RAYA OS : See The World Through My Eyes

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See The World Through My Eyes

Ram was given a short vacation in switzerland nd he decided to bring his beautiful wife at a resort Priya was puzzled why he chose the snow rather than the sea but then it became all clear to her Ram wanted to go for snowboarding

He was as happy as a child when he skillfully performed another dizzying trick she could not get enough of watching him she took off her sunglasses and enjoyed the beautiful views of nature and her unique man he was born to ridestorms

After several hours of hard practice Ram quashed his desire for snowboarding nd decided to find his beloved girl It didn't take long to find her she stood not far from where he skated the beauty was unaware of his approaching as she was rubbing her eyes furiously Ram walked up to her and kissed her painted with pink lipstick lips tenderly she instantly responded to his romantic affection he looked into her eyes and noticed that that were watering no she was crying he interrupted their sweet kiss and gently took her by the chin in order to find out the reason of her tears

Baby what's wrong with you? why are you crying? Ram asked anxiously

I don't know Priya replied sincerely I watched you snowboarding nd then I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my eyes she finished her story sadly

Fear sneaked into Ram's heart he decided to sort out if his suppositions were right or wrong

Were you wearing sunglasses all the time?

No I was without them they prevented me to watch you so I took them off Priya answered honestly

Ram let out a heavy sigh

Darling I asked you not to remove the glasses because the snow and the sun can easily blind you his voice clearly expressed the anxiety for his wife now put your glasses on and we urgently need to find the doctor Ram said in a commanding tone and firmly took her by the hand leading her to their rented snowmobile Priya hid her tear stained face on her husband's broad back while holding him tightly by his waist they quickly drove towards the where they had stopped for the vacation Priya understood that she had upset Ram the last thing she wanted was causing problems to him he was in need of a good rest and positive emotions

Ram brought his beloved wife to the local doctor It was a resort but fortunately the doctor he examined Priya and said that she had caught sun glares on the white snow and now her eyes were in need of complete rest for a few days she needed to put a blindfold to prevent the sunlight from disturbing her injured eyes she was shocked by the barbaric recommendations of the doctor It meant that she had to become completely blind their vacation would be completely corrupted since they came here only for 3 days It would spoil her husband's whole trip feelings of guilt and hopelessness chained her soul she wanted to refuse putting a blindfold and ask some eye drops instead but her priceless husband insisted on doctor's prescription and he tied his beauty's eyes the doctor tried to cheer the her up he said that such cases often occurred on their resort but patients were always getting well soon also he added that she was lucky since her case was classical but it could be much worse she could have burnt retina

Ram led Priya to their room by the hand she was silent all the way Priya looked like a lost Ram's heart was breaking from sadness when he saw how his beloved wife was suffering he opened the door to the room and brought her to the bed she felt her feet standing near something soft and decided to sit down on it Ram fell down on his knees and gently stroked her pale cheek

Priyaaa baby this blindfold is only for a few days don't worry so much he spoke to her with so much tenderness and love that she couldn't keep the sting of emotions Priya hugged him and cuddled as close to him as possible

I have ruined all you vacation with my stupid escapade Priya whispered in despair

In response Ram's arms tightened around her body and pressed it to him firmly he began to stroke her head in a soothing manner

No jaan you haven't spoiled anything the main thing now is your health look we are together nd there is nothing more I need for me it's great happiness to be with you my love Ram was telling her all this in a calm and touchingly gentle voice

They spent some time in each other's arms in complete silence

The first one who spoke was Ram

I'll be your eyes for the time being and help you in everything that you will need we have always been excellent partners and therefore we understand and feel each other very keenly and deeply on an intuitive level we are a single whole Priya we are the perfect partners in marriage and life there are no barriers between us and there must be nothing that would make you ashamed if you need anything just ask me to help you from this moment I'm your eyes and I'll follow you wherever you go Ram declared firmly and confidently

But you don't need to look after me so carefully Priya hesitated I can take care of myself pretty

Yes you r right to our great fortune I would have tied you to me and carry you on my back all the way he noticed with a touch of humor but the ordinary life is also quite dangerous for a person who can't navigate in space Priya you can fall stumbling over something hit the wall or break bones if worse comes to worse nd then you will end up in a hospital nd I know how much you hate them Ram said in a patronizing tone

Priya sighed angrily and hastily escaped from his strong and mighty embrace

But I'm not a helpless cripple I have my dignity and pride after all I survive in the conditions worse than these she stated clear irritation could be heard in her melodic voice

