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A sugar addict and a fitness freak, a match made in heaven? Uhm, probably not. The story of two people who annoy each other, their friends who seem to have it bad for each other, and a ton of sugary stuff. The recipe for the perfect love story?

Author's Note
I have no idea what I am doing with this story yet, the idea just sprung into my head. Don't expect regular updates like usual either, life is crazy right now but I can't give up on writing all together! Also, this story will mostly focus on AsYa, I am using ArShi and AyRa as well as other characters from Qubool Hai and IPKKND because I like them. Uhm, at this point I am not sure if this is going to be a few chapters or really long because I haven't written it out yet.

Chapter 1 - Page 1 (Below)
Chapter 2 - Page 8
Chapter 3 - Page 14
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HELLO! I know I have been missing in action for a while, but exams and end of the school year stresses me out so I disappear, but alas, I cannot stay away for too long! I have about a bazillion (I exaggerate) PMs asking me where I have disappeared to and about a bazillion and one (I exaggerate yet again) asking me to write AsYa, so TADA! Do give this a read and lemme know what you think :) 

Chapter 1: The Poster

"You would!" Humeira guffawed looking at the huge pink poster that spanned the whole horizontal surface of the glass window to the right of the double doors that led into Joy
"What do you think of the design?" Zoya piped up with a laugh as they stood outside their cute bakery, the word little would have sounded nice between the cute and the bakery, but their shop was anything but little. It was everything the three girls had wanted: there was a cobblestone pathway outside of the shop lined with beautiful black street lamps, the shop spanned the length between two intersections, there was intricate grey stone work on the building that yelled cozy but it was modern in that the whole front of the shop below the shop sign consisted of glass window-walls. In short, it was perfect. The windows were covered with a bunch of posters, including the new one. It was a normal poster...the left side of it at least, the right side was a whole different story that had one purpose. 

"He is going to be pissed." Humeira said causing Zoya to smile, that was the sole purpose. The shop didn't need advertisement, it had established itself as the best in the city the day the three girls opened it and never lacked customers. Rather, the customers were put on waiting lists and were told to give the shop at least one month's time for major orders.
Zoya opened the right glass door and stepped into their shop, the smell of freshly baked cupcakes and sugar icing assaulting her senses immediately making her feel fuzzy and warm. And it was exactly that, a warm fuzzy sugar heaven with light blue and pink walls, cream counters and cabinetry and glass displays filled with cakes and cupcakes. The smell of coffee and espresso permeated the air, but the smell was overpowered by that of icing and sugar - in one word it was heavenly.

