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MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Geet knocked on maan's cabin crossing her finger n glanced back only to see veer pari n romeo giving her thumbs up ..n she smiled praying for him to be in good mood ..

Come in ...

Geet exhaled sharply before entering his cabin n stood by the door so she could run if he gets mad at her ...

Kya hua geet kuch kaam tha ..

Nahi ..kaam nahi tha ..

Tu phir yahan walk karne ka mann kiya tumhara ..??

Gi ..

Maan glanced up at her n saw her holding her hands back sweating in the AC as well n he knew she was here to talk ..knowing veer is here in the office either there is something wrong already or something is going to happen coz whenever geet n veer are together disaster is bound to happen ...he shook his head seeing her still standing there murmuring something ..

Geet bologi bhi ya babaji se hi baat karne ka irada hai ..??

Nahi wohh ...wohh aaj meeting hai na raat ko ..

Mujhe yaad hai geet meeting k bare mien ..aur file anushka mujhe de chuki hai ..

Pata hai ...par agar mien meeting mien na aaon tu ...

Maan glanced at her while geet stepped back fearing to receive a full volume outburst but surprising her n himself both maan placed his pen down n leaned back in his chair ..

Tu jaanti ho na k iss clent se yeh pehli meeting hai aur last saari meetings tum ne aur adi ne ki hain ..?? 

Gi jaanti hoon ..koi baat nahi mien chalti hoon ..

Ek minute ..meri baat poori nahi huyi hai ..

Geet stood there gulping her saliva listening to his hard tone ...

Whats the reason ??

Reason ..??

Meeting skip karne ka ??

Geet looked down not knowing if she should tell him or not maan saw her hesitancy n for some reason it irked him to see that ..

Geet kuch poucha hai mene ..

She looked up the authority in his tone compelled her to speak the truth ..

Wohh hum sab ka plan tha party ka aaj raat ko ...

Hum sab kuan ..??

Adi sir ..romeo ..pari mien aur veer ...

Hmm ...fine jaasakti ho tum ..

Yahan se ya party mien ..??

Maan looked up at her innocent scared face ..n it was so hard not to smile at that cute expression ...but he looked away concentrating on the file in front of him ...answering her ..

Yahan se bhi aur raat ko party mien bhi ..


Maan glanced up at her surprised with her enthusiasm ..n couldn't help but smile at her this time ...

Yes Ms. Handa you are excused for the meeting ...

Geet looked at him smiling ..grining like a 5 years old ...

Thank you ..thank you so much maan sir ...

N with this she left the cabin leaving maan smiling at her reaction ..

Pagal larki ..Big smile

Days like this were a blessing for him when he gets to see her this much happy smiling n knowing he played even a small tiny miny part in bringing that smile on her face gives him satisfaction like nothing else ..maan opened the blinds of his window from the remote only to see geet smiling telling those bunch of mad people out there about the good news most probably ...he couldn't help but get lost in that carefree smile ..that innocence on her face ...the happiness in that small thing ...who would get this much happy on just being able to go out with her friends ...what he failed to realize was it wasn't just about being able to go out with her friend it was about getting his approval on going out ...!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Hello geet ma'am mien 20 minute mien aaraha hoon apko leene ..

Nahi nahi ...veer ek kaam karo tum KM aajao mien yahan se prem ko milne jaarahi hoon tum mujhe wahin se pick kar lena ..

But suddenly kyun ...??

Arre wohh he got A+ in his science project tu bas usko milne jaa rahi hoon ...tum wahin aajana ...hum wahin se jayenge ..

Okiee acha mien sab se mil bhi longa ...

Okie chalo bye taxi aagayi hai mien nikal rahi hoon ...


Cheers ...

Wao veer this place is so cool ..i must say ..

Hmm considering this disc is in a hotel is really nice a place ..

Pari tareef karni hai tu khol kar b sakti ho ...jaise mene ki thi tumhain itne sexy dress m dekh kar ..

U know what veer jab tak tumhara mou band rehta hai na tum tab hi tak ache lagte ho ..

Chalo tum ne mana tu sahi k mien tumhain acha lagta hoon ...

Argghh ...geet chalo lets dance ...

Mien par ...//

Kyun yahan aap kya bhajan karne aayi hain ...

Nahi mera wohh matlab nahi tha ..

Oh please yaar geet chalo ..i just can't stand this idiot anymore ...

N she left dragging her along with her ...

Veer smiled seeing pari getting irked ...

Kyun bichari ko itna tang karte ho tum veer ..

