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Thank you guys Tongueyou like this story this means a lot to me here i am updating next part enjoy it.
let me know you like it or not.
Happy ReadingSmile

IN RaYA Room
Priya : Sidhant do you want something?
Sidhant : no actually yes.
Priya : what tell me?
Sidhant : with evil smile tumhari jaan.
Priya : what are you saying.
Sidhant : vahi jo abhi tumne suna.
Priya : get up from bed tum pagal ho gaye ho.
Sidhant : You know Priya bhai ki ab tak shadi kyu nahi.
She tries to call ram but Sidhant snatch her mobile.
Sidhant : Bhai to ab tak check in kar chuke hoge.aaj koi bhi tuhe nahi bacha sakta,pta hai tumhe aaj tak bhai ki shadi kyu nah hui kyuki hum nahi chathe the ki bhai ka vansh aage badhe kyuki agar aisa hua to hume to kuch nahi milaga,he come near her clutch her hand and say tumhe kya lagta hai tum bhai ka vansh aage badhogi.
Priya feel pain in her hand she plead shidhant to leave her.
She push Sidhant and run downstair Sidhant also follow her.He success to clutch her and push her hard toward table.Her head get hit by table corner blood come out from her head.Ram is trying to call Priya but her phone is in her room.
Shidhant :Priya bhabhi aaj tumhe mujhse koi nahi bacha payega.
Priya : jab tumhare bhai ko pta chalega he will not leave you.
Sidhant : who will tell him you are going to die now and nobody is here.
Priya push sidhant with all her force and run toward door and bumped with someone.
Ram : Arrey Priya...he couldn't complete his words when he saw blood coming out from her head.
Priya : she look toward him and hug him tightly.
Meanwhile sidhant come saying Priya aaj tumhe bachane koi nahi aane wala aaj to tumhe marna...and see Ram there with Vikram and Priya.
Ram go toward Sidhant and vikram give support to Priya.
Ram (with all his anger) : held his collar and say how dare you sidhant you want to kill priya and slap him very tightly sidhant fall on the ground
Ram : tumne socha bhi kaise aisa kuch karne ke liye i will not leave you.
Ram hit Sidhant very time Blood was oazing from his face and mouth he was not able to stand properly.
Vikram : Ram leave him otherwise he will die.
Ram : i will kill him today.
Meanwhile Niharika also reach there and vikram call police.
Niharika get shocked to see Ram and Vikram there.
Niharika : Ram,what are you doing?
Ram(in anger) : Maa,see what he has done to Priya.
Niharika(in fake anger) : see toward priya,Sidhant ye tum kya kar rhe the.
Niharika slap Sidhant,Sidhant get shocked by this.
Sidhant : Mom,what...
Niharika : Shut up,tumhe sharm nahi ayi.
Meanwhile Police come and arrest Sidhant.
Priya start loosing her sense,vikram call ram.
Vikram : Ram we have to take her to hospital.
Ram leave Sidhant and run toward priya take her in his embrace.
Ram : priya open your eyes see i am here.
Priya open her eyes and see his man and give him a smile.
Ram take her in his arms and take her to hospital.
Doctors are treating Priya in O.T.
Ram is sitting on bench helplessely amd looking toward O.T.,tears are flowing from his eyes.
Sudhir : keep hand on his shoulder,beta control yourself she need you.
Vikram : Ram sudhir ji is right control yourself.
Ram : Vikram she will be alright na,blood was oazing from her head.
Vikram : ofcourse ram,She will be alrigt.doctors are treating her.
Sudhir : Don't cry Ram be strong for her.
Ram wipe his tears.
After some time doctor come out from O.T.
Ram : doctor how is she now?
Doctor : nothing to worry Mr. Kapoor she is fine now.
Ram : thank god,Can i meet her.
Doctor : yes but she is still unconsious now,she will gain after sometime.
Ram : thanx doctor and go to her room.
Ram enter in room and see his love of life lying infront of him.
He take Priya hand in his hand and place a kiss there.
Ram : stroking her hair,Priya please open your eyes,see i am here with you,I will not leave you alone again.
Priya : slightly open her eyes,and see her love there,Ra..Ram.
Ram : see her with teary eyes,Priya and kiss on her forehead.
Priya : i need water.
Ram make her drink water.
Priya wipe ram tears.
Priya : Comeon Mr.Kapoor give me a smile.
Ram smile slightly and hug her lightly she keep her head on his chest.
Ram :How are you feeling now?
Priya : little bit fine.
Ram : dard ho raha hai.
Priya nooded her head.
Ram : you take rest we will talk later and i am here only,i go to meet doctor.
Ram : Doctor Priya is fine na.
Doctor : yes,Mr.Kapoor She is fine.
Ram : when i can take her home.
Doctor : We will keep her under observation today BUT...
Ram :BUT what Doctor?
Doctor : BUT make sure she take complete bed rest for a week.
Ram : oh! ofcourse doctor,i will take care.
Doctor : good,she will be fine very soon.
Ram : thanks doctor.
Ram go to Priya room.
Ram : Priya you are still awake,and come near to her.
Priya : Mr.Kapoor..
Ram : ha,Do you want something?
Priya : i want to go home.
Ram : You are still not fine.
Priya : i am fine.
Ram : you will be discharge tommorow.
Priya : means,i have to stay here in this HOSPITAL.
Ram : Yes mam,now take these medicine and take rest.
She gulp medicine and aftersometime she drifted to sleep because of medicine.
Ram kiss her forehead and come out of room.
Ram : Vikram you stay here i come after changing my clothes.
Vikram : ok.
Ram leave from hospital.On the other side Niharika go to Police station to mrrt Sidhant.
Niharika : Sid, baby...
Sidhant : cut her in middle,mom why you come here.
Nih : What are you sating baby?
Sid : You slap me infront of Ram then why you come here.
Nih : yes,i slap you because i don't have any option.
Sid : matlb.
Nih : means if i didn't slap you i will be also with you.Now i will take revange from them.
Sid : Mom mujhe yaha se bahar nikalo jaldi se.
Nih : Sid abhi tum kuch dino yahi raho.
Ram come to his room take shower and change his clothes and think just what happen with his life before few hours.
Ram thinking to himself "agar aaj mein time par nahi aata to sid pta ni kya karta uske dimag me chal kya raha tha kyu vo priya ko marna chatha tha aisa kya kar diya Priya ne jo vo uski jaan ke piche pada hua hai".These all questions are killng him.

Please hit the like i will try to give next update sooon.

Kavya Kapoor

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Great ram saved her n pls make one thread only n thanks for pm
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very nice part..!!
nicely described...Smile
hmm good ram saved her in time..
continue soon
thanks for pm...Smile

p.s:  now try to copy this part n paste it in new thread as i said in pm...Tongue
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Again superb part
Continue soon
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Posted: 2015-05-29T10:39:12Z
Superb update
Continue soon 
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-05-29T10:55:31Z
.nice part. ram ne bacha liya priya ko..gud one
thanks for pm. pl continue.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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oh god priya ko kuchh nahi hua...continue soin
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Posted: 2015-05-29T12:21:51Z
Go on dear
I am liking the twist very much
Ram saved Priya on time and Sid truth also come out
But still Niharika is left to be exposed
Continue soon and you can edit first thread of your story and can post second part in their too
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