Software Symph 7 "Not too long" 147 - Page 127

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Posted: 7 years ago
"to think of and to be thought of"Day DreamingHeart

Amma didnt wake her until 11. She walked out dazed  and checked the time on her phone and was shocked
Amma was making kesari and was making aloo curry rasam and small onion vetha kuzhambu (the non dal sambar)
Appa chanted, when she was done reading her newspaper, she went over to Periappa's to read the latest Tamil gossip from this week's Kumudam for him
He smiled and groaned, she kissed his forehead "I am going to go hand out my wedding cards to Amma's friends" she whispered the secret in his ear
"YESSS I am getting married, enna madiriye romba naughty Periappa but he scolds me too (hes naughty like me)"
She texted the Dude, oh BTW his entry in her phone was now The Dude...
"Do u want to come meet Periappa?" she texted with a heart

"in 30?" he asked
U REALLY WANT TO?" she asked

"Did u not want me to?" he asked with a confused smiley
"I umm... I... I thought... u would hesitate" she admitted honestly

"Why?" he asked honestly
"At 7 tonight? If u are not busy?" she asked, a lump formed in her throat at the thought of not seeing the septugenarian every day, his sparkly eyes always tried to tell her something

It was like he knew what she felt like  he would not drool or smile when she cried HOW COULD ANY BODY SAY HE WAS NOT OK?

She cried laying on his chest... taller than Appa her was 6'1"
the nurse stopped her from laying her head on his chest, she shushed him and cried into Periappa's banian

"I think for you he will let me come over to D II and so I think u are very special to me" she told his soaked banian

Appa had helped him shower as always, and he was wearing a spotless white veshti with green zari border (Periappa got the most expesnive shirts and veshtis at home, now and always)
His clothes were always ironed though he spent 15 hours a day laying down, he never went anywhere, if the weather was good then he would be taken for a stroll in his wheelchair

Appa would smear vibhuti on his forehead after the shower and comb his hair, a professional barber would come by every other day for a shave, and every month for a hair cut
He looked like he was a aging 74 year old did not seem sick to her at all

Amma brought her second dose and nudged her "Get up and shower kanna we have to go to Janakpuri to Vikaspuri, Rajouri Garden and Lajpat Nagar, you insisted, otherwise I would hand them all at school

Ii nodded, Amma wiped her tears off, "Chumma chumma kann kalanga koodadu nee kalyana ponnu" (u shudnt cry so much you are the bride now"
She smiled

"Paiyyan enna solran?" Amma teased "what is he saying?"

"Just nodding or smiling Ma" she said happy
"Nambathula nee pesinde iruppe, avalukku kuduthu vechirku nee kedaikka" (u keep talking in our house, they are so lucky to have your chirpiness)

"You are lucky to have his quietness?" II teased

" So sober and well behaved he is very calm... so wealthy but never has shown any attitude, our boys would not be like that" Amma said brimming with pride

II felt more torn, it hurt her more when things were OK...

"How is Akka?" II asked

"she is fine she said she will come today to talk about garlands she has some new fashion ideas for it, but is too tired she says, with her growing belly its hard" Amma smiled

"Krishna" she evoked 

she couldnt believe the good fortune that had descended on her house, a vairam/diamond in the shape of R&B and daughter pregnant after 9 years, the best times in a long time
Such a change from last January... Akka had a miscarriage of sorts and Subbu walked away
On Pongal day...

"What can I get for him?" R&B texted
"Nothing actually" Ii said
Amma put away ironed clothes of Periappa in his Godrej... and locked it
"Does he like music?" R&B asked

"Umm no... sometimes he will listen to me sing sometimes he is in great distress" II typed somberly

"I am sorry"

"Thanks she said her vision fogging up
"Has he lived with you all this time?"

"Yes... family didnt want him, we are kindred spirit (my parents didnt want me)" II said

"Sorry I shouldnt have said that"

"II" he warned urging her to open up.

"At 7?" she asked changing topic...

"Nod" he texted with a smile

"Amma I asked him to come see Periappa" Ii said hesitatingly

Amma smiled "What did he say?" she asked eagerly

"Ezhu manikki varen sonnan" II said (Hell come @ 7)

Amma stared out the room wondering what she will tell Appa, she wanted her daughter to have the 
freedom to to invite her fiance' but realized he was not the regular fiance.

