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    Hi this Os is by my friend if u like then i ll update his more stories   


"Priya come down stairs and meet the neighbors."  My mother yelled. I am 12 years old. Me and my mother had to leave because my dad left us. For a year my dad was cheating on my mom with his secratary. she got pregnant so he left and moved in with her. the last thing he said to us was that he was making a new family because we were a sorry excuse for one. I feel bad and blame my self all the time. My mother tells me not to though.

        I got off the floor with my dog Snoopy and we walked down stairs togetherr. I walked into the living to see my mom talking to a family. Their was a man who had black hair and blue eyes and a women who had black hair also but green eyes. the mans arm was around the womans waist. next to the woman was a boy, He had his mothers hair and eyes, but his face was more like his fathers. He looked about my age. I walked over and stood beside my mom. she looked down at me then kneeled down to my height.

        "Priya this is Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor and their son Ram." she said I looked over at them then looked at my mom. she sighed and put her hand on my shoulder giving me a look begging me to say something. after a while when she realised I wasn't going to say something she stood up and turned to the family. they were all looking at me." I am truly sorry. she has not talked since her father left." I looked down at the floor glpriyang until I walked to the back door and opened it. me and snoopy went outside, I sat with my legs crossed and he put his head in my lap.

        A few minutes later I heard the backdoor open but ignored it. the next thing I know Ram was sitting right infront of me. with a huge smile on his face. I just looked back at him.

        " Hi my name's Ram I live in that house right there." he said pointing to a a grey house similar to mine. I looked back at him and nodded. We sat in silence until he spoke. "I'll make you a deal if you come to my house and play with me I'll be your bestfriend forever. I will never leave you." He said. He looked so sincere like he meant it.

        "promise?" i asked speaking for the first time in weeks. he smiled even bigger.

        "promise." he said placing his hand in mine and intertwing our fingers. the rest of the day we played in his room and had fun. eventually we both fell asleep laying side by side.


                                        TEN YEARS LATER


                                                  Ram P.O.V.

                                             "Ram wake up." I heard a soft Angelic voice whisper in my ear. My eyes slowly fluutered open. I blinked a few times to clear my vision. I saw the face of my best friend, the girl I helped through a rough time, and the girl I love. yeah I admit it I love my best friend. She was straddling me with her elbows on my chest and her head in her hands. Her hair fell in curles around her face and her big brown eyes were starring into my own. her pink full lips were smiling at me. i smiled back at her.

        "What time is it?" I asked groggly from sleep. She reaches into her back pocket and pulled out her phone. she hit the button and looked at the screen.

        "It's 8:14" she replied then she started pushing buttons as though she was texting. I looked at my calendar while remembering today was her big stage championship. she was still texting so I graabed her hand and moved her off me so I could get ready. she remained texting as though I never moved her. I sware that girl could got through an earthquake texting and she would never know. I shhok my head and got up to get ready. I picked out some dark jeans a red v-neck t-shirt and my black shoes. I took a shower and get dressed. I ran a brush through my black hair and looked in the mirror fixing my hair.

        I came out the bathroom was on my laptop with her leg crossed. I smiled at the sight. I knew she felt comfortable enough to just grab my stuff and use it. I felt the same about her stuff. I grabbed my phone, wallet, and Ipod, also my keys. I walked over to the bed and sat next to Priyu. She was on Facebook updating her status. it said getting ready to go to the state championship with Ram kapoor. I smiled most of our stuff on facebook we are always together. we are always together. but I like it that way.

        She logged out of her face book and closed my laptop. she layed her head on my shoulder.

        "Ram I'm nervous." she said her voice laycing with fear. I rubbed her back and layed my head on hers

        " come on Priya you shouldn't be scared. you are going to go out there and kick all their butts." I told her. She chuckled a sound I loved to hear. I sttod  up and walked to the door. I looked over at her she was already wearng her dress and shoes. "ready? I asked her. she put her hands on the ground and flipped of the bed landing right in front of me with her hands on her back and a smile on her face.

        "ready!" she said excitedly. I chuckled and opened the door for her. we walked down the stairs and out to my car. I opened the passenger door and she got in. I walked over to the driver seat and hopped in putting the car in drive. we had top travel quiet a bit and where staying at a hotel. My parents had to go to a buisness meeting up their so they can come but her moom has to work. we had already packed our bags and thier sitting in the car. I connect the ipod and coonect to music system and turned the volume up. look at me now and we both started singing the lyrics.

