MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 54)

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hello all,
how are you people ...

so i am trying to type something but really held up with my job n its too difficult to come up with something nyc with a tired mind

however ill be dropping an update this weekend

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luv ya
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Updating Next ..WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

thank you cute-aly for ur help

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hello all,
kaise hu sab ..?? hope you all are doing good
here is ur weekend update as promised

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enjoy reading...


MG SS Salaam e Ishq


She turned to walk towards the dinning area when maan stopped her calling her name which she turned holding her breath not knowing what he will have to say now

Tum ne ...tum mujhe maaf kardiya right ..??

Aapko kyun itna farq parta hai mene maaf kiya ya nahi ...kyun ??
No geet don't ...phir se wahi galti mat kar jo 4 saal pehle kit hi ...this is just another humanitarian act of his ...kal subha hute hi u will again be the same employee he dispises so much at work ...just his employee ..
She smiled at him n nodded ..

Of course maan sir chalein live performance bhi shoro hugayi hai abb tu ...


The khuranas were sitting in the dark corner of the grand dinning hall ..dadi maa ..aniee sitting by each other followed by geet n prem was sitting in b/w maaneet ...the whole place looked ethereal in the shades of blue n silver ...the only illuminated place was the stage in the spot light ... every one mesmerized with the soul touching voice of Rahat Fateh Ali singing at the stage while one person was still lost in the heart wrenching smile he saw a few minutes ago ..geet might have thought that she could get away giving that cool attitude in front of him but he knew her better than she thought n surely over the years could read the pain in her eyes ...those confused hazel brown eyes lost in oblivion sitting across the table looking as if lost in the song but completely detatched from the world around her ...

Beech bhawar mein daale na
Aar rahi na paar gayi
Kuch ishq ki mauje le doobi
Kuch hijr ki andhi mar gayi

Geet was lost replaying the last 5 years of her life in her mind ...every time he rescued her from a potential threat every time he guided her ...stood by her side supporting her making her feel an integral part of his life n then all his words ...his void eyes those painful memories post her accident ...his ignorance to her feelings ...

Tum jaane nahi ye dard mera
Ya jaan ke bhi anjaane ho
Tum jaane nahi ye dard mera
Ya jaan ke bhi anjaane ho
Ik pal yeh lage apne ho tum
Ik pal yeh lage begane ho

She clearly remembers telling him those three words four years back when she thought she would never be able to see him again ...after getting hit by that bullet ...but till this date he never acknowledged her feelings if if he never heard her ...while in her memory he had those words reflecting in his eyes ...those paniced glistening eyes had said those words to her four years back ...but he never did ...!!

Dil na ya paheli bujh saka
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Ye bhed tumhi ab kholo zara
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya

His every action had always told her he has feelings for her ...the way he had always takn care of her be that in his own rude way but he had never let any harm come to her ...unlike the whole world he had allowed her close to his family much so that now she is a part of it ...but is she a part of his life too ..?? does she have any place in his life ..??

Aniee had ordered the meal herself n now the waiters brought all the dishes n geet served prem while maan took the mobile from his hand asking him to finish his food first to which he pouted but didn't argued ...

Both maan n geet went to pick up the rice dish at the same time n she jolted having maan's hand just on top of hers' ..their eyes met n the whole wold melted in oblivion ...

Bin bole joh tum kehte ho
Bin bole hi woh sunlun main
Bharle tumko in ankhon mein
Kuch khwaab naye se bunn lun main (x2)

Geet could see her reflection in those eyes ...he could feel her confusion through those hazel gazing at her ...but he didn't knew what can he do to make her happy again ...while geet was lost in those deep brown eyes trying to get answers to her questions ...

Na apna ap dikhaayi de
Jab dekhoon khudko darpan me
Yeh main hun ya phir tum hi ho
Mann uljha hai is uljhan mein

While aniee n dadi maa were effectively ignoring the happenings on the table pretending to be lost in the music prem giggled making both maan n geet snap out of their trance n look away ...n geet's eyes fell on the decorative mirror hung on the wall opposite ...even though it was semi dark she could see her reflection n maan's turned face as well ...and the next set of lyrics went to her heart ..

Mujhe apne rang me rang liya
Tum kaun piya.. Tum kaun piya
Yeh bhed tumhi ab kholo zara
Tum kaun piya.. Tum kaun piya

Indeed she had transformed herself a/c to his liking n disliking ...every thing she does ...everytime she have to make a decision there is this one question she have to answer to ..."what will he think about her decision?" since last five years she hasn't lived for herself or for any body else for that matter ..all she has done is for the happiness of this one person in the world ...n yet she still doesn't know what place she have in his life ...ironic ..!!

Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya

Maan n geet were driving towards her house ...while aniee ..dadi maa n prem had left to KM in the other car ...the silence was eating him up while she was still lost in her own world of questions ...not being able to bear her silence anymore he hit hard on the brake n stopped the car in the middle of a deserted road making geet jerk forward in her seat held back by the seat belt only ...shocked would be an understatement for what geet was feeling at that moment while maan sat there gasping for air as this silence was suffocating him ...making him feel choked n he glanced at her n saw her face etched with pain n confusion n looked away not being able to look into her eyes anymore how will he ever explain anything to her ever ..!! what will he say ...what can he say to make her understand his point of view ...
She would never understand his fears ..he may sound foolish ..stupid to have been trying to push her away but nobody will ever understand how he felt four years back having her pale motionless bleeding body in his arms ...the fear of loosing the person he loves with all his heart could never be forgotten ...but he can't stop loving her ...can he ..!! the bond they share ...he could never put in words ..even after all his ruthelessness she has always supported him ..stood by his side being the partner he always needed ...holding up his family together when he wasn't able to them all the happiness he could never ...the world may see them as just a boss n employee but he knows what she is to him ...n he could never bear seeing her in so much torment ...never ..!!

Dil se jude hai ye dil apne
Kehne ko koi rishta hi nahi
Iss paakeeza se bandhan ko
Duniya me koi samjha hi nahi (x2)

Maan ran a hand through his hair in frustration n snapped at her in his helplessness ...

Why the hell are you doing this geet ..???

Geet flinched back scared of his anger those red flaring eyes making her shiver ...n the tears she had been holding back for so long surfaced making her loose her faade n she cried asking him that one question that tore his heart into million pieces ..

Aap kyun itni nafrat karte mujh se ...akhir kiya kya hai mene maan sir ...kyun itna ghussa hain aap mujh se ...kya karoon mien aisa k ...k aap ...aap mujh par bharoosa Karen ..???

Jab ghav lage koi tumko
Toh dard yahan bhi hota hai
Jab namm ho tumhari yeh ankhein
Toh dil ye mera bhi rota hai

Maan kept staring at her tear stained face for a moment lost in the magnitude o her pain ..n she looked down gripping the dashboard crying her heart out not being able to hold back her emotions any more while he stepped out of the car n stood in front by the bonnet ...more tears made way out of her eyes knowing she has again upset him but she couldn't face him right now so she sat there ...crying seeing him again turning his back on her ...

Tumne bhi magar ye puch liya
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya
Yeh bhed tum hi ab kholo zara
Tum kon piya.. Tum kon piya

When she finally gathered enough courage she stepped down letting the fresh air hit her n cool her otherwise burning self ...she took a deep breath before going towards him ...standing next to him she clutched her dupatta v.tightly as if that would give her courage to stand here n form a sentence n after a beat when she was about to say sorry ..he suddenly started talking ...

Geet ...I don't hate you ...(she looked up surprised hearing him ..his voice hoarse ..slow but really deep ...this was the first time ever in the last 5 years he was talking about THEM) despite whatever you think about me ...I never have ...n I ...

I can never hate you Geet ...(geet saw maan bitting his lip something he never has done in front of her ...his each word was strained as if if it required a lot of effort from his side to say all this if he was in real pain ...he never looked at her but she could see the guilt on his face which was looking straight ahead while talking to her his hands clinched in a fist ..viens visible around his neck ...he was really very tensed she could tell just by seeing his posture) gaming zone mien jo bhi huya ...I ...
it was all my anger ..tum jaanti hu mere ghusse ko ...I thought ...I thought itna tu jaanti hu mujhe...
 mien kuch bhi bol deta hoon ghusse mien ...but i don't mean that geet ...(geet looked down knowing he was right but it wasn't just those words that hurt her it was his mistrust that broke her n without any warning he turned towards her n held her shoulder in his firm hold making her look straight in his eyes) ..agar tum par bharoosa nahi huta tu tum kabhi meri family ka hissa nahi banti geet ...agar tum par bharoosa nahi huta tu mien kabhi tumhain apni life k itne kareeb nahi aane deta ...but mene kiya geet ...tum par bharoosa hai tab hi tum meri family ka part hu hi tum meri life ka part hu geet ...I TRUST YOU ...more than anybody out there in this world can't judge me by my words ..not you of all the people geet ...

A tear slipped from her eyes listening to his words not believing at first but his eyes those deep brown eyes staring at her with so much depth in them ...they could never lie to her for the first time ever she was able to read them ...for the first time ever maan had told her whats in his heart ...for the first time ever he spoke his heart out not being able to see her hurt because of him ...saying what he always wanted to say to her ...

Tum kon piya...Tum kon piya

Maan left her n stepped back realizing what he has said to her n looked away while A smiled adorned her face n a tear slipped from the corner of her eyes at the same moment while she kept looking at him however maan still kept looking in front on the empty dark road not being able to look at her n see that hurt completely oblivious to the happiness he just gave her ...the assurance that could keep her going for a life time may be ...he doesn't hate me ...


geet was lying on her bed clutching the cushon to her chest smiling like a fool from past 30 minutes ...maan had dropped her in front of her house n left without a word after that convo in the middle of the road ...but she was still in that one moment ...feeling his hold on her arms ..his hot breath fanning her face ...that heat enveloping her entire being n she closed her eyes only to encounter those deep brown eyes staring back at her with the intensity that could melt her entire existence with just a single glance ...

babaji agar yeh sapna hai tu please mujhe kabhi mat uthaiyega aur agar haqiqat hai tu iss khushi ko abb mujh se mat chineye ga please babaji ..