"Is this some kind of foreplay between you two?" Khushi laughed from behind the counter, as she looked across the road where a similar but opposite poster was up. Rather than advertising cupcakes, it advertised treadmills and barbells. It was his. Also known as Zoya's self- proclaimed arch nemesis.
"He started it!" Zoya quipped.
"Actually Zoya, you told him to move his gym first." Humeira pointed out sitting on a stool in front of the counter where Khushi was standing, doing the paperwork for the day. The three girls dreaded paperwork so they had assigned days and today was Khushi's turn, she had groaned and pouted as the last of the employees left for the day and then started the paperwork grudgingly.
"He OPENED the gym across our shop." Zoya retorted defensively walking behind the counter and grabbing the piping bag and getting back to work on her cake beside Khushi. Technically, her statement was true, their bakery had been there for a whole year before his gym opened. And it pissed Zoya off, because she knew people would think twice before indulging in their delicious baked goods with a gym right across the street.
Humeira and Khushi rolled their eyes knowing there was no point in arguing with Zoya, they had this same conversation multiple times and it always ended the same way.
"Why the poster today though?" Khushi asked knowing that there was definitely an antecedent.
"He walked into the shop this morning before you two got here and we got in a fight-"
"As usual." Humeira mumbled causing Zoya to glare at her.
"Anyways, he pointed to each one of the cupcakes and pointed out how many calories they all had and how fattening they were and people walked out of the store." Zoya shrugged. And at that moment she had decided that she would take away his business too, thus, the new poster that spanned the area which was completely visible from his gym. It depicted a girl running on a treadmill to eat cupcakes - Zoya knew it would make people think about what really made them happy and what they needed.
"Why did he come into the shop at the first place?" Khushi asked curiously.
"He parked in my parking spot so I put pink icing all over his car." Zoya said, nonchalantly, as she piped the cake with a pink border, refusing to look at her friends.
"Zoya! He likes to push your buttons, ignore him." Humeira sighed, he often took Zoya's parking spot and the two fought over it. Humeira found him to be quite curious sometimes, she didn't miss that little smile he sometimes got on his face when Zoya yelled at him, and she saw that he looked at her in a way that was inherently different.
"Lies, he wants to push her against a wall and kiss her so she'd shut up." Khushi murmured causing Zoya to whack her arm. "Owww Zo!" 
"Shut up Khushi."
"It's true, the sexual tension-"
"There is no sexual tension!"
"Mhmm." Khushi rolled her eyes. "You do realize that whenever you fight you are like this close." She said holding her index finger and thumb a mere two millimetres apart. "Plus, the three of us own this bakery yet he has never said a word about it or been anything but a gentleman towards the two of us." Khushi pointed out as she punched numbers into the calculator.
"He is just annoying." Zoya groaned piping the top corners of the cake with pink icing trying not to think about it.
"It's called sexual tension. You want him, you want to lick -"
"Don't you dare complete that sentence Khushi Kumari Gupta!" Zoya groaned as Humeira and Khushi laughed. Zoya cursed the day she got drunk and told them that she'd lick icing off of him and his perfect abs. But his abs were so delicious, you could see the indents even when he was wearing a shirt.  She just glared at her giggling friends and put the finished cake in the display before getting to work on the cupcakes.
"Remind me to give Sam $31.52 tomorrow." Khushi murmured as she totalled the tills. "Her till is over again, she needs to stop putting her tips into it. ALL DONE!"
"That was fast, you're getting good at this." Zoya smirked. "Wanna take over every day?"
"I think not! Maybe you can call him to total the tills Zoya, I heard he's good at this stuff." Khushi teased.
"Shut up! I don't even need to guess what your source of information is, do I?" Zoya teased right back and then started laughing when she noticed Khushi's cheeks colouring due to the friend of the arch-nemesis.
"Speaking of the devil!" Humeira said as she caught sight of Zoya's object of interest across the street. "OOOH, he looks pissed." She pointed out and Zoya nodded noticing that he was looking right at the poster, his arms were crossed in front him causing his muscular arms to bulge. He was wearing grey sweatpants and a fitted black shirt that did nothing to hide his perfect body. 
Zoya smiled deviously as she arranged the cupcakes in the display. "Watch, he is going to sigh, run his hands through his hair and then stand there for a minute looking like he is thinking hard before he storms across the street." She said not looking up once while arranging the display.
Khushi and Humeira watched shocked as the events unfolded exactly like she said. Before they knew what was happening the door of the shop opened, announcing his presence with a little ting.
"We're closed for the day!" Zoya yelled without looking up at him.
"You should lock the door then." He snapped, his velvety deep voice sounding angry, as he walked into the shop.
"What are you doing here?" Zoya glared at him, finally looking up from her cupcakes, as he came to stand in front of her across the counter, completely ignoring the other two women in the room who chose to remain quiet and let the events unfold.
