OS : The Royal Promise

Posted: 2014-10-24T02:09:50Z
Hello Guys!
I'm here with an OS, A small diwali gift from my side to all my Lovely Readers. The concept of the OS is something I wanted to write from so long but it didn't come out as I wanted, sorry in advance if you find it boring.
title of the OS is suggested by hima.
Hope you all enjoy reading!

"Princess!" The guard murmured and bowed down. Not giving him any attention she walked past him. She was princess of her Kingdom of Jerusalem. Her father is a brave warrior who never lost any battle, he is king of the kingdom and her father but he never behaved like one to her. The king kept her like a hostage in the large royal palace never allowing her to go outside in name of protecting her from this evil world but she knew better, he never wanted her to go out because he was afraid, his enemies would use her against him and take down him which he don't want at any cost, his pride and kingdom is more important to him than his daughters freedom and happiness. Believers in country only saw her once in a year or two but they do respect her a lot. Tales about her beauty was spoken  through out the lands, Poets wrote uncountable poems, devoted to her beauty.

She went in balcony of her luxurious room, Cold breeze caress her face, she drew a sharp breath, Everything around her was calm but she knew that it was calm before storm, her kingdom was losing battle against their enemy Kingdom, her father was losing the battle against the prince of Estia, prince Rey Nicolas, She had never seen him but had heard a lot about him, he is known for his ruthless nature and sharp brain, he had won the world with his charm. 

Princess Taani turn around when some sounds came from her room, which was in complete darkness.

"Who is there?" her voice come out as whisper, a deep chuckled heard by her, sending shiver down her spine. She saw a shadow coming toward her, Seeing him in surprise when he lighten up the candle, which was near her bed. She gasped at the sight in front of her, a well build men was standing there, with pride. The powerful aura coming from him, aware her who he was, he was Rey Nicolas, prince Rey Nicolas.

"You are coming with me, Princess Taani" His deep voice hold the authority, She was startled but she knew that this was coming. After all her kingdom lost this important battle. She looked at him, Into his deep brown eyes which had pride of victory in them. taani took steps closer to him.

"Kill me" She spoke with bravery, he was surprised, But taani wasn't, She knew that rather than living as his slave in his kingdom, death is far better, the life of slavery is not acceptable by her. 

"No princess, I am not killing you. You are coming with me" he spoke in calm voice, a gasp left from her mouth when he close the gap between them and carried her on his broad shoulder. She threw her tiny fists on his back in agony, in need to hurt him but he didn't even flinched away. A smirk made its way on his face, silently laughing at her attempts of hurting him. She didn't realize when she fell into deep slumber. She slept peacefully feeling relieved with the present , not worrying about tomorrow for once because she knew from tomorrow there wont be any peace in her life.


Next day, She woke up, jolting, registering the things around her. She was in luxurious room, it was not her palace so she knew she was in his palace, in his kingdom. But being in luxurious room instead of prison, shocked her. Why he was giving her luxury when he brought her here to be his slave, thats most prince and kings do when they win the battle and take over other kingdom, they brought that kingdoms believers with them, either they would kill them or made them their slaves for rest of their lives.

Taani knew she had to find a way to escape, but Before she could proceed further thinking of a way to escape from here, Door opened silently. She look at the maid who stood at the entrance with her head bow down in respect.

"Princess, Prince Rey wants to see you, please come with me" Maid said to her in polite tone, Taani wanted to refuse, she wasn't in mood to meet anyone but then she couldnt deny the prince, not when she is in his kingdom. Taani smoothen her dress as she got down from king sized bed, She let the maid escort her to princes room. Maid left from there, leaving taani standing at his door.

"Princess Taani" he spoke in his deep husky tone, sending shiver down her spine, he was standing near the window of his room, when he turn to look at the beauty standing there, she felt her throat went dry, some alien feeling started to overpower her heart and mind, The powerful aura, his charm, All were attracting her toward this man. She couldn't help but look at him with admiration.Rey was standing there watching her, staring at him with admiration.

Rey walk toward her, She gave him surprise look when he slide his hand in hers, he brought her inside his room and closed the door of his room. Taani look at anything but at him. He lifted her chin to made her face him, that made her realized why she was here, he pulled her close to him, holding her by waist, she wriggle to get out of his grasp.

"Why I'm here?" She questioned him, the tenderness in her voice in spite of the fact that he brought her here against her will, touched his heart. He had heard lots of tales about her beauty, her kindness but today he saw it himself. 

"You belong here, this is your new home, our home" he spoke with calmness yet sincerity, gasp escape from her mouth feeling his lips against the skin of her neck. Nuzzling his face between crook of her neck, he rubbed his stubble against her skin, taani bit her lips to hold back a moan which was about to escape, desires were alluring between them, her hand grip his shoulder for her support.

"Am i hurting you?" his gentle whisper broke her reverie. She took a step back away from him.

