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hey...hello everyone this s my 1st osSmile

Ram was napping again. This time he fell asleep right after he got home from office on their green love cauch in the bed room he wasn't sleeping 20 minutes when something hard hit him in the chest Ram lazily opened his eyes to see what the heck it was to his surprise he saw his partner Priya sitting on him.

 There are other couches ya know Ram told her.

 I know she replied but I feel like sitting on this one.

 Do you want me to get up ? Ram asked

 No Priya answered.

Suit yourself  Ram wasn't going to complain he would want nothing more then to cuddle with his secret desire on their love seat. It would seem that Priya felt the same since she spun around and just laid down on him resting her head beside his whats got into her? Ram thought Is this actually happening? I can sense her Ram's wavelength and it seems that she wants this as much as I do could it be? taking this situation into his own hands quite literary Ram wrapped his arms around her waist so it is true Priya thought to herself he does love me giving into Ram advance Priya placed her hands on his and three or four of their fingers meshed together. 

 Before I woke you Priya asked were you dreaming ?

 Yes Ram replied

 What about ?

 I don't remember Ram lied.

 You do to Ram

 Ram blushed a bit and hesitated before he answered I was dreaming about you Priya.

 Priya didn't expect this really ?

Ya Ram started  we were holding hands and walking in the park one night and we saw a shooting star. I told you to make a wish after you did I asked what it was. but of course you wouldn't tell me but you did say that I would like it then... Ram stopped.

 Then what ? Priya was blushing this time and her heart was beating faster.

 Ram let out a sigh then you kissed me Priya

 No way Priya said I don't believe it but she wanted to badly.

 This is one thing Ram continued that is uncool to lie about He had a point.

 Ram She whispered.


Their eyes we getting heavy now Priya laying on a warm surface that had her favorite scent Ram having a blanket of the woman he loved they soon fell asleep in each others arms.

Ram was the first to wake up best darn nap I ever had  then he noticed how dark it was getting, the sun had almost fully gone down his gesture of looking out the window woke Priya up She turned over onto her stomach and smiled at Ram he returning the smile he said

Good evening Priya

 Ram you say good morning to people when they wake up silly.

 Well look out side she looked and gasped.

 How long were we asleep ? she asked.

 I don't know but it was a long time and now I'm hungry

 Uuuggg Priya groaned we don't have much here to eat not unless I spend a long time making something

 Then how about I take you out somewhere to eat ? Ram asked her then he cleared his throat and asked differently Priya would you like to go out with me to eat.

 Ram your making this sound like a date.

 Ya I know this made Priya blush again.

 Um ya sure she finally answered.

So with as much hesitation as possible they got up got some new nicer clothes on and then they headed out. It was a warm friday night so they decided to walk and it wasn't long till they decided to walk hand in hand

They stopped at a nice looking restaurant took their seats and Ram insisted the she order what ever she wanted she flipped through the menu and finally decided on what she wanted then looked up at Ram It seemed that Ram never stopped looking at her eyes plus his menu wasn't even open.

Have you even looked at what they have Ram ?

I already know what I want plus I had something better to look at Priya blushed and smiled as she was about to say something the waiter showed up as soon as he did Ram's attention switch from Priya's eyes to his french mustache.

 Do you two know what you will have this evening? The waiter asked

 I'll have Priya said the garden salad with cheese sandwich

Great choice madam and for you young sir ?

This got Ram out of his what a weird mustache look and he said I will have the same.

Alright then I shall return soon with your order with that the waiter walked off so Ram and Priya starred at each other again.

 Why did you get the same meal as me ? Priya asked there was plenty of things that you like here.

 I got the same thing just cause Ram said.

Ram is acting really romantic tonight I like this side of Ram with that thought in her head Priya smiled the young couple continued talking about whatever till their food came boy was it good food and Ram never thought he would like the salad but it was great. As they were eating Ram mentioned that red and green were complimentary colors Priya wondered why he mentioned this then she looked into his deep brawn eyes she could and has get lost in his eyes then she got what he was saying his eyes are red and hers are green. 

