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There was a party at the hotel westin and lots of businessman's and other important guests were invited Ram and Ashwin were in the list too they stood in the far end of the hall drinking some whisky with ice and discussing how boring the event was they reminded who had always had that listless look whenever he was invited to a ball

There was nothing to do and Ram caught himself on a thought that he made a big mistake by coming to this party he had more interesting things in his life to entertain himself than attending some boring event

Ashwin on the contrary was enjoying himself maybe he drank too much whisky or maybe he really liked the boring atmosphere but his mood got higher than it was several hours ago

You know Ram all those guys in tuxedos remind me just look at them Ashwin pointed to a random businessman who was smiling at someone like an idiot what a disgusting view the one man pulled a face and drank his whisky in one gulp but the spirits are cool here he announced audibly sending his friend a pleased smile why don't you drink some? there is nothing to do here after all so let your brain have some relaxation who knows maybe we will be able to find some hot businessman chick here heh?

Shut up Ashwin It seems alcohol has attacked your common sense you are babbling like the last drunkard nd I thought that you were a decent father to your children

Oh common Ram Ashwin rolled his eyes our work is too stressful I need to chill out sometimes nd I advise you to follow my example my friend nd besides the expression on the man's face became serious and concentrated I am a decent father to my children and I never give up on opportunity to find a good woman who would acknowledge my kids as her own

Ram just sighed in response but the next moment he received an elbow in his ribs

Wow look there Ashwin pointed his index finger to a crowd of men

I don't see anything unusual Ashwin Ram uttered he was too tired to look around but the other man didn't give him a chance to even think about the sadness

Then you are absolutely blind Ram how can't you see her? Ashwin demanded grabbing Ram's neck and forcing him to look in the direction of his pointed finger

Ram didn't expect to be treated so roughly by his slightly drunken friend but his gaze fell on the crowd of those men again there was a woman in a beautiful pink knee length dress that embraced her body like a second skin she was standing in the middle of that little crowd of men It seemed that they were enjoying her company so much that they even forgot where they were

Just look at her she is such a beautiful and luxury woman I'm ready to give up on my bachelor's life just by looking at her Ashwin spoke with admiration there was not a single sign that he was drunken just some minutes ago I have to get to know who she is maybe she would become a perfect mother for my children

Ram was looking at the woman's back since she was facing one of those businesswoman she indeed was beautiful her long hair flowed down her back freely

She is absolutely in my taste Ram thought appraisingly

Two friends stood in the corner of the hall like paralyzed they couldn't tear off their eyes from a mysterious woman in pink dress she was talking to a famous busneesman and then they both started to laugh as if their conversation was one of some good old friends the man took her hand in his and kissed it favorably

The next moment a curly haired woman walked to her and whispered something in her ear soon after that they both left the hall Ram recognized the other woman It was Neha a suspicion crept in his mind somehow he wasn't that sure anymore that he didn't know the woman with those long hair but Ram decided to keep his doubts to himself and not telling Ashwin about them he didn't know why it suddenly became distressing to listen to his exclamations of utter adoration towards her Ram couldn't understand what was happening to him he decided to leave his friend and make sure that it was indeed her in person

It wasn't hard to find her among another crowd of men he noticed sensual glint in their eyes as if they were undressing the lady in their dirty fantasies Ram's blood started to boil in his veins and he didn't know the reason why

Priya was standing at the balcony while watching the stars and humming some sweet melody she was utterly glad that her cell phone rang and she could escape that bedlam in the main hall It was unbearable why did all those businessman follow her every step? yes she was representing her brother at the party but she wasn't ready to answer their stupid questions that were far from theme the girl promised herself to thank her dear brother physically when he returned from an urgent trip

she didn't notice someone's approaching only when she heard a deep voice calling her by her name did she turn around to face the intruder who dared to ruin her moment of peace

Ram? her eyes widened in surprise meeting his stern gaze

It was her he knew it his sixth sense didn't betray him after all

What were you thinking Priya by seducing those man's? he started his accusations right from the doorway It was emetic to look