You r right Baby you r not helpless because you have me Ram stated the fact calmly and smiled though he knew his wife couldn't see his face you have the gift to survive in dangerous situations but I don't think that at this point we need to continue to argue and go to extremes I am your support and maintenance Priya I will always care about you nd I do know that if something happens to me you won't leave me in the lurch and will take care of me after all we are family with those words Ram tenderly kissed her in the forehead

Thinking deep and hard over her husband's words Priya decided to take his hand

Thank you Ram I promise to obey you in everything Priya answered in a gentle and calm voice

Ram smiled warmly to his wife and took Priya's hand only to leave a kiss of adoration on the silky skin of her palm

Jaan I'll prepare the bathroom for you this will help your tensed body to relax and you will feel better Ram murmured sweetly yet hypnotically in his precious girl's ear

Weak electric charges ran down Priya's body from his amazingly strong influence but she still found the strength and nodded assent

Ram took all the fuss he prepared a bath and helped Priya to navigate in the space of the bathroom they held hands while walking around the place so the girl could touch objects in order to remember the location of sanitary ware and everything else in the bathroom Ram brought his wife some clean clothes he found in her suitcases to his determination of helping her to undress and lie down in the warm water Priya shyly refused and assured him that she would deal with it perfectly and independently she intuitively felt Ram's disappointment about her refusal she wanted to smooth out all sharp angles between them and so she asked Ram to cook something to eat Ram replied that he would immediately order dinner to their room after that he left reminding his wife that if she needed anything he would be in the next room and immediately come to help her

Priya sat in the warm water and tried to calm down It was the first time in her life when she felt so helpless and vulnerable Priya was infinitely grateful to her husband for his help and support but she was very embarrassed in front of him but Ram's words about them being a family and they had to support each other no matter what happened forced her to chase all the complexes away and accept his help nd it was true if Ram were in her place right now she would have immediately surround him with love and care

Priya jumped out of the bathroom carefully and rubbed herself with a fluffy towel when she started to touch her clothes she bit her lower lip in surprise and frustration she was holding a nightgown that she had bought last week It made Priya look very romantic and slightly seductive the nightgown was long and lacy of a gentle red color just like Princess wore in the past Priya took this thing on a trip with great hesitations she didn't know if there would be an occasion to wear it

But apparently her husband had decided this dilemma Ram certainly wanted to see Priya in this nightgown tonight of all her clothes he just had to choose exactly this one Priya's heart shiver in anticipation of something fantastic tonight she dressed up and went carefully out of the bathroom Priya absolutely couldn't orientate in space she vaguely remembered the location of objects and furniture in their room since she had spent too little time there when her vision was still normal In the morning Ram and she had come here to leave their luggage and then they immediately went snowboarding

Priya's nose caught some nice smell she breathed it in deeply there was definitely a scent of candles at home they often used them when they wanted to create a special romantic atmosphere in their bedroom

Baby why did not you call me? Ram said with a slight reproach he stood behind her and tenderly embraced her shoulders

It's alright I could do it myself but now I need your help because I don't know where I should go she said with warmth in her voice

Ram kissed his adorable woman's cheek and led her somewhere gently holding her hand he brought his wife to a chair and helped her to sit down Ram was a real gentleman he knew very well how to take care of the lady of his heart he ordered delicious food Priya had never tried food till this day Ram fed Priya with a spoon because with her temporary blindness she could not serve herself she obediently opened her mouth and tasted delicious food she imagined how probably funny and silly she must be looking right now and the beauty couldn't but let out a loud laugh at this comical situation but she suddenly felt Ram's warm lips on her parted ones first he kissed her very gently giving her a little time to get used to the sensation and relax from his tender touch she did not notice that her body was as tight as a guitar string after a minute he deliberately deepened the light kissmaking it more passionate and sweet with a taste of grapes on his lips since they ate the  fruits salad before their kiss

Priya gradually melted in his experienced hands and answered her beloved man's skillful caresses with the same fervor

Ram picked up her in his arms oh so lightly and took her to their bed without interrupting their delicious kiss He couldn't help it Priya was so beautiful in this lacy romantic nightgown which effectively underlined her incredible figure his wife made his heart beat several times faster with her innocent and fragile look she seduced him without realizing it Ram was going crazy from the keen desire to touch her feel her velvet warm skin under his fingers he longed to clang to her pink mouth and enthusiastically drink the fresh breath of her lips

R R Ram Priya moaned in short pauses between their intense and insatiable kisses until they met a lack of oxygen Ram stop  I  need  she tried to formulate her request desperately until he started to cover her face with frequent and light kisses nd his hands pressed her feminine slender body to him

