PrAja OS- Just The Two Of Us- Vivaah Special

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Greetings everyone! As we all know, our beloved PrAja are getting tied in the sacred bond of marriage and we forum-wasis are trying our best to make this experience memorable for ourselves. I suck at rituals and rasams, so this OS isn't anything about them. Please read to find out!


Just The Two Of Us

A cool and refreshing breeze gushed into the palace of Mewar and embraced every object within its reach. Twittering vibrance filled the ears and multi-colored blossoms greeted the eyes. The palace had cast away its morose blanket and welcomed the season of revival and happiness with open arms. Kunwar Pratap and Ajabde were to be married the next day. The palace was bustling with people as preparations were going on in full swing. The sense of luxury and plenitude in the air filled every heart.


"Kahan jaa rahe hain aap Baojiraaj? Kal aapka vivaah hai, kahin aap Ajabde se milne toh nahi jaa rahe? Aapko pata hai na, ki aapka unse milna varjit hai?", asked Chakrapani teasingly.

"Umm, toh, toh kya hua Chakrapani? Aapko pata hai na ki agar hum, Kunwar Pratap, kuch thaan lein toh voh karke dikhate hain!", Pratap answered with an air of pride.

"Vo kaise?"

"Aap ne hamare rajya ka sabse sundar kshetra dekha hai? Jahaan manushya paanv dhare to aisa lage ki sakshaat swarg ke darshan ho gaye hon. Hum Ajabde ko bhi vohi ehsaas karana chahte hain. Hum Ajabde ko vahaan le jaana chahte hain.", said Pratap with sparkling eyes.

"Parantu vo kaise sambhav hoga?"

"Vo sambhav ho chuka hai! Phool ne hamari sahayata ki, aur sheeghra hi vo log us upvan ke liye nikalte hi honge," mocked Pratap.

"Vaah Baojiraaj! Aapne puri yojna bhi bana dali aur apne is mitra ko kaano-kaan khabar bhi nahi hone di. Aap se ye apeksha nahi thi hume," said Chakrapani feeling betrayed.

"Aap bhi kya muh phula ke baith gaye, Chakrapani! Accha, humein bhi ab chalna chahiye. Mahal mein kisi ko pata nahi chalna chahiye ki hum kahan hain," said the amused Pratap.

He winked and walked off before Chakrapani could say anything else.


Ajabde and Phool reached the outskirts of the region, the so-called 'swarg' of Mewar. They got off the palanquin to take rest of the journey on foot.

"Hum itni der se maun the. Ab toh bata dijiye Phool ki hum ja kahan rahe hain," asked Ajabde.

"Itni der maun rahi hain toh thodi der aur maun reh lijiye. Hum pohonch jayenge toh swayam hi dekh lijiyega!" remarked Phool in her usual playful way.

"Kitni hathi hain aap Phool!" said Ajabde rolling her eyes.

Phool gave her a mischievous smile as they continued walking towards their destination.

At that same moment, Ajabde stopped walking, her mouth agape. In front of her was a large field of flowers. Blues, whites, reds, pinks and other vibrant colors filled her senses. Their kaleidoscopic petals provided a relaxing and refreshing hue for the eyes. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever behold. She stood there frozen to the ground, just awestruck.

Ajabde exclaimed, "Waah! Phool, itni sundar jagah..."

As she turned around to thank Phool, she was nowhere to be seen!

Phool, phool, kahan hain aap? Arey, ye kahan chali gayi?" wondered the confused Ajabde.

As she turned around, her eyes rested on the beautiful sight once again. She was just enchanted by the beauty of the place. Forgetting everything else, forgetting Phool, she continued admiring the beautiful vistas of open green meadows: fresh, dewy, gentle and soothing interspersed by colorful beds of flowers. It was truly a sight to cherish! She ventured out into this captivating beauty to touch the blooms, feel the breeze, watch the fluttering butterflies, listen to the humming birds, and treasure and capture that moment forever in her mind's eye!

She sat by the pond consisting of magnificent pink lotuses. She soon lost herself in deep thoughts while her hand played with the sapphire blue water.

"Kal hamara vivaah ho jayega aap se, Kunwar Pratap. Hamari saari kathinaayiyon aur prateeksha ka ant ho jayega. Sach! Kitne bhaagyashali hain hum. Jab pehli baar aapko dekha tha, tab socha bhi naa tha ki aap humare jeevan saathi ban jayenge." thought Ajabde taking a deep breath, "Apne jeevan ke is naye adhyaye ki besabri se prateeksha karenge hum."

She had hardly finished talking to herself when her eyes popped out as she saw the image of Pratap in the water. He was smiling at her.

"Kunwar Pratap!!" She uttered in shock.

Ajabde thought that she was just daydreaming. She sidelined the thought of Pratap being there.