"No but tell me the truth! Why you bring me here with you when you don't want me to be your slave?" Her pleading tone broke his heart, but he masked his emotions again with calm look like always. He was expert in hiding his emotions from world.

"Princess, you are here to lead the kingdom with me" His breath was fanning over her neck, making hard for her to concentrate on his words rather than on their close proximity.

"Why me?" she spoke, her sweet voice felt melody to his ears, he gave her his heart warming smile, making her knees go weaken. Rey made her sit on his king size bed, then taking his seat beside her, he hold her hand in his.

"Princess, there was alliance fixed by your father with my my father, He fixed your marriage with me but when time came for our marriage your father denied the alliance because king of Felicia gave him better offer than us, he fixed your marriage with king, who was double of your age. And that was the reason of war between your kingdom and my, Which I won and i bring you here with me, where you belong." he spoke, His voice held the truth, his eyes shown many emotions, that time she wasn't understanding what had happened, how can her father do this, he broke his promise then for his pride, he was ready to ruin her life. Was his king title was more important than his daughters happiness and more than his scared promise he made to king of estia.

"My apologizes prince Rey for doubting you, I wasn't aware about the promise my father made" says taani, as a royal princess, she felt need to fulfill the promise her king and father made. She glance at the men sitting beside her. The calm look surprised her and somewhere it made her happy too. she was great full to him, the maturity he was showing while dealing with this matter, made her respect him more.

"It wasn't your fault, Princess" Rey told her, he put his palm on her right cheek, Leaning down he decreased the distance between their Lips. She could feel his hot breath on her face.His strong pair of arms were clutching around her waist. In her life she never felt so perilous yet so safe. Two different emotions was what she was experiencing. Confusion crept in her mind, the way her body was reacting to his touch. Looking straight in his eyes, she witnessed Love and passion, burning her with desires only he could fulfill.she felt thirst. Thrust of touching the lips of his from hers. For the first time in her life she felt wild.

As if understanding her, he close the gap between their Lips, That was a blissful moment for both of them. That was the moment she accepted him, accepted him as her soul mate. He pulled her closer by her waist expunging the inches of distance between them. The feelings she never experience, experience them now felt heavenly, Now she was living those dreams, she always dreamt of . The prince of her dreams was here with her, she couldn't be more happy.

Her lips curved into beautiful smile as he broke the contact between their lips. gazing at his deep rich brown eyes, In which she was ready to lose herself. Rey was feeling no different than her.

"Taani, Promise me that you will never leave me" Rey spoke with urgency in his voice, She could see the emotions like fear of losing her, Love and care for her.

"I promise, I will never leave you. I'll be with you in every step of life and thats a royal princess and a Lover's promise." Taani promised with Love in her voice. She long ago forgot who she was but his arrival in her life, give her another reason to live. If she was still caged in her old kingdom she would have lost her sanity and killed herself. she was suffocated there but here she was like free bird with someone to Love and care for her.

"And I promise to protect you, Love you, be with you till eternity, A royal prince and A lover promise to live my whole life with you, take away your every pain and suffering" And the next thing he did was unexpected, He bowed down to her, as a royal prince and future king, Bowing down in front of someone is something really big.  Taani embrace him, giving herself to him.

His hand reached out for lamp kept on table beside his bed, that was giving light to whole room, He bring lamp near him and blew the fire away.

Taking her in his embrace, he made her his, every part of his body, his soul, His heart was hers now. He bind her soul with his till eternity. As their bodies intertwined with each others, their souls became inseparable, they became One.

It was bad or worst.
First time wrote something like this, Do leave your feedback.


Posted: 2014-10-24T02:27:46Z
res unress me first to commentPartyDancingParty
wow royal storyBig smile
amazingly writtenClap
as u know sunshine this type of stories 
are very rare i read on IF
but i love them very muchWink
i liked the conceptStar
it was beautifully written
something unique
i like it
and yay i am not a kid but i still watch barbieLOL
and i love ur story
taani father never allow her to come outShockedShocked
hmmm so now she is in someones else palace
okay update soon
thax for pm
and do me pm of next one

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awesomeee storyyy i loved it
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Posted: 2014-10-24T02:33:00Z
wow iam forth one to comment here and love taarey as prince and princess
image is very beautiful
keep writing
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Posted: 2014-10-24T02:41:13Z
Originally posted by ANURADHATAAREYS

wow iam forth one to comment here and love taarey as prince and princess
image is very beautiful
keep writing

u r not 4 rd one dear
u r 3rd one to commentSmile
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Posted: 2014-10-24T02:44:44Z
OS was amazing nd lovely ... loved it sooo much ... it was very unique nd beautiful OS ... Also i love all ur stories ... thanx a lot for d PM...
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Posted: 2014-10-24T02:46:34Z
awasome os
tani dad is so bad
the kiss was awasome
luv taarey promisses for each other
taarey became one
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Posted: 2014-10-24T02:48:15Z
Amazing OS
Cute , beautiful <3
Keep Writing !
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