Mene kya kara adi sir ..wohh khud hi itni asaani se tang hujati hai ..

He laughed n turned towards the bar-tender ...

He man ..3 whiskey on the rocks ..


Rohan tum yahan ..??

Wohh sir geet ma'am ne mujhe kaha aapko meeting se pehle brief karne k liye about the Darla unke saath last meeting pr mien tha geet ma'am k saath ..

Hmm ..waise yeh suddenly venue change karne ki request kyun ..??

I am not sure may be anushka would know uski hi baat huyi thi inse ..

Kahan hai wohh ..??

She is inside Mr. Darla aa chuke hain ..

Never mind ..chalo hum bhi andar chalte hain ...

After you sir ...


Ahh ...this is strong veer ,..

Kya ..itne mien hi bas hugaya romeo ...

Seriously veer no more ..

Kya adi sir abhi tu sirf 2nd around hi hua ...

Acha lets go dance ...


The whole gang were enjoying their evening while maan was busy in his meeting in the same hotel ...both unaware of each others presence ... unaware of the turn this night is going to bring in their lives ...


Geet kahan khoi hai dance kar na ..

She smiled at pinky  tried to match the rhydeme with her steps but was failing miserably ...

Yaar sono mien humare table tk jaati hoon ..

Kya hua geet ..??

Nahi kuch nahi just thirsty ...

Hum bhi chalte hain ..

Nahi nahi tum log kyun ..aati hoon mien bas abhi ..

Pakka na ..

Hai baba pakka ..aur waise bhi yeh tu pinky ka fav song hai ..

Okie chal jaldi aana ...

Sure madam ..

She left while pinky was lost dancing to the tunes of her fav song pari looked around n smiled seeing adi n romeo making way on the dance floor towards them ..

Romeo where is veer ..??

Wohh ...wohh tu bar par hai lagta hai aaj kuch ziada hi mood mien hai ..

Acha mien geet ko dekh kar aati hoon ...

Par wohh hai kahan ..?

Wohh adi sir usko pyaas lagi  thi tu chali gyi ..mien dekhti hoon ..

Okiee ..

but before she could reach her he phone buzzed and she went in a corner to attend the call ...


Alright rohan ..ek kaam karo tum aur anushka company car se ghar chale jao kafi late hugaya hai ...

Thank you sir ..

That's ok Ms. Sharma ...

Good night sir ..

Good night rohan see you tomorrow ...bye

Maan left to the parking lot while anushka smiled ..

Mene jitna suna tha utne kharoos nahi hai MK actually mien ...

Well MK k saath rehne k 3 din mien hi logoon ka opinion badal jaata hai ...chalo abb humari car aagayi hai ..

Thank god maan sir ne company ki car bolwali warna pata nahi kaise jaati itni raat ko yahan se ghar ...


Maan was walking towards his car in the silent parking lot of the restaurant when he heard the screaming voice ..

choro choro mera haath ...leave me ..

he looked around recognizing that voice very well n panicked not being able to locate her ..while the noise only increased there were many people along with her trying to stop her from screaming ...

Pinky : geet please chup kar ja ..please warna aaj hum sab ki band bajegi ..

leave me kahan lejaa rahe ho mujhe aise ..choro ..

Pari : geet chup ek dum chup okie ..ek lafz aur nahi bologi tum abb samjhi ..

Geet made a crying face n pouted ..

Yeh tum mujhe uss dusht danav ki tarha kyun dant rahi ho ..

Veer : Dusht danav ..??

Han wohh dus sar wale ravan ...wohh bhi aise hi bolte hain ...

Pari : Geet chup chap chalo mere saath abhi seedhe se samjhi tum ...waise hi andar buhat tamasha hugaya hai ..

Nahi mien nahi jaongi ..

N before pari could get hold of her again she ran away in an opposite direction while they all followed only to stop seeing maan standing there looking away from them n next they saw geet colliding with him with full force loosing her balance they all closed their eyes ready to hear a loud scream n thud but ofcourse maan held her in time n embraced her in his arms ...

The panic he felt for the last few minutes settled a bit having her in his embrace safe n sound n he left a sigh of relief while geet still had her eyes closed ready to fall on the ground ...maan straightened her n saw her eyes still closed ...a smile adorned his face seeing the innocent beauty standing in front of him dressed in western still covered with the invisible veil of dignity, innocence n purity ...with her eyes closed standing there in front of him ..

Geet ...

