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Posted: 7 years ago last boarded!!!happy 21st birthday my beloved sosy...may God bless you...really really love you...(our programme still going on...dont have an apt emoticon to express the feel after hearing from all my friends...)
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by sosy_fan

Hi Nisha
Congratulations on turning 21. It's been an amazing journey and hoping for the journey to continue.
I was today only telling Shevane its amazing how you have maintained the tempo of the story. The twists, the turns, the romance continues. Your incredible story telling skills that even reading about real life scenarios ( read skeptical, jealous unloving sil, spending issues, inherent changes after being married) leaves us readers wanting more.
Kudos to you

Did u watch the video?
Posted: 7 years ago
Plan & Pilfer

"I wont quite call it counseling but she definitely needs to be on top of her finance game" RM said softly

"I am seeing how I missed getting hit a few times" she muttered

He just twirled a Sharpie RM had handed to him, so he could circle areas of concern

"Lets do this today, lets talk about what it is right now, you take the stack home, go through it tooth and comb. Or as they call it" she smiled

II nodded,
"we regroup in a week? in a month?" "Based on how your June looks like" RM offered

She nodded politely

"Is everything OK Ishita? U are very quiet today?" RM asked concerned

"No I am still internalizing everything" II said calmly

"Lets build scenarios, if thats OK" RM offered

"Do u want to offer inputs?" she asked R&B

"I actually dont" he said smoothly

RM ran 4 scenarios displaying changes for loan amounts, adjusting discretionary expenses to show how she could get to a semblance of "normalcy" to her situation

"Have you talked about how to deal with situations where you are consistently over spending?" RM asked

"I plan to look at my alerts very carefully" II promised

"But do you have access to funds from elsewhere you could temporarily borrow?" RM asked

"Umm.. no I dont.."

"U withdrew around 8 lakhs in March all cash" RM appeared startled

"Umm ya..." II nodded kinda cutting her off

"Did u move it elsewhere?" she asked

"Umm.. no... it was for my wedding" II whispered

"Oh! yes yes... sorry bhool gayi.." the gal nodded

"Thats OK"

"See if u had that... u would be in good shape... u wont be saving much, but will have enough if u over spend... mera matlab over spend from your monthly average"

"Ya I know... I thought about that"

"So this is the only operational account u have at this time?"

"I have an ICICI Account with my parents... but that doesnt, I dont do much there" she said

"Oh! what kind is it, we can match the rates" Mgr smiled

"No... I mainly opened it so Appa can do something" she stopped

She wasnt willing to share more than what was already shared today

It was extremely agonizing for her to have everything out in the open like that"

"While I wont ask why you dont have a joint account, I can promise to help you stay on track, if u show me you can be this way for a year Ishita, we can talk about saving strategies and investments" RM promised warmly

"I am going to try for sure" II promised pleasantly

"I am going to email the scenariors to you so u can start thinking about which loan to modify.
I will also send to you the best rates we have if we were to combine all three of your loans, under a Personal Loan umbrella"

"I read that in your Outlook meeting attachment" II said

"Ya we offer upto 50 lakhs in some cases, based on repaying capacity ofcourse"



"Between the three whats my net Principal" II asked

"Your Corolla loan is from here, not the Hyundai or the student loan, so I show only payments not balances"  "I can request it if you authorize me" RM said

II nodded "If I recall correctly Corolla should be 4-5 lakhs I got it 4 years ago I think... student loand should be around 7.8 or 8.7... cant recall which" Ii said

RM plugged it into her model

"Hyundai is 14?"

"So ur total debt is 28 lakhs" hypothetically" she continued... I doubt they will decline u for the loan umbrella deal"

II smiled weakly

"The interest rate let me warn you may be higher than two of your loans" I know u told me u got a great rate for Hyundai"


"Ur husband is very quiet" RM said

"He is" Ii said

"I can check with my bank about their rates" he said

RM's jaw dropped as she watched a husband discuss where his wife should borrow from... he was offering borrowing suggestions

"What bank is it?" she asked

"BNP" he said

"Do u have a Wealth Management Account?" she asked

He nodded
They have financing opportunities where u can leverage on ur portfolio without breaking up ur investments" RM said

He nodded as if he knew

"what do u do for a living, are u on Spectrum 20?"

