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Priya has always been close to her friends but one has always been important to her they've known each other since 1st grade they have had sleepovers attended their birthday parties accompanied each other in school field trips they have done everything together this boy is her best friend. but she feels as though they have been drifting apart since  college

They hardly spoke to each other during summer break she has been in marching band most of the summer she doesn't even know what he has been doing during his summer so what is the problem? she hopes that he is okay did she do something wrong? did she say something to upset him before graduation? she feels he is important to her like a close will we drift apart and stop talking to each other entirely? what is going to happen when we enter college?

Ram had been there for Priya since the day they met in first grade he had been her ear her pillow her shoulder to cry on and above all, her best friend every thing that Priya did Ram had been there beside her holding her hand and making everything all better though, with the feeling for her that had developed over the years he couldn't take it anymore he needed time to sort out his head he hadn't talked to her the entire summer holidays she had been in marching band so he went to music lessons he hoped she didn't hate him he prayed that she was okay he wanted her to know it wasn't her fault not really he wrote letters to her all kinds of letters though he didn't have the strength to send a one he hoped she would understand one day

He feels like he messed up like he let her down just to save their friendship

Part 1

Priya sighs at the breakfast table staring at her food it is early morning which leaves her little time to eat her food before she has to leave to band camp

What's wrong sweetheart  her mother asks her you haven't touched your food

I've just been thinking Priya answers as she push her sandwich

About what?

It's Ram we haven't spoken to each other in forever college is about to start Monday and we haven't said hi to each other since graduation I don't really know what to do she says quietly keeping herself from crying. i miss him

Oh Priya It's okay he's probably been busy

Then he would have contacted me to say something like that no text, no call, not even a letter I'm afraid he doesn't like me anymore

Priya he doesn't hate you you two have known each other far too long to hate each other now eat your breakfast you have to get to practice in twenty minute

Priya wipes that loose tear and starts at her food

Ram rolls out of bed and walks solemnly down the stairs to the kitchen pours himself a bowl of confreaks  and sits in the living room with his father

You tell her yet? his father asks

Dad Ram whines his dad is the only one who knows his feelings for Priya he had begged him for secrecy

You two haven't talked or anything the whole summer what gives?

I guess we aren't as close anymore  Ram begins to eat his breakfast

Are you sure that's it? or do you mean you think your feelings will hurt your friendship? Ram dad stands up and ruffles the boy's black hair call her tell her you want to hang out the longer you wait to see her the more it will hurt your friendship his dad leaves the room and heads for his study

Dad's right Ram thinks to himself I'll see if we can hang out today he finishes breakfast and runs back to his room grabs his phone and begins to text his best friend

Priya's mom is driving her to the college where band camp takes place Priya was daydreaming when she heard her phone vibrate in her jeans probably someone from the flute section again she takes out her cell phone and sees that it's Ram she gives out a happy squeal and responds to the text immediately yes I want to hang out maybe after band camp? I get out around 5 pm

Who was that Priya?

It was Ram he finally contacted me she says with a big smile

Have you asked him why he hasn't said anything until now

Hold on I'll ask she looks down and presses the buttons has fast as she can while trying not to make any type so how have you been? how come you haven't tried talking to me this whole summer?

I've been great I missed you Ram starts now he has to come up with a good excuse as to why he hadn't even called her during break I'm so sorry I've been busy

He sends his reply he hopes she won't be too upset with him he thinks about riding his bike down to the college to watch her practice since he doesn't have piano lessons until the weekend since his teacher went on vacation he takes his bike says goodbye to his dad and leaves for the college grounds

She runs past her teammates and goes to get her flags left in the equipment room she's a part of the guard team basically another name for baton girl guard is considered a part of the band she just says she's a part of the band because when she says she's a flag girl they look at her funny and ask what she does It gets annoying sometimes

Ram races through the roads on his bike the wind whistling through his short hair stinging his emerald eyes He waves to the old man on the corner as he speeds by only a few blocks from the college his heart is racing though he doesn't think it's because of him riding his bike

He pulls into the college drive parks his bike on the bike rack and walks calmly to the back of the college he leans against the building watching the band assemble he smiles seeing Priya at the front laughing with the other girls

Dang it I forgot my butterfly flag I'll catch up if you guys start to leave Priya says as she runs to the band room but sees Ram leaning on the wall Ram she yells happily as she runs to him and gives him a big hug she holds him as tightly as possible to make him know she missed him greatly

Ram sighs as she hugs him holding her tightly he had missed her like crazy he just dodn't admit it for the rest of the summer

I didn't think that you'd be here Priya smiles hold on a minute I have to get one more thing in the band room It's really good to see you Ram she says with her wide smile before she runs into the band room to get her things

He watches as she run back into the college a little sadder he waits until she came back just like she said he thinks of something to say though draws a blank he face palms stupid he mutters to himself shaking his head

Priya looks at him questionably what's wrong?

