RaYa OS: Chup Ke Chup Ke

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This OS is  dedicated to Mani aka Choti on her bday . As she is software engineer i just made a story on software background ..Hope you all like it..

Mani once again happy bday

RaYa OS: Chup Ke Chup Ke 

The house is  buzzing with  so many relatives  , every corner is busy with marriage preparations ,Every one seemed to be very happy  ,Dadima s ,dadaji's , Aunties , uncles ,sizzling ladies ,handsome hunks  and  Naughty kids .The house blushing with the new dcor ,it engulfed all of them inside her heart .

Ram Kapoor sipping his coffee started at the hall he was so happy to  part of his best friend Vikram's marriage , Just than he saw a beautiful girl in white saree walking upstairs with a tray full of flowers .A super energetic kids  dashed her  while in they play ,  the jerk was instant the tray slipped from her hands ,she held the railing for her support , the flowers in the tray rained on her pretty face .[I know it s filmy but chaltha hai in my OS,Mani don't blush so much is there  lolz]

Ram was completely mesmerized the beauty  , she opened her eyes saying sorry to them who were present there , she picked up the tray , tucked an errant of hair strand on her back of ear . She gazed at him who was  gazing at her mesmerized . She smiled thru her eyes as she too was observing him from the day he came to the marriage hall . she too came  to this marriage to attend Her  bestie Neha s  and she was too attractive towards This man and she came to know his name is Ram kapoor . priya sharma fallen for Ram kapoor she breathed in herself . She gathered her pounding heart walked towards him . His heart  is dancing crazily , She  said "Hii " in her sizzling sexy voice .

He paused his blinking watching her from very  near , she again said "Hii " He back to his sences , sorry "Hii " He extended his hand , She mingled her hand with him  ,he felt something before he questioned , she turned her back slowly started walking  her cheeks turned to pinkish shade already .

He found  a chit in his hand ,he unfolded in a flash his eyes just ran on the letters

"I love you " Please call me urgently ..

Ram s lips curved into a road grin , Heyyy ..

Priya twirled "Please pass it to vikram without seeing anybody "

His face went pale , his dark chocolate eyes tinged with pain ,but his heart poundered seeing her  blush .

Than he read again

"I love you "

Please call me urgently



With Love


Just than vikram walked  yawning ,What are you staring at ,gazed at his eyes followed the routethan followed that girl ..

Ohh you looking at priya , Hi priya ,

She  rolled her eyes at him  smiled murmuring "Hi "

 Good Morning ,Whats up VIkram smirked watching Ram's expression .

She stopped in her tracks "Good morning  , woo she searched for words signalled Ram "

He immediately placed the chit in Vik hands , rushed frome there , She giggled wen off from there . Through out marriage preaparations  these  two are constantly exchanging their looks ,  praising their dressing  , signalling thru eyes ,observing each of their moments .

One day Ram &Vikram are doing something  sitting in the hall , Priya just served the juice to them Ram  wantedly brushed her fingers while taking the juice , She stared at him  brisked away from there .

One  Old women called her ,Priya sat with her asking what you want dadi ,

What's your name  gudiya ,

Priya , Priya said slowly .

"My grandson is very well educated and earning 20 lakhs per annum , I liked you so much , If you give your Parent's number I will talk with them .. "

Ram heart skipped a beat and prayed priya shouldn't tell the address nor phone number . Priya too watching his movements  time to time , smiling herself seeing his discomfort .Priya trying hard to not to laugh there ,Ram rushed from there unable to seet heir closeness and don't want to hear Priya's answer .Priya had a hard time from escaping that lady . she smiled herself went to help Neha .

Neha:Haaa ha someone is blushing so much , Your Ram did something kya today ?

Nehaaa!! Tu bhi .. She pouted her lips , Achha I will ask vikram to talk about you . Noo priya shouted at her top of lungs . Rohan came  hearing  that sounds .

He is 8 years old kid , Neha's cousin brother . He is observing Ram from much time and he told Did Ram uncle has done something s di .Both Neha & Priya shocked and they make him understand nothing like that , we saw cockroach soo  priya do  yelled that's it . and Ram uncle is very good guy why he will do something with priya .

