Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th June 2015 Written Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th June 2015 Written Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th June 2015 Written Update by Amena

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krishnakant pacifying Thapki. Ghanshyam gets to know that Dhruv got saved as a girl saved him. He gets angry and shows bail papers to inspector. The inspector says bail is cancelled. Ghanshyam asks who is daring so. Bua ji comes and scares him. He says he has done this, and gives the bad record of Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam says its lie. Bau ji says I know, but law needs proof, I have made the proof, if you are seen around my son, then you will be cancelled from the world. Ghanshyam says the city knows you and your son against each other then.. Bau ji says the city knows I don't spare anyone if they see my son.

Thapki comes office and says don't know how is Dhruv. She hears staff talking about Aapki Awaaz show. She smiles and says it means Dhruv ahs come office. Sakshi practices in the newsroom. Vivek claps for her and says if Dhruv sees this, he will make you the anchor. She says he is on bed rest, its big chance for me, I can take his place soon. Thapki hears this.

Thapki says Dhruv has done this show always, he is the voice of the show, but he is not here because of me, Dhruv has to do this show today, I will do anything for this. Aditi meets Nimmi at her parlor. Aditi introduces herself and gives her the kheer. Nimmi says sorry, I thought you are customer. Aditi asks does she not have any helping hand. Nimmi says no, else my parlor would be famous, I have a son who I bookworm, and a girl who can't manage everything. She says she wishes to have a son in law at home to manage her parlor and bores Aditi by her talk.

Thapki calls Poonam and says Dhruv is not well, he has leg fracture and did not come office, he has show today. Thapki cries and says Dhruv is unable to do the show, just because of me and my stammering. Dhruv asks Sharma that the show must go on, prepare the team on my behalf, call me if you need anything. Vasundara says she would have not stopped him from going to office, she knows the show matters to him, even I wait for your show always. She asks him to drink haldi milk.

He gets a call and gets angry. Bau ji and Sanjay come home. Dhruv looks at him. Bau ji taunts Vasundara and says he is doing social service. Dhruv says you have put Ghanshyam in jail. Sanjay says Bau ji went and cancelled his bail. Dhruv says he has done this by his money, don't make me part of your world. Bau ji says he has his surname Pandey, and its his respect, he has done this for his name. Dhruv says to keep fear in them. Bau ji says yes, no one can point finger at us. Vasundara asks them to calm down.

Sakshi asks Vivek did he change show name. He says yes, and shows. Sakshi reads her name and says I feel my dreams are getting completed, everyone will know I m the best. Thapki says nothing can happen now. Dhruv asks Sakshi did she prepare for the interview. Sakshi acts sweet to him. Dhruv says relax, I made interview questions ready. Sakshi says but can't you do show from your home, I know its not possible, I m doing this for you. He says all the best. She ends call and says now no one can stop me. Thapki hears her and gets the idea. She smiles and thanks Lord for showing her the way, she understood what she has to do.

Thapki says they can shoot the show from Dhruv's home and Sakshi scolds her. She asks Thapki to go home. Suman and Rachna have a talk. Vasundara scolds them and says Dhruv is resting in his room. Sanjay gives her phone and says it can't be repaired, its crushed like anyone has hit it by stoned, it has red chilli powder in it too. She recalls the bahus grinding chilli. Thapki says it was good idea to make Dhruv start show from home, I wish I don't lose job and Dhruv does his show himself, how will this be possible.

She sees some kids playing with boats in water. She recalls Krishnakant. He asks her to try and take decisions, but not regret. She says dad said right, I understood it. She gets a call and asks Sunil to meet her outside the office.

Thapki says we can keep the show from home too. She sends the letter and Vasundara gets it. Thapki tells Sunil that maybe aunty will change mind and agree.

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