TaaRey 2S : You're Still In My Heart (Completed)

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-Chapter One-

Both kriya and taani had entered St.louis together again, everyone was staring at them in shock . All members of dance team were in canteen, Rey went numb seeing taani and kria . Kriya was searching for rey , while taani, she was talking to a girl she hadnt noticed gang nor kriya who was standing few steps ahead of her. Kriya finally noticed Rey but got confused when she saw he was not looking at her but at someone behind her. She turn around to look who is it, her eyes widen in shock seeing it was Swayums sister, Reys ex, unknown fear gripped her heart seeing rey staring at taani with longing in his eyes. 

"Kriya stop thinking nonsense, Taani is engaged now. Rey sirf tera hai" Kriya assured herself, shrugging her thoughts she took steps toward her friends. All except rey gathered her in group hug. Where as rey stand aside, unaware about his surrounding where as his gaze was fixed on her, she was busy in talking to the girl, smiling while explaining her something. 

Unconsciously he started walking toward her ignoring the calls from Kriya. All he wanted now was taani, he wanted to see her, talk to her. Rey went and stand behind her, the girl who was talking to taani exused herself and left from there when she saw rey. Taani turn around feeling someones presense behind her. 

"Hi" Taani spoke smiling at him, his lips curved into smile. He pulled her into bone crashing hug, a relief wash over his heart having her in his arms again. Taani slide her arms around his torso, her eyes were closed. 

"When you came back?" Rey asked her as she broke the hug, crimson red spread across her cheeks realizing they were standing at the entrance of canteen and all students were looking at them. 

"In morning, I wanted to meet you all, Baaki sab kaha hai?" Taani asked him, he let out a chuckle seeing her excitement. Rey pointed at them, Taani ran passed him, directly in her brothers arms. 

Rey noticed all were looking at him then his gaze fall over kriya, who was looking heart broken. Thats when realization dawned upon him. Instead of going to kriya he went to taani, forgetting about her, Ignoring her as if she dont even exist but what he can do, after seeing taani he forgot everything else, his heart took him to taani. Was it wrong to listen his heart but again, he should have gone to kriya first, isnt she is the one he love? Who he was kidding, offcourse he feel something for kriya but his love for taani was different, he never left loving her, neither have any plans to stop loving her, his heart wont allow him even if he try to forget about taani. 

"Hi kriya, hope your back is alright now? How was your treatment?" Rey asked him as he walk toward her, taani was busy in meeting her brother and other friends. Kriya could tell rey wasnt interested in talking to her, occasionally he was stealing glances at taani. 

"I am good rey, I came back for you. I am sorry i broke up with you, I thought i wont be able to dance and i never wanted you to leave your dance for me" Kriya explained herself. Rey was in dilemma, one side he wanted to give kriya a chance but he knew its difficult now, when taani is back not that he was blaming taani but it was true he wont be able to learn to love kriya when taani is around, his love. Since taanis engagement he was trying to move on and sure he did moved on but it wasnt from his heart, he moved on but not his heart. Sure he give was in relationship with kriya, was having feelings for taani, he knew it was wrong in his part but wasnt he trying to move on, it wasnt wrong he was trying to move on from his past. He never let kriya know about his feelings for taani nor he neglect his relation with kriya because he knew it will wrong. Coming out of his reverie he look at kriya who was looking at him with hope in her eyes.

"Look kriya, I know you break up with me for me, last time and this time too but you cant do this every time and expect me to forget everything and be in relationship with you. Tum baar baar meri life se jaakar apni convenient ke hissab se waapas nhi aa sakti. I have feelings too and its time i decide something for myself, We are still friends but dont expect anything else from me. I sorry kriya but this time i want to take my own decision, I dont want to give you false hopes I dont feel same way about you anymore." Rey spoke truthfully before he left the canteen area, Kriya was in tears, others were teary too seeing their friends condition. Taani too saw all this, her heart broke at his broken condition, the guy who used to help everyone, bring smile on their faces was so broken today, she felt his pain because it was hers too. 

"Its all because of you, Why you came back" Kriyas angry voice boomed in whole, her disgust filled stare was making taani uncomfortable. Sensing her discomfort swayum pulled his sister in his arms. 

"I can understand your pain kriya but you have no right to accuse my sister, She came here to meet her brother, She has nothing to do with your matter" Swayum told kriya in calm yet stern tone, Taani felt guilty thinking kriya was right, because of her rey dont want to be with kriya. She pressed herself close to her brother and hide herself in his protective embrace and let her tears fall. 

