Raya OS: Soul mates Forever

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Hello All,

I want to dedicate this OS to my lovely di, ( Sandhyasn ) and happy anniversary to us...Heart Heart Heart  hehehe its around an year when u started chatting so wanna dedicate u this os... di u are really very special to me. Love u darling...Heart Hugs to u ... Hug

And I want to thank my friend urvi for helping me to complete this os. In fact last part was written by her... thank u so much dudee..Hug

Hope u ppl will like this OS... Hug

Scene starts like this..

Priya stood facing the mirror removing all her accessories one by one while muttering something...

She is really pissed and her anger ..jealousy are all adding on to it ... In fact she is not removing the accessories rather just throwing them away.

She draped in her husband's fav red color saree with a low back deep cut blouse... she is looking smoking hot. All she was muttering about was her husband's behavior...how he didn't pay attention towards her. After all she got ready for him and the least she expected was for him to acknowledge her .


She knew that he was angry on her as she didn't tell him about her and pihu and he kept thinking that he had lost her in that accident. Though ram had taken them to KM still ram is angry on priya. He is not talking much to priya but he is comfortable with pihu. He is enjoying every moment with peehu but he is completely ignoring priya. He is giving her his silent punishment. It's almost one month when priya n peehu met him at the marriage hall. Ram was utterly shocked to see her alive. His happiness had no bound when he saw his rockstar, and came to know that peehu is the symbol of their love. He is very angry at priya and how he cud nt be after all she hide herself n peehu for so long. Five long years it's not a short period he was shattered with the news that his beloved wife is no more and he didn't even have any idea that he has a child too. So ram doesn't want to miss even a second to be with his rockstar but the thing is he don't want to miss even a moment with his wife too but he is not showing his feelings to her.

Today there was pihu's birthday party in KM and it went on very well. peehu enjoyed a lot today. It was the best bday she ever had as both her mom and dad were present to celebrate with her. Ram didn't leave any chance to make her feel like princess he made all arrangements best out of the best. Priya looked stunning in the red saree literally she was killing him with her beauty. Ram can't take his eyes off from her but he managed to hide his feelings from her. He can sense that priya wants his acknowledgement but he is strong enough to hide his feelings after all He want to tease her. Finally birthday party was over on a good note.


Peehu was already asleep in her room. Priya was in dressing room throwing away her bangles ..she is really upset with him.. The more she want to break the distance between them he is making sure to maintain it as a wall between them.


Ram entered their room and went straight to dressing room and saw his beloved wife muttering something...he could guess that she was upset with his behavior. Priya was so busy venting out that she dint't even notice him...he leaned over to the door and kept looking at her ..He want to close the distance between them today. He couldn't even resist himself after seeing her like this. She has become more beautiful than before.. all these days he was controlling himself but now its high time. He has decided to break the wall he has put between them.


Priya: hadd hai ..!! MR. kapoor na bahut attitude dikha rahe hai... mai kitna b paas aana chahti hu but yeh samaj hi nhi rhe.. ab mai b kuch nhi karne wali hu .. kitna sorry feel kar rhi hu phir b mujhe samaj hi nhi rhe.. ek baar galti ho gayi hai I accept it but mai sudhaarna chahti hu... But he is not ready to accept it.

( she is murmuring to herself while removing her bangles)


Suddenly she gasped in surprise.


Ram hugged her from behind. Both are looking at each other through mirror it was a big surprise for priya she didn't expected  this action from him. His hands were making her weak.. he held her waist firmly it makes her crazy. With utmost difficulty finally she uttered..


Priya: Mr...ka..kapoor yeh kya kar rhe..hai

Ram: he didn't reply to her he wanted to reply her with his actions.

He hugged her tightly from behind his hands are on their way to feel her soft skin. he is making her melt in his arms.

Priya felt goose bumps and held his arm tightly.

Ram kissed her on her neck and started nuzzling. She too responded and arced her head  to give more access to him.

Ram kissed on her neck and shoulder and in process he undone her pallu and priya turned and hugged ram as tightly as possible. After sometime both came out of the hug and faced each other dearly.

Ram: priya u r looking stunning. I can't take off my eyes from u.

Priya surprised by his  words and become happy that he did  notice her and replied thank u.

Ram: priya I want to confess something all these I was expressing fake anger to u as I really feel bad that u didn't cm to me all these years. But u gave me the most wonderful gift in my life, our peehu. Haa I agree I was angry with u but not anymore. I want to give a second chance to our relationship.

He again hugged priya.

Priya: I am sorry Mr. kapoor I am sorry.

Ram: shhh jo  hua so hua... mai ek nayi suruwat karna chahta hu saying  this he captured her lips in a bruising kiss. With one hand holding the back of her head and the other grabbing her by the waist to pull her close to him, he deepened the kiss

She returned his passion, surrendering herself completely. He could feel it, the trust she had in him was humbling. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed.



