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Dearest Friends,

Based on your input and requests, here is the first story of the Valentine Special Series of kissesHeart. Kissing is probably one of the most romantic, sweetest and intimate acts between two people who love each other. I had often heard before I met my husband that you can know how much someone loves you by the way they kiss you-----and I have to say, it is indeed true. In famous words of Rudy Clark and sung by many, "If you wanna know, if he loves you so, it's in his kiss" basically says it allEmbarrassed

Kiss can be very revealing and is an art within itself. A perfect kiss can curl your toes; render you witless as you float away to Nirvana. I always imagine Parud to be one such couple and assume their kisses to be all-consuming and passionateEmbarrassed

This story is for all those times, when we watched the sizzling couple onscreen caught in intense eye lock, standing breathlessly as if going to kissDay Dreaming-----only to see them move away, disappointing us allOuch! Well, it's all going to change now especially when Valentine's Day is right around the corner and love is in the airEmbarrassed!

First story is based on the almost kiss when Major Saab sang KKHH and Paro laughed at him, only to be backed against the wall. I think we all would have liked something along these lines, so here we go. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all and Happy Reading! Make sure to comment if you want another romantic kissing update tomorrow!Hug






Back in their room, Paro watched quietly as Rudra rushed around, closing the doors and windows. Once satisfied that there was no opening left for the annoying ladies to peek in through, he turned to look at Paro sharply. She looked at him intently and he wondered if she had believed his apologetic act out there?

She had better understand that his softened demeanor with her out there was merely an act to convince those old batty women that they had a good marriage---nothing more! His wooing had not been real by any means and the sooner she understood that truth, the better things would work out for her.

Paro saw his scowl and she supposed that he probably blamed for the whole fiasco. It wasn't her fault that those ladies who had tried to peep in to their room earlier. She had only done what she had thought best at the time. Of course, Rudra had been so quick to judge and hadn't bothered listening to her reasoning. Lashing out at her, he had been so rude that it had really hurt her feelings

She loved him and had told him in no uncertain terms yet the man didn't care to understand her at all! It saddened her deeply but she tried her best to put it out of her mind. After all, she was the one who had insisted on this marriage and not him

Paro looked up at him as he continued to stare at her----in anger and irritation, which was nothing new. She was sort of used to his irrational mood swings. The man just screamed when he wanted to, without a second thought.

 It was as if he thrived on being angry and enjoyed scaring everyone around him but she wasn't so easily deterred anymore. Slowly, she had come to realize that his bark was really worse than his bite. 

He saw her looking at him oddly and wondered what was going through that crazy brain of hers. Yes, he had lost his temper earlier when he had found her snuggled close to him and he had just blurted the first nasty thing that had sprung to his mind.

A part of him felt horribly guilty for yelling at her and accusing her but he was not someone who apologized so easily. Anyway, it was easier to blame her for the insane situation he was in, playing a doting husband to her just to get his job back

 The predicament he was in-----Paro was responsible for it! And those women were hell-bent on making him earn his badge back and he had no recourse but to bend to their whims. All this drama had made him snap at Paro, he mentally defended his actions

But most importantly, he didn't care to dwell on the way he felt when he was around her most of the time----distracted and spellbound. She invoked feelings in him that didn't care to address or even acknowledge.

It was not as if he was going to like the answer. Paro confused him and made him feel things that he wasn't sure he believed in and that was the hardest part of all. Why did he care so much?

He looked at her pretty face as she stood there; looking so innocent and vulnerable and he felt that irresistible pull towards her. Damn it! Why did she have to look so enticing standing there, looking at him with her huge beguiling eyes?

She messed with his head too much and he struck back verbally again, as usual, telling her rudely, "Kya dekh rahi hai...uddh mat zyaada...woh aurtein dekh rahi thi...isi liye manaa kar laaya hoon tujhay...aur kucch nahi hai...samjhi...?"

("What are you looking at...don't get any ideas...those women were there...that is the only reason that I apologized and brought you back in...nothing more...understand...?")

Rudra saw the hurt on her beautiful face at his callous words and felt awful but pushed it aside quickly.  What surprised him, however was that she didn't cry out or argue with him but stood there, looking at him peculiarly

Confused at her strange behavior, he asked her, "Kya hua hai...aisey kyun dekh rahi hai tu...?"

("What is the matter...why are you looking at me like that...?")

