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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by VeeIyer

Everyone...Thanks for the caring enquiries !! Had to respond...
Orangen ...You don't know me ...but your story is inspiring...was awestruck reading about what you have made of your life !

Sudhi...I think SOSY has become a kind of catharsis for all of us...Truly the best gift you can give your father on Father's day by writing about him

Hershey...Life is full of hurdles and somehow, we still find the strength to cope however much we feel that all is over

Please give me a couple of days to get back ladies...Two of my students need my emotional support...they are dealing with life changing issues...
I was on an adrenaline overdrive for managing the Retreat and now am on a total slump..Need time to recoup a bit...
R&B and II's situation does not help as I have a plateful of real woes to cope with,,,their virtual woes seem to be eating into my sleep too !!

And Nisha..I have a 3 hour part time help to clean the house...Thanks for caring..I know if I had been a 100 miles within radius you would have cooked khana, brought it along, chatted with me and picked my spirits up...Thanks for being who you are Hug

<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif">I LOVE to cook, so its not a big deal at all for me. The friend I was cooking for the lady that has cervical cancer... I stopped sending food because she was really mean to me in a very matter of fact sorta way... I was sending a portion of every meal I was cooking for a week or 10 days... my 16 year old will drive over and drop it off

Then one Sun evening when we went to check on her she was like "Roz mat bhejo achha nahi lagta, aage se bilqul nahi"
I was very hurt I dont send any more

And when the grand kid, the 19 year old came home from college, one day he came to hang with my 16 year old and the aunty had sent a bag of SUBZIAngry like a bunch of potatoes, bell peppers tomatoes etc

I was like "WHAT is this?"

The kid goes "dadi ne bheja"
I was SO MAD I said "Waapis lekar jao, apni Dadi ko kehna when I need money for food I will advertize itCry"

YET when she needed radiation I showed up last Thursday

Thats why I said Vani... I DONT KNOW why I do it

I am not made for the blunt, matter of fact, rude ways of this world I belong in a different era where kindness got kindnessCry

when I dropped off the lady and her grandson I told the grandson "come on over whenever u want to eat, u can eat and take food for ur Dad and Dadi" "Its no big deal"

I bet the lady told the kid "Dont u dare go there" or something...

Who knows...

I am like II I think, atleast I am not 27


One lesson I have learnt very well in life DONT BE A FOOTBALL OF ANYONES OPINION And do not get hurt. Only allow yourself to be hurt by those who are really close to you. Do what makes you feel good, don't voluntarily hurt others, if they appreciate fine if they don' have done your bit.
So many people, have taken advantage of me but I help because it makes me feel good and I like to. Kisi ko appreciate karna hai to fine agar nahin to just too bad. Gently withdraw.

u r right shruti
Posted: 6 years ago
So cuteee!!!! They r back to sending books to each other... how I loved that phase earlier.. nothing gets more subtly romantic than this to meDay Dreaming
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by amirthabhavani

Originally posted by dristi64

Hope you have a great time here with us!

thanks dristi..i'm looking forward to it.

So sorry, I typed your name wrong! It's amirtha, ya???
Rather unique I must say, if it's your real nameTongue
Posted: 6 years ago
Meri medicoHug
Acchi hai tu?? Idli sambhar banake food poisoning toh nahi diya na sabko???LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


MERI glati kya hai maloom I CANNOT BE INSINCERE. Its a failing. Whatever I do it SHOWS in my demeanor I cannot do a half ass job and send it with my 16 year old, and then quietly withdraw... and act like I am busy

MUJHSE kisi ne help maangi to main tab tak karoongi jab tak woh mere pair padhkar ro nahi dete (maaf kar ab aage se help nahi mangoonga types) I FEEL VERY HAPPY TO BE USED

I feel a sense of rejection when people decline, if its a rude decline then it hurts like hell

I havent sent food in three weeks, the grand son apparently loves phulkas the guy said "when my 19 yr old comes home from college u shud send phulkas everyday"

I was happy to but dadiji said "No no we will manage"
So I didnt

Itni cheap bhi nahi hoon na

Be the way you are. You are adorable!

Anna dhatha suhki bhava Heart
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by dristi64

Meri medicoHug
Acchi hai tu?? Idli sambhar banake food poisoning toh nahi diya na sabko???LOL

Hey Nouf!
Posted: 6 years ago
YES! They are back doing what they do each other up the wall in the most romantic manner ever. Sigh! Think about it they will flirt shamelessly with each other and the desire to meet will simmer threatening to boil over and then Nisha style DHAMAKA! 
I really hope the dhamaka happens in the form of the dudes birthday... She plans something so totally crazy for him that he will be stunned out of  his wits. 

And thanks Nisha, you indulged us before crashing. You know you let us in On a  -  secret how you like to be used and now I will take full on advantage of this weakness.Clap
Posted: 6 years ago
So back to those days of romance when they would fill each others inbox's and libraries up with idea!!
The difference jut being then they were too close yet too far and now they are too far yet too close !!

My boss is going to kick me...I am cheating a couple of seconds to read and reply Tongue

Putti thanks a lot for liking the kavita
It was Just way tooo  emotional i guess 

Ashu thanks...yes I'm going to have to drag myself on my knees today 
Rest of u all hi and bye
Miss u ppl like crazy 

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