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Hello Dear RaYans ,Im sorry for not updating my FFs regularly but will try my level best to give weekly updates . Now I came with an SS  .This SS is Just For my TWO angels .I can say Its purely Dedicated to Viji aka armanz ,One of  my Best Friend in  my life .And Neel   you might know about her .

As todayis  Viji's bday I decided to write An OS for her . [Viji This is just For you ,Love you Princess]So I started one other story but its going to be  more than OS , So Neel suggested me for an SS only and the characters should be doctors as Viji is a doctor . So it was finalised as I cant deny her  ..Stopping my bakwas  here common read on .

And do lemme know how it is .. 

Im going to post "Teaser "  first part .. 

Next part i will post when this thread will reach 4th page 

so please like and comment  


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Life Line Hospitals ,It was  asusaul one of the busy day  in the hospital ,The blue colour dressed females on their toes to fulfill the patient needs .

A man walked in wearing a checks shirt , it neatly tucked around his waist , His formal pants giving him a vary rich look , his jet black hair waving because of the wind from fans , It's a central AC hospital still the walls occupied with a number of fans . He reached towards the Nursing station , seeing none of them he waited for sometime . 

A young lady rose from down shrieking "I got it sister "  Seeing  infront of an unknown person she asked "What can I do "  He surprised to see a kiddo is asking " what can I do " but seeing the stetho scope dangling on her neck , he understud she is a doc .

His eyebrows knotted with a confusion ,when he checked out himself , He got a grin that he had forgot to wear his apron nor steth .

About which patient you want to know , her question was quickened .

Ohhh so this [Kiddo] young Doc is misunderstanding him  as I came to know  about some of the patient where abouts .

In between he heard a shriek voice  coming near to his eardrums .

"Mam , Im not getting ABG for this Sheela patient "

The doc:Sister I told you I will  do it . But you didn't listen to me .

Sister : she is  in mid  fourties , seems to be much experienced  than others , slowly she raised her head "Beta You are stressed out today, from morning onwards ,moreover today is a very busy and hectic day so thought I can do it but as usual I came for your help " she smiled at her .

The young lady turned towards me "please Don't mind I will come and  see you what you want ,there is an emergency I will  be just right back " she walked with the sister  to the particular room .

He  called his driver asked him to bring something . With in 5 mins The young doc emerged from the room ,and the smile on her face is telling she succeded in taking out ABG He impressed the way she is doing the work .

{Dear readers this ABG  means arterial blood gas analysis test , An arterial blood gas (ABG) is a blood test  that is performed using bloos  from an artery .It involves puncturing an artery with a thin needle and syringe and drawing a small volume of blood. The most common puncture site is the radial artery at the wrist .  but sometimes the femoral artery in the groin  or other sites are used. An ABG is a test that measures the arterial oxygen tension [PaO2] Carbon dioxide tension[PaCo2] and acidity [pH] .  In addition, arterial oxyhemoglobin saturation (SaO2) can be determined. Such information is vital when caring for patients with critical illness or respiratory disease. As a result, the ABG is one of the most common tests performed on patients in intensive care units  [ICUs] ]


Usaully for some patients its hard to get the correct point .

Before she reached  the nurses station some older women paused her with  some question . The young doc smilingly went her answered her query turned back .

And she was stilled to see the man she just met was actually a doc . She walked with nimble feet . by the time he was seeing a  case sheet ,  one other sister whispered her to the young doc about the person infront of them .Unfortunately she didn't hear anything .

When he looked at her , she said " Good afternoon sir "  

He introduced himself as DR.Ram Kapoor , Physican  from "Phace hospitals " he is here at to check on the patients of Dr. Chirag sharma in his absence .

Young doc :Oh sir ,sorry we are waiting from morning onwards , I will take you to the cases , There were 20 patients in that ward , and he is having almost 7 cases , before entering the patient's room , the young doc clearly mentioned about the patients case history  and  presently what the medications they are on . He is impressed  the way she  remembered all the cases and the reprts  including medication . He was guiding smoothly and answering to the patient questions treating them and adding some of the medication and deleting some of them and  he completed  all the patients .

She showed a chair to him , He asked where you studied

Young doc "sory sir

Ram:Where did you completed your MBBS .

