New video mix .. bezubaan ishq - varun as sandeep


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Posted: 8 years ago
ron do you liked Varun in his new show?
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Posted: 8 years ago
well i always like varun in any show..
in this show i think he 

hoke b nai ha .. aray yaar.. the man can do allot and they give him 2 3 lines to say :(

kal k episode main woh pura episode samne raha per bola sirf 1 2 lines aur usmain b apni maa ka side liya. wahan khada tha / betha tha phir b mother ki side ley k biwi ko danta.. woh behra to ha is liye uski mother is ka faida utha leyti ha .. 

but still his role needs to get more to do, varun is very talented and i think he should get more lines / scenes to do !