My love just say what you need I will do anything for you because your wish is my law Ram whispered in a low and tender voice gently pressing his forehead to his wife's one he sensuously stroked her cheeks and delicate neck with his long fingers Priya felt like a bare wire all her nerves his slightest touch caused a weak electric shock and a little thrill in her body

I need a comb I should comb my hair or else it gets all messed Priya whispered in a languid from the emotions voice she felt that Ram let go of her body and stood up from the bed she got cold without his pleasant warmth that he exuded when they were very close

She decided to rise from a lying position and sit down after a minute she felt Ram's presence he sat on the bed behind her and started loosing her long red hair gently taking out all the hairpins from it

Let me comb your beautiful hair my love Priya heard his voice by her earlobe she weakly nodded in affirmation Priya tried to overcome her sudden embarrassment Ram began to comb strand by strand he was very gentle and delicate nd she started to melt away from the bliss his magical hands were giving her she could not think that she would become so sensitive and vulnerable if she would get deprived of her eyesight Ram gently stroked her hair and Priya slowly but surely was losing her control she felt all consuming desire to cuddle up to her husband as closely as possible her body was longing for getting trapped in his strong and exciting embrace her lips were burning from his recent dominant kisses pleasant warmth poured all over her body nd Priya felt drunk with love towards her Ram her head was spinning from a bouquet of emotions and desires that he was awakening in her he was like Prince Charming which woke her up with a kiss from her sleep she felt now alive and excited her man's hands began to move on her bare shoulders down until they reached her fingers very slowly she joined their hands nd their fingers intertwined he stroked her finger on which her engagement ring shone proudly It was a symbol of their marriage she felt his hot breath on too sensitive skin of her collarbone Ram gently rubbed his cheek against her bare shoulder nd skillfully started to leave light kisses on every inch of her thin neck

Priya didn't notice how her lips whispered her thoughts out loud Ram  I love you

Ram paused for a few seconds then he stepped away from her and gently but firmly turned her body so that she was face to face with him

You just can't imagine how strong and desperately I love you Priya you are my only and true love my heart nd r all for me in this life he sincerely confessed his romantic feelings to her in a deep soulful and a magnificent voice simultaneously covering her lips with short and greedy kisses Priya clung to her precious husband with thirst and answered his continuous affection she dug her fingers in his thick hair nd pulled his face to hers even closer kneeling on a soft mattress the couple did not notice how they lost balance and fell on the bed Priya's back was on silky sheets she was pressed to the mattress entirely by Ram's weight but she didn't try to break free she completely focused on the sensations and feelings since with a blindfold on she could not see his face It was absolutely dark around but she felt Ram's face very close to hers heard his breathing tried the taste of his warm alluring and seductive lips while holding his dear husband in her loving arms nd all this was happening in total darkness for Priya she could only use her imagination and memory to recall that special sincere and indescribably beautiful expression on his masculine face which appeared on it every time they became intimately close there was always that unique sharp gleam in his brown eyes dimmed with a burning desire to start making love to her again and again she felt how quickly their hearts were beating next to each other

They were in love with each other so desperately strongly and simultaneously infinitely deeply and gently she was truly happy when she became one with her invaluable husband when they made love all night until the morning the sensations were incredibly bright and sparkled with unspeakable delight they never got tired of each other Priya felt that the relationship between them was on the astral level time stood still when they lay in the bed demonstrating and expressing the whole bouquet of absorbing feelings for each other Priya gave Ram all of herself and felt that he sincerely opened his heart to her in return they were two halves of a single whole

Priya had never thought that such a perfect love existed in the world she didn't believe in those fairy tales until she met Ram Kapoor sfter their introduction the beauty found out that they were meant for each other by the heavens a complete harmony lived between them and they understood each other without words

That night they continually showed how frankly exquisite and deeply sensual their love to each other was

Mrs. Kapoor discovered an unmistakable truth even in the darkness she still could see the bright light which her beloved man radiated his strong love for her made Priya sighted even when her eyes were completely blind Ram was her priceless treasure that she would cherish all her life

The spouses didn't even know that the unique night they had shared together was a very special onethey managed to conceive a new life the fruit of their great love

The End

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vry hrt touching...rmntc also..lv it.
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Very touchy n romantic
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Nice update
Heart touching story..Edited by sakshitanwar15 - 2015-05-24T08:07:52Z
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Amazing...Very beautiful update...
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fantastic. beautiful magnificent. absolutely brillaintly written.
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Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Beautiful and touching os
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