RAYA OS : My Love Of Life

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Priya was standing at the certain place in the amusement park and was waiting for her husband to join her They agreed to meet each other there and go watching music concerts which promised to be spectacular it was a rare moment when they could spend some time together without interruption since Ram's schedule was too busy but he always found some time to go on a date with her to Priya those rare dates were true celebrations

She looked at her watch and whined the concerts was about to start and Ram was nowhere in sight his phone wasn't answering too she sighed heavily when the performance began and headed down the park in her own disappointed thoughts her mood fell down and she just walked aimlessly through nice decorated paths of the park

When she was passing by a pavilion with a title shooting gallery a bright idea crossed her mind her lips curved into a self satisfied smirk priya walked into the pavilion and bought 30 bullets the seller tried to make eyes at her but the girl turned her hand in a way to expose her wedding finger which was encircled with a golden ring

Priya was a little nervous she had not practiced her shooting skills she could have gotten worse in that art but to her great relief and happiness she was still in a good form kids began gathering by her side and cheering for her when she shot another target in brilliance she was so happy and inspired that she wanted to share her wonderful mood with the kids so she started to ask each child what toy they wanted as a gift boys and girls brightened in faces and chirped like little birds they were pointing at different plushy rabbits and bears and Priya was very overwhelmed with the idea of making kids happy all she needed to do was shooting the prize targets It was such a nice and heart warming feeling to give the won toy to her young fans nd kids were hugging her in return in a sign of gratitude

Ram was in great hurry on his date with Priya but only today the whole universe turned its back on him at first he was held back at work then he ran out of fuel and in addition the battery of his phone died he couldn't call Priya and warn her that he would be late only in of his car Ram could put his phone for recharging when the screen lit up the man saw a missed call from his wife Ram knew that he was very late and the performance had probably started by now

When he came to the meeting place he didn't find Priya there Ram was a little surprised but decided to look for her around the place he was sure that she couldn't go far away from there nd she couldn't attend the performance since the tickets were with him Ram looked at the people around him but he didn't see Priya among the crowd his attention was drawn by children's cheerful laughter Ram stopped his pace and looked at the direction the sound was coming from nd when he saw the scene he couldn't believe his eyes his wife stood by the counter in the shooting gallery and shot different prize targets ram decided to stand and watch her a little  face was shining with happiness when she was giving another toy she won to a boy or a girl and the kid would hug her tightly in return a peaceful and honest smile appeared on Ram's lips he couldn't get enough of admiring Priya he thought that she would become a wonderful mother to their still unborn children they would be very happy with a mother like her she was an amazing woman with a big and kind heart she had a gift of cheering everyone up and supporting anyone who was in need and hardships Ram remembered the time when they had been struggling to families matters she helped him so much just being her positive self by his side that night Ram had never met anyone like Priya in his whole life she was one of a kind nd the fact that she belonged to him made him want to move on with their life to make this world better and secure for her and their future children she was the air he breathed every cell of his body was filled with love towards her

Priya was about to go back to the meeting place when a little girl ran up to her and hugged her legs she said with tears in her eyes that she didn't get a toy and she wanted to have it so much Priya patted the child's head lovingly and promised to win the best toy for her a giant pink teddy bear

It seems to be a hard shot Priya thought examining the next target and considering what she had to do to win the prize she took the gun in her hands and started to aim carefully she was about to push the trigger when her phone rang in her pocket but she didn't pay attention she acted as a true sniper by blocking all her emotions and senses and concentrating on a single target she had to shoot she had only one attempt and she didn't want to fail in front of the child's eyes the beauty took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly

Priya shot the target in a masterly fashion the pavilion filled with applause when the shocked owner was giving the strange and very skillful visitor the main prize Priya took the pink bear from the man's hands and gave it to her little girl the girl hugged the toy in adoration and said solemnly that when she grew up she would learn to shoot as perfectly as Priya

Ram called his wife the beauty left the shooting gallery and looked at her phone there was a missed call from her husband and she dialed his number immediately

He said that he would meet her up soon since he was heading to the park at the moment Ram decided not telling priya about his little investigation she didn't need to know that he had been spying on her during her little time of fame he wanted to keep all his impressions in his heart but after seeing her cheerful face whenever kids hugged her Ram's head was enlightened with a plan he wished to celebrate her triumph in that shooting gallery but he wanted to do it secretly so that she wouldn't find out what exactly they were celebrating

When Ram walked up to his lovely wife she crossed her arms of her chest and pouted her lips

You are late Priya said in an offended voice

Sorry sweetheart I must apologize to you and after saying that he took out a bouquet of red roses that he was hiding in his bosom covered with his coat

Priya was pleased and embarrassed at the same time she took the flowers from his hands and lifted them to her face inhaling their delicate scent

I will try my best to redeem my fault and brighten your mood with another good event this evening so don't get upset that we couldn't watch those Concert Ram purred in a velvet tone by Priya's very lips she winked at him playfully and dodged his kiss the very moment he wanted to touch her lips with his

We'll see what you are going to offer me for not coming in time Priya announced and sent him her best known smile Ram just chuckled in response she wanted to play a game called miss touch me not he didn't complain though Ram adored it when Priya showed her different sides he chuckled again and offered her his elbow she crossed her arm with his and they headed towards the parking lot