Maan was sitting on the stairs towards an open terrace of a old room every furniture covered with white sheets holding a picture in his hand ..

Bhabi ...aaj pehli baar mene uss se wohh kaha jo mere dil mien tha ...mien khamosh nahi raha ...mene usko daanta bhi nahi ...ghussa nahi kar paya ...aaj pehli baar mien uss se apne dil ki baat chupa nahi paaya bhabi ..keh diya jo kuch uss waqt mere dil mien tha ...
Kyun k ...kyun k usski naarazgi tu seksakta hoon uski khamoshi nahi ...pichle 5 saloon mien mene uska har rang dekha hai ...uska ghussa ...uska nakhra ...(he chuckled remembering those early days)... uski naraazgi uski nafrat bhi ...uska bachpana bhi ...sab uski ankhien uske dil ka aaina hai bhabi ...mene unn ankhoon mien har chaavi dekhi hai uske dil ki par aaj pehli baar itna dard dekha unn ankhon mien ..itna k mera dil kamzoor par gaya ...usne kuch nahi kaha mujh se bhabi ...aaj pehli baar usne apni naraazgi bhi nahyi jatayi thi par uski ankhoon mien wohh dard jo meri waja utar aaya tha wohh kaise bardaasht karta mien ...agar ghussa hukar baat nahi kari tu shayad shayad mujhe itni takleef nahi huti par usne tu aaj mujh se ghussa bhi hona zarori nahi samjha tha ...aur yeh mmujh se bardaasht nahi huya ...wohh soch bhi kaise sakti hai k mien uss se nafrat ...aap jaanti ho na bhabi iss k ghar k bahar wohh ek hi jis mien jaan atki hai merit u uss se nafrat kaise kar sakta hoon mien ...mien aap ke aur bhaiya jitna strong nahi hoon bhabi kabhi nahi tha ...aur aap dono k jaane k baad mien kabhi aniee aur prem dono ko uss tarha nahi sambhaal pata jaise aap dono ne mujhe aur aniee jo sambhala tha geet k bina yeh safar ...mien kab ka haar jata ..uss ne sirf mujhe himmat nahi di bulke humari family ko wohh khushiyan bhi di jo hum se door hugayi thi ...aur mene ...mene itna dard de diya usko ..itne k who ankhien jo humesha muskurati thi aaj sirf dard bhara tha unn mien ...mien nahi dekh paya usko aise bhabi ..aur iss hi liye mene keh diya usko bas yeh nahi keh paya k sirf bharosa nahi pyar bhi karta hoon uss se ...buhat pyaar ...itna k usko kho dene k khayaal se hi meri rooh kaanp uthti hai ...itna k uski salaamti k liye agar mujhe kuch bhi karna pare mien karoonga ...par aaj k baad uss kabhi dukhi nahi hune dunga ..kisi bhi waja se nahi

Ishq khushboo hai ...
Kab tak chupa paoge ..??
dil be'baak hai ...Wink
kab tak tok paoge ..??
ek na ek din haar jaoge ...Embarrassed
phir uss din ...
tum yeh salaam e ishq jeet jaoge ...Embarrassed

same as before

hope you all enjoyed reading please do leave ur reviews n likes me waiting ...Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

luv ya
Posted: 3 years ago
hi sobia
update is too painful ...its heart wrecking to see two people who love each other madly can't confess...maan due to his fears and geet due to her past where once she admitted her feelings for maan but maan distanced himself ...both r too broken ..maan confessing to his babhi who is no more ...

thanks for update ...
waiting for day when maneet will confess ...
Posted: 3 years ago
Amazing. Firstly that song was really beautiful and touchy. Maan could read geet's eyes which was filled with pain.though she was smiling and showing like she forgave him, he can see she is lying. Maan couldn't able to bear her silence anymore so midst of road he stopped the car and said her that how much he trusts her. First time he said something which he really meant .He expressed his heart out today. But still he couldn't able to utter that he just not trust her but also love her. Geet was on over the moon hearing maan. Maan is oblivious to the truth how much hope he gave to geet. Whereas maan is.feeling pain as he was the reason of her pain. He was sharing his pain with his bhabhi. Waiting for next dear.
Posted: 3 years ago
wonderful update..

atleast maan told what is in this mind..if not fully and geet is happy about that..

hope he will let know geet that he loves her soon..
Posted: 3 years ago
really amazing 
maan can't able to bear hr painful eyes 
and at last he told hr he don't hates hr 
he never hate  hr he trusted hr that y
she's in his family 
geet was too much happy to listening this
maan talking to hr bhabhi's pic about geet
that how much he loved hr he can't imagine his
life without hr fr hr safety he can do anything
Posted: 3 years ago
Nice update dear geet is in pain as she thought that Mann bony trust her and she is silent not talking to him as she hurt Mann confess that he trust he that why she part of family

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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