For a moment, she stayed quietly as if gathering her thoughts and then she said, "Aek baat kehni thi aap say..." then, she paused and he waited anxiously

("I wanted to tell you something...")

"Ab chaahe kucch bhi ho jaaye, Major Saab...aap gaana mut gaayiega...chaahe kucch bhi ho jaaye..." and her voice broke as she covered her mouth, trying very hard to control her laughter

("No matter what happens, Major Saab...please don't ever sing again...no matter what...")

Rudra saw her giggle as her shoulders shook with the effort.  She pretended to stop for a second, right before breaking into peals of laughter and it greatly irked him. He had never claimed to be a singer!

Wasn't she the one who had lied to those women about his singing prowess---all as a means to pacify her?! For heaven's sake, he was a Major in BSD and she had reduced him to this, a doting husband singing to mollify his wife!

As if a man like him had nothing better than to break in song and dance---all for the sake of a girl! That was pure horse rubbish! He didn't believe in such frivolities and yet, he had been forced into acting like a sniveling fool!

His wife was going to drive him mad if he gave her half a chance, Rudra thought annoyingly as she continued to laugh at him. She had already turned his life upside down! What more did she want from him?

In spite of his scorn and yelling, she was hell bent on mocking him. Glaring at her, he told her to stop laughing and she did, but only for a second!

Now, indignant at her audacity, he moved towards her, his gaze threatening but she didn't cower or look away! In fact, she paused momentarily only to chuckle and smile again, her feet moving backward

It hadn't been her intent to laugh so hard but once she had started, it became hard to stop. No matter how handsome or brave he might have been, her husband was tone deaf and couldn't sing to save his life!

When she recalled his singing, she couldn't help but chuckle again. The way he was glaring at her didn't really serve to curb her enjoyment even though she really tried to not annoy him anymore. He moved towards her and she backed away

Unfortunately, her back hit the wall and she had nowhere to go. Forcing herself to hold back her mirth, she looked up at him staring at her, the warning look in his eyes daring her to defy him.

Paro did her best but he saw the smidgen of amusement dancing in her hazel eyes and his hands went to smack hard against the wall pinning her between his hard body and the wall behind her. Was that the right time to panic, she wondered?

Her eyes widened now as she saw him glowering at her, his face so close and the heat from his body warming her. She felt the hardness of his body pressing against hers, completely trapping her and she shivered slightly.

Maybe, she shouldn't have laughed so much. He seemed to be really angry at her and she pursed her lips together, trying to hold back any residual delight and appear apologetic but failed

His only intention had been to scare her a little------to stop her from laughing at him but now that he was so close to her, he lost his train of thought. He could smell her feminine scent, sweet like honey and flowers.

The big hazel eyes stared at him and her pink, moist lips puckered as she tried to stay quiet. Every time he got into such close proximity with her, all coherent thoughts went out the window. And, all he could do was gaze into her eyes like a besotted fool

It was all her fault, Rudra thought as he noticed the change in her breathing and the blinking of her eyes as her gaze flickered over his ruggedly handsome face fretfully. Her perfect, pouty pink lips were too tempting and for a second, he forgot to breathe as he thought about what would they taste like?

Paro saw his eyes fastened on her lips and she couldn't fathom the strange look but it made her nervous. Intimidation in his eyes was replaced by hunger so strong that he was suddenly alarmed of his wanton feelings for the beautiful girl in front of him.

 He noticed the anxiousness but it was still mixed with merriment dancing in her eyes. And he made up his mind then. She needed to learn a lesson and he knew exactly how to stop her amusement at his expense.

The next moment, Rudra decided to throw all caution out the window and he leaned in, pressing his lips against hers, just to stop her from laughing at him. At least, that is what he rationalized in his befuddled mind as he kissed Paro

Stunned, she stayed still, feeling as if struck by lightning. The feel of his warm mouth against hers shocked her but it was not unpleasant. Closing her eyes at the intimate touch, she stood there, motionless, temporarily paralyzed

The touch of her lips was simply amazing, better than he could have ever imagined! Lips as soft and sweet as the most delicious fruit, Rudra felt as if hit in his solar plexus at the first touch of her against his mouth.

