RAYA OS : This Evening Is All For You.

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This Os is dedicated to Aarushi and Priya.

RAYA OS : This Evening Is All For You.

At an expensive hotel in guided Ram Kapoor and his wife Priya were getting ready to enjoy dinner in the hotel's dining area

Ram was glad Priya had decided to come with him so that he wouldn't have to endure the entire week alone Priya was also glad she made the decision to come with her husband even though it was in connection with his work as an businessman as he held a scheduled week of talks with a visiting Australia for his business she honestly felt that sleeping without her husband's strong and protective arms around her at home was an even bigger sacrifice than sleeping in a strange hotel bed just the thought of sleeping without her husband's arms around her made her cringe slightly she continued to get ready in the bathroom

Ram was so grateful Priya had decided to join him he wanted to treat her to an evening of dinner and dancing in the hotel's dining area as a way to say thank you that he wouldn't have to endure the busy week alone Ram put on a black blazer over his white collared shirt and black trousers when he heard the bathroom door open

How do I look? Priya asked softly she slowly walked into the main area of the hotel room

Ram's jaw literally dropped at the sight of his stunning wife as she emerged from the bathroom and even did a twirl Priya looked utterly amazing in her knee length crimson red dress and matching heels the dress was low in the back and a silver locket around her neck Ram had given her as an anniversary gift a black belt hugged her waist and silver earrings dangled delicately from her earlobes her hair was in the trademark ponytail and her face adorned barely any makeup with a giggle Priya walked over and with a delicate hand closed Ram's slack jaw the feel of his wife's fingers on his jaw along with the metal bands of her wedding ring snapped him back to reality feeling like a complete gooses he shook his head with an embarrassed laugh

You look absolutely breathtaking Priya Ram finally answered when he remembered he could speak Priya moaned she felt Ram's hands slide up and down her bare back her arms slid around Ram's neck

Let's go my love Priya said gently Ram led her by the hand out of their hotel room and down to the dining area

The hotel's dining area was like something out of a fairytale It was lavish and also featured a dance floor and low rise platform for local bands to provide live entertainment that evening as the guests ate in the dining area

I can't thank you enough for deciding to spend the week here with me Priya this evening is all about you my love this is my treat to show you my appreciation Ram said sincerely as the waitress returned with their meals

Thank you Ram Priya said with a smile as she reached for his hand I know this whole week is in regards to your work but I wanted to come we r a together and you can always count on me to give you any support

Thank you Priya said softly as he kissed her hand

They ate their dinner in comfortable silence as they listened to the band perform Priya noticed that some of the other couples staying at the hotel were on the dance floor the band played she knew how great a dancer Ram was nd couldn't wait to get on the dance floor with him later the thought made her smile as she ate her meal and it didn't go unnoticed by her husband he knew that Priya would want to get up and dance and he was not going to deny her anything tonight the whole evening was her treat

May I have this dance? Ram asked with a smile he stood up from his chair and offered her his hand Priya simply blushed as she took his hand

Yes you may Priya answered Ram lightly tugged her to her feet and led her to the dance floor

Listening to the rhythm of the music Ram's body guided her into the dance his right arm curled around her lower back and lovingly held her right hand his Priya left hand found its way to his shoulder Priya followed his lead suddenly the rhythms of the music continued to guide the couple's instincts through their first dance of the evening the couple was so caught up in their dance they didn't realise the other couples had vacated the dance floor as the band continued to play It was the style of music Priya enjoyed dancing to with her husband to her it gave the perfect balance of rhythm to work up a sweat and a sensual atmosphere of romance whenever they danced together

Priya was having the time of her life on the dance floor with her Ram she playfully kissed his cheek and a look of desire in his eyes Ram surprised his wife when he grabbed her right leg and clamped it around his hip and dipped her backwards unable to resist he gently slid the fingertips of his left hand from her throat down in between the valley of her cleavage to her stomach before resting on her right hip with the grace of gander she pulled herself back up and surprised her husband in turn by stealing a kiss and simply smiled Ram continued to lead her through the dance

Beautiful Ram said loud enough for Priya to hear as he twirled her around and then the music ended

They pulled away slightly to applaud the band as they breathed in much needed oxygen from their dance and came to realise they were the only couple on the dance floor the entire time the band had played the song Initially Ram thought that Priya might have been a little embarrassed they were the only couple dancing at the time but the look of utter happiness on her face indicated to the Ram that it was surely not the band began to play another song

Thank you Priya said sincerely and smiled Ram danced with her to the bands version of the song 

Your welcome jaan like I said this evening is all for you Ram answered with a smile as he leaned in and kissed her softly the cheers and whistles from the other guests in the dining area reminded the couple they were not alone as they continued to dance  