His hoarse voice made her open her eyes n she looked at the person standing in front of her a blur face first clearifying bit by bit in her tipsy state n sudden head rush from her almost fall ..n then his smile ...

Have I died ..?? LOL

What ..!!

Aap muskura rahe hain ..??

Maan straightened himself trying to control his smile at her state ..feeling amused with her strange behavior wondering about the same ...

Geet kya bole jaarahi ho ..

Aap muskura rahe hain tu pakka mien ya tu khwaab dekh rahi hoon ya mien mar chuki hoon ...

Geet bakwaas band karo ...aur tum kis se bhaag rahi thi ..kya huraha tha yahan ..

Wohh ...(she pointed her finger at her back) wohh log mujhe zabardasti lee jaarahe thay but mujhe nahi jaana tha ..

Kuan log ..?? aur tum akeli kyun ho ..?? where is everyone else ...why are you here ..?? 

N just then romeo fell down from behind the car parked in front of them gaining maan's attention n came out reluctantly followed by everyone else ..

Tum sab yahan ho ..?? hu kya raha hai yeh sab ..??

He made geet stand beside him n left his hold on her only to have her stumble n he held her again worried n finally the strong smile of alcohol hit his nostrils n something clicked in his mind ...

Geet u are drunk ..

NO ...mien sharaab nahi peeti ..wohh tu aap peete hu yukk ..pata hai kitna paap huta hai sharaab peena ...

Maan left a sigh in frustration while they all held their breath to get blasted ...

Mene tou fruit cocktail peeya tha ...

Geet turned away but before she could collide with the car maan held her back not wanting the security alarm to buzz n held her close glaring at all of them standing there ..

But mujhe lagta hai uss mien beetroot daala huga tab hi tou itna black black aur karwa tha ...

Maan (st): Waoo hosh mien huti hai tu itna bolti hai abhi tu iski zubaan band hi nahi hugi .. (he sighed in frustration) ..all the best maan ..

Koi baat nahi geet next time koi bhi tumhain fruit cocktail offer kare na tu mat peena ok chalo ghar chalte hain .. 

NAHI ...mujhe ghar nahi jaana ..mujhe party karni hai ...yehh inn logoon ne mujhe dance bhi nah karne diya mera fav song play hua tha ...mene khud DJ ko bol kar karwaya tha ...phir bhi mujhe lekar aaye yeh log ...mujhe jaana hai ...mien jaati hoon han ...(she started walking ahead wobbling on her way while maan held her back)..

Ek minute geet ...roko ..

Nahi na ...//

Geet mien tumhain lekar chalta hoon but bas ek minute yahan khari hujao ...
Maan made her stand with the support of a pillar making sure she was stable on her legs now ...

Pakka jaane doge phir ..??

She stood there pointing her finger at him asking him with such authority trying to look stern but if anything it made her look all the more adorable in that tipsy accent of hers' ...n maan closed his eyes n nodded not being able to decide whether he should laugh at her cuteness or get angry on the bunch of idiots behind him the cause of all this ...

Pakka ... abhi yahin rokna aur jaana nahi kahin ok ..

Maan marched toward them all while romeo hid behind adi n pinky held pari's hand tight fearing for the worst ..

What the hell were you all doing ...??

Veer tumhara plan tha na ..tum ne geet ko bola tha tou yehh sab kya hai ..??

Bhai ...bhai I swear mien bas ek minute k liye hi gaya tha aur ...//

Cut the crap veer ...agar aaj kuch ulta seedha huta na tou ...tu tum mien se koi nahi bachta samjhe tum ...n forget for your whole life aaj ke baad tum geet ko lekar bahar kahin par bhi jaa rahe ho ...

I am sorry maan sir hum sab geet k saath hi thay wohh sab paani peene gyi mujhe phone call aagaya I moved out aur pata nahi kaise usne wohh drink pee li ...

Maan ignored pari's apology exhaling sharply ..

Veer pari aur pinky dono ko ghar choro aur tum khud bhi ghar jao ...abhi mien geet ko lekar jaata hoon ..

Bro I am really sorry ..


The tight n bitter tone of maan's voice n his red flaring expressions were enough to tell them all not to say any further n they all turned to leave while maan ran his hand through his hair in exasperation ...then turned only to find geet missing from her place ..

Oh shit ...
Yeh larki na ...

He looked around but couldn't locate geet anywhere n then saw a similar figure walking tipsily leaving the parking lot going back into the hotel ...n he ran towards her followed by veer ..

Adi : Veer kya hua ..