"Dont think you will get him. He is mine" Kriya shouted at her before she left the canteen. 

"She is right, Its all because of me" Taani said as she broke the hug, Swayum wiped her tears. 

"Taani it wasnt your fault, Rey ne pehle hi decide kar liya tha He dont want to be with kriya, He realized they are not meant to be, he dont want hurt kriya by giving her false hopes" Sharon soothing voice gain her attention, her heart felt light but guilt was still there. 

"Guys lets go, the sponsors are waiting for us" Sara informed them, the sponsors for musicals were waiting for them. 

"Yeah! Taani you go home, I have to go for meeting. And yeah dont worry about rey, give him time he will be alright" Swayum said to her, he kissed her forehead before they all left to meet the sponsors.

Taani decided to go back home but still she was upset about what happened in college. Somewhere deep down she knew it happened because of her. 


Rey was in his home, he was staring at her photo in his cell phone. Yes he still have her pictures with him. 

"I know you must be thinking whatever happened in canteen was because of you. I know you sweetheart. But it wasnt because of you, it wasnt your fault that i cant love someone that is not you. I can never truly move on from you." Rey thought to himself. He was too busy in thinking about taani, he didnt realized when his father came and sat beside him. His dad look at him then at his cell phone screen. He frowned when he saw a girl's pic. 

"Rey, who is she?" His father's voice brought him back into reality. Seeing his dad rey immediately slide his phone in his pocket. The slight pink shade was visible on his cheeks which didn't go unnoticed by mr. singhania.

"Dad! aap kab aaye?" Rey asked trying to act normal. 

"When you were lost in staring at her pic. By the way who is she?" Rey's dad questioned back.

"She is taani" Rey answered him.

"Okay. I came to meet you, I'm happy for you son. Kriya called me in morning today and said you guys patched up" His dad said to him. Rey's head snapped at his direction.

"What? No dad. I broke up with her and ended all things between us" Rey said suddenly feeling angry and confused why kriya lied to his father.

"Why? I thought you love her" Ranvijay was confused with sudden turn of events.

"No dad! I realized i don't love her. I was trying hard to make my self love her but my heart belong to someone else and i realized it today, I can never love someone else, I still love her. I still love my taani" Rey told him with sad smile.

Ranvijay was confused as rey never told him about taani before. But seeing the love for her in rey's eyes he was sure that girl is really special for rey. But he was feeling sad for kriya too, he knew how much that girl love his son.

"Okay! So are you guys together?" Ranvijay asked him.

"No! But very soon we will be" Rey told his father, the confident in his voice amused his father. He never saw him this confident and determined. Rey smiled thinking about taani, very soon she is going to be his, forever. 



Chapter One : Page 01
Chapter Two : Page 32

- Completed -


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Awesome start 
Loved it 

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Awsum concept...
taani n kria both came back again...
happy that rey wants taani...
Rey n his father's convo was nice...
update soon... Edited by TR_lovebirds - 2015-02-21T22:42:05Z
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awesome update..
taani and kriya are there at the same time..
and rey wants taani..Embarrassed
taani is feeling guilty for that..
wonder what rey will do now..
update soon..
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I so badly wish this would have happen in Show D3 also yaar rey is only & only for taani & no one can change it not even taarey themself I Luv tht rey went to taani & awww he hug her Embarrassed hehe taani blushing rey told Kriya that he don't want her I so wish in show also thr show rey same but anyways Kriya shout on taani haww swayam answer Kriya lovely but want know is still taani with vivesh & aww rey was blushing when his dad caught him staring at taani pic haaye Embarrassed so cute yes taarey will be together soon waiting & hope to see taarey sexy romance thanks for PM & update soon
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Nice concept
Can't wait to see how rey will get taani back
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Wowieee...it was superb Big smile
Kria and taani came back at the same time Shocked Bichara rey LOL
Rey ignored kria n went to taani (doing balle balle) Embarrassed
Kria..how dare she talk with taani like that Angry
Swayam saved her sister... Big smile I luved it Wink Maza aayi LOL
Awww taani baby don't feel guilty Confused
Kria lied to rey's father Angry
Thank god rey told truth to his father Smile
Waiting for next updt
Don't forget to PM me Smile
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