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Posted: 7 years ago
Finally!! I got my daily fix of SOSYLOL
The camaraderie between everyone on poker night might have been a catalyst for Manya to take such a rash decision. She was watching it all with rapt attention and must've realized what she's been missing. R&B has been a nomad by choice but Manya was married earlier and hence, would've known the stability that a partner brings. No wonder looking at her siblings' lives she's reconsidering her lifestyle. 

But it was unfair to bring Ranjan into it. He's been shown to have tried his best with his kids. R&B smiling at him itself means a great deal to him. He wouldn't want anything less for his girls.

Thank u for the update Nisha. U always manage to lift my moodHug 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by SAKIV-RAM

I won't open that page more.
so I need a pm for that link.

If I get post in first page.
I will continue what I do.

Hope some one gives links

No worries Vikas. I am telling myself to start updating the index... I am hoping to do a better job soon
I am so hung up on writing the chapters I got complacent. I will totally understand if you dont want to update the index.

Your help is priceless to me... every new reader I have gotten is because of you atleast in the last month... I am not sure what you meant by your post, but if it means what I think it means and if you are in some way constrained from maintaining the index I totally understand

You are precious to Software Symphony I TOTALLY APPRECIATE every bit you have done
Embarrassed  Big smile

who said something about not updating index.

I am telling that to pm me before starting thread so that I can check that thread.

I love SOSY and updating index here.

Means I mostly will be in this forum so was able to catchup new threads quickly as I refresh every minute.

I just s want to say.

That is why I should be silent always uses wrong words changing meaning.

Sorry INDEX is mine.I am not giving its rights to any one.

Waah re mere sher Yeh hui na baat.
Koi tujhse chheen bhi nahi raha yeh kaam
yeh tumhara hi haiLOL PHEW!!! I am so relieved
Mujhe laga tu busy hai aur kahin kisi aur Topic mein ja raha hai so I thought u turned in "your notice"Big smile
Knowledge Transfer to main kar nahi sakti kyon ki itni "no-lez" nahi hai mujhme so I thought I will begin updating the index in a crude way like I used to beforeLOL
Thanks for not going... U ARE PRICELESS

Posted: 7 years ago
Lol vikas. Index is yours only
And you are doing a commnedable job
Thanks so much re

Nisha pm him the thread link before you post re. Thats better. He can update the index before we all eat up pages 
Posted: 7 years ago


this box you will find it while making a post.
I am not explainning all  as you will find most in MS WORD.
I am here to explain two boxes which we have to use for posting links or  images

You can recogonize the smiley one you can keep smileys in your post using it.
then comming to first left of it.
it is box used for posting images.
once you click it you will get a new window opened.there you have to paste shortened image link.
Shortened means.
You should have an account in imgur or any image storing websites.

All the links of images must be from that websites.Creating an account is not it.

Directs url from google or fb can not be posted in IF.

Then on clicking ok you can post image.

then comming to left of image the LINK'S one for posting links and urls

It is an easy task to paste links in IF  You just need a proper link and that box will automatically paste it.

then to embed the link.
You first have to select which one to embed.

EX I want to embed the link this same post.

Hope it helps.SAKIV'S BANTER

you have to select all this using mouse.
then you have to click on link box.
then there you have to replace selected on  by link.

then you will get it embedded.

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Hsp.canada

From a cute and endearing conversations to big show down! I love twist pe twist. So finally Vik project is out in open. Any father would offence if he is the last one to know! Manny is turning to meaner for sure, she is even putting the blame for it on her dad. This pissed me offt, she was mean to II, I could understand a bit but turning it around on her dad was plain right rudeDead. I understand she is hurting and missing her ma, but lashing it out on others is not acceptable. Personally I hate when people cut a sorry image for themselves. ShockedI feel bad for Ranjan, he even hesitate to confront his own kids.CryCry

That was a damaka Authorji ClapClap

You cant blame Manya too Shev, the more she sees II entrenched in that house the more it irritates her, its like she not only has to deal with loss of a mother, and scandal ridden father, everything else that used to be a certain way has also changed, II came... brought along her Akka and Athim... and they all seem to "feel at home"  She is not married to Vik... so just continues to float...

I can understand her resentment for II. But the way she has been talking to everyone be it RnB, Sam or Tan. It comes across as if has a grudge against their happiness. She is feeling lost from 4 years, I get that, but passing snarky comments is plain mean. She bring out both sympathy and anger as a character. Goes to show your creative skills of character building. I am enjoying and loving it, be it on IF ,YHM or your own blogpostBig smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by shidin0117

Super update Nisha,
Loved ranjan and everyone else ribbing poor II, but it was so cute FIL sending his lovely DIL a formal invite for saree shopping and DIL accepting it. So will we get to see more of FIL and DIL bonding?

Poor Manny, so she came to know abt VIk's proposal to R&B? 
And everybody r questioning her abt him and what she knows abt him. And Manny going on the offensive is natural, hitting where it hurts the most. Poor Ranjan, how long will this haunt him? And Dude as usual keeping quite and his answer to the point . 

So whats Manny going to do now? Will she take pot shots at II? 

Nisha pls write abt Ranjan and II going for shopping. Will dude accompany them?

And what happened to Appas convo with dude>>>>Have I missed something.

No she doesnt know about Vik's proposal yet, she is just considering quitting Ph D for now
Yes they all think Ranjan is unworthy of handing out adviceCry

oh, thanks for the clarification Nisha, I thght they were arguing abt Vik and thght dude said to break her relation with him,,,totally got Confused
Posted: 7 years ago
Ranjan would be so down after straight accusation...
Manny is sick at heart... i feel bitter for her.. What she wants from life ..she is unclear about it... may be craving for true n selfless love..

Sam is that thread which tries her best to not let anyone in her family to part their ways.. She is gentle..

Tan ..all i know about his that he is gentle kind n loving but now he is coming out much better ... intelligent and capable.


If u post it in FF... i will be saved from going through first 2 pages of yhm forum to find out SoSy current thread.

Go for it... great idea.
Posted: 7 years ago

See the codes in picture above.this will make discussion easier.

Nisha you can make an embedded link in your signature by following this code.

youtube videos can be shared easily.

this coded are particularly for forum.

even if youtype them they will accept the code and will not display them.

INDEX is still mine.
this id for teritiary backup and ease of discussion here.
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