Aap log jao ..yeh meri car ki keys hain betho mien bas abhi aaya ...

Pari : Hua kya ..?? kuch batao tu ...(but he had fled away) ...yeh larka na ...


Veer entered the disco again huffing trying to catch a breath n then saw maan standing a few steps ahead running his hands through his hairs ...frustrated ...angry ...but most of all worried ...

Bro ...geet ..??

I don't know ...I just don't know ...I saw her entering in here but now she is where

Itna crowded hugaya hai kaise dhundenge unko ...

Maan looked around n then took his phone out n walked towards the bouncers ...showing him geet's picture in his mobile asking about her while veer watched his brother worried sick for the girl n wondered why don't he confess already ...but then finding geet was more important n he took his own mobile out n approached other bouncers n they moved towards the bar ...not being able to locate her veer stood up on the bar ...while maan shouted agitatedly..

Veer what the hell are you doing ...step down now ...!!

Bhai wohh dekho geet wohh rahi she is going towards the DJ room upstairs ...

Maan looked in the direction he was pointing n they both made way towards her ..n he held her hand ..

Geet ..

Maan sir aap ..?? 

Geet chalo yahan se ...

Arre par wohh dance ...

Not now geet ...

He tried to drag her from there but she resisted n stood there ...

Mien kyun maano aapki baat ...(maan turned to look into her eyes trying to give her a stern look n make her agree) hum aapke hain kuan ..??

Her words had nothing to do with the sudden shock he felt it was the depth in her diluted eyes that shook him from inside n he stood there still for a moment looking into her eyes n loosing him ...

Bhai ...

Veer shook him out of her trance ..n he started walking taking her along with him ..

Mujhe nahi jaana ...choro mujhe ...

Maan turned n glared at her in frustration ...

Geet stop it ...

No I will not ..!!!

Maan looked into her stubborn eyes for a second n realizing she wasn't going to give up n left her hand ..

Fine you called for it ...

N he lifted her in his arms ..shocking both her n veer ..Shocked Wink EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Ahh ...maan sir choro ...

She kept struggling ...waking him on the arm chest ..pushing him trying to get down while he kept walking ahead followed by veer ...n placed her in the passenger seat ..

Choro choro mujhe ...

Geet stop it ...ek aur lafz nahi samjhi tum ...

Geet looked at his glaring eyes but then opened her seat belt she swinged her legs out but maan didn't stepped back caging her in her seat not giving her any room to get down ...

Aap samajhte kya hu apne aap ko mana ke babaji ne aapko buhaaat handsome banaya hai but aap koi dunya k aakhiri insaan nahi hu jis se koi larki pyaar kare ..samajh kar kya rakha hai khud ko ..david beckham ho ..john ibrahim ho ..jamie dornon ho ..ho kya aap ...geek god ...itna attitude kyun hai aap mien ..nose dekhi hai aapne apni ...(maan actually looked at his nose as geet pointed at it n then stretched her hand towards the sky).. itni lambi huti jaarahi hai ..LOLLOLTongue

maan glared at her in anger while veer muffled his laughter standing at the back ..

stop it veer before i kill you ...

all the best bhai ..i am leaving ..

maan glared at him while ran back towards his car smiling shaking his head ..then after getting at a safe distance he stopped to make a call ..

han hello ...thanks mera kaam hugaya ..


Maan stopped the car infront of the outhouse which thankfully nakul had already opened as per his instruction ...n he turned to see geet sitting with her eyes closed probably out of conscious ...he shook his head in amusement ..thinking how will she react knowing all the singing she did on the way ...he should be angry on veer for his negligence but seeing this ultimate innocence queen blabbering so cutely couldn't let him be angry any more than a minute ...if only he could record all she said on the way n make her listen to it ...gosh he never knew he had so many names given in her dictionary ...he walked out n around the car to open her door n saw her still murmuring something ...smiling at her he bent down n lifted her in his arms and almost naturally geet curled around in his embrace n hid her face in the crook of his neck fanning his skin with her hot breath making him shiver with her closeness his hold tightened over her n he started walking towards the outhouse n kicked opened the door ...

With the jerk geet opened her eyes n glanced up ..looking at him lost in those deep brown captivating eyes ...

Maan sir ...yeh aap kya kar rahe hain ..??