Ram smiles as she walks back to his side headache he mutters

The band major then blows at his whistle to let the band know it is time to leave Priya looks back and sees that they are moving in time to the whistle blows Priya fidgets a little bit because she knows she has to leave but then again she won't get in trouble if she gets there the same time as the band

So she can talk to him a little bit longer before she has to book it and catch up with the band she only has five minutes to talk to Ram then run

You have to go don't you? Ram looks down at his feet they have been friends for almost ever why is it so hard to talk to her now? he sighs again mentally cursing himself

I have some time usually the guard warms up while the band practice blowing into their instruments I've already done a little running back and forth so I'm basically all set up to dance on a blacktop hot enough that I can fry an egg on she responds she goes through her bag and tosses him and bottle of tylenol It might help with your headache

Their talk does feel a little bit awkward has it always been like that? usually they talk up a storm when they hang out maybe it's because they haven't seen each other until now hopefully it will go away after a while

Ram smiles he caught the bottle and thanks her even though he doesn't have a headache he takes one anyway excited for college? he asks after he forces the pill down his throat he tossed back the bottle still smiling

He feels a little awkward talking to her but tries to seem more excited to see her even if he is excited his heart flutters he tells it to stop mentally but to no avail he sighs

I'm just a little nervous we miraculously had some classes together during school but this time we're not even sure if we signed up in the same classes even though it would be very unlikely to even have the same classes together if we signed for the same subjects she babbles

She looks back at the band and notice that they're just about to go around the corner she looks back at  Ram before she gives him another big hug

I'll see you another time If you're going to stick around I recommend finding a spot with shade it's really hot out today Priya says

Ram hugs Priya tightly smiling like an idiot again I'll see you after she smiles at him lightly before she sprints after the band

He goes to the bleachers and sits just beneath the box sitting in the shade Ram has a sudden idea and takes out his pocket notebook he begins to jot down musical notes writing a beautiful song for Priya he grins the song is beautiful he can't wait to play it for her sometime the past seven years of piano is finally paying off

a couple hours later

After dancing and running around the blacktop for hours on end, band camp finally ended Priya is tired and dehydrated from the lack of water breaks they were hardly given she wipes sweat off her brow and collects all her equipment from all over the blacktop

Ram is still at the bench working on something that he's paid good attention to since practice started she approaches him slowly and breathing heavily what are you working on? she asks him

He looks up at Priya with a smile It's a song maybe you can hear it later he writes down a few more notes until he's satisfied then stands up and almost hugs Priya umm not to be rude or anything but you smell like black top and sweat he smiled

Then he laughs he puts the note pad back in his back pocket and stretches It's 4:50 what do you want to do? he asks with a nervous scratch to the back of his head

anything she says and holds his arm I just want to hang out with my precious Ram and talk until the world ends

How about we take you back home to change then go do something Ram laughs and smiles at Priya It's getting easier to talk to her which is good they walk arm in arm back to the band room where he waits for her to get ready to leave

What does a girl have to do to get an answer from her best guy friend on what he has been doing all summer? she cheerfully asks she feels much better after drinking cold water that was waiting for them in the band room put deoderant on to make the sweaty smell go away and wash her face doesn't help the fact that her clothes are sweaty

Errr he thinks for a moment jumping jacks and back massage?Ram laughs Priya is beautiful he blushes lightly

Priya laughs at his answer no really what have you been up to? I wan full details of your summer It has to be much more interesting than me being in band camp for four weeks have you been traveling? sleeping in all day? lost or broke your phone? or hmm a girl? Is that why you haven't contacted me? you're afraid she'd get jealous for talking to me? she asks question after question completely jumping to the wrong conclusion

Ram stares at her for jumping question after question and starts answering them to keep up I've been having piano lessons still every day from 1 to 4 though my instructor is on vacation lost my phone he lies nd usually sleep until noon by the time she asked if there was a girl involved he blushes no no girl he says quickly he sighs deeply you're the only girl for me he thinks to himself

Dude seriously you got to get yourself a girlfriend I'll understand if I have to back off for you to hunt and quit clinging onto you she says

No Ram shouts quickly he blushes again and covers up quickly you're my best friend I haven't talked to you all summer I'm not gonna let a girl come between us he laughs nervously

I should just tell her he thinks stupid stupid Ram let me get my bike and we can leave he hangs his head in defeat he doesn't know why it's so hard to tell her

Priya I like you he mutters under his breath to himself as he goes to get his bike see it isn't hard four words you can't say four words to a girl you've known since first grade?

When Ram left Priya noticed he looked a little sad and deep in thought I wonder if something happened to him that he's not telling me she sighs and daydreams for a little while

Why hasn't Ram tried to get a girlfriend? they're at the age to like the opposite sex but the only contact he's made to a girl is just her letting a girl get in between them shouldn't be an issue has he even ever had a crush on a girl she thought to herself

When Ram reached his bike he had a horrific thought does Priya have a boyfriend? was that why she wanted him to have a girlfriend so badly so they could double date? he kicked the ground in disgust If she did he never wanted to meet the guy

He walks his bike back to Priya a little worse in the mood his thoughts are completely derailed his hopes crushed and he doesn't even know if it's true he looks at her and gives her a sad little smile before gesturing onward letting her lead back to her house

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great start. loved it Smile
do continue soon
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Lovely start pls continue soon
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nice start..
good going...
continue soon...Tongue
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Beautiful Start
Continue Soon Smile
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nice start
continue soon
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haven't read full
will read in few mins
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Wonderful start...
Ram feeling for Priya.. Hopefully Priya will understand soonTongue
Please continue soonTongue
If possible PM me the next timeTongue
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