Priya straitened herself and froze in bewilderment

What are you talking about? when did I seduce anyone? she objected rising her voice

Don't try to pretend that you are all innocent dear I saw everything Ram crossed his arms on his chest and arched his eyebrow reprehensibly they clustered to you like moths to a flame nd it seems that you were having fun by making those respectful men who rule our country look like a flock of sheep

Priya gritted her teeth in anger she had never expected her dear friend would ever talk to her in such a rude manner he humiliated her as if she was some wh**e she didn't recognize the Ram she had always knew in this mad man who was standing before her

So this is how you think of me Priya uttered offence could be clearly heard in her broken voice I suppose that you have always esteemed me that way from the very first time we met yes of course it's shameful to you to be a friend to such a stubborn woman as you consider me to be Priya sighed in tension I release you of this burden we are not friends anymore and judging by your daring statement we have never been them in the first place

She was about to walk past him and hide her unshed tears from his sight but his next words stopped her on her tracks

You are a wonderful actress Priya but I won't fall a victim to your lies

Priya's head snapped up as she threw him a glare full of hatred

he was about to add some spicy comments but a sudden pain in his cheek stopped him from doing so Ram pressed his palm to the burning cheek she had just slapped him and her hand felt really heavy the young man shifted his astonished gaze to her face and noticed the tears that were running down her cheeks she was looking at him loathingly but there was something else in her sparkling eyes something that caused his heart to tighten in pain

I don't want to know you anymore she shouted in his face and swept past him never turning back

The tears in her eyes were blurring her vision but she managed to find a way to leave the party Priya went to the parking lot sat on her car and sped off she didn't care where she was driving It didn't matter anyway she just wanted to soothe the pain in her dying heart Ram's words hurt her they stabbed deep in her heart without a mercy nd she didn't know why he had done that she had never thought that her friend could treat her like that was she his friend in the first place? she didn't know what to believe anymore

Absorbed with those mournful thoughts Priya didn't notice some animal crossing the road It was a miracle she didn't run it over or else there could be two victims of her carelessness she could get in an accident and she was sure that it would have been her sorrowful end

Priya decided to stop in the middle of a highway It was dangerous to driving a car or any other vehicle in her current depressed state she couldn't control her raging and grieving emotions her best friend's words hurt her so much that she couldn't even remember being so furious and hurt for the last time nd even in the past she had never let her mind and instincts go off

Priya took her phone out of her purse and dialed Neha's number she wasn't that crazy to not informing her brother's wife where she was Neha was concerned but Priya soothed her by telling her that she had just went for a ride the party was too boring so she decided to escape that event Neha believed her uncooked story or maybe she didn't but she told Priya to come back to the home when she was done

Of course she hated herself for lying to her family but she hadn't any right to make them worry about her

It was a beautiful starry night Priya breathed in fresh air and started to pull off the road she found a perfect place to think about her life the girl parked her car not far from her and lay on a soft cool grass preparing to watch the stars on the black sky the night was cold and it wasn't a surprise but even the chillness didn't stop from admiring the view above her the stars looked gorgeous that night but they couldn't distract her mind from the awful quarrel she had faced that evening but Priya struggled to clear her thoughts even if it made her hold back unwelcomed tears after all the things Ram had told her at the party she was sure that their friendship died and would never revive It was not that she wanted it to after hearing how he really thought about her but still it was too painful to remember and even if she tried to block her mind from recalling that its ill fated end her brain didn't give up and kept on playing their conversation again and again in her head

some time had passed before Priya forgot herself in an anxious sleep

To be continued

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Awesome os! Plz update soon!
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aww lvly os...continue soon...
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Continued soon...
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Lovely part pls continue soon
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Beautiful Part
thanks for PM
continue soon
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superb yaar. ekdum different concept.
thanks for pm
lavkar continue kar.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Originally posted by RaShiLover

Awesome os! Plz update soon!

Thank you very much for reading and commenting!
Will try to update soon

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