Software Symphony 30 A sorrow I nurtured on 127 - Page 6

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Originally posted by ishruhi

hey SR,saw ur post that ur asthma is not playing a gud guy...take rest...

SR take care. Bangalore weather for asthma peopleAngry
Sr take care really!! Pollution on its heights in bengaluru!!
Plz wear masks when u go out 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by EnVee

Originally posted by Ashu25

Hey Panda :)
How are you ??
How is work ??

Smile yaaro kadha kadhaiya course ezhudirukkan! Padichu correct panni porumachu. Still more to go! Confused  I should run away like the dude to the hills Smile

Enge di ??
Office le irrukkiya innum ??
Veetukku po ma!!!

When you are free PM me songs in Tamil..the ones like Idhayatu edo ondru

I want to listen to more Tamil now Embarrassed
Posted: 6 years ago
How it would be

Mahavir asked R&B what he would eat, eggs and toast he said watching his wife eat quietly

He stole a couple of lil squares of toast from her plate

"is this black berry he asked" chewing on one

"No... marion? sorry... umm.. marionberry?" II hesitated unable to say the name

"Umm.. ya" he nodded indulgently (It doesnt matter if u cant say it)

"My favorite was mango peach" she smiled finally, dabbing her finger on her spoon and licking

"Let me try" he said dabbing HER finger and licking it

"Huh" she grunted pulling on her wrist

"Its pretty good"

"I cant believe she makes all of this at home" II stared at the cute fat hexagonal
bottles with gingham cloth lids  "Spread the wor(l)d"  do u get it?" she chuckled reading the label

"I am going to order mango peach and orange-shmorange" she smiled

He nodded carelessly

"Tumhe kya chahiye?" she asked

Good Grief!! he thought...

And them her face fell

"Umm.. may be she can box a couple for you?" II asked eagerly "Lekar jaaogey?"

He nodded... he was not big on jellies and jams... but he would take some with him

"I think u should pick "berry blaze"  it has the marion? mari-yon? sorry whatever berry(she squirmed embarrassed)
and "bee good" Bee good is made with honey"
she laughed hysterically. I want to go meet this Aunty just to ask how she came up with the names"

Her face was red, her nose red-er.. eyes sparkly and moist

Manya was gone now without saying anymore

"Will u tell me why u were upset?"

"No" she said shaking her head

She wore a black and white kalamkari kurta, with white chudidar, and wore white and black beaded oversized jhumkas

He reached and held her hand...

"will u let me give u a ride to work?" he asked

"I can go... I saw two drivers.. unless Manya wants both?" she said

"Can I atleast get ur window fixed today in ur car?" he offered

"Why? i shudnt be using the drivers so much?" she asked smarting from Manya's comment about using MM resources

He looked scrutinizingly at her trying to figure out

"After u leave I WILL USE THE DRIVER and get a ride to work EVERY DAY" she challenged smiling

She gently felt his wedding ring...

"Talk to Bally again" he whispered agonized

"ya so I can come over and u can leave me at home and go off to work..."

He nodded exhaling with difficulty, his heart racing

"I will cook breakfast, do ur laundry, make ur bed, arrange the million books... dress up in the evening and wait for u?" she whispered

He nodded again

"And oh.. tumhaare aate hi darwaza bhaagkar kholoongi..
I will even see u from the balcony... first, phir tumhare liye chai laoongi.. phir ladoongi tum late aaye?"

Ofcourse!" he mumbled huskily

"I will serve u khana.. and even feed u because tum thak gaye hogey... and then make love" she whimpered agonized

"U can sing and dance for me if u like" he offered generously

"rakshasan" she hissed passionatelyEmbarrassed.. as they fantasized about how how it will be if she went


She left in 10 minutes he walked over to the car and watched her leave, Manny stepped down with a indignant face

"Office bhi jaana band?" she asked accusingly

"sorry?" he said confused

"U dont go to Spectrum any more?" she asked

"Umm.. I quit... didnt u watch the news" he mocked

"Huh? bilqul nahi jaata dimpal?" she asked in despair

"what part of "quit" dont u get?" he asked bluntly

"Why did u do a pretense of agreeing to Sam then?" she asked angrily

"excuse me?" he barked

"Why did u let Sam believe u wud do it?" Manya accused

"i never let Sam believe anything... she believed what she wanted to" he said approaching the kitchen

"Chachu's kids have inflitrated?" she asked

He didnt respond

"U dont even care about that?"

"Nope... not as much as you do" he said coldly

"I thought we will be together for that(fighting the dushman types)" manya yelled

"We didnt agree on anything" he said

"Tujhe koi faraq nahi padta agar... u dont give a f**k dimpal? How it will be?" (if they take over?) Manya yelled following him into the kitchen

"Since u are quitting ur Ph D why dont u guard the door?" (not let them come in) he asked silkily

"Did u just say that?" she began to cry

"I quit... I cant do it" he shrugged

"Did u just say I I have nothing to do so I shud do this?" Manya cried harder

"U knew this was coming (from me)" he looked baffled unable to understand her sudden fury

"U would rather Chachu rob us... but u wont give up ur f**king freaky lifestyle" she insulted him
using chachu to express her concern for Ranjan. She wanted to stop dimpal somehow

"Hes been doing that for 20 years... 30 years?" he began gleefully
 "AND MY "f**king freaky" lifetsyle is MINE"(mind ur own business tone) R&B said softly biting every word

"Kisi ko fiqar nahi hai Dad ki?" Manya sobbed uncontrollably,
Minion fought tears as he flipped R&B's omelette...Cry

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

hey SR,saw ur post that ur asthma is not playing a gud guy...take rest...
Thanks Hug
Posted: 6 years ago
Butter really needs to come over to phoonk maaro now

I will end up at MM's doorstep and phoonk maaro on meanie for the non sense she just spoke 

Either is fine with me !!
Posted: 6 years ago
Raga arrived...can read and sleep Thanks Nisha...
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by NSB7

So we all read the beauty of the talent Nisha behold's
This index is about the talent she inspires us to develop 

Some of us do it as a gesture of appreciation to her work some of cos we want to thank her while some of us do it as we love to express how we felt.!!

Read enjoy and don't forget to participate try and take a chance 

To find the older works visit the link below
As you write something update it there too
Made it!!
Ashu thankyou so so so much
My craziness has gone up a level LOL

Keep writing all you ppl Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
OHHH ...I love MinionHug

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