Diwali/Eid Bash2:Antakshri (PLAY NOW!)

Posted: 2006-10-16T19:31:00Z
Welcome one, welcome all, to the Diwali/ eid Bash CFC Antakshri, i'm Puja!!
I am making this post on Behalf of Khair. So as mayny of you know , in this thread we will be playing ANTAKSHRI to celebrate the festivals and holidays of Diwali and Eid!!!!Many of you already know how to play Antakshri, but for those who are new to this game here are a few simple rules, on how uyou play this game!
  • The way you play is, when one person posts a song, you have to think of anotehr song that starts with the same sound or word, that the previous song ended with
so for example if someone posts this song
aou sunao pyaar ki ek kahani
ek tha lada ek thi ladki deewani
then the next person can post anything with I or N 
  • NO CHATTING, OR POSTING ANYTHING BUT SONGS/questions related to the game here!
  • Next, make sure you have signed up for a fanclub, if not then please reply to this post,that sweet_kp has started with your fanclub you want to join or represent in this game. here is the link
  • Try not to repeat songs, that have already been posted!
Ok guys, here is a list of fanclubs partipating and the members from that fanclub that are partcipating

Team -- Member(s)

Woh Kisna Hai FC -- Sweta(svh2010), -xx-Roohani-xx-, Tanya Mehta, MainEkHasina
Khushi FC -- Puja (pyaari_puja), Nimra (Nimra_M), amina (amina877), Leenasmg
Rani FC -- Mehak (lovly_angel)
SRK FC -- lilyrose, niya, Reema_J, amna malik, doly_455
Preity FC -- ayeshag, fariha17, diyafah
SRK -Preity FC -- jassie_17
Prem & Mukti FC -- FrEnDs8
Ash FC -- komalash
SRK - Kajol FC -- sweet_shagun
Hrithik FC -- dazzling desi
Salman FC -- hot_girl_2525

Ok guys im going to start you off with the first song
from the most anticipate dmovie of the year Don!
Arre deewano
mujhe pehchano
kaha se ayya
mein hoon kaun?
main hoon kaun?
main hoon kaun?
main hoon  main hoon
main hoon DON!
okay guys start playing and remeber
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Posted: 2006-10-16T19:37:03Z
Wonderful post Puja!!Embarrassed


Na na karte pyaar tumhi se kar baithe
Karna tha inkaar magar ikraar
Tumhi se kar baithe
Na na karte pyaar tumhi se kar baithe...

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Posted: 2006-10-16T19:55:49Z
Wonderful post Puja, thanks! Embarrassed

Thaat nawabi
Baat nawabi
Wah teri kya chaal hai...

Next: H, A, or I
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Posted: 2006-10-16T19:58:49Z
It'd be "ha"Smile

Hum..dil de chuke sanam
tere ho gaye hai hum
teri kasam

Next: ma
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Posted: 2006-10-16T20:03:53Z
W0www...awesomee puja dii

mujhase hai muhobbat use hai ajabaye aadat
kadhi munh ko fer lenaa meri guftagu naa karanaa

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Posted: 2006-10-16T20:07:53Z
nau nau lakkhaan vaalaa haar pehna hai churai lo
chuudii kii kasam chuudii bole dil daike dil lai lo

Next: La

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Posted: 2006-10-16T20:15:39Z
Ladki badi anjaani hai
sapna hai sach hai kahaani
dekho ye pagli belkul na badli

Next: Mi
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Posted: 2006-10-16T20:22:49Z

Originally posted by ayeshag

Ladki badi anjaani hai
sapna hai sach hai kahaani
dekho ye pagli belkul na badli

Next: Mi

ayesha, next would be li not mi...its the last sound of the last word...hope u understand the game, if not feel free to ask

@pujii: i loveeeee youBig smile, the post rocks!Clap thanks for making it at short noticeEmbarrassed

@everyone else: continue enjoyin!!! i shall check in everday or two...Smile


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