He glanced at her stopping in the middle of the hall holding her in his embrace looking into her diluted eyes n realized she was loosing her conscious ...the depth of her eyes ..those questioning duo hazels made him lost in their intensity n he stood looking into her eyes ...a wild gush of wind coming from the wide open door made geet shiver with cold n she tightened her hold on his shoulder making Maan snapped out of his trance n looked ahead walking straight upstairs to the bedroom ...

Tumhain room mien lekar jaaraha hoon geet ...I don't want u to break your neck tonight ...

Par yeh mera ghar nahi hai ...

Geet tum iss halat mien ghar jaa bhi nahi sakti ..

Kyun ..??

if only he could explain her the story he  made up for her mamaji on call to cover her up tonight ..Maan glanced at her closing eyes n walked in the bedroom illuminated by just the moon light coming in from the slits of the windows n made her lie on the bed ..he tried to move away to open the lights but she held his hand tight in fear ..

Mujhe andhere se darr lagta hai ...

He held back her hand sitting beside her ...

Ek minute geet ...

He bent towards the side table n switched on the lamp casting a shadow on her face  making it glow in the faint light of the night bulb ...while she blinked her eyes adjusting to the light ...maan loosened her hold on his hand n stood up to cover her with the duvet ...

So jao geet mien yahin hoon ..tumhain darne ki zarorat nahi hai ..

He was about to turn away when he saw tears glistening in her eyes ...

Kya hua geet ..

Mujhe darr lag raha hai ...

Maan sat beside her ...n was about to held her hand again but stopped ...n cleared his throat ..

Kyun darr lag raha hai tumhain ...mene kaha na mien yahin hoon ..tu kis baat se darr rahi ho ..

Aap se ...

Geet ...!!

Maan gasped seeing her tears falling down from the side creaks of her eyes while she kept looking at him not blinking for once ...the pain in her eyes slit his heart ..

Aap humesha aise kyun nahi hu sakte ...(she crunched her nose like a toddler and tried to sniff back her tears) 

Abhi ..abhi aap itne sweet sweet ..cute cute ho aur phir baad mien ..baad mien bilkul sado dusht danav types hujaoge ...

Geet aisa nahi hai ..

Aisa hi hai ...(she held his hand tighter with both hands placing it on her stomach looking sternly into his eyes) ..humesha aisa hi huta hai ..
Jab bhi mujhe lagta hai k mien aapke paas aagyi ...aap mujh se door chale jaate ho ...mujhe chor kar ...pata nahi ...kahin door ...saamne hukar bhi buhat door ...(maan kept looking at her troubled face ...listening to her child-like accent as if it was taking so much effort to say it all properly without stuttering n those duo shape hazel eyes gazing at him with so many complains for the first time ever hearing her out ...listening to her heart ...those complains she may never voice out consciously ..ever!!) ...Abhi aap yahan ho ...phir chale jaoge mujhe chor kar ...kahin door ... pata hai mujhe ...

Maan tightened his hold on her hands while cupping her face with the other wiping away the tear trail with his thumb softly ...looking straight into her eyes giving her a promise he knew he would stand by till his last breath matter what ..

Nahi ..mien tumhain chor kar kabhi nahi jaasakta geet ...kabhi nahi ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

His eyes now depicted the pain in their hearts ... holding her hands in his firm grip her gaze for the longest of time unaware to his own self ...he was talking his heart out ...her tears once again washing away his mask ...making him stand in front of her just as he is false attitude fake emotions ...just him ..n his feelings naked ...

why do you even care what i think ...

i do care about what you think of me ..coz I LOVE YOU ...Shocked WinkWink

guess whats going on in the next update till i come back again 
sorry again to those who had been waiting here ...will try n be regular at least for this month promises though

waiting for your reviews n likes  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

luv ya

Posted: 3 years ago
wow..amazing update
love it
 geet was drunk
poor maan had to deal with her

Posted: 3 years ago
Awesome update
Geet drunk... Loved cute geet
Please update soon
Posted: 3 years ago
lovely update
geet is totally drunk and maan is taking care of her at least in this condition maan is telling truth to her
thnx for update
Posted: 3 years ago
Lovely part... Geet n the gang went to club n geet accidentally got drunk.. Lucky fr geet n unlucky fr the gang the maan was there. Veer pity his bro handling drunk geet.. He took her to outhouse n geet voice out all her inner turmoil making maan promise to be with her... Precap tooo interesting.. Can't wait for update..
Posted: 3 years ago
hi sobia
happy new year ..
lovely update ..
geet all tipsy pouring her heart out to maan ..
hope this time maan listen and accept his feeling ...
want story to move forward..

thank u for update

waiting for next

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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