"Sometimes... I mostlyw ork from home, I am Paris based... I co own a angel investing company with 6 partners"

"Oh! wow" she smiled

"we are done for today, would you like to join us whenever we meet?" she asked him

He nodded his eyes drilling holes into his wife's skull...

"Ishita I owe you umbrella loan rates, he owes us BNP loan rates,
I owe you options for interest breaks, tax deferred investments, and the whole 9 yards, oh! oops and also penalties for borrowing or breaking up FDs/CDs"
"If we plan this well we can do this right" she did "standard bank speak"

II nodded

"thanks for making the time Ishita" she smiled getting up

II emptied her soda...

He carried her stack along with his...

Ii went back multiple times to check the coffee table

"thanks" he shook RM's hand

"Boy! u are TALL" "Did they have to redo entryways and doors in your house?" she giggled

"I was 6'1" by 16, by 18 it stopped" he smiled

"HOW tall are you?" she asked

"A lil over 6' 3"" he said

"AND SKINNY" she screeched

"For a guy its not such a good thing afterall" he said softly

He wore tan cargos and a pink stripes cotton full sleeve shirt that was folded 1/4th, untucked... with SANDALS...

"Do u have ur phone?" he asked II caringly

"Did I bring it here?" she asked him sincerely "Onnoda car la vittuten nenaikaren" (I left it in ur car)

"i dont think u brought it, he was listening to music" RM said

"thanks Ishita" RM smiled

II smiled turning as her husband held the heavy glass door open

He set the papers in the trunk...

"U dont want to take it to your desk?" he asked

"Umm no..." she shook her head

"Do u want coffee?" he asked as he pulled into Spectrum

"Perk?" she asked
"Did u want to go to Starbucks?" he asked

"No... no... we already went over.. I had to meet Bally at 4" she was in despair

they walked to the elevator... he hit 5...

"It might be crowded" she said
"Lets find out" he said calmly

"Umm I" she began

The elevator stopped and he held it open...

they walked over, he ordered espresso...
"Mocha" she said

He ordered a scone and a brownie for her

He waited to see if she pulled her wallet out... she didnt

He paid all cash...

"thanks" she said softly

Her phone rang... Akka was on the other end whimpering...

"WHAT HAPPENED?" she quickly went out of the Perk and asked

He was taking a French call by the cash register

"Enge irukke kanna?" where are u Akka asked

"Work" she said

"Oh... dont tell Amma Appa OK"

WHAT HAPPENED?" she yelled

"I am OK... Bala found a ipad in Shravu's backpack" Akka began to cry uncontrollably

"Yaaroda?" (Whose)Shocked

"Some kid from school its password protected, hope its not Nandu's" Akka was mortified Cry
(The session had started at DPS 5th grade, first day and Shravu had stolen!!)

"AYYYOYO!!!" said II as her husband joined her

Posted: 7 years ago
allah!!!shravu!!! Unhappy
Posted: 7 years ago
ashu nisha i used that crying emoticon bcoz i felt like that after seeing the stage which had a quote saying a good bye msg...and now heard all those memories and teasing from my friends...dont know if i should cry or what...but feels like a tug inside...(well our programme went for a good 12 hrs!!).now feels numb.
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by vibhutii

Hope janani u didnt felt bad about sharing link by me... it was in good faith... not to insult neither to create mess.

and if it felt bad to u.. sry dear :)

don't be sorry,just i want to clear the air.:-)
Posted: 7 years ago
Still Ii dont want to share her financial status to R&B.RM is so cool .R&B height 6.1 in 16 nd 18:-).
Shravu ;-(what u done ;-(.now manny chup nahi rahegi ,she used this point as her weapon to create war between all and again she dont leave any chance to question II &R&B .ipad mess is clear now..:-).nandu ne kuch keya hoga ..may be hope so:->.Edited by janani_divan - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Asma!!  Thanks for the welcome... 

Pallavi- Shall pm you 

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