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                         WILL U BE MINE ???

A door opened, revealing a long haired girl with beautiful brown eyes. Her hair mid-back, swaying back and forth as she walked down the steps off her Car and out the gate, onto the sidewalk. She wore a blue long kurta, with a white jeans to match.

As she skipped her way down the sidewalk.A big smile on her face.

"Hey Priya!" Someone called out. She turned her head in response. Her smile becoming bigger.

"Hii Ram!" She said back, as she ran up to the man named Ram. He had dark blue eyes (JAS Thakral)

and spike hair...

"You look happier than ever." He said chuckling.

"Why wouldn't I be." She said giggling cutely. A blush appeared on her face, when she saw him staring at her.

"Umm...You ready to go?" She asked shyly.

"No..." He said in a monotone voice. She gave him a confusing look.

"I wanna do something first." He said, walking up closer to her...

                                           Days Earlier...


In college

Priya tapped her pen on her desk, as she stared down at the white paper little paper on her desk. And read the words she wrote down. She smiled, but it soon went away. She bit her lip, as she looked up to see the back of Ram's head. Then the bell rung. Ram turned around, and Priya quickly took the paper and hid it. She picked up her books and bag and quickly left the room. Ram, was confused, but he just shrugged it off. He got his books  and tried to catch up with her.

Priya quickly ran through the halls. When she finally stopped, it was in front of a where all students kept books and their  necessary things She looked both ways, before sticking the the note from earlier the the vent of the locker. She quickly left before someone could see her, and went over to her locker which was two lockers down.

When Ram got to his locker, he found that Priya wasn't at hers.

"Shayad wo ghar chali gayi... ahhh. I really wanna to tell her something, main use apne ghar le jaana chahta tha kya pta ab kab mouka mile...i really want ki priya bhi Further studies ke liye USA chale...ahhh." He said to himself as he opened his locker. Just as he did, a small piece of paper fell out and landed by his feet.

"What's this?" He thought to his self. He bent down and picked it up. He opened it and began to read it...

Will You Be Mine?

Come to the old tree in the

garden. If you come

then i will know that curiosity

got the best of you and you

give me a Chance...

Priya sat under the tree and waited. She hugged her knees and waited. The shade hiding her from the hot, shining sun. She exhaled sadly. Worry could be seen in her eyes.

"Kya hoga Agar Ram nahi aaya to." She thought to her self.

"He probably thought it was a joke and is laughing about it right now. This was a stupid idea." She said to herself,. She stood up and was getting ready to leave...

"Umm...Hello?" A voice called out. Priya froze, and smiled a moment later. She knew who that voice belonged to. It was her best friend Ram. She was about to come out from behind the tree, but Ram started talking again.

"Umm..I don't know if you here, but if you are. I'm sorry. I can't..." He began, sadness filled her eyes.

"...It's because I already belong to somebody...or I'm hoping to." He said looking down at the ground, smiling. At this rate tears threaten to spill from Priya's eyes.

"W-Who is she?" She asked as she held back the tears.

"A-Are you crying?" Ram asked, as he came closer to the tree.

"No! N-No, can you just answer my question, please." She said, as one tear fell down her cheek.

"Priya. But sometimes I call her Dabbu." He said, a smile appearing on his face at the thought of her.

Priya froze, her tears of sadness becoming tears of joy. A smile spread across her face again. She ran from behind the tree.

"Golu!" u stupid ... She said with happiness, He held up his head up at the response of his nickname Golu. His face went red, when he saw it was Priya who was the one behind the tree. Priya came up and gave him a warm and loving hug.


Flashback End...



Ram walked closer, making Priya blush a little. He gentle grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. He stared deep into her eyes and moved his face closer to hers; Making her blush even more.

He brush his lips against hers just to get a reaction. Her face turned a deep red. Ram smirked, and press his lips against Priya's.



Something she's been waiting for a long time...

Ram pulled her closer to him, as the kiss became more passionate...

When Ram parted, you could her a whimper escape Priya's lips. Her face still red. Ram, lifted her chin, making her look at him.

"Priya?" He called. She gave him a small cute smile in response.

"Will you be mine?" He asked, in what seemed like a shy voice. Priya smile grew wider.

"I thought I already was." She said, making Ram, give small smile.

"Priya?" He called out once more. She smiled.


"I Love You." He said. Priya's eyes lit up with Joy as she gave him a big rapturous smile. She then pulled him in for another kiss. When they parted, Priya was still smiling and was giggling a little bit too.



"I Love You Too." She said, As Ram brought her in for a warm loving hug...

I m not going to anywhere Priya without you

Love u...

"I always your and u always Mine"

 and we always together As "





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very nice
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Nice os and thanks for the pm
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its beautiful... lovely OSSmile
thanks fr the pm
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Lovely os.
Keep writing.
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Awesome os
Thanks for pm
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Awesome OS !
Thanks 4 pm!!!
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