Rohan looked convinced left from there . The  next morning Ram acting like reading news paaper but observing Priya  from the back . Priya left from there when Ram about to get up Rohan stood infront of him his hands on his waist .

Ram perplexed but still covered his movement .

"What you want " Ram questioned him

"Look Uncle ,Don't think PRiya di don't have anyone , If  again   I see this I will tell to everyone " He walked from there in a protective brother . Ram git super angry as well as a broad smile lthinking about priya .

Neha's uncle sat with Ram " Beta what are you doing "

Ram , m a SAP consultant uncle

Where you staying ??

USA , California .

Achha , I  have a daughter  she is in her graduation last year , If you are okay  I will show my daughter to you     than I will talk with your parents .

Ram heartbeat raised ..Oh Priya before something happened I should talk with you .Sorry uncle I can't marry your daughter saying this he walked off .Priya smiled hearing that answer

So Line clear haa priya ,Neha playfully hit's her shoulder .Priya blushed hearing it .

The the day is tomorrow but the last ritual is pending , Ram's eyes are gazing Bridal's room as he know definitely Priya will emerge from that room . He is very sure that she will .

After 10 mins for Ram it's 10 yuga's .[Lolz]Slowly  Priya emerged with Neha ,Ram got gitteries  ,he couldn't able to control his urge to hug her and crush her in his arms . He hardly controlled himself .

She is looking divine in aqua blue colour saree , her waist band is making him go crazy , her slim bare hands filled with Aqua colour glass bangles , her neck adorned with one long chain and short pearls neckpiece . Her pallu draped in one layer , Ram is going crazy .Except his hungry looks he couldn't do anything  in that function .

He went back to his room dejectedly , Plopping on Bed gazed the ceiling , This is all happening just becoz of me , Go Ram and go and tell  , he decided and when he got up to see the clock buzzed 12.oo ..

Shoving his hand in his hairs he walked to the balcony . after few mins in flickering lights he saw a figure walking to and fro in the garden back of a big tree  . A broad smile appeared on his lips .His steps getting closer very closer to the figure .

After the function priya fled from there unable to bear her tension after seeing Ram in a Maroon kurtha with gold embroidery work on collar , His looks are piercing thru her body ,she couldn't do anything . Tears welled up  In her ears .

She jolted when a pair of strong arms snaked her waist ,his palm covered her mouth before her yelp came out . Ssshhh Priya ,Its' me Ram .Her tears dropped on his palm .He hugged more towards him .Im sorry priya ,I love you ,I love you so much ,nibbled her ear planting enumerous kisses  along the slender neck line . You are sexy ,sizzling ,Beautiful saying this his hands covered her voluptuous round curves  squeezing them  he bit on her razing pulse . His need was throbbing at her back . She couldn't to able to resist herself more twirled in his arms ,locked her lips with him . Her hands rammed thru his hairs moulding  his hair in her favour  , her tongue caressing his mouth deepest folds ,he lift her to him , now she stood on her tippi toes , he searched her  blouse hook untangled it .She  moaned in his mouth where his hands roaming on her bare back .He just wanted to posses her curves in his mouth  without any restriction . She pulled back when his  hands are menacingly excavating  her spinal column  to her buttocks .

"Not here ,Not now "she breathed  in gulping a large amount of air into her lungs .Eqaully panting , Please Don't stop me priya , You driven me crazy already . pulling her dropping a kiss on her forehead 

"Come with me "

No I can't  priya trying to leave the place hooking her blouse back  ,Ram pulled her to him [ rohan came to susu ] both landed on the floor priya on top of him , To their horror  they  saw Rohan stood infront of them Rubbing his sleepy eyes , Again You are teasing  di ,thank god for darkness  he couldn't see anything .

Before RAM PRIYA stops him , He yelled at Mummy ,daddy  ... With his shout  some of their relatives including  ROhan's mom and dad also came to that area .

In between Ram  clasped  her blouse with so much difficulty .  Mom Ram uncle is pushing priya aunty  ,Rohan's mom sshed his mouth .taking him away . 

Priya was too scared to face them  so she held his hand for support , Ram is too bewildered to  see all of them . He too don't know what to say .

Rohan's dad "What  you two are doing  , hearing Rohans half sentence everybody understud  in different meaning ." Tomorrow the marriage is going to  happen and what the hell you two are doing .