 Its like I was meant to be your partner then Ram Priya smiled.

I'm glad it was so Priya with that Ram started to lean in a bit. Priya by instinct leaned in as well. they only had a couple on inches left when...

 You bill. the waiter was back they both shot back into their chairs and Ram quickly grabbed the bill and thanked the man. ya thanks for ruining my first kiss Ram angrily thought little did Ram know Priya was thinking the same thing.

 I'm going to freshen up Priya told Ram.

 I'll meet you at the cash Ram replied she went off as Ram paid for the meal as she was coming back Ram saw the newspaper on the desk and something caught his eye. 

 Whatcha reading ? Priya playfully asked.

 Nothing lets get home Its getting dark and there is one more thing that I want to do.

 What are you planing Ram Kapoor  ?

It's a last minute surprise now lets go Ram gently grabbed her hand and they walked off. getting home he told her to change into something warm she went to her room and did so Ram as well but he grabbed a blanket before he went back out seeing Priya he asked if she was ready saying this he saw that she was warring one of his sweaters he loved when she did that don't know why but he just did.

 ha I'm ready Ram are we going somewhere else ? she questioned.

 Yes  and we are taking my bike this time.

 But Ram I look like crap Priya complained.

One  you look cute and two  it doesn't matter for where we are going this intrigued Priya so she took his hand and the when to his bike after about five to ten minutes Priya saw the desert sign.

 Ram ?

Trust me Priya you'll love it Ram yelled over the sound of his bike after another 15 minutes of driving in the desert Ram stopped they got off and ram laid the blanket down sitting down he motioned Priya to sit beside him as she did she wrapped her arms around his chest putting his arm on her shoulders he said.

Priya look up and you'll see why I took you out here she looked up and couldn't believe how many stars there were I figured that tonight we should star gaze.

Ram this is the best idea you've had yet Priya said pushing Ram so that they were laying down Priya thought that she was in heaven gazing up at the beautiful sky with the man of her dreams.

Nothing could make this moment better Ram she said to him.

Oh I think something could look at that he quickly pointed at a shooting star Priya a wish Priya as she was wishing Ram called out I wish for a million more wishes

Ram if you tell someone your wish it wont come true Priya laughed.

With a sly look Ram said oh really ? we'll just see about that not two minutes later they saw another shooting star then another five another twenty soon the whole sky was filled with shooting stars Priya gasped at such a beautiful sight that plus Ram's wish came true which shocked her even more.

Ram this is amazing I have never seen something like this How...

 It said in that newspaper I was reading that there was a meteor shower tonight and I wanted to see it with you. plus since we had that nap we can stay out even longer Priya was amazed this time at Ram she loved him she loved him so much. It was at that moment that she realized that nether of them have said it yet.

 I love you Ram

 I love you too Priya

 After that it seemed that all was right in the world they just laid there in the bliss of each others company. After a while Ram said.

 Priya I said my wish and it came true saying that what did you wish for ?

First off Ram you cheated with your wish and second my wish was a bit well silly I don't think even you with all your surprises could pull it off.

Try me and its probably not silly unless it's a unicorn flying down from space singing something cause then I defiantly wouldn't be able to pull it off Priya laughed.

 No Ram its not like that.

 Then what was it ?

 I wished that we could stay here all night and that you would ask me to dance with you with music of course but you don't dance and I can't.

 Seriously ?

 Ya your not going to laugh are you.

 No no I would only laugh at you thinking it can't happen.

What Priya was excited now Ram reached into his pocket and pulled out his mp3 player holding it in front of him Ram turned it on and started looking through his playlists they went past all of the lists that Priya had seen before she has stolen his mp3 before but she never listened to anything out side of  Ram's Mix this didn't surprise Priya his vast selection of music It took them almost three minutes to reach the bottom playlist which read  slow sappy stuff  Ram hit play on the first song stood up and held his hand out.

May I have this dance ? Madam Ram smiled his toothy grin Priya smiled back and stood up taking his hand. Ram put one ear bud in his ear and the other in Priya's.

We have music.Ram said.

 But I still can't dance Priya told him.

Just feel the music and follow my lead with this Ram put his hand on her waist Priya placing her hand on his shoulder they started swaying to the soft music Ram is a great lead Priya thought to herself then Ram started moving a bit more and Priya followed It was almost like she could feel what he was doing next through his Ram's wavelength this was a lot better then Priya's wish after a couple of minutes the first song ended but the second was not far after it It was a slower song and a formal waltz didn't seem to fit Ram slid his right hand down her arm slowly down her back and rested on his other hand Priya moved her hands up and around his neck now they were just making small steeps side to side never breaking eye contact Ram noticed that they were still an arms length apart he didn't like this so Ram slowly started tightening his grip forcing Priya closer Right away she did the same she placed her head on his chest Ram placing his head on her shoulders Ram and Priya where glad that this was a longer song still stepping side to side ram said.

I love you Priya I have loved you since the first time I saw you since the first time I played the piano for you since we moved in together since ever and now I will never let you go Priya thought she was going to cry as she thought about what he said she realized

Ram I think I have loved you since that same moment looking up to his face now I love you they finally had their chance they closed the final distance between them their lips softly touching eyes closing grips tightening. They put all those years of waiting into one passion filled kiss they didn't realize how long they were kissing till the song ended breaking the kiss Priya nestled her face deeper into his chest Ram kissing her forehead.

Was your dance everything you could wish for Priya ?

Nope Ram looked at her It was even better Ram laughed and they walked back to the blanket Priya laying on top of Ram this time she pointed out constitutions she read about and so it started Ram and Priya spent the entire night out there talking about everything you could think of Ram mentioning the fact that he loved it when she wore his clothes Ram even opened up about his family and older brother sid Priya asking why he bugged her about her chest  he answered truthfully saying that guys really bug girls that they like Priya even mentioned her papa saying that she wants to love him like a father but he will never change and she hates that part of him Ram asked about Priya's mother and what Priya  remembers about her from before she left so Priya told him story after story of good times they had everything they had ever known was a topic they could talk about and they did It seemed like forever and they wish it was but stars soon started to fade away and some light could be seen. 

Ram the suns coming up

I bet its not as beautiful as you Priya smiled and they both sat up to watch the sun rise what a sight it was seeing the sun come up with the one you love Ram kissed Priya's neck

I'm sorry to say this but its seems that its time to head home my angel Ram said softly

I guess your right so they got up rolled up the blanket hopped on the bike and started to head home by the time they got there Priya had fallen asleep on Ram back Ram didn't realize this till after he parked the bike now Ram had a problem he needed to get off while at the same time not letting Priya fall over about 15 minutes later Ram finally managed to get off with Priya still sleeping Ram picked her up and carried her bridal style back to their apartment kicking the door open Ram managed to get to room and set her down on the bed feeling the bed Priya woke up.

Oh now you get up Priya I'm getting changed then going to sleep.

 Ram wait Priya started after come back to me.

Anything for you Ram kissed her then left to get changed into PJ's Ram returned to see Priya already changed and climbing into bed she saw  Ram and motioned him to lay down beside her he did so and wrapped his arms around her It wasn't seven seconds till they both feel asleep holding the one they love. 

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very beautiful superbbb penn down love each and every lines...
and must say u r very good writer...
Do write more
nxt time plz pm me
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wonderful OS.. great workThumbs Up
keep writing
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Very romantic n write more
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Raya will always in the dream if each other
Ram fulfilled Priya's every wish the love they feel for each other can be seen in the eyes. Now again they are drift to sleep to dream another beautiful dream of their togetherness...
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Wow... A nice story line...
Please do write moreTongueTongueTongue
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Originally posted by aman.anjaan

very beautiful superbbb penn down love each and every lines...
and must say u r very good writer...
Do write more
nxt time plz pm me

im glad u like it so much
i love ur comments
n sure i will pm youSmile
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Originally posted by Huma.Malik

wonderful OS.. great workThumbs Up
keep writing

thanks so much
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