Ram thought that he won a great possibility to melt the ice in her heart and deserve her forgiveness but in order to achieve that aim he had to work hard that evening he didn't complain though he knew that the game was worth it he loved win his wife's attention because for him she was the woman who deserved only the best she was his ideal and hero

They didn't return home that night Ram had a perfect plan about spending the evening he took Priya to a restaurant at one of the most expensive hotels after the dinner they went to a luxury room Ram had booked especially for that night after witnessing the scene in the park by the shooting gallery he inflamed with a strong wish to have Priya's baby he would prove her how madly he loved her

Priya was sitting on a couch watching her favourite health channel to get some wise advice from the specialists Ram was in great spirits his lady love of the house noted glancing at his almost dancing gait the next moment Ram sat on the couch making sure to be as close to his lovely wife as possible nd then he started to do this

With graceful moves of his long fingers he started to unwrap a dark chocolate bar in his hands his movements were so slow so actual the sound of the wrapping was getting on Priya's nerves but she refused to look at him concentrating on what smart people were telling on the TV

Ram was enjoying himself a lot he sent quick glances at his beauty to see her reaction when he unwrapped a corner of the chocolate he brought it to his lips and licked it briefly closing his eyes in total bliss maybe she wouldn't have noticed his little moment of stupid delight if he didn't emitted those strange noises of pleasure Priya threw a hurried look from the corner of her eye at her husband and averted it immediately after catching a seductive gaze of his mesmerizing dark brown eyes on her he was still chewing that ill fated chocolate bar while watching her suddenly the events of the previous night popped up in her mind a deep scarlet blush found its perfect place on her pale cheeks nd according to what Ram was doing right now he was thinking of their figth too she could sense it with her very skin

Meanwhile Ram licked his lips covered with dark sweetness and bent his body closer to her fragile frame Priya felt shivers ran down her spine when he exhaled in her neck the sweet scent of his dessert touched her nostrils and clouded her mind by the time she could think straight again Ram had already laid his hand behind her on a head set of the sofa he crossed his legs and almost cornered his suddenly shy wife with his body Priya had nowhere to run or escape a light yet playful smirk touched his perfectly shaped lips as he brought the chocolate to his lips again and licked it soundly

Mmm. It's incredibly delicious Ram said in a husky voice and shifted his hand to the side so the chocolate was right by Priya's lips wanna try some?

N no thanks Priya answered incoherently pushing away his hand from her face but was it just an accident or someone's purposed plan but her cheek got dirty with a dark brown sweetness nd to Priya's great terror Ram noticed it right away as his lips covered the stained spot and licked the chocolate away making her cheek even dirtier with his stinky mouth

Priya gulped for air her vision fell on a long forgotten TV where some random man was telling secrets of how to make a woman to become more desirable for a man

The last her clouded mind could comprehend before giving in to the pleasurable sensations was Ram's deep and hot whisper

I was wrong your skin is far more delicious and desired than a simple dark chocolate Priya felt his smirking lips on her neck where he continued to kiss and bite her skin lightly and tenderly Priya had no strength to stand against his charms he was her weakness her only weakness she loved to feel so much

They didn't hear the rest of the recipes the health channel offered that evening they didn't care anyway because all their attention was drawn to each other... and the chocolate he just smirked cheerfully and carried her in a bridal style

Laying her gently on a king sized bed Ram looked deeply into her magical eyes she sensed his special mood and was surprised by how serious he looked at the moment

Let's make a baby Priya his voice was heartfelt while his gaze penetrating

Priya's cheeks flushed confusedly a shadow of bewilderment could be noticed in her eyes

R Ramm...was all she could breathe out

I want a baby Ram whispered in her lips and kissed her embellish then he stood up took out his mobile phone and turned it off throwing it somewhere in the room his actions bemused Priya a lot Ram had never never turned off his phone under no situation her heart skipped a beat in anticipation his intensions were indeed serious and he was proving her that

Let's concentrate on the idea of making a new life tonight sweetheart I am all yours and you are all mine Ram added and after taking off all of his clothes he spouse lay next to his gorgeous wife the beauty met him in her awaiting and adoring embrace

As you wish my Golu Priya breathed agitatedly in his ear winning a wave of affection in his body

The rest of the night they were working carefully on their main aim to conceive a new being a child of their strong love for each other

The End

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Awww the shooting scene was cute that priya did for a child n ram spying on her n romantic as well ram n Priya both want a child that's romantic n thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-30T05:36:27Z
cute os yaar
thanks 4 pm
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Posted: 2015-03-30T06:22:09Z
A very cute & romantic update! Embarrassed thanks 4 pm. Smile
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Posted: 2015-03-30T06:24:30Z
Rmntc os...do write more... Smile
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Posted: 2015-03-30T06:41:04Z
Cute and lovely os...
So good to read..
All the is you write are wonderful..
Please do writeore...
Thank you for PMTongueTongue
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Posted: 2015-03-30T07:20:12Z
Lovely OS!!
Thanks 4 pm!! And do write more!!
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Posted: 2015-03-30T07:36:05Z
nice os,,,,mindblowing and thanks for the PM
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