Os The Epic 12th March!! By Anonymous

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Hi friends

This os is written by my friend 

Hope u like it



Os The Epic 12th March!!



Soo i just tried a haawt... Romantic update...



...DISCLAIMER.. Read at your own risk..and pehela scene dekh k..marna mat...



Priya's POV



Nooo...plzzz don't do this to me..plzz...i begged him... But he was adamant...i looked at it!! Oh no it was huge!!! Noo...ram plzz help me...i cried in my mind.. He held onto me hard... No plzzz rajat plzz dont.!!..i cried... But he pierced it into me...!! I moaned ahh... Then he took it out... That thick red liquid filled in it!!!...



You moron!! I yelled at him... My husband will kill you!!..



He laughed his own way...tumhara husband bahar hi hai Mrs.kapoor...aur unhone hi mujhe order kiya hai... He clarified.. 



What!! I said in disbelief... How could he??.. He knows that am afraid of injections!! (Hahaha...i so want to see everyone's faces!)



Dr.Rajat Kapur will you please send they husband of mine in!.. I mocked.. As i was furious to kick his gut...



He laughed... And went away.. You'll get the results next week... He said while going..



There he is... My husband... My cute polar bear..!! He looks so cute.. That innocent face of his... Makes my anger ran miles away.. That sometimes i have to run miles behind my anger to get it back!!..



I can clearly see the pain in his eyes..



Dard nahi hua na?? He asked firstly squeezing his face in irritation!..



I decided not to say a word...



Dikhao kaha injection diya.. Saying such he took my right arm in his.. Looking at the white square tape.. Her caressed it and gave a soft kiss.. Thats not fair.. He does it every time.. Ohh.. That's heaven his touch on me is seriously mind blowing..



Yet again i ran behind my anger miles and dragged it back in my mind..



Baby its for your good na... He tried to pacify me in his usual soft tone..



You know i hate injections!! Then also??.. I was on the urge to cry.. My eyes formed a film of tears...



No.. He moaned and rubbed that film off with his thumbs..



Baby plz don't cry.. Am so sorry..me us rajat ko abhi maja chakhata hu.. Saying he tried to get up but i held his hand.. And hugged him... Love you... I said as i felt it so true... To be in his arms and tell him how much i love him... Love you to my princess.. He said and held me firm possessively in his arms...



We got back at home.. The home alone.. It felt like that... Our whole family was out of station... Leaving us alone in this huge mansion as our punishment!!.. Yes it was our punishment as we had a fight since few weeks..i was in my father's home since then... Didn't had my meals properly.. I was so upset.. How can ram think that i am flirting with any other man... He said he will book a room for us in the hotel itself!!.. Did he really meant that all??.. Thinking of that don't know years again rolled down from my eyes... Ram looked at me... Rushing towards me.. He held me possessively... Priya!! Ro kyu rahi ho?. He asked me.. Then getting the reason of my tears.. He apologized... Till i didn't fed up crying..



Ram's POV



I am a big fat a** jerk!!..i just hurt her with my words... The only person... Who was the reason of turning the ruthless business tycoon into a man!! She pulled the real ram from inside kicking a** of the reel ram!.. She loved me.. But what i did in repay was.. Being harsh to her!! Saying to words i never even dared to think of!!..



How can i doubt her character... When i myself have proved her innocence without even having any kind of prove..!!



I so remember the week when she demanded for crazy things!! That bloody doctor.. Who can't even differentiate between breast cancer and a norma feat...!! 



But that led me towards a new journey of life... It gave me the power to do things out of my cup of adrakwali chai!! Ohh adrakwali chai my most favorite beverage now a days... Thanks to priya again..



Just one thing she asked for... To give birth to someone!! I didn't completed it.. But now i want to!! I want to love... Just the way she deserves every happiness Finally everything sorted out.. I apologize her on my knees..!!..i was so broken when she poured her heart out in front of me.. Her tears just pierced my heart.. It hurts me when that liquid comes from her eyes... She was so ill few days back.. She didn't had her meal skipped even to drink water.. And due to low BP she was unconscious having a stress attack... So doctors suggested to take some blood test.. That's the reason i took her in hospital today.. I know my baby here injections but it's for her well sake so will do anything if also it's against her.. But now i have to pacify my lady andi definitely know how to... We had our dinner silently.. And made our way to our bedroom... She was entering almost after 3 weeks..



Priya's POV



Every time i think of that night my heart just can't stop it's pain..i have forgiven ram long back.. But the reasons are all different.. We had our meal and headed towards our room... I'll enter in it after a nice 2 weeks 5 days and 22 hours!! I know exactly



I was excited..!! For an unknown reason.. We confessed our love.. But will he give me the place in his life? Will he accept me as his beloved wife?? The questions in my mind didn't bothered as.. As soon as we entered the room.. Ram pulled me in his embrace and kissed me.. That was not expected at all..!!



Author's POV



They kissed as if there is no tomorrow... Drenching in the love...













The end!! (Chalo bas itna hi )















Ab niche kya dekh rahe ho..


























Ok chalo hai aur... Hawtt update mila nahi k padhna chalu... 



Ok jokes apart let's continue to hawt tension... Of the day (innocent souls not for you all... Passionate raya lovers can continue)




As they pulled out from there passionate kiss... Raya looked at each other... Ram can purely see the love in her eyes.. He just want to make her his for rest of the life... Priya to saw the same desire in his eyes.. She just want to surrender herself to her master.. Tonight she wants to prove her purity to him...!! That she only belong to one man her Husband.. Him!!