 For a moment, he thought she might push him away but she stood still, as if frozen in time, her hands curled into fists at her sides. Set alight with instantaneous fire heating his blood, he raised one hand from the wall to cradle her head

His lips brushed gently back and forth against hers, seducing her, tempting her until he heard the soft sigh as she let out the breath she had been holding in, against his mouth and he felt relieved. The taste of Paro's mouth was too enticing to let go so easily

Rudra wanted to devour her, yet it was her who had captured him with her innocent response, a fleeting moment of pure pleasure. For one moment, he felt completely caught, as if taken captive by her. He had merely wanted to shut her up but it seemed like he was the one who was rendered speechless

Initially astounded at his sudden kiss, Paro had been to shocked to move. Paro felt his lips move upon hers, pressing firmly and oh, they were so possessive and exciting!  The intimacy of his actions stole her breath and she felt utterly lost.

Clutching the fine linen of his white kurta, she held on to him, then realized----slowly straightening her fingers yet her hands lingered, scorching his rock hard chest. Through the fabric of her clothes, she felt him, his stone like hard body leaning into hers, not crushing yet holding her imprisoned and she trembled

At loss of coherent thought or mind, he deepened the kiss, pressing her mouth open; unable to stop now that he had broken his fast. Wanting to savor the lusciousness of her lips a bit longer as kissed her with everything he was feeling in the moment-------desire, frustration, anger, confusion

Angling his head sideways, he captured the softness of her lips as if punishing, taking everything he had been aching to possess for very long. He heard her whimper softly. Rudra captured the sexy moan in his mouth, his body reacting physically to her inexperienced yet sensual response to his kiss.  

Right then, reality knocked on his passion-laden brain and he realized what he had done! Awareness dawned that he had taken the step he wasn't supposed to and yet, he had been sorely tempted. Nonetheless, he couldn't stop. Kissing her sheer torture!

 The intense feelings Paro awoke in him------assured him that it was right at some elemental level as he continued to kiss her, his mouth incessant, demanding as she conceded equivocally, not resisting his advances

Her hands moved to touch his arms, her fingers sinking into the heavy muscle, drawn by his heat but she wasn't sure of her actions------was she supposed to push him away or pull him in closer? She was really confused!





So, how was it? This was one of the scenarios about missed kissing opportunity that Singaporefan mentioned and it was something churning in my brain already, so it was easy to write about this one. Hopefully, you all enjoy it too! Don't ask me what happened next in the story. I leave the rest to your wild and romantic imaginationsBlushingDay Dreaming

Please be nice and make sure to take time to comment especially if you want me to update another story tomorrow. Let's see how well this bribing system worksEmbarrassed




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Thank you for another masterpiece, Sonia...What are you ? I mean, you have to be some extraordinary human being for writting such amazing stuff...your USP ( senseous, seductive without being vulgar ) stuns me...Clap
Pl accept Japnese style bow from me.
P.S...Thank you so much for ending the way you did...you left it to the reader's imagination ...wow...that was brilliant...rest we can imagine,lol
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Posted: 2015-02-11T12:19:16Z
What a way to punishBlushing Rudra banaaWink
he made paro captive by pushing her to wall.. but in end himself got caught by her Tongue
yes in this scene of RR kiss rightly fit as how they were staring at each other and got breathless in episode but as usual nothing happened.
i can't believe you are planning to give us updates from wed. to sun.ShockedParty  yaayyye..
thanku so much for taking time out to write such awesome updates and also for considering our suggestions Big smile
waiting for next romantic treat..

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Posted: 2015-02-11T13:39:15Z
wooow sonia , that was very hot & you ended it suddenly i was like, no no please complete it Big smile 
 it was so perfect like seeing them on screen & suddenly the power went off that's how i felt Ouch
loved it of course it was very sensual & full of passion i missed these senses from you so glad that you are back with it  &  for sure waiting for next update tomorrow .
happy valentine dear Heart

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Posted: 2015-02-11T13:45:31Z
Such a good update!! It literally makes my day when you have updated! Your writing ability is amazing!! Xxx

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Posted: 2015-02-11T16:25:58Z
Amazing as usual, loved how you describe the whole situation!
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Posted: 2015-02-11T17:38:52Z
Loved it Clap

All I can say is always please keep writing, you are amazing Hug
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Posted: 2015-02-11T18:25:13Z
That was one heck of a way to take charge of a lost opportunity. SingaporeFan is right, this was one incident in Parud's life where it shouldn't have ended with glowering on his part. Loved this piece Sonia. As usual stupendous.
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