"Hume bhi ye kya ho gaya hai. Subah ho ya shaam, upvan ho ya mahal, har samay har jagah Kunwar Pratap dikhayi dene lage hain hume! Hum bhi naa."
She lowered her eyes, smiling shyly and hit her head lightly on her stupidity.

"Bilkul vaise jaise hume har jagah aap dikhne lagi hain, Ajabde?"

She heard that familiar voice coming from behind. She was startled! She immediately sprang up and tried to straighten herself. She turned around to face him, but couldn't bring herself to meet his gaze. Her lowered eyes and that blush on her cheeks was a treat for Pratap's eyes. Pratap couldn't help himself from smiling at the way Ajabde was blushing, blushing profusely!

Pratap was not used to seeing her in that state. He realised what he had just said. He became nervous as he stammered to say something, "Aaa...ummm.. Vo hum keh rahe the ki.."

And there was no sound to be heard except the humming of myriads of summer insects filling the air.

Such a solemn air of silence had descended between them that they almost felt as if they were committing a sacrilege by breaking it with some inconsequential babble.

Her cheeks blushed a deep shade of red as she gave him a coy smile. She somehow gathered the courage to look into his eyes. And when she did, she lost herself in them, just like he did in hers basking themselves in the fresh dusk air with lively and blithesome feelings.

Finally, Pratap chose to break the silence.
"Toh...Kaisi lagi aapko hamari ye bhent?"

Ajabde stood astonished!
"Ye sab..? Aap ne..?"

"Vivaah se pehle hum aapko ek aisi atulneeya bhent dena chahte the jo aapke hriday ko chhu jaye, jo aapko sadev yaad rahe, sadev! Hum chahte toh aapko keemti sone-chandi ke aabhushan bhi de sakte the. Vo bhent amulya avashya hoti PARANTU ATULNEEYA NAHI. Ek baar yahan aao toh ye jagah rom-rom mein bas jaati hai.  Is sthaan ke vishay mein adhik log nahi jaante. Aapko pasand aaya?"

"Pasand?? Hum aapko bata nahi sakte ki ye sthaan hume kitna kitna kitna pasand aaya, Kunwar Pratap. Hum ne aaj tak itni sundar jagah nahi dekhi. Aisa lag raha hai mano him swarg mein aa gaye hon!"

Saying that, she spread her arms wide and started to twirl and spin around in utmost euphoria. Pratap watched her amazed! He had never seen her like this ever before. He just kept admiring this side of his bride-to-be with a grin on his face. He took a step closer to her. One more. Closer. And closer. She stopped dead there! The two pairs of eyes transmitted everything that words would not have been able to express. Ajabde's cheeks were a deep shade of crimson when she realised how close Pratap was to her.

Pratap gave her a mischievous yet innocent smile and Ajabde broke the eye lock, looked away but couldn't resist the temptation to look into those deep dark eyes, again.

He soon came out of his trance and both started behaving clumsily.

"Vo kshama kiji..."
Both spurted out simultaneously. The birds and butterflies were scared away as Ajabde and Pratap broke into laughter. They kept chuckling till they were out of breath.

Composing himself, Pratap slowly took Ajabde's hand in his own and asked," Aap jaanti hain Ajabde, humne ye bhent kyu chuni aap ke liye?"

She glanced at him quizzically.

"Kyunki hum batana chahte the ki vivaah ke baad hum aapka jeevan kitna sundar bana dena chahte hain. Bilkul is upvan ki bhaanti sundar. Jahan hum aur aap hon, aur hamara atyant sundar sansaar," Pratap poured his heart out.
Ajabde wanted to cry but didn't want to ruin that immensely beautiful moment. She clutched his hand tighter to acknowledge and reciprocate his feelings.

"Aapko ye batane ki aavashyakta kadaapi nahi hai Kunwar Pratap. Hum jaante hain. Hume aap mil gaye hain, mano sara sansaar mil gaya. Aap saath honge to jeevan toh sundar hoga hi."

Tears were about to pool in his eyes but he didn't let them do so. He said taking a deep breath, "Toh bataiye, in mein se kaunsa phool lena chahengi aap?"

Ajabde carefully scanned the area. Her eyes gleamed as they rested on red-pink flowers that seemed of some other world.
"Voh!! Voh pushpa toh...toh ekdum swargiya hain..!" exclaimed Ajabde with an unwavering gaze.

Pratap followed her gaze and wondered how good was Ajabde's choice!

Without answering her, he held out his hand to her. Ajabde hesitated for a moment but when she met his hopeful and loving gaze, she cast aside all her reluctance. She flashed her wide smile only to find him smiling back at her. Pratap felt her soft hand touching his, and her fingers slowly encircling around his palm. He could feel his heart thumping as she held his hand tighter and tighter. He then guided her through the dense flowerbeds to the tree whose leaves and flowers swayed to the tune of the musical breeze.

"Aap rukiye, hum voh pushp tod kar late hain."
Ajabde didn't let go of him and held on his hand.

