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Ram was having a nightmare in the middle of the night when suddenly Priya went to his room to see what was wrong with him

Ram was fighting in his sleep nd Priya does her best to wake him but as much as she tried she couldn't the dream was too deep nd the more he struggled the more intense the nightmare became the dream was tormenting him nd he growled in anguish as his breathing became increasingly agitated

It is said that when a dream is too intense it's better to let the person who is dreaming to wake up slowly otherwise the dreamer will not be able to distinguish reality and could cause a severe trauma

Priya felt helpless for not being able to help nd stayed with him until he could calm down Ram on the other hand was still fighting in his sleep nd Priya tried to reassure him stroking his face with her hands

It's okay... everything will be all right... I promise she whispered

Ram's breathing began to calm down slowly Priya wiped the sweat from his forehead with her dupatta nd then stroked his hair to relax him Ram moved under her tender touch until finally his breathing returned to normal nd was able to recover his composure

Priya smiled to see that he was back to normal nd she bent to press a soft kiss on his forehead then she placed her forehead on his while she stroked his face with hers after a few seconds Priya opened her eyes nd looks at him as she listened to his breathing her face was so close to him nd she couldn't help the urge to taste his lips

But just before she could kiss him Ram muttered something...

Juhi ... he said quietly

Surprised Priya stopped when she heard her name at that moment she felt a pain in her chest as if thousands of needles had pierced into her heart after all these years he was still mourning for Juhi which broke her heart into pieces

After making sure that Ram was fast asleep Priya turned around nd closed her eyes in agony It was clear that he would never be able to overcome the pain of her loss nd no matter how hard she tried there was no way he will let her into his heart

Priya was devastated nd couldn't hold back her tears nd began to sob quietly her chest ached nd his eyes burned with tears

After a few minutes Ram wakes up nd that's when he saw her sitting on the edge of his bed she was with her back toward him so she didn't realize that he had already woke up nd was surprised when she heard his voice

Priya? he asked confused

Priya let out a small gasp when she heard his husky voice

Ram ...she tried to wipe the tears as fast as she could so he won't see her crying you finally woke up she said relieved

What happened?

You had a terrible nightmare nd I came to check on you I was so worried so I stayed here until you could calm down

I see... he lowered his head I'm sorry if I bothered you

Don't worry you'll never be a bother to me she tried to put up a smile but he noticed she wasn't herself

Is everything okay? he asked worried

I'm fine Priya said I'm just a little tired that's all

Sorry about that... he lowered his gaze

Priya let out a chuckled after that

Don't worry I'll be fine she smiled

Silence surrounded them for a while until Priya got up from his bed ok I should get back to my room so you can have some rest she come out from his bed nd went to the door while Ram followed her with his gaze I'll see you in the morning okay? she smiled back

Okay...he nodded

Good night nd with that she closed the door of his room

Ram stared at the door for a few seconds as if he was waiting for something else to happen but then he returned to his bed nd went back to sleep

During that time Priya was leaning against the door with her forehead she was heartbroken nd couldn't resist the urge to cry she didn't want to return to guest room so she went downstairs to the kitchen to drink coffee

She make coffee for herself nd poured the coffee she drank the cup in one gulp again she returned to serve another black coffee nd so on but then she stopped before she could take another drink nd she puts the cup on the table she lowers herself nd then put her head on her arms

Priya was devastated by all of this nd she couldn't stop the tears from falling when she heard Ram say her name it overwhelmed her because she realized he could never take her place in his heart after all this time he still had feelings for the Juhi nd she lost all hope of being part of his life

I will never be good enough for you...she said crying

Who? said a male voice

Priya gasped nd immediately turned her head around to see who it was

[P] Continue...
Note: Original writer is RAMSAKSHI so u think why I'm posting bcz she write 4 me I am luck 1 so thanks Prajkta love u yaar.Edited by ARUJI - 2015-02-23T03:49:46Z
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superb. mast. jhakaass.
pl continue. thanks for pm.
update lavkar de ha.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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As another one awesome os Prajkta. Do more writing.
Love u dear.
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Originally posted by luthfara

pls continue soon
and thanks for the pm
Thank's 4 reply.
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Originally posted by iluvusakshi

superb. mast. jhakaass.
pl continue. thanks for pm.
update lavkar de ha.
thanx but all credit go to prajkta
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Awesome start!!!!
Plzz continue sooon!!!!
Thanks 4 pm!!!
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