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Ola guys!
I am back with an OS, This One Shot on werewolves. This work is pure Fiction, Has no connection with real life.
And if you have any query or confusion about something after reading, Feel free to scrap/Pm me.
Enjoy Reading.

Banner credit goes to Temptation.

St. Louis college, Shimla.

- Taani's POV -
I was walking toward the administration office to get my scheduled, I could feel all the eyes on me, Some were of lust from boy and girls were giving me jealous look, Don't know why they are doing this, I am just a student, a new student, they should make me comfortable here but no, they are making me hell uncomfortable by giving me those dirty stares. Ignoring them I asked the lady who was in charge there for my schedule.

"Your name?" she asked me, without even looking at me, weird, yep! she was damn weird.

"Taani shekhawat" I said to her, it took her minute or some then she handed me my schedule, her eyes were glued on computer screen. I happily took it and left from there quickly, man that lady was really weird. I start walking toward my first lecture which is history, My favorite subject. note the sarcasm! :D

When i was about to enter in class i bumped in to someone.

"I am sorry" we both said together, I look up and found a girl, same age as mine I guess.

"New here?" She asked me. smiling at me, Thank god finally some one is smiling at me not giving me those looks.

"Yep! Taani shekhawat, you?" I ask her smiling at her.

"Purvi deshmukh, Nice to meet you, whole college was talking about you" she said, we both make our way toward our seat. We both sat beside each other.

"Bad or good?" I questioned her, she laughed little.

"Both, boys were drooling over you and girls were burning in jealousy so they were back bitching about you" she said and laugh more, this time I too laugh with her. Till the time teacher came in, me and purvi became like best friends, as if we know each other from ages, she was really sweet, she also tell me about her friends and about her boyfriend too. We enjoyed alot in each others company until teacher asked us to keep our mouth shut. As soon as bell rang we hurriedly walk out of the classroom, Me and purvi go in our respective classes, My was accounts while her was foreign language.


- Rey's POV -

I was walking toward my class with my beta arjun and my third in command swayum when a exotic scent hit my sense, It was mixture of strawberry and mint, My wolf howl in delight, was begging me to follow the scent which was coming from my accountancy class, I entered in classroom.

When i entered there, I saw A girl sitting in my seat, That exotic smell was coming from the girl. I took hasty steps toward her, students look at me then at girl, giving her looks which are not approved by me. I saw her looking at student, she was surely confused why everyone was staring at her.

"What?" I heard her asking one of the student. Damn her voice was so magical, sweet soothing music to my ears. i walk and stand in front of her.

"You are sitting on his seat" that guy whisper pointing at me. She look at him confuse  then her gaze shifted on me. She look at me, our eyes met.

"Mine" I growled, except humans all the werewolves present there understood and my pack member smiled at my direction, I guess they were happy that finally they found their Luna.

I look at her, examine her, indeed she is the most beautiful girl I have ever met, That innocent look on her face when she was staring at me, My wolf was going crazy to mark her right there and than but some how I manage to calm, From the vibes coming from her I understood she is not a werewolf.

"Leave" I said, she look taken back by my behavior Her eyes widen in shock, before she could move from her place, The guy sitting beside her stood up and left, while I sat beside her. She quickly covered her shock expression and slightly smile at me.

"Hi" she greeted me, Held out a hand for me for hand shake, Which I accept willingly, me and my wolf were dying to touch her.

"Sorry i wasn't aware that it was your seat, I am new here" She apologies in her sweet voice, I gave her a sweet smile, Sparks flew through my body as soon My skin come in contact with hers. 

"Thats okay, by the way I am Reyaansh, you?" I asked her name.

"Taani shekhawat" she said, Taani such a lovely name, Its suits her perfectly.

"Taani" i repeated her name in low whisper. Just then teacher came, and she concentrate on lecture much to my displeasure.

"Congrats dude" arjun said through mind link.

"But she is not a werewolf" I said through mind link.

"So what? she is so sweet and will be a perfect Luna" Arjun said being protective, Yep! pack members are very protective of their Luna, They do anything to protect her. But if Luna is bad I mean she is trying to create problem between alpha and pack then they stand against her and try to separate alpha and Luna which is very rare.

"Are you going to reject her?" Arjun asked me through same mind link.

"No way dude, She is my mate, I need her beside me, werewolf or not she is my other half, I will Love her forever" I said, A werewolf can reject their mate but it is very painful for both of them, Its make them very weak. And for an alpha it is more painful, They need their mate to run the pack and stay strong. 

through out the class she was busy in that damn lecture much to my displeasure, and when bell rang she stood up and left quickly not giving me a second glance, which some kind of angered me, We alpha's are very possessive and protective of their mates. We can't stand seeing our mates with someone else or ignoring us.

I too stood up from my place and followed her scent, She was in canteen so I too went there. She was sitting with purvi and Sharon I guess, she has already made some friends. Me and arjun made our way toward their table, till that time swayum also came there.

"Hey girls" we greeted and beside our respective partners. Swayum kissed Sharon, Oh damn seeing them i wished I too could kiss my mate who was sitting beside me, looking at SwaRon in aww.