Dadi who asked priyas hand for her grandson "Hawww I thought you are such a nice girl wanted to  ask your parents  ,I don't knw you are this type of girl "

Hearing her Priya eyes clouded with tears , her grip got more form on Ram's arm .

"OMG thank god you said no to my daughter otherwise I thought you are such nice champ "

Hearing some hallabol VIkram & Neha rushed in the place  understand what could have happened .

Vikram stood  infront of Ram & Priya ..

Excuse me my dear relatives ,Please please stop this accusion  on them Because They two are already married . Every one gasped hearing it .

Yes they two are married  A month Ago , Both are soft ware engineers  in USA , They hardly  got leave on their marriage time , they just came to marriage after marriage bboth left to USA , than Priya has to stay back in hoston until she gets her transfer . after a week she shifted to california with Ram and they just settled in the home I went to invite  Ram for my marriage . actually their honeymoon also  is there in this 20 days .   as its arranged marriage  for them .Ram wants to get the feeling how it will be when they both are in love . so thi spagal ladka made an agree ment with me , Priya will  come and stay with  as her friend and Ram will stay with me , Both will be near  but far from their actual  wife and relationship .

So they acted as if they two are still singles . Please don't say anything to them as they two  valued their parents and marry with their parents choice just wants to taste "Lovers"  side .so you completely misunderstand them. Anyway we all are thought of revealing tomorrow as Priya is feeling guilty that she has not weared her Mangalsutra from past few days for marriage she wants to wear so we wants to tell all of you that time . saying this vikram side hugged Ram ,already Neha was with priya .

All were giggled , whoever bashed them they all said sorry and gave free advice . enjoy enjoy we wont come in between you two . all left the place one by one .

Priya was a bit angry on Ram she was about to walk off ,Ram pulled her to him side hugging him "Im sorry "

She freed from him  without uttering anything she left with Neha . Ram cursed his hormones .walked back to his room , feeling her soft curves still in his hand . he remembered

"Ram , Please why don't you understand  , I don't like this acting and all  " think something else ,Please priya please pretty please just once , he made her agree for this agreement and  he felt bad for  others comments on her character . Goshhh he wants to tell sorry to her so badly . But nope she just went without saying bye to him .

The next day evening  time is marriage , everyone Is too busy with the preparations .  Ram has not seen priya once also  . he called to Neha , Neha said she I sperfectly fine but  after yesterday incident she is just embarrassed so not coming out . Neha clicked a pic of priya while she is arranging  her clothes , sent to Ram , enjoy with this for now . Ram sent a loads of Thanks to Neha . admiring her He got ready and waiting for her .

Neha came with other girls are helping her . He was hell shocked when he didn't find Priya . He himself went to Neha's room . There  he saw his angel neatly covered in a Violet and gold colour mixed  , half saree combination , Her slim hands covered with gold bangles , it was gifted by Ram when he came to know she likes bangles , Her neck adorned with mangalsutra , her eyes koheled with kajol  , her lipis smacked with a  radiant light colour lipstick .Her hair curled to left side  , a stone studded flower  adorned it .  he saw her reflection in mirror . She completed filling her maang .briskly she turned to go  but Ram is right next to her she bumped in him he held her safely in his arms .

She closed her eyes in fear of fall , Feeling the same touch of her man she opened her eyes which was invited with his lips , he closed her eyes once again with his lips .

"You are looking divine My angel "Priya blushed hearing it ."Thank you " and lemme look at you she freed herself from him , admiring his dashing look in his designer kurtha . Pulling his cheeks slightly  You are looking so cute  man kartha hai ...

He snaked his hand around her waist ha "man kartha hai than .. kya !!! " she  dazzled by his close proximity and  husky voice  ,Please tell me he hovered on her ear .

"Man kartha hai kya !! he pleaded

" to Hug you " saying this  she hugged him hid her face in his chest . He smiled caressing her hairs , dropped a kiss on her forehead come lets go ,Its getting late . He held his hand she took in hers walked side by side . When they entered in the hall everybody gasped ,whispered , some gals and boys squeled few passed comments . But priya walked with  pride , The mangalsutra and toe rings gave attention to everybody . They both so enjoyed the marriage of his best friend . eventhough Neha is not priya's friend but when she came here they both  jelled up well  became besties now . after sending Neha to her  first night suit . Priya  sighed walked back to her room .Rohan came with a  slip and a chocolate in his  mouth . Giving it to her he rushed off .

