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The OS has become quite a long one for a single post but small for two posts. But since i dont have an option i am posting it in two parts. Here comes the first partSmile

Thanks BALHians for all your support... it is really a pleasure to say that your comments are an encouragement for me to continue my writing...

I didn't like the way Ram and Priya's reunion was shown after the Pihu's incident... But poor CVs. Can't blame them more because Ram's calsheet was a problem at that time. So here comes my version of the story.


              He was really happy today. He was excited to the core. Gosh, finally he is going to get what he needed the most. He felt 10 years younger. Ram was in deep thought in his cabin. Now a days, he spends most of his time in office but not anymore.At the same time there was a small tint of fear in the corner of his heart. How much ever he tried , he couldn't avoid that. Thinking of Pihu made him sad and angry at the same time... He was sad thinking how pitiful her state was, angry thinking how could she do such a thing to them. The ruthless businessman in him wanted to show her what punishment she deserves for behaving so, but the father in him wanted to correct her before she gets herself hurt too much...

                                            He was caught in a myriad of emotions.  But among all the emotions he was going through, the one that dominated was a sense of peace and calmness. Nobody in the world could give him that, except her. Yes, today he was going to bring her back into his life. Actually no, she never left his life. She was his life. To put it correctly, he is going to bring her home, to her home, to their home, where she belonged. He is not going to care about other's opinions anymore. But he has to clear some issues first. He called Jenny, his secretary, and told her not to disturb him until he says and made a call to Vikram.

V: hello

R: hai vikram. How are you?

V: Sorry, may I know who is speaking?

R: Hai idiot, you are not able to recognize even my voice a. I am Ram.

V: Ram, which Ram. I don't know any Ram except lord Ram... Wait wait, actually I had a friend named Ram but now a days he doesn't call me or speaks to me. So may I know who are you?

R: Hey duffer. Stop your drama and come to my office immediately. I have to say a serious matter to you

V: Arrey, say now na. what's the matter. Any problem.

R: you first come here. Actually I have to introduce you to an important person.

V: Ram, who is that important person. Tell me. You are not speaking about your new personal assistant right?

R: oh, so you know about my personal assistant. Have you met her?

V: I don't know her, I am trying to find about her... And surely I will find out to. Then see what I am going do to you.

R: Don't stress yourself too much. I myself will introduce her. You should definitely meet her. And I am sure you will like her too. In fact , the most important 2 persons in my life should know each other no. Or else, we will do one thing you come to home. You can meet her there. I am going to bring her home today.

V: mean to your house.. Kapoor Mansion itself. Have you gone mad Ram. You are saying that she is as important as me in your life and you are taking her home. What is happening Ram. What about Priya.

R: What about her. Taking me personal assistant home is in what way related to Priya. Ok. Enough is enough. Now just stop asking too much questions and  come to my house at sharp 6.30. Dinner is on me. Actually it is a small party. Don't be late. And one more thing don't try to spy too much, on me or her. You will not get any information from my office because I have personally removed her file from the employees details.

        And one more thing, she is not going to come for by priiceChop"> work from tomorrow. So, Bye. Meet you in the evening.

V: Ram. Ram... Arrey. This stupid has cut the phone. Now what will I do. What should I tell Priya. Ok. First let me know what he is upto and then I will speak to her. Anyways I have already told her about my doubt on Ram. Let me atleast confirm something and tell her this time.

( In my story Ram has not told anyone in house about bringing Priya home)

Next he called Pihu.

R: Pihu... I need you to listen to me carefully and do what I say without any mistakes... I have arranged for a party tonight at 7. I will tell you the reason for the party later. Make sure all the arrangements are done in a proper way. And also, I have to discuss an important thing with all of our family members before the party. So make sure, all of them assemble in the study at sharp 6.30. I have invited Vikram also. He will also join you at 6.30. I don't want any excuses from anybody. Every single one of you must be present.

P: ok papa. I have to talk to you about mumma.

R: No pihu. If you want to talk anything about my wife, better forget it and mind your own business. I am fed up of discussing about that to you. Just do what I say.

Next he called Priya.

P: hello

R: Hello Mrs.Kapor. All set to return.

P: Am still packing Mr. kapoor. Anything important.

R: Actually Priya, a small change in the plan. I can't come to pick you up today.

P: Why Mr.Kapoor. any problem. Did Pihu say anything. Did anybody say anything. I told you no...

R: Relax, relax, relax Priya. How many questions. Just relax yaar. First hear what I've got to say fully, then ask questions. I just said that I can't come to pick up. Why are you jumping to conclusions. I am having a very very important meeting in the afternoon which I couldn't cancel. It will be over by 6 only. So I will send the driver, you come to the office and we will go from here. And one more important thing, just tell Khush and Suhani to come to Kapoor Mansion at 6.30. I want to speak to them. We will collect the luggage tomorrow.

P: Ok Mr.Kapoor. Bye. See you at 6 then.

R: Priya. Priya. Forgot to tell you. I have arranged for a small party tonight so make sure you get ready for the occasion.

P: Party? For what? What is the necessary to do a party everytime. Why do you always like to spend by priiceChop"> money for small small occasions. You will never change.

R: Hello madam... we will discuss all these thing later. Now go and get ready. I have lots of work pending.

P: OK. Bye. Don't stress yourself too much. Take care.

R: Bye.

After the calls he buried himself in work.


                          Priya came to office. Jenny saw her and started to inform Ram about her arrival. But Priya stopped her and saying that she will go in herself, went to his room. Ram was still busy in files. He didn't notice her standing at the door. He was startled when he heard, "Good evening Mr.Kapoor." in Priya's voice. He was surprised to see her there, clad in a bottle green saree, hair flowing freely on the right shoulder, with mild lipstick, not much of a make-up but looking gorgeous all the same. After all these years, even now he has never seen anyone looking so perfect as her. He immediately jumped from his seat, came to her, took both her hands in his hold and said, "Priya, you look beautiful."

R: Thank you, Mr.Kapoor. Shall we leave.

R: Ha. Just give me 5 minutes. I will finish the last minute works and then we will start.

P: OK. I will wait outside.

R: why outside? Just sit here. I will finish.

P: arrey I don't want to disturb you. I will wait outside.

R: Come on Priya. Stop joking. Do you really think you are a disturbance to me. Please sit. I will come.

After 10 minutes, both started to home. On the way back, Ram saw the Ganesh Mandhir where he prayed for Priya's life, i.e his life, during the breast cancer scare. He wanted to go inside. Both went inside the temple.

Ram told," you know Priya, previously when I came here, I asked for my life and he gave you to me. But because of my ego I lost you. But I promise you today that I will not repeat the mistake Priya. I will not leave your hand till the end. From now on, we will live together till our end."

Priya with slight tear in her eyes, " Yes, Mr.Kapoor. Even death will not separate us."

They both reached home.

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Part 3 - Page 5

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Part 8 - Page 21

Last part on Page 27

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Awesome os pls continue soon
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Nice story. Update soon.
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very nice

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Hi pls pm to the members so that they can know that u hv updated
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Originally posted by dhristikpd

Hi pls pm to the members so that they can know that u hv updated
Ya I willSmile
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Beautiful OS
Continue soonSmile

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nice Clap  
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