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Posted: 8 years ago
Guys a page requested Shruthi Bapna to come on live caht.. She agreed. Timings 6P.M-7P.M
Just saw her replies to fans messages.. Am so joblessLOL, so i sat down and had put up everything here.. It took nearly 1 hour Big smile Hope its useful Smile

Ques: At what age did you decide to act?
Reply: I guess right from my school days, but i finally decided by the time i reached college

Ques: Was it difficult to play a role of a south india?
Reply: Not so much... I have observed peoply throughout my life and always worked on my accents

Ques: ur closest co-star on yhm?
Relpy: the closest are mihika, mihir and Mrs.Iyer! we are the charlie's (raj) angels! :D

Ques: who s the most shyest and most social on YHM?
Reply: I can be the most shy if i want! everyone's pretty much social... but Mihika and aly can go overload

Ques: Ma'am we have always seen u doing strong roles.. if u get to do a biopic in bollywood, whose story wud you prefer to potray?
Reply: lovely question.. it's my dream to play rani laxmi bai on the big screen

Ques: Your fav scene?
Reply: fav scene wud be during holi when vandu gets drunk on bhaang :P and also when she is trying to get mihika to tell the truth abt ashok!

Ques: why you choose this role vandita? i mean u hav given audition or they chose u without audition?
Reply: audition audtion all the way!

Ques: Shrutin ma'm if you wana describe YHm in one word wat is dat?
Reply: ideal for a hit show!

Ques: your funny moment on set?
Reply: There r too many funny moments everyday. it;s mostly when u hav to say the most serious line and u keep laughing on it coz u find it too funny for some stupid reason!

COMMON REPLY: ok here is a common answer for some questions that mean the same... My fav people on set r mihika mihir and Mrs.Iyer. We hav a great time shooting together and look forward to it!

She also gav a common reply: Come on give me some intresting ones. LOL

Ques: do you prefer life for what it is.. or for what it shud be
Reply: Iam thankful for what it is and striving for what it should be! :)

Ques: Who is ur fav frm bollywood?
Reply: hrithik irrfan rani kareena

Ques: What is that one thing that is always there in your fridge?
Reply: milk! doodh doodh doodh piyo glass full!

Ques: Unknwn fact abt u?
Reply: iam a good driver

Ques: What is your biggest fear? or something u don't like?
Reply: drowning i guess! and i don't like lizards :P

Ques: Other languages whick you know?
Reply: Hindi english a little bit of marathi bengali haryanvi and marwari not fluently though.. and had studied french in school!

Ques: Your fav role?
Reply: Love doing comedy!

Ques: Something that you love to do when you are free?
Reply: i love daydreaming travelling and sleeping

Ques: Who is your inspiration? who do you look upti?
Reply: my mom and my principal in my school wre my biggest inspiration.. now it's also Mr.Modi.! Love listening to his speeches

Ques: Ma'am what is the most precious gift you hav ever receives?
Reply: a bunch of compliments from some reownes people!

Ques: Did u always wish to be an actor or wanted to choose any other profession too? 
Reply: if not an actor, i would have been an IAS officer or would have joined the armed forces.

Ques: Most imp thing in ur life?
Reply: My freedom

Ques: Iam a big fan oh yours, just say a "hi kashish" god's sake pls reply mam Tongue
Reply: hi kashish

Ques: fav movie
Reply: chak de, andaaz apna apna, haseena maan jayegi, jodha akbar

COMMON REPLY: YHM is not ending.. not that i know of it! Fav tv actor: i love krishna's and sunil grover's comedy and mohit raina and karan patel's drama.

Message: Thank u sooo much guys for this wonderful session! was a lot of fun sorry abt having missed some replies tried my best! will work faster.. All the love right back at ya! <3 <3 happy republic day! hav a wonderful year ahead and keep going good way! thanks @yhm_international for this.. U all can follow me on twitter @shruthibapna see u! 

There were so many messages, she tried replying. Good to see an actor taking this much of effort SmileClap
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Posted: 8 years ago
thanks for this Smile
great lady, love her as vandu.
Posted: 8 years ago
Clapfor you writting and jotting down so much 
I love shruti as vandana want to see her more onscreen!Embarrassed
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by momb24

thanks for this Smile
great lady, love her as vandu.

Welcome Big smile
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by akdhalover

Clapfor you writting and jotting down so much 
I love shruti as vandana want to see her more onscreen!Embarrassed

I was so jobless LOL thank you Smile
vandita* Tongue
Posted: 8 years ago
Originally posted by appuss

thanks a lotBig smile

Welcomeee Big smile

Shruti Bapna

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