"Come to my room ,You r lagaugge is waiting for you " Your's Ram

She smiled ,blushed , her steps were slower steadier as she knew few pair of eyes looking at her . she ignored them but her heart beats erratic and she just entered  his room  immediately bolten it up .leaning on it she took a deep  breath .

Ram smiled at her , Making her sit infront of mirror , he slowly  untangled from all her jewellery , when  he about to unclasp her black beads , she stopped his action please Ram lemme wear this tonight it wont be a barrier to you .

Ahaaa ... he rolled his tongue , he clasped her pallu . she held it on her hand ,Ram was too fast to remove , she  covered her front turned the other side to enter washroom , while she is  struggling for the door lock ,He was right there to help her , unclasping her hook he nuzzled her bare back , his  day old stubble made her crazy with his touch , She opened the door with difficulty closed it immediately . She was surprised to see his arrangements the bath tub filled with warmwater  with rosepetals , she drenched herself in that pampered her body to get the tiredness out of her body .

After 15  mins she emrged from the washroom in a  white bathrobe divinely glowing after the rose water bath . He inched closer to her . Priyaaa Im so sorry for this 7 days distance , lifted her up in his arms laid down on the bed . Untieing  her robe .He slid his hand inside her bare waist .

Priya you look sexy  in saree ... You killed me everyday wearing different kind of sarees making me wated you more and more , I end up with  your dreams .

She giggled at his feed back  .Are you forgotten ,YOU are the one who asked you are bored seeing me in jeans ,skirts ,short dresses and you wants me to see in sarees . and still I make you dream about me . shabahsh Priya she patted herself ..

He smiled at her naughti ness.. I don't want to waste anymore time on this . saying this he captured her soft lips in him , he parted his lips to feel the nectar from her mouth . they were still releing under the math of newly married bliss Ram only wanted some distance to make their romantic life better with new energy .

His hands were caressing her nude shoulders making the bathrobe loosen and fell on the bed .He too was free from all  his clothes . Im so missed these lil hearts Priya , he sucked , licked , biten on her soft curves , her head hitting the pillow  her hands pushing his head to her chest more and more . He was   changing his lips one curve to another  meanwhile his fingers  touching the  length of her innermost secret softtissues. Oh god you are so wet baby .. he growled biting her neck  , showering rain of kisses on her soft  silky skin , he tongued her belly button  ,she arched her body  , his day old stubble making her more crazy , when she felt what he is upto  "NO " He yelped  But his lips started working on her most deliciously . She writhed under his pleasurable lapping .Her fists fisting the bedsheet tightly , she felt her inners cramping "Ramm " her  desirable voice make his work faster , her pleasure mounted up ,her head dipped more in her pillow releasing her orgasm . she don't know how many orgasams she had been until his skin to skin contact made her Alive again .Her halfdrooped passioned eyes  wanted him more and more , His each ministration making her pupil dilate .They drowned in the ocean of love .They hardly slept that night  infact Ram doesn't let her sleep .in the wee hours of morning  they both  got showered themselves from the  stickiness . When Ram came back after changind priya was sleeping in the  bathrobe cuddling to herself .He slid himself beside her kissing her lips one more "aur nahi , sone dijiyena please "

He chukled "I want you badly "  I missed this one week .

She pouted her lips in her sleep , embracing him in her slimhands , please don't plan this type of distance again  .

Because of that distance only , I got to taste every inch of your body , she playfully hits him on his chest drifted off to sleep .

Kissing her on her forehead "I love you priya " no more distance he too drifted off to sleep .They lived happily everafter WinkLOL

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post soon 

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awesme os
superbb hot and romatic too
thnx for pm

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Hi di
this is such a lovely os!!!
bechare ram priya k plan bhari pad gya ROFL
loved it
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Wow this is jst awesome...
Too good   ... Smile
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too romantic and hot..
Thanks for pm.. Smile
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It was rocking n romantic plsss keep writing the OS
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