"What the hell is that?" He asked pointing to the poster behind him with his thumb.
"Asad Ahmed Khan, BBM, and MBA, right? And yet you don't know a poster when you see one." Zoya said giving him a sweet sarcastic smile. Khushi giggled as she looked between the two of them, she walked around the counter to sit beside Humeira, picking up the sweet caramel popcorn on the way. The two of them knew Asad loved to fight with Zoya because he could take matters like this up with any one of them yet he always chose to fight and argue with her.
"I know what it is, but why is it there?" Asad groaned wondering how someone who looked so angelic could be so evil. He had caught people in his gym longingly looking towards her shop on multiple occasions but today beat all the other days as lots of them had walked to her shop right after their workout. And he knew that they'd be the ones that would complain that they hadn't lost any weight and cancel their memberships.
"Well an advertisement for the shop will be on my window..." Zoya arched her eyebrow at him and he rolled his eyes, wanting so bad to wipe that smug grin off her face.
"Are you done being childish?" He asked leaning his hands on the counter and leaning in closer to Zoya. Khushi elbowed Humeira, her eyes growing wide, as Zoya leaned in closer to Asad so the two of them were leaning on the counter, their faces a few inches apart. Humeira and Khushi smiled, thinking that the scene was right out of a romantic comedy as they chewed slowly on their caramel popcorn.
"I outgrew that stage years ago, it seems like you haven't." Zoya said glaring at Asad.
"Says the woman who put icing on my car." Asad said stressing each word.
"You need a little bit of sweetness in your life, maybe you'd stop stealing people's parking spots then." Zoya smiled at him, it was more of a sarcastic I want to punch you smile.
"Is your name on it?" Asad retorted, his voice deeper, as he leaned in even closer if that was possible. Khushi's eyes grew wide as she figured that if they moved any closer their noses would be touching.
"It is my parking spot. I've parked there for years." Zoya said, her voice firm and snappy.
"But your name isn't on it." Asad growled.
"My name isn't on this shop either, but it is still mine isn't it?" 
"You are infuriating." Asad said exasperated.
"You are the one who came to see me you are welcome to leave." Zoya arched her eyebrow at him.
"Take that poster down."
"I think not." Zoya retorted leaning back before standing up right and crossing her arms in front of her and he groaned yet again.  Humeira and Khushi looked at each other and smirked, one would think that the reason for his groan was the words that were coming out of Zoya's mouth but Khushi and Humeira didn't miss the way Zoya's boobs seemed to perk up with the crossing of her arms. Zoya, however, was oblivious. "What happened?" She asked.
"Just cursing my luck, of all the places in the world..." Asad replied looking around her shop.
"OH REALLY? Me and my luck haven't been in the best of relationships since you bought that place!" 
"You probably stand here cursing it too, don't you? Maybe that is why my favourite treadmill broke."
"I am surprised it didn't break sooner since it has to put up with you every day, who the hell runs for thirty minutes?!" 
"Keeping tabs on me?" He smirked and Zoya froze for a second before she recovered. Khushi barely stifled her laughter at Asad's comment, Zoya was definitely keeping tabs on him.
"Yeah, I have to watch the enemy like a hawk." Zoya covered, but she watched him run because he took his shirt off and she enjoyed the view, very much so. 
"Take that poster down."
"Close your gym down." She yelled back at him as the door chimed again.
"Are they fighting again?" Asad's business partner and best friend, also known as Arnav Singh Raizada, asked as he walked in to the shop. Zoya found him to be more tolerable than his friend, but just slightly. It may have been due to the fact that there was something going on between him and her best friend Khushi or maybe because he was around a lot less, he was a venture capitalist so he was just an investor in the gym but Asad and his younger brother owned the one across the street and many other gyms throughout the city. 
"They don't do much else." Khushi said looking at him with a smile and Zoya rolled her eyes hard when she noticed Arnav smile back, they had it bad for each other.
"Can you remove your friend from my shop?" Zoya asked Arnav who just laughed.
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Awesome start
Loved it
Cant wait to read more
Thanks for the pm
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Yay yay yay! A new story! I looove it alreadyy.
Update soon!
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aaahhh anjali you are back with asya you for that...
i read clueless again as i was missing your story...
finished reading it today morning i m seeing your pm...
you made my day...
will read later when i will wake up properly
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Awesome!!!! glad to have a new story from you.
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Awesome anjali..good to see you back...such a sweet story with a sweet shopnin the backdrop...
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Another one
Whoop Whoop
So excited 
Loved it 
Cant wait for the next chapter
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