Ram cm on top of her and started kissing her on her face both shared an eye lock their eyes filled with same desire. This time she started kissing him and her hands made their way in to his thick hair and ram responded to that kiss with same intensity. After five years they were sharing the kiss.

Priya started giving kisses on his face her one hand in his hair and other on his back.

Priya: I missed u so much..ram..she said while kissing his ear lobe

Ram: mai dikhau maine tumhe kitna miss kia...?

Priya: did I ever stop u she said while winking and bit her lower lip.

Ram: acha I love this side of urs.. my dear naughty wify

Within no seconds their clothes were detached from them. Both are covered under duvet enjoying their moments after 5 long years. Shhh do not disturb..




Next  morning...

Priya wakes up due to snoring of mr.kapoor ...she looks at him n smiles .. thinking  so many years hv passed but 2 things haven't changed...

my hubby looks cuter  when he is sleeping n dusra mr.kapoor ke  khaarate ..she started caressing his hair  and cheek... Ram open his eyes and looked at his beautiful wife..their eyes met and rayaland got filled with their unspoken love...

Ram: aise kya dekh rhi thi priya ??

Priya: mr kapoor 5 saal ho gaye... bahut miss karti thi mai aapko ...aapke in kharatoo ko ...aapki ye hasi..aapko yu sote hue dekhna ...trying really hard to fight back her tears she said chodiye aap nhi samjhenge ..saying this she started to get up...ram held her wrist and make her look into his eyes...he wiped her tears and said main nahin samjhuga to kaun samjhega mrs kapoor...priya smiled looking at his naughty self..

priya i know what all u hv gone thru in past years i have gone thru the same ,,,but its time we let it go ...

maine kal raat hi kaha tha its our second chance and we will start it fresh ..no burden from the past ..priya nodded in agreement...

with a naughty smile ram continued vaise b maine jo miss kar diya us sabko vapas pana hai

priya  : matlab ??

ram :- ab kya hai na peehu ka bachpan to vapis aa nhi sakta to us bachpan ko jeene ke liye fir se... priya understood him she blushed n said kya mr kapoor aap bhi ...she smiled and hit him on his shoulder...he too smiled...

vaise priya 5 saal ho gaye but tumhara ye mr kapoor bolna nhi gaya ...ab to chod do ...


priya : maine kaha tha na aapko ...i feel comfortable in saying mr kapo...he interrupted her by givng a peck on her lips ...she starred at him with "what was that" look...

ram said everytime u say my name incorrect i will punish u ...

priya :- but mr kapo...again she was punished ...areee aap samajhte kyu nhi hai bahar sabke samne aapka naam nhi le paugi mai ...

to theek hai priya fir mujhe tumhe sabke samne correct karna padega ...

 priya  : uff thik hai aap jite mai haari RAM

moment she took her name he captured her lips and gave her a passionate kiss... priya responded with same intensity ...

priya looked at him and said ab maine kya galti ki...

he smiled and said galti nhi sahi kaam kiya tumne  isliye reward bhi to milna chahiye ...


ohh god ..priya said..damn if i do damn if i don't...she looked at him and said but i prefer reward rather than punishment...she smiled and winked at him


ram love to see this side of his wife ...he kissed her again and pulled her in to the bed... 

soul mates till eternity...Heart

...***  THE END  ***...

P.s: Do like & leave ur comments..Wink


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Posted: 2015-06-24T02:37:08Z
superb. beautiful. awesome.

liked this os veey much.

happy birthday sandhyasn.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-06-24T02:42:53Z
yayyy jo partner WinkWinkWink

our first story together ... loving it ...

comments kya du apni hi story pe LOL 

Raya always rocks ...

love raya forever 

jo u r fab writer,..plz write more  Hug
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Posted: 2015-06-24T02:48:07Z
Awww very sweet n romantic just amazing plss do write more
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Posted: 2015-06-24T02:51:15Z
After long time reserving 4 u r story .. 

p.s :Malu :  ek baar baat kar lona meri friend se Wink

Nice os with building up their love more than their anger . It was  fake anger but still the refreshening second chance is better take to write a beautiful story on raya . 
Superb narration with her foul mood and his romantic mood .
Fantastic os .. keep goin on . 

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Posted: 2015-06-24T05:27:29Z
Superb OS... Very beautifully written...
Please do write more..
Thanks for PMTongueTongue

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Posted: 2015-06-24T05:42:14Z
Just loved it
Thank u for pm
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Posted: 2015-06-24T07:40:27Z
so cute and romantic OS 

Superb.. thank u for ur pm
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