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Hey BALHians,

This is not my original story, i took permission from the original writer to post it here since i loved the fact that its so different & I loved this story a lot, so thought i'll share it with you guys tooSmile.
Have fun!!
Happy reading!!

 Spellbound by your charm

PART 1 : Unconventional Start

She was going to kill him,

& she would make sure he has a slow & painful death.

she reached his house & started banging on the door.After continuously banging for 3 min, he opened the door & as usual he was grumpy & a total wreak, he shot her his trademark irritated look

(shocked & confused when he saw her at the door)

"What the hell are you doing here??he mumbled.

She stood there glaring at him. He stared at her for 30sec waiting for her to respond, when he had enough, he tried slamming the door close when she suddenly pushed it open, grabbed his hair & started pulling it as if she was trying to uproot it. He caught her hand & tried to wrench it off his hair.

"What the hell is your problem?"

"I will kill you, *******"


"I will kill you." She said pulling his hair harder.

Finally, he was able to free his hair from her grip. He caught her hands tightly. Suddenly, she started kicking & screaming at him, she accidentally kicked him on his private part. He howled in pain, he had enough of her tantrum. He pushed her on the couch & fell on top of her to make sure she didn't kick him again. She chocked for breath & started pushing him off herself, shouting " Get off me you elephant!! You'll kill me with your weight"

He hastily got off her, mumbling a sorry...

Both of them came back to their senses, but were still glaring at each other...

"What the f**k is your problem?"

"You ruined my life!!"

:Shocked: "Are you out of your mind?? How the hell did i ruin your life?"

"If you were man enough to keep your girlfriend happy, she wouldn't have stolen my boyfriend!!!"

He glared at her outburst.

"Well!! What about that lecher of a boyfriend who cheated on you?"

She looked at him stunned.

"I can't kill him!!"

"Why the hell not?" he asked.

"Because he is also my best friend!!"

"What about the one who stole him from you?"

"SHE IS MY SISTER!!! I can't kill her!!"

Irritated & pissed, he just glares at her.

"Its all because of you, if you were man enough..."

He cuts her off, "well, if you were women enough to keep your boyfriend happy, then he wouldn't have stolen my girlfriend"!!

Suddenly she looked helpless & depressed

" Is it too much to ask to wait till marriage before having sex?"

He looked at her for a sec & sat down on the floor. She followed suit

He starts sulking.

"I never told her we should wait till marriage to have sex!"

She puts her hand on his shoulder in a way to console him.

They were silent for sometime.

He suddenly, takes a bottle from the table & starts drinking from it.

"What is that?"


"Why are you drinking it?"

"Because I'm upset"

He was about to put the bottle back to his mouth when she snatches it from him & starts drinking, making weird faces...He snatches it back.

"Why are you drinking it?"

"Because i'm upset!!"

He looks at her for a while, drinks from the bottle & gives it back to her. She takes it, drinks from it & passes it back to him.


They were completely inebriated...

"Did you love her?" she asked slurring


did you love him? he asked her


"Will you take her back, if she comes back to you?"

"No!", will you?"

"No!", the two faced pig!!"

10 minutes pass in silence...

"What's the time?"


"3 hours more for the wedding!!"

"Don't remind me", he moaned.

"He told me he will always love me"

"She told me she will never leave me"...

25 min later...
"We should take revenge!!"

"How?" he asked seeing two of her.

"We should get married, make them jealous!! make them regret cheating on us!!

& they should beg us to take them back, but we won't. He is going to beg me to take him back, but i will insult him & walk all over him!!"

"Hmm... We should do that!! & we should get married on the mandap where they are supposed to get married, before them!!" he started nodding his head in excitement.

"& we should go to that hotel where he booked the honeymoon suite for them, have sex in there, before they get there!!" smacking the bottle on the table.

He thinks for some time"Yeah! They should catch us in bed!"


"& i'm going to laugh at them!!"

"Yeah!!, come lets go get married."

At the Same time in Sharma Villa...

"I can't do this!!. I want my sister to be with me for my wedding & i want her to be happy for me!!" she sobbed into his arms

"I know love, I'm not happy with the way things are going!"

"I'm not going to be happy when both of them are hurt", she starts crying...

"Shhh baby, he pulls her closer & hugs her.


They turned to see Shipra coming towards them

"Why are you standing here? Go get ready!! Marriage venue is quite far from here...we need to reach there on time..."

" can we get married, when..."

"I know, but know there is nothing we can do, i'm sure after your marriage, we will explain to to her" Shipra says looking depressed

"Now, both of you go get ready." Shipra added firmly.

She hated the sight of the bridal dress, she hated wearing the dress which her sister had dreamt off...

She goes to her room, to get dressed to marry her sister's boyfriend only to find the dress missing...

Soon havoc is caused due to the missing dress, while the bride & groom watched the drama from a distance...

"I hope the don't find it."

"Why?" She asked, looking at him

"Then you can say that you will get married only in that dress, & its 'apshagun' & all...

She starts smilling " thank you darling, & I love you!"

"I love you too!"

She gives him a quick kiss & walks off to where her parents were standing to create a scene.

At the wedding venue, two totally drunk people stood grinning merrily. One wearing a bridal dress, & the other a normal kurta & jeans. Pundit who was about to pack his stuff asks "Who are you?"

"Ayesha Sharma"
"Rajat Kapur"

They look at each other & start giggling.

"But Sudhir Sharma called & said that the bride's dress is missing & the wedding..."
Both start laughing

"I found it, so dad said, don't waste time, go get married. He will come fast.

"But everyone left..."

No Problem!!"

"Lets start the wedding!! I can't wait to make Ayesha mine! he grinned.

"Even i can't wait to make Rajat mine!"
More giggling...

Are you drunk?"

"Its a custom in my family. We get drunk on our weddings." he said sternly winking over at his bride.

Pundit gives them a weird look.

"Time is getting over, only 10 more minutes, fasst get us married!" she said

"Yeah, fast fast!"
"Faster you get us married, the faster we will pay you."

Finally the pundit consents. They are seated, they keep looking at each other & start giggling

Who is going to give you away?
"How can he?"
"Won't you give me away, Rajat?" She cutely pouts
"Of course Ayesha"
Both start giggling.

Somebody else have to give you away...(when she was about to ask her groom to give her away again) give you to him."

Both "ohhh"

Suddenly she sees a man standing outside the door & talking on the phone.

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Posted: 2014-08-15T16:40:26Z
Omg his is really interesting!!LOL
Nice start...first fight then getting drunk and marriage!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL
Continue soon!!!
And plz pm me from next parts!!!Smile

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Posted: 2014-08-15T19:51:33Z
Superb continue soon
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Posted: 2014-08-15T21:05:59Z
Very nyc story bt lil confused hope u ll clear in next part
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Posted: 2014-08-15T21:25:21Z
Very good beginning of the story
Pls reveal soon who are those drunk people taking pehars...
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Posted: 2014-08-15T21:46:44Z
interesting story
continue soon
plz pm me from nxt update
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Posted: 2014-08-15T22:50:07Z
I read this story before, i know the original writer too
Thank u so much for sharing this story here
Nice start but have little confusion 
Hope in the next part it will clear
continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2014-08-16T10:48:21Z
heyyy nice start n interesting stry...
first scene mai to deffo raya hi honge na..?LOL
hahaha...first fight then drunk then agreed to marry to take revenge...superrr...LOL
continue soon..
pm me frm next time..Smile
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