To Ram's surprise he actually found that he didn't care that he was showering his wife with subtle displays of affection in front of the other hotel guests either they ate their meals or joined them on the dance floor to see his wife incredibly happy as they danced made him happy making Priya happy and taking care of her and her safety were his favourite duties as a husband in his eyes

It always made his heart swell with joy and pride that he could bring such light into her gorgeous eyes as he danced with her Ram's keen sense of hearing picked up whispers from the others couples dancing near them and just smirked the Ram Kapoor was thoroughly enjoying himself and knew that the other couples dancing were whispering about him and his wife

He playfully ignored them as he led Priya through their third dance of the evening the look on Priya's face gave Ram an indication that she too had heard the playful whispers from the others on the dance floor with them and just giggled in complete happiness

As Ram continued to lead Priya through the dance with a gentle sway of his hips he couldn't resist placing a soft kiss to her cherry lips as his fingertips gently traced down the exposed skin before they came to gently hold the locket around her throat the same silver locket he had given to her for their wedding anniversary It looked so incredibly beautiful on her and complimented her skin tone with a look of pure love in her eyes Priya slid one of her hands to rest on top of his that was holding her locket

You look so beautiful tonight Baby you never cease to amaze me how gracefully you dance with me Ram said softly with such pride and adoration in his voice as he twirled her around before his right arm secured her bare back to his body she couldn't resist melting against his muscled frame

Thank you Ram Priya said in a sultry voice as she gazed over her shoulder in such a s**y manner that left the Ram Kapoor on the verge of drooling It never ceased to amaze him how s**y Priya could be in his eyes and with little effort on her part just how a simple dress and very little makeup on her beautiful face could make her look more beautiful than a goddess it made his heart swell with pride that he had something incredibly precious to protect as he twirled her around so they were face to face as the music ended and softly kissed her

They applauded the band as they returned to their table to give Priya a rest from dancing in her heels Ram quickly dashed to the bar to buy two bottles of water

Here Ram handed his wife a bottle of water with a smile as he sat down next to her Priya gratefully took the water bottle from her husband he wrapped his arm around her and swallowed a mouthful of water he couldn't resist the urge to kiss her again when he felt his wife rest her head on his shoulder

Wanna head back? Ram asked when he released her luscious lips Priya nodded with a smile Ram paid for the dinner and they left the dining area hand in hand

I take it you enjoyed yourself? Ram asked with a smirk he led Priya inside their room even though he knew what her answer would be he felt like asking her anyway he locked the door

Absolutely you never cease to amaze me how great a dancer you are my love Priya answered as she slowly began to remove the black blazer from his body with a sensual look in her eyes Priya slowly unbuttoned his white shirt and lovingly slid her hands up and down his skin as she kissed him without breaking their kiss Ram surprised his wife when he carried her to the bed and gently placed her down and lied down slightly on top of her to not crush her with his weight his hand removed the hair elastic to run his fingers freely through her hair

Thank you so much for tonight Ram Priya said sincerely as her hands cupped his face Priya's hands slid from his face to wrap around his shoulders in a tight hug as she pleasantly felt his weight on top of her with a grin Ram slightly lifted himself from her body and look at her Priya blushed at the sight of rugged sexiness in his eyes as he gently lowered himself down slightly on top of her

I very much want to pick up where we left off on the dance floor earlier seeing how incredibly happy you were dancing with me I wanted to lead you through a more intimate dance will you dance with me Priya? Ram asked with a smile he began to slowly release the black belt from her waist and then open the red dress away from her body with a smile of her own she followed his lead and began to skin away his shirt

Absolutely my love Priya answered she let his shirt drop to the floor as their clothes slowly began to pile up on the floor beside the bed Ram could not help but feel more energised  he kissed his wife and felt her hands slide up and down the length of his muscled back

As he later cradled his precious wife in his arms under the sheets and gazed tenderly at her flushed face as she slept on his chest Ram was overcome with a strong reminder that as long as he had Priya by his side the demands of his work were placed in better perspective in his life they both knew that Ram had a very important work to do and a strong desire to eliminate the world of madness but as long as they were together it fuelled Ram's belief he curled his arms more tightly around his wife and slowly fell asleep

The End.

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awesome os romantic one yaar. feeling too gud yaar apne hame dedicate kiya. thanks 4 pm
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do more writing & dedicate krte rho. Wink Edited by Mitwaa - 2015-03-19T07:07:49Z
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apki os ne meriI am reading like this Edited by Mitwaa - 2015-03-19T07:23:12Z
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ye mera pkka wala last hoga aaj keliye Tongue
yaar mai offline gyi thi but ek baat toh reha gyi na toh wapis ayi I know ki u know but bola hi deti hu ...


love u yaar Tongue Embarrassed
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rmnce & dnce 2gthr...superb os...
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good os,,,romantic too thsnks fr the PM
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Romantic os
Thanks for pm
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