Ram cupped her face... Looking intensely at her face curves.. Her eyes.. Deep Kohl black eyes... Her nose.. It turned red after crying... He gave a soft peck on it... Then her soft cheeks they were crimson with blush he place two long kisses on both.. Stamping his right...



She blushed not knowing what to do... She just wants to get drenched in his love and also show him what he means to her...



Open your eyes he commanded...



She did what her master said... His eyes were flowing burning desire... He was looking at her as if she was all n****d in front of his eyes... She read his thought clearly and blushed deep beetroot color...



I want you to be with me in this journey of love priya.. I know o have behaved like an insane jerk with you... But the thing is that man is no more stays here... Now only ram is here.. Your ram na??.. He confessed ending with a question..



You are always mine.. She whispered and took his lips hers nibbling it and tasting the sweet nectar... Ram was happy that she is opening up quite nicely... He gripped her waist.. She Shivered with his touch... His hands roamed around her back... Which was exposed a lot... He feels jealous about her this type of blouses... All thanks to neha..she only forced her to wear such and now his wife is fond of the blouses...



Gripping her waist curves squeezing them giving her ample of sensations to die for... She was enjoying every moment.. There lips were matting... And when they departed for air there lips found its was to cares... Other things on faces of each other.. He dig his head in the crook of her neck... Inhaling her body wash... Grr... He groaned... Feeling his desires.. He sucked on her neck... Biting kissing.. Her soft skin... She did the same...




They ended up there kisses on the bed.. Finally... Parting.. They lay down flat... What just happened!!.. They were not young to be such passionate!! But love and passion doesn't have any age.. That was proved now



Not getting enough ram climbed up again on her... Giving wet kisses on her nape.. Trailing down.. Her cleavage.. She arched her chest up giving him the access... He slipped his hands under her pallu



removing the pin which was attached to it... Sliding her pallu down.. Expressing her bare chest... He looked at her natural curves... She blushed and closed her eyes shut tight... Letting her man do the work... He kissed her womanly curves over the fabric... She arched back... Sinking her head in the pillow.. He cupped her curves in his hands... Giving it a light massage... He pecked on her lips... Then removed her blouse... Ohh... He groaned again looking at his natural beauty!!.. She is a master piece... He again for back to his work... Giving wet kisses all over her chest area... Squeezing her curves.. She moaned his name.. He to praised her... You are beautiful my love...!! He slipped down... On her navel... Nibbling her belly button... He slipped his on hand inside her petticoat... Not able to take his sudden assault she moaned harder..rammm... He removed her saree and petticoat to... She was lying in front of him with just a lacy fabric... Before could move further... He departed from her.. And lied down in his back... When she caught up with her breath she looked at her man... He was looking at her intently... She got up.. And had a brief look at his face... He was lying in front of her all hers!!.. She kissed his forehead... Eyes and cheeks... In the process her curves touched his chest... Ahh he moaned... Getting energy from his reward she gave a hard kiss on his lips... Nibbling and biting his upper one... Ram was shocked and happy with his wife gesture... He was happy in himself softly kissing her lower lip.. His hands snaked on her slim waist... She opened his shirt and took it out... Leading with his inners.. She looked at his hairy chest... Feeling tingling sensations in her belly... She did the same to him... She trailed her kisses from his chest.. Into his Belly and abdomen... She looked at his pant.. And unbuckled it... Slipped it down his legs... 



Ram pulled her up in his arms... And came on top... Kissed her harsh passionately.. And slid his hand inside her panty... He found her already wet for him... He moaned in her mouth... She to gasped... Then slowly he pulled her last cloth off... Having an satisfactory look at her... He slid down his boxer to... Priya had a small glance at his full n***d form.. Blushing hard... He again came on top of her...



Open your eyes darling... He ordered...



She did the same.. He asked for her permission.. She closed her eyes resting it on the pillow.. Ram got her answer... He got inside her... She was hard and tight it took him few seconds to get in pace... She moaned filling him in her... Slowly they moved in there own rhythm... It felt perfect... After several strokes... Ram stopped...and looked at her ones... And in a swift moment... Slid his hand under her back... And got up in sitting position... Picking her up still inside her... As they changed the position... It helped ram to get more deeper in her... Feeling him at her peak... Let out several breath taking moans... She took all of her man's assaults...



Drenching in the love... They reached the climax many times.. Not getting enough of each other...



Let them enjoy there consummation anniversary...



Happy 12th march!!!..



Wow..mene chota socha tha.. But acha khasa update hua i guess... Criticism accepted good or bad comments are welcome...

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Wow super duper hawwt update
Raya r meant to b together...
What consummation night..
Jai ho 12 March.. Evergreen couple Clap
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Posted: 2015-03-14T10:43:22Z
Awww very romantic part good work thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-14T11:35:28Z
Awesome os
Your comments in middle of os was to good
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-14T11:41:00Z
romantic os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2015-03-14T11:46:59Z
Super and romantic update
lovely OS

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Posted: 2015-03-14T12:10:29Z
sizzling hot update.
long live 12march 2012
long live BALH/ RAYA/ RASHI
thanks for pm
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-03-14T15:34:59Z
very lovely romantic os...
Unforgettable march 12th...!!!!!!!!
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