"Don't you think they are too cute" She whispered in my ear, which made my wolf go crazy, her close proximity was having an huge affect on me, I hold my urge to grab her and claim her as mine, her sweet fragrance was not helping me either to control myself.

"Yes they are" I whispered back, not wanting her to feel Left out, I started a conversation with her as my other friends were busy in Lovey Dovey talks with their mates. I got to know a lot about her.


"So you are a werewolf too?" She asked me, Her question shocked me, We both were walking in isolated corridor, others were in their class, and i decided to spend some alone time with my mate so I bring her here where no one comes..

"do you know about werewolves" I couldn't help but questioned back.

"yep! My dad was werewolves too but my mother was not, thats why I am not an one" She replied with giggle, Thousand volt smile plaster on my face, I can tell her about us being mate. Her giggle caught my attention, She look so beautiful while laughing, I thanked moon goddess for giving her as my mate.

Suddenly I Grab her by her elbow and pulled her with me into fire escape.

"Rey what are you doing?" She asked me with confusion, I chose to ignore her and lock the door. In next moment I pinned her to the wall behind her. she gave me surprised look.

"Do you know about mates?" I asked her, I took her hands in mine and pinned them on wall above her head.

"Yes, I know" she stuttered, as I nuzzled my face between crook of of her neck. I felt her shiver that made me smile, Even if she is human still she can feel sparks, attraction and pull toward me because we are soul mates.

"Thats what we are, You are my mate" I said, her eyes widen in shock. Lingering Soft kisses on her neck. We both shivered in pleasure.

"I am alpha of Dark night pack and you are my Luna" I whispered in her ear.

"Mean you are the alpha of most dangerous pack in this world" She was still shocked.

"So you accept me as your mate?" I asked her, with hope in my eyes I was looking at her. She nodded in yes.

"But I am not a werewolf" She whispered in low tone, her tone was sad.

"So what? I want you and I Love you" I confessed my Love for her. I look into her eyes they were depicting the same emotions as mine. I captured her lips, kissing her feverishly, I nibbled her lower lips for entrance, which she gave me. I slide my tongue inside her mouth, Savoring her taste. She tasted so good, me and my wolf want to claim her just right there between her neck and shoulder. i wanted to make her mine , just mine , right here at this second so that all the male wolf know that she is my mate and their Luna but no i will not do something which she is not ready for, she is my mate so i got to protect her from anything that harms her, I will give her time.


He was kissing me, Making me lose my sense, It was my first kiss which he made s much special. when he told me that we are mates, My happiness knew no bound, My mom used to tell me about mates and also told me that somewhere someone was waiting for me too as my mate, From childhood I too had dreamt of my mate, spending rest of my life with him. And Finally I got my mate that too a Greek god as my mate. I was happy and I knew that I have already start Loving him.

We broke the kiss feeling need of oxygen, But he didn't stop kissing me, he trailed down wet kisses from my throat to cleavage, His touch set my body on fire, I roamed my hands over his well toned chest, pulling him closer to mine. I felt his hand on my back, I gasp in shock when he pulled down the zipper of my dress, I look into his eyes, His purple eyes were now dark pitch black, in Lust. I knew that he was having hard tie in controlling his wolf which must be begging him to take over him and  claim me and He is alpha which means his wolf is more possessive and dominating compare to others. You must be wondering that how I know about it, then Let me tell you, My mother taught me everything about werewolves.

I was moaning his name, couldn't hold myself, I placed my lips on his, Kissing him wildly. he pulled down both th straps of my dress from my shoulders. making my upper body naked in front of his hungry eyes. I moaned in between kiss, his rough manly hands were tracing curves, I pulled apart and look at him.

"Mark me" I breathed, we both were panting heavily. He look at me in shock.

"Are you sure?" He asked me, I smiled at his concern and nodded in yes. He look at me with lust and Love in his eyes.

He garb me by my waist and Kissed me hard, While kissing me he lifted my thighs and wrapped them around his waist, walking downstairs, he made me lay on sheet that was spread on floor, coming top of me. he broke the kiss. rey keeps on kissing me on my neck and shoulder. When he found the spot , where he can mark her , he keeps on licking that spot and then the next minute his canines come out and he bite me there, between my neck and shoulder. I screamed feeling the pain then next moment A wave of pleasure ran through my body, making me sigh in content.

"Want to continue this here or at my place? baby girl" Rey look up and asked me, I gave him a teasing look. In a swift moment i come top of him.

"I can't wait anymore, make me completely yours" I whispered in his ear, keeping my voice seductive, I lick his earlobe sensuously, I heard him growled, He turn, taking my body underneath his.

"Bad move babes, now be ready to face the consequence" with that, he pulled me in another wild yet passionate kiss. We made Love In fire escape of college and We complete our mating process.


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nice OS
great jobClap as usual
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Awesome + cute + hot Os...Thumbs Up

Just love it...Smile

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amazing os
just love it
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Amazing OS
The concept was completely different and very interesting
I just loved it
great work
Keep writing
thanks for the pm
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Poojaa! Hug
You made me fall in love with warewolfs! Heart
Loved the OS! Embarrassed
Keep writing girlie!! Big smile
Much love: Ale Heart
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