Respecting a fictional character?!

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Posted: 5 years ago
I was about to reply to a post in the forum right now and while typing i automatically typed vardhan sir.. and not just now, but most of the time i refer to him as sir and even when i dont use sir there is somehow a feeling of respect when i think about him... 

Now THAT is very very weird.. after all he is a fictional character.. and to be honest mein apni khud ki teachers ko shayad itni respect se refer nahi karti..

That really made me wonder... what is the reason for this weird behavior of mine?

Is this the first time i really connected to an elder character? No.. not really..
Is it coz every student in FITE treats him with respect all the time, they always calls him sir, never by his that why? No... that could be a small part of the reason but thats not it...

And after thinking over and over i realised why... i respect him because he actually is a teacher for me... he has taught me some simple yet helpful things abt life... i have gained those knowledge from this fictional character that i wasnt ever taught by anyone in my actual life..

I remember many occasions when a dialogue by Vardhan sir left me amazed, many times when things that may have already been known to me where presented in a different perspective such that it gave a whole new meaning

I may have heard such inspirational dialogue in some other shows but this one has a different effect because of the naturality of Vardhan sir's character, he is far from perfect but he never stops perfecting, always revisits his mistakes thru his pupil and eventually guides them to make the right decision..

Many a times during a scene i unknowingly start thinking from sanyu or RD or parth or vidhushi or sahil's POV, at such times i really feel they are reacting or thinking in the exact same way that i would do, so their decisions seem the "right one" to me and thats when Vardhan sir corrects them and along with 
And this i feel is very important for me... because i have till now lead a very simple calm life, i've never faced much harsh situations or had to make tough decisions but thanks to the above mentioned experience i feel somehow prepared.. 

And i want to thank the creatives of this show for giving me this teacher... and Kripp Suri for bringing this character alive..

Thank you CVs of SHQ for this character, for all the realistic characters in the show, for this story for this show
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Posted: 5 years ago
A truly inspirational post, swetha811
There aren't many posts on Vardhan's character and you summed him up really well. I agree he is a very inspirational character, the audience can't help but look up to him. I don't think respecting a fictional character is weird at all, if anything it compliments the CVs/SH for creating such a realistic, solid and admirable character.
He has a lot of words of wisdom that anyone could learn from, tbh you don't get teachers like him (in life) anymore, teachers who truly care.
I love how he doesn't sugarcoat things, for him things are either black or white. He's very straight forward and wise, he subtly guides and understands each of his students - whether it's Randhir, Sanyukta... or even Parth.
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Posted: 5 years ago
Brilliant post !!
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome post!!!
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Posted: 5 years ago
So true Thumbs Up
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Posted: 5 years ago
VD sir is one of the character attracts me most in this show...!!!
you know his character is perfectly written...The character is not perfect himself but no one in their life are perfect...!!
everyone has flaw in their life...!!!!everyone has their share of difficulties,mistakes & sorrow..!!!
His character is so lively that one could easily connect..!!!
I know in real life we never get such mentors & we really don't know about their personal life & story...!! But sometimes we need to understand that even professors are human being just like us & his character portrays it really well..!!!
The way krip sir portrays his character...the style of watching,smirking,walking,speaking & every damn just perfect!!!

Love his character through the core of my heart..!!!
SH is getting interesting bcz of him & sandhir!!!
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome post and well said
I love virdhaan sir character and krip suri potrays it exceptionally well
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Posted: 5 years ago
It's a brillent post :)...u summed Vardhan SiR up vry well...i thnk nothng is left...actually, CVs nd Krip r equally deserve compliments...CVs, coz they made ths fictional chrctr vry realstk evn most of d members here will agree tht they nvr meat a mentor lik Vardhan SiR...nd Krip Suri, coz he potrays Mr. Vardhan Suryvansi's chrctr (not only Vardhan Sir) vry well. <3                                                      I really really lik chractrization of SH's charecters...coz all r perfctly written chrctrs which r't r ReAlIsTc, nd nvr failed 2 feel us cnctd wid them...evry chrctr hav a back story which make them wht they r...nd 4 ths story nd actors who potray their chrctr desrve appriciations...thx CVs nd Hattts offf SH. <3
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