"Nahi, nahi. Rehne dijiye. Aap vyartha hi ped par chadhenge. Nahi chahiye hume vo phool. Aap gir vir gaye toh? Rehne dijiye."

Pratap turned a deaf ear to her request. His mind ringing with the thoughts that how much she cared for him. He wondered if he could ever get such a loving life-partner other than her? He answered himself, "No."

"Par..Kun.. Tanik sambhal ke.." said th worried Ajabde seeing him climbing the tree.

Pratap was in a mood of mischief. He faked as if he was just about to fall.

"Kunwar Pratap!!"

Ajabde screamed loudly as her heart came almost out of her mouth. Pratap chuckled and Ajabde realized his real intentions.
He descended from the tree after plucking a bunch of flowers.
Ajabde was in no mood to overlook his mischief so easily. She folded her arms and frowned. Pratap somehow controlled the smile from forming on his face. How cute she looked, he wondered.

"Ye kya baat hui Kunwar Pratap? Aap jaante hain hum kitna darr gaye the? Aap gir jaate toh? Aapko chot lag jaati toh? Bataiye? Hume dara ke kya mila aapko? Har samay uphaas hi soojhta hai na aapko? ", asked Ajabde turning away from him.

Pratap brought his lips closer to her ear and whispered, " Kyu? Chot lag bhi jaati toh kya hota? Aap hain naa hamara khyaal rakhne ke liye."

She trembled at the sensation of his breath on her skin. She blushed for the umpteenth time.
Slowly, he offered the flowers to her. Ajabde had already melted but pretended otherwise. Pratap kept looking at her with longingness in his eyes.
Okay! She couldn't fake it anymore.

Ajabde confessed, "Sach keh rahe hain aap. Hum hain aapka dhyan rakhne ke liye. Sadev. Aakhiri saans tak."
She accepted the bunch of flowers with a wide smile on her face.
"Parantu aap sach mein gir jaate toh? Kya aavashyakta thi in phoolon ki?"

"Aavashyakta thi Ajabde. Ab aapko apni kisi bhi ichcha ko dabane ki koi aavashyakta nahi. Ab aapko koi bhi balidaan dene ki aavashyakta nahi.  Aap hamari ardhaangini banne ja rahi hain aur aapki saari ichchayein poori karne ka uttardayitva hai hum par. Hum aapko sansaar ki saari khushiyaan dena chahte hain. Bohot sukhi rakhna chahte hain."

Saying this, he took one flower from the bunch and adorned her hair with it. She looked divine! An angel. His angel, he wondered.

Ajabde thanked her stars for giving her someone like Pratap as her soul-mate who cared for her so much.

"Yeh din hume sadev smaran rahega Kunwar Pratap," Ajabde said looking at him with all the love that he could desire.

"Hume bhi Ajabde. Sadev.."


It was a magical day, as they stood holding their hands and admiring each other. The foundation of love that they had created and had chosen was undeniable. It felt as if nature had aligned herself with them on this day as they honored the presence of God, nature and the choice they were making of love being their only way.


Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us
You and I

Toh bataiye priya sakhiyon va mitron, kaisa laga aapko ? Shoes, rotten tomatoes, likes, dislikes, everything is welcome!
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Awww this is soo cuteee Embarrassed Embarrassed
You've written it exceedingly well!! Loved every bit of it!!
You're an amazing writer and I love your work a lot Smile
Bohat bohat amazing likha hai ye bhi Smile Big smile
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Originally posted by Annarichard

Awww this is soo cuteee Embarrassed Embarrassed
You've written it exceedingly well!! Loved every bit of it!!
You're an amazing writer and I love your work a lot Smile
Bohat bohat amazing likha hai ye bhi Smile Big smile

Thank you so so so much!! I can't tell you how much it means to me. I can't thank you enough for reading my works. May I please know your name? Embarrassed Dhanyawaad, ek baar phir!
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Bahooth bahooth acha laga..
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do me a favor...plz send this to CVS...why don't they show something this beautiful...this is one of the most beautiful OS I've ever read...hats off to you. 
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Originally posted by -ridionasis-

do me a favor...plz send this to CVS...why don't they show something this beautiful...this is one of the most beautiful OS I've ever read...hats off to you.

Oh my! I had never expected to get such a compliment! Thank you so so so much Ridi (that's your name, no?)..! Now I can go to bed with a wide smile on my face!
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Originally posted by RiniRocks

Originally posted by -ridionasis-

do me a favor...plz send this to CVS...why don't they show something this beautiful...this is one of the most beautiful OS I've ever read...hats off to you.

Oh my! I had never expected to get such a compliment! Thank you so so so much Ridi (that's your name, no?)..! Now I can go to bed with a wide smile on my face!

its my pleasure that i could make you happy...Smile
nd yup its Ridi!
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So sweet OS
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