"Good kanna, ask him what he will eat he can stay for dinner" Amma offered warmly

"I can ask" II said nervously like she was inviting a married man, she was having an affair with to sleep over

Amma hugged her  "This is as much his house as yours" firmly walking away

"Amma wants to know if u will eat dinner" she sent a spoon and a fork

"U dont?" he asked

"whatt?" she texted

"Amma wants to know and u dont?"

"Ummm" she blushed
"Invite me II" he texted with a half smile

"I II here by cordially request your presence at D II 887 on Feb 28th for dinner @ 7 PM to dine with Mr & Mrs Iyer. 
Looking forward to hearing for you 
with warm regards 

"Is that it?" he asked

"WHAT DID U WANT?" she texted shocked

"Happiness for both"

"whattt?" she asked confused and angry

He sent a FULL SMILE

PIGG!! "Happiness for both" in return for dinner?"  "Varaade da, dont come" outraged

COY bas***d!!

"Urs before dinner or mine  after"

NO... NO NO... NOT IN MY HOUSE... NO... U ARE INSANE..." she texted shaking

"I will pass then" he flirted


"Where are u?" she asked

"Taj Palace meeting a start up" all day" he completed

"What do they do?"
"Its a solar cell company from North East, Gangtok actually" he texted

"Oh niice, is there a website?" she asked

"Not really I think, will know more soon"

He sent a half smile after a few minutes

"U think I am prying" she sulked

"No u turn me on" he said bluntly
Her insides lurched... she walked out of Periappa's with a dry mouth

She walked to her room and opened her Godrej, realized all her clothes were packed away got the smallest one out on the bed, and pulled out a beautiful orange/green chiffon with a almost sleeveless blouse

Readied  herself in an hour 12:30 ish... took a picture texted him "On a date with Amma"

"stop by at Malcha Marg I was never invited" he accused

she blushed

"I can send u the video after the wedding" she texted

"Who are u marrying?" he asked

"Beckham" she said

"Ouch" he texted

"Get some tats then" she texted

"All over" he said with a devil

" Iam not doing THAT again" she sent a blush

Amma: Lets grab a bite to eat and go, I have to come back go to the tailor, 
then go out to check the IIT Gate and Vasant Vihar flats Akak booked, now 
its only word of mouth reservation, deposit needs to be paid, I am off all week Appa has to go until Wed, U ARE GOING UNTIL THURSDAY

II panicked "sorry Ma"

"Are u coming tonite?" she texted

"Only if WE are "on"" he texted

"Please da" she begged cooing

She hated him she wanted him she messed with him she cooed to him she laughed with him, she flirted and ached, and craved...

He sent a half smile

She threw her phone on the bed and went to eat... a slow smile forming on her lips her heart ready to explode with the intense desire

This ALMOST MARRIED thing is pretty cool

"To be thought of and to think of"BlushingDay Dreaming


Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by modernfamily

Was up at 4:30. Wide awake when you posted. So much for a day off from work. Read it like 10 times already. Loved every bit of it. 
When a guy like r&b smiles at you it must be out of the world so that when you don't get it you get gloomy. 
He follows her everywhere. His anger had fizzled out the moment he read that post it on Mrs Sagar's desk followed by texts and a call from Tan and Sam respectively. I'm sure that made him see the demand for a pre nup in a positive light. see what he already knows,  that she's a wonderful and innocent girl who doesn't want to make relations sour with anybody. She wants to do things the right way. I'm sure he understands, he's a man of principle himself. But I felt that he was filled with adoration or love or whatever when he met her at the parking. She seemed like the sweetest thing on earth to him at that moment. The kiss is a testimony to that.
Suman-bally are so cute. I actually had a scene like this on my wishlist but with Tan and Sam. 
The battle of words, figures, statistics was a brilliant build up for sexual tension. 
The monet is like a lucky charm in their house.  Their pyaar ki nishani. 
Last scene- do I need to say anything. Blushing

Just a post above yours is my opinion on choodas

Thanks so much for staying/being and getting up early for the story sake, couldnt be a greater reward for me. Thanks so much. Hope u are having a fabulous trip, is it overseas? You quote a different time, Spore?

