss she moaned in delight when she felt his hands slide along the length of her bare back before his arms came to curl around her possessively when Priya pulled away from their tender kiss to breathe Ram couldn't resist the urge to press a kiss to her forehead

Don't think of it as me spoiling you Priya I love you and I made a promise to you'r dad that I would take care of you anything that's precious to me gets well looked after and you are the most precious of them all Priya I want you to know that nd right now what I want is to stay here in this bed all day with my greatest partner Ram answered softly as he guided her hand from his cheek to press a kiss to her

Priya smiled as she moved to sit up in bed beside him and as she sat with her back to him raised her arms above her head and lazily stretched to loosen her muscles with a grin Ram sat up and curled his arms around her as his lips left kisses to the skin of her neck the featherlight touch of his lips to her neck as his fingers guided her long hair over her other shoulder made her stop stretching and she went limp in his strong arms She hummed at the feeling of his lips and hands caressing her skin as they sat up in bed Priya's right hand clutched the bed sheets around them as her left hand reached up to comb through Ram's hair as one of his hands slid up to her shoulder

I love you Priya Ram whispered into her skin as he raised his head from her shoulder and moved to sit up against the headboard with his pillow to cushion his back

Priya blushed at the sight of his gesture to sit in his arms and carefully moved across to accept his gesture as she carefully laid back against his muscled chest she guided her long hair over her shoulders to hide her cleavage she quickly made sure to readjust the bed sheets as she made herself comfortable in his arms with a smile Ram gently guided her to slightly sit forward as his hands began to give her a massage Priya moaned at the feel of her husband's hands massage her back and slide up to her shoulders

Hmm... Ram just how did you manage to untie my bikini top in the swimming pool?Priya moaned at the feel of Ram's skilled hands massaging her back her question caused Ram to stop his massage and he leaned forward to embrace her

An businessmen can't reveal secrets Ram chuckled into her hair as he slightly rocked her in his arms in sheer merriment at her question Priya couldn't help but laugh with him as one of her hands clutched the bed sheets while her other caressed his forearms

I'm not asking you to you'r bank account number Priya joked as she gazed over her shoulder with a smile With a smile of his own Ram leaned back against his pillow and guided his cheeky wife to lie back against his chest

I told you before Priya when you're in my arms it makes me want to make you feel special I love you its that simple Ram whispered into her right ear then placed a soft kiss to her shoulder his left hand slid along her left arm as he whispered his words to stop at her shoulder

Good answer nd I love you too Priya giggled as her left hand came to up to join his at her shoulder while she placed her other hand on his thigh

Ram couldn't resist placing a soft kiss to her forehead and moved his left hand from her shoulder to snake around her stomach protectively he noticed with a smile as his right hand caressed her skin how deliciously drowsy Priya looked as he felt her breathing even out and the sleepy looking smile on her face he chuckled lightly as he placed a gentle kiss to the top of her head

Are you falling asleep?Ram said as she snuggled into his muscled chest with a giggle

So what if I am I want to stay here in bed as much as you today Priya answered simply as her other hand reached up and buried her fingers into his hair as she reclosed her eyes with her stunning smile still in place Her left arm came to join his over her stomach and linked their fingers together

Then sleep my love Priya whispered as he pulled the bed sheets to her stomach near his arm that he still had curled around her seeing Priya at her most beautiful and asleep in his arms he wanted nothing more than to just hold her in his arm

If there was ever a time in his life where he was convinced that love could not be as strong as steel Priya had forever changed that her understanding and acceptance of him warts and all allowed him to see that such a love could be real and just kept on getting better as he continued to watch his precious Priya sleep in his arms with a look of contentment on his face it heightened his determination to keep his faith not only in his work not just as a wife or best friend but as his greatest partner in life


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Hayeee i m missing my Raya pls update ur ss n ff na n thanks for pm n os was naughty as title describe
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Superb romantic update...
Thanks 4 the pm...
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thanks for pm..
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Simply superb update. I miss my raya so much.
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awesome update ...
so much romantic and u penned down each and every part so well 

and thank u for big one 
Thank u for pm too 
Waiting for next 
its really nice as weekend gift for us 
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good one.

thanks for pm
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Sooo romantic & naughty os! Embarrassed Love It! Smile
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