        Once we arrived at the stadium Priya and I headed to the back to meet her coach. she did some stretches and went over her routine a few times. a hair and make-up team came in. they put her hair in a high bun and put glitter and other stuff on her face. afterwards she sat on the couch by me and sipped at her water. she always did that before competition. So she wouldn't get dehitrated and she dousn't drink to much to make her sick. We sat for a while talking until they anounced it was starting. she looked at me worried.



        " don't worry they will love you." I told her I kissed her forhead and pulled her in a tight hug. then we left and went down different hallways. I to go sit in the audience and her to go sit with the competitiors. we already knew that she would be close to last but they weren't as many people here. I found my parents and sat by them.

        they anounced Priya's name and she came out she started her routine and was great. she was doing a flip when she yelped in pain. I along with my parents and her coach all stood up. I could see the tears going down her face but she kept going. I sttod for the rest of her routine. when she was done they immediatly rushed her to the back. I took off in a sprint knowing my parents would come to. I was in the back running to her dressing room when I heard a scream I knew was coming from Priya. I ran faster and burst through the door. Priya was sitting in a chair, a doctor looking at her hand and her coach pacing the room. She had tears running down her face. I immediately went to Priya, I picked her up and took her spot setting her in my lap careful not to move her han. she buried her face in my neck as she cried more. It broke my heart to see her cry and in pain. I rubbed her back and said soothing words into her ear. A few minutes later my parents came.

        "Her wrist isn't broken, it was just to stretched then you twisted it wrong. You will have to go to a doctor and get him to examin it more." the doctor said. He walked out. The only noise in the room was Priya trying to control her  breathing. they called all contestants to get the resault. she stood up and i did to. we walked out and walked seprate ways. I was sad she got hurt.

        Priya ended up winning. the judges were very impressed with how well she did on her wrist. she will be going to nationals in three weeks. we went to the doctors and were now at or hotel. Me and priya shared a room we were laying on the bed and i was starring at her and she was starring back.

        "will you promise me something?" I ask she noddeds and looks at me curiously "if you get hurt in a competition again you won't keep going. you'll let them look at the injury first." she closed her eyes for a minute then looked back at me and nodded slowly

        "I promise." she said softly I smiled at her then pulled her close in a hug. soon her breathing slowed and I knew she was asleep. she always like this from last ten years she slept and i had to place her on bed I closed my eyes and soon drifted off to sluup my self. on couch


                                    Priya's P.O.V.

             I woke up the next morning and took a shower. I put on a white tank top and a blue off the shoulder shirt with a pink heart in the middle and jean with blue Sandles. I walked back into the room and Ram was still asleep He was strung out on the couch, his hair was messy, but still looked good. His mouth was slightly opedned, I smiled and grabbed my phone.

            I sat on the bed and opened my text from Ashwin. He has been my boyfriend for six months. The text said " Hey sorry I couldn't come to the competition. Can't wait til you get home hurry back. ;) XOXO" I smiled and sent back a text.

           "I am heading back today. XOXO" I set my phone back down and just sat there. . I looked up and saw Ram looking at me trying to hide his laughter but failing miserabely. I smiled back up at him

          "Ram we have to get up and leave." I said his face dropped

         "But I' wanna sleep more he come and hug me from side. I smiled and laughed.

         "Come on Ram we can't stay like this all day." I said. I tried squirming out of his grip but he just tightened it and stayed still. "Ram!!!!!!!!" I wined pouting. He lifted his head and pouted.

        " I jumped out of the couch and said

        "Ha!!!!!! now you have to get up in your face." then I ran to the kitchen and started making breakfast. I heard the shower start and smiled in victory. I cooked sandwich and tea for us then started cleaning up. Once I was done I heard Ram come in the kitchen and we sat at the table and ate.

         After we ate Ram cleaned the dishes while I went around the room cleaning up. We finished at the same time. We grabbed our lougage and headed out. we drove home and joked the whole way there.

         The next day

. I had decided to take a walk through the park. I grabbed my phone and headed out.

         When I got to the park I sat down in front of a tree. I just sat their until I heard some giggling. I turned around and saw Ashwin. I felt the tears coming. He was with shruti my best friend. I stood up and said

       "Ashwin?" I more asked. My voice cracking at the end and it thick with tears. He spun around and looked at me with shock. He made a move to come closer, I shook my head and turned around and started running home. I heard him following but ignored his pleas. I ran all the way home. when I was about to head into the door I heard my name called one last time but by someone different. I turned around and ran into the arms of Ram. He hugged me and held me as I cried into his chest. My heart was broken.

         "Priya? why were you crying." Ram asked once my sobs subsided. I looked up at him and said

        "Ram I feel stupid I should have known he cheated on me." He looked very angry, angry enough to kill. He didn't move though he just stood there. FInally he grabbed my hand and led me into his house.

I cried almost half hors then he said i knw how to cheer u up wait He left me in his room and went to get something.

He came back with popcorn and we watched SRK's movies all night. I soon fell asleep in Ram's arms again



         It has been a month since i found Ashwin cheating on me. I felt much better now. The month consisted of spending a lot of time with Ram, eating cookie dough ice cream, and watching cheesy romance movies. I was glad that Ram sat through them with me.

        I am really excited Prom is coming up. I can't wait me and Ram are going together but just as friends. Lately I have been getting strong feelings for him lately and honestly I don't mind it. I probably won't tell him though because I am pretty sure he doesn't feel the same way.

       I was at the store with Ram's mom shopping for prom dresses. I saw a violet dress, it was tight around the bust and waist but flowed out and was floor length. It had a three quarter sleeve and a row of dark purple beads around the waist I loved it and so did Ram's mom so we paid for it and matching heals and left. when we got back to my house i put the dress up and took a shower. The prom was on Saturday and it was Tuesday. I was really excited. Once I got out of the shower I put on a blue tank top, jeans

       i walked toRam's house and we all ate dinner. After doing the dishes we gathered in the living room and all watched movies.                                              

                             Saturday night

       i was looking in the mirror and fixing my hair. it was curled and half was clipped up and puffed out at the top. The rest fell down in elegant curls.

    'Priya Ram is here." My mother yelled up the stairs. I grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs. Everyone was starring at me.Ram had a huge smile on his face and was starring at me. I went toRam when I got down stairs and he put on the wrist corsage he got me. I smiled and we posed and took pictures. I was turned to the side with my hand on his chest. his arm was around my waist. After we took pictures we went out to the car and he opened the door for me.

      At the dance we were slow dancing when Ram said my name. I looked up and he was starring at me.

     "I know you probably wont fell the same but I have to tell you this. Priya I love you with all my heart. I have known you for most my life and every second I spend with you I love you that much more. I want to be able to call you mine. I want to hold you in my arms and both of us know it's not just in a friends way. Priya will you be my Girlfriend?"

      I smiled and Leaned up. I crashed my lips against his and gave him a very passionate kiss. He was shocked at first but quickly got over it. When we were done I put my forehead on his and said one simple word that changed our whole relationship. "yes"

                                           Three Years Later

Me and Ram have been going on strong for 3 wonderful years. We are going on a date tonight and i was getting ready. I had amazing news to tell Ram and he said he had some news to. i heard a knock on the door and went to get it.Ram led me to the beach were a picnic was set up. After eating we took a walk and stopped. I turned to him and told him to start with his news. He got down on one knee and I was really surprised.

     : Priya I love you with all my heart. These past three years have been the best of my life. Your beautiful, smart, funny, caring, generous, and you stole my heart. Priya will you take this ring as a symbol of our love and stand by me for the rest of our lives, Will you marry me?"

  I smiled and jumped at him almost sending us both to the ground but he caught us. I gave him a kiss that lasted long and gave him the answer we both wanted.

      "Ram Marrying you would be the best thing of our live. I also have some news.Ram I'm pregnant." I said with a smile. He had a huge grin on his face and kissed me too. That was a night I will never forget. One thing was for sure though I love My best friend and he loves me



The End

 Hope u like it


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too gud...
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finally me done ..superb os yaar .. just loved it in a single part ur friend.. penned down full scenario.. too good.. pass the comemnts to him..and please share more of his writing..and .. creidt to u for editing it so well thank u
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Awww so romantic from their friendship to their love confession to the marriage proposal great Aman pls do write more
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Lovely os and thanks for the pm
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Wow.. its really amazing.. n its different  too A man.. keeo going.. god bless u n hw wil keep u healthy.. to write more..ClapStarLOL
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Oops.. sorry typed ur name wrongly as A man.. touched d space bar mistakenly EmbarrassedWink
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Lovely !!!
Plzz write moooree!!!
And thanks 4 pm!!!
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