I hope u find a R&B a 6'3" IYER dude in the seat next to you... and I hope you have the most engaging discussions about economy and politics and it culminates in .a set of choodas tirumangalyam and kalirasEmbarrassed

I know its not important to be married to be happy and all that jazz

I am married and I am happy so I pass along the good stuff whenever I canBig smile

Safe Travels Sudhi!Big smileBig smile

No Nisha.  Not Singapore. I'm in India only. Home is just three hours away. I quoted that time because that's when I woke up. The update came later but you said 4:30 am ist so I had set my alarm for that. 
I won't actually mind a 6'3" iyer dude. I'm sure I'll find one with your blessings. 
Appa is back. Hadn't heard his rant in a while. I'm waiting for another face off between appa and r&b. Everything the man says or does scandalises appa. Bala would have never said that on his face that I went to jaipur because I wanted to see her. He wouldn't have gone to jaipur in the first place.
I think amma likes r&b but is unable to say it or gush about it like vandu. He has impressed her. But it's always like that. If you get your dream man mothers and sisters gush while Fathers and brothers sulk and vice versa.
He just said likewise and ended it.  Not fair. He should've come to take her to malcha marg. I guess he doesn't like snooping and thus avoids coming to her place.
I'm waiting for the mehendi function.  And I want him to be there.
Posted: 7 years ago
Somehow the pre-nup details sound like things discussed in do they compartmentalize their emotion...R&B his anger at hearing her disowning everything that is his and II her insecurities about this relationship and their status difference...they sound n feel like 2 different people in each situation.Shocked
II is such a sweetheart... She wants to share with him her most innocent relation..with her periappa... N R&B is such a sweetheart... He wantsto meet periappa...anything that will get him II's company. LOL
I dont like how appa is making II feel about her fiance being unwanted n almost an outcast for appa in DII
Edited by harshita27 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

Somehow the pre-nup details sound like things discussed in do they compartmentalize their emotion...R&B hus anger at hearing her disowning everything that is his and II her insecurities about this relationship...they sound n feel like 2 different people in each situation.Shocked
i dont 

We all do that dont u think?
we sweep things under the carpet
the most uncomfortable WE DO IT THE MOST
I am sure there are millions that will talk it out I am not denying that either. 

These two are not itBig smile

I didnt want a couple that constantly talked about everything that bothers them. They will eventually figure it out i feelBig smile
Posted: 7 years ago
I thought if it were like following:
Marliese Check
Baby postponed until Directorship Check
Paris plans shelved Check
Ranjan exonerated Check
R&B forgives Ranjan Checked
 Appa loves R&B Check
II can visit her parents whenever Check
R&B approves HW upgrade Check

Leaves nothing

I am fearful it will turn into scheming Chachu
Hateful Manny story

Whats the fun in that nahi?

Atleast as a writer ZERO
Posted: 7 years ago
I had tears in my eyes when she cried on her periappa. Was so touching. Cry
Can't wait for his visit to DII. He is slowly but surely becoming family. Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

I thought if it were like following:
Marliese Check
Baby postponed until Directorship Check
Paris plans shelved Check
Ranjan exonerated Check
R&B forgives Ranjan Checked
Appa loves R&B Check
II can visit her parents whenever Check
R&B approves HW upgrade Check

Leaves nothing

I am fearful it will turn into scheming Chachu
Hateful Manny story

Whats the fun in that nahi?

Atleast as a writer ZERO

Hmmm So true. The story would leave nothing to crave for. Let each one get resolved in its own time. Guess thst is the best way forward. Thumbs Up
Posted: 7 years ago
Heart warming!

When you have an aspect dysfunctional and people in a family accepting even the dysfunction becomes a source of love care and bonding. You have shown her care all along this was so really telling.

Smile II knows RnB is accepting of periappa and the girl has no trouble sharing her deepest feelings with him. Will he manage to replicate this pattern on to their relationship over their rough patches.

I have been married now for sometime and my husband knows that I end up being his slave every time he smiles and let's me win a thorny argument.Wink BTW he is 6.1' a little shorter than RnB a lot less hair and had a stubble that used to hurt me no end. He shaved only after my 2 year refused to kiss him till he became soft like mom! So much for managing to sweep the man off his feet Angry

Looking forward to spending the weekend with all upI guys here! Smile

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