Maitali- the savