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Ram was late coming home again he had even texted her telling her he was about to leave over three hours ago and then he had texted Priya back ten minutes later apologizing for the tardiness he knew was going to come  Priya were beginning to let herself think she never even got to see him for more than an hour at a time and that alone could hurt even the closest of marriages

Priya sighed shaking her head and letting some strands of her hair fall in front of her face resting her palms on the cool surface of the mattress Priya had stayed up waiting for him every single night this week and it was taking a toll on her perhaps she would just lay down for a quick nap shut her eyes for just a moment to regain just an hour of the sleep you had lost this previous week

Slowly she lowered her body down relishing the way the mattress seemed to hug her body close to it enveloping she as the comforter warmed her body normally she would have smiled but without Ram's warm body there to curl up next to all she really managed was a putout sigh as she let her eyelids close

 It was only about half an hour after Priya had fallen asleep that Ram's key slid into the lock of the front door she didn't hear or she would have jumped up to meet him with a large hug as he opened the door It was almost a ritual by now

Whenever Ram got home late Priya would hug him tight loving the way how even though he was exhausted he would hold her body securely against his and then she would peck his cheek his lips and then go and make him some coffee to relax him sometimes she would even curl up on the couch afterwards watching  him or sherlock as she leaned up against him physically feeling him unwind after a long day then  she would go to bed

Needless to say whenever the door was opened and Priya weren't there to greet him Ram was rather surprised

Priya he called stepping foot into the house letting his emerald eyes dart about the area he could find  her nowhere in the nearby area his large eyebrows furrowed together in slight confusion

His briefcase was set down on the floor as he locked the door behind him throwing his key onto the table not really bothering to care about where they landed her name again left his lips his accent thicker than usual because of his fatigue coating the single word

Ram looked in the kitchen the living room even the outside as he walked back into the living room it suddenly clicked in his mind where you were on the arm rest of the couch there was a half cup of now cold tea left Priya must have fallen asleep she were never one to just let good tea go to waste

Quickly Ram headed back towards bedroom finding she sprawled out on the bed her hair fanning out on the surface of the pillow her head rested on a leg protruding out from underneath the blanket that covered her body small moans left her lips as she tossed her head back and forth and suddenly Ram felt a pain of guilt

Slowly as not to wake her he made his way over to the bed sitting down on the edge and brushing some hair back from her face It was because of him she were like this Priya would stay up late waiting for him and  Ram knew she were tired yet she would always make him his coffee and always wore that sweet smile of hers so as to dismiss any worry he might of had beforehand

As Ram continued to move back pieces of her hair her breathing began to slow down and the turning of her head ceased eventually a slight smile even turned up her lips and a sigh escaped her lips

 Ram... Priya mumbled not opening her eyes her body too lost in the recesses of sleep

When he saw that she were more peacefully asleep he couldn't help but smile checking the time he sighed looking down at his shoes he had to put a stop to this he had promised her when she had agreed to marry him that he would not let his work ever get in the way of her relationship that Priya would always come first and here she were exhausted and all because of his workload

With an air of determination Ram stood up walking out of the room as he dug his hand into his jacket pocket pulling out his cell phone and dialing his office

Priya groaned as she slowly woke up although her eyes remaining closed she didn't want to open them so that any light could enter her eyes that would surely wake she up and weren't so sure she wanted to be woken yet drowsily she moved her arm further around this... pillow? no... body Priya opened her eyes looking up Ram

 Priya smiled sleepily as she looked over his face strands of his hair hung in his eyes his expression peaceful her gaze wandered further down to his exposed chest where light muscles were gently sketched into the skin Hugging him gently as not to wake him up she let her body mold to his relaxing Priya loved waking up before he had to go to work seeing him this calm was somehow soothing to Priya

 Everyone had to wake up eventually and wanting to know just when she had to she shifting her body turning her head to look at the digital clock on the bedside table. 9:00 her eyes widened oh God she were both late for work

Hating herself for waking him up she forced herself to gently shake his shoulder Ram Ram you're going to be late she didn't want him staying at work even later than usual

 Slowlyhis eyes opened his chocolate brown eyes looking down at Priya as one of his bushy eyebrows shot up what? Ram said the word slowly confused his mind obviously still in the rebooting phase

It's nine in the morning Priya made a move to get up but found yourself pulled back to Ram's bare chest Looking up she found a small smirk on his face

Jaan  I called in I'm staying home today one of his hands came up to brush her hair out of her face before he cupped her cheek running his thumb across her cheekbone I told you... when we were married that you would always come first and then I come home and you are simply exhausted and just because you stay up for me we both needed a break Ram spoke gently softly the effects of the morning still evident

Priya couldn't help but smile both at his words and the gesture he had made just for her Priya reached up touching her fingertips lightly to his cheek causing her ring to spark in the morning light that managed to come in through the curtains Ram...Priya sighed out happily raising her head up to kiss him gently

One of his palms skated down her sides pulling her gently to his warm bare chest as his lips moved against hers even after Priya had broken her lips apart just one look into his deep emerald eyes let Priya know that today would be a stay in bed day and she had to say that you were looking forward to it

You are beautiful Priya she blushed

Priya shut  her eyes and gripped at the bit of courage she had tucked inside her turning to where you were facing him she got his attention he did the same being face to face made things better she reached over and grabbed his hands intertwining her fingers with his and pulling him on top of her Priya laid flat while he was on his hands and knees in front of her no this was definitely too early to do anything like that but that doesn't mean you can't do sweet things right?

Priya leaned towards him and pressed her forehead to his grabbing the back of his head she pulled him down to where her head was resting on the bed this contact caused the both of them to blush Priya took in a breath and peppered kisses on his jawline he let out a giggle which her thought was adorable she moved her face once more and began to rub noses with him the both of they grinned as he joined in after a moment with her kisses she pecked his lips nd he returned the favor

She pulled his head down onto her chest and ran her hands back and forth through his hair he relaxed his body and laid down on top of  her she murmur a bit causing him to smile when he felt the vibrations in her neck she kept murmuring nd running her hands through his hair before she decided to kiss his forehead nd laying back down Priya whispered Ramm


I really like spending time with you

I really like spending time with you too Ram said

You are beautiful Priya she blushed

Ram pulled her closer he was only silent I love you Priya

I love you more Priya snuggled closer to him as he put his arms around her I love you so much she

whispered  so much

Ram kissed her forehead  noo I love you more

Priya  looked at Ram again and whispered smiling I love you

Then he gets near her Ram holds her tightly and kisses passionately and he doesn't stop holding  her kissing her Priya feel his lips against her and Priya realize that now both of are out of this world she can see all love and desires in his eyes

He shifted himself so as to press his body against hers one of his hands encircled her waist to pull her even closer causing her luscious backside to press against his growing arousal Priya groaned feeling the hard proof of her husband's desire for her his wet lips landed on her neck his nose nuzzling the sensitive area just under her ear her hands gripped the duvet covering them as the other covered the hand on her waist her nails digging into the rough his skin with pleasure he growled softly into her ear as he began to plant open kisses on her bare neck the hand digging into his arm reached up to bury itself in his hair tugging at the silky locks guiding him to the sensitive spots of her neck as she leaned to give him better access his hand on her waist travelled over her hip nd down the length of her leg shrugging away the duvet as it reached for the hem of her nightgown he slowly pulled the fabric up nd over her head before he shifted them so as to straddle the back of her legs his fingers deftly opened her b** pulling it away from her body shrugging off his own kurta he delved between the bed and her body to cup her b****** as he pressed his bare chest into her back sinking his teeth into her shoulder Priya yelped as her entire body tensed under his he huged her she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to kiss him they poured their love into the kiss trying to express all the things that they couldn't find words to say their tongues clashed bathing each other before they finally broke the kiss for air gasping together they look at each other eyes with all love they smiles and kisses each other once more
I love you Priya he whispered and ran his fingers through her hair
I love you too Ram she whispered back kissing his chest and they fell asleep in each others arms


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Posted: 2015-02-17T04:03:51Z
lovely os romantic one
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Posted: 2015-02-17T04:33:03Z
Beautiful OS !!
Thanks 4 pm!!
Do write more!!
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Posted: 2015-02-17T05:22:44Z
mrng rmnce...lvly...:-)
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Posted: 2015-02-17T05:57:43Z
Beautiful os..
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Posted: 2015-02-17T09:59:40Z
wow...khup chhan. nice raya romance.
asach ajun stories lihit ja.
thanks for pm.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2015-02-17T11:56:07Z
superb one dear
just loved it..
waiting for more from u.
thank u for ur pm
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beautiful Os
thanks fr the PM
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