Young Doc : Err Im still doing my Internhsip from M.G.M medical colleage ,This year I will complete my course .

Ram : That's why I thought you are kiddo .

Young doc :What ???  Both heard some soft giggles from sisters

Ram :Nothing , sorry I mean You are so young

Young doc :Toh

Ram:You not even wear your apron so I thought , he is giving justification for why he used "Kiddo " word .

Young doc :Wo actually My duty time got over  waiting for reliver so I packed up all my things .

In mean time One elderly Male came to her "Hello doctor , here is your chocolate " she glad ly accepted "Thank you so much sir " and once again happy birthday to you sir .

Old Male :Thank you Thank you 

Sister : sir you spoiling madam , she is a chocolate maniac and you are  giving more .

Ram: undoubtedly she is a "kiddo " he thought he murmured but seeing the girl's glare he understud he spilled out . he looked away  concentrating on his notes . but hearing the blabbering over the nurses counter .They all are asking one bite from young doc chacolate but she is denying it saying you already had your sweets . and they were so lovingly talking with her . He has been working with 3 hospitals and have seen many doctors but no  girl is like this . This much lively ,with smiling face all the time , clearing their doubts with so much patience .  Quickly his thoughts went to Morning incident which has taken place at the break fast table  in his home .

Amarnath :Ram , we had already selected the girl ,you have to finalise that's it , and  heard that you are going to visit life line hospitals today , and she is also working there so please meet her and tell what you decided . He is not at all intrested in marriage and If the girl is working means she is not intrested in further education or what ?? with so many thoughts  he started from home .

By the time he got out of  his thoughts , The young doc is  saying bye to the other doc  , must be her reliever he thought and  holding her bag she walked  slowly .

Ram rose up from his seat " hey doctor " she hasn't turned by his call .He wanted to call her but he don't know  her name but she is about to step in to the lift

he called her "Hey Kiddo "

That's it ,Her temper raised she walked back to him with a rage in her eyes , Doctor call me doctor or madam , or ask my name I will tell you ,Im a doctor not a kidddo so Don't call me with that name 

Ram smiled uncomfyly .Sorry sorry but I need a favour from you as I don't know anybody here I  had to call you .

The young doc  :You don't knw me also sir

Ram: but I communicated with you na so please .

Young doc : Okay what you want sir "

Ram: I wanted to meet Umm Dr.Priya  " can you please ask her to meet me

Young doc :Why you want to meet her .

Ram: errr personal,  please help me out

Young doc :that's okay , Ramming her contact list from her Iphone she called to Dr.Priya , Hello Priya di where are you ,  some one wants to meet you

He can hear only one sided convo and he so wanted to meet her and tell her that he is not going to say yes to this marriage . He already fallen for this kiddo But who knows His life is going to change when he meets Priya .


So what you think .How he is going to fall for priya in his first look .


She is coming down disconnecting the call she said to him .

Thank you he briefly said  both of they waited for Priya to comedown .

When  Finally  what seens to eternity , when priya came down . he gasped his breath 

So dear readers , How Ram and  priya going to meet , will Ram going to agree marry for priya or the young doc .. 

Whom he is going to select and will he going to play with the two girls .. 

Do  visit to know furthur details .. 

will post the next part soon .. for that you need to shower your comments .. 


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Oh my God except first para I am imagining Giri all the while as the young doc... awesome story loved it every word.. while reading wid every word I was thinking hey Giri does same like this and yeah the smile, patience, care and skills are same as Giri's so obviously I will love the story na.. Thanks for writing keeping my gal as Kiddo in the story but one request he has to marry Priya.. and my kiddo has to be kiddo and if the kiddo is Priya I am ok with it but Priya can be kiddo kya??? A big doubt rakhke u stopped the story.. plz continue soon..plzzz..Edited by armanz - 5 years ago
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Posted: 5 years ago
very nice
pls continue soon
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Originally posted by contactcharu

very nice
pls continue soon

OMG i just posted and you read this quickly .. 

thank you 

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Originally posted by lpsakshi

Go on waiting

posted buddy 

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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome plz continue
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Posted: 5 years ago
Wow... Such a lovely startTongueTongue
But I thought that kiddo would be Priya..
 Alas... Let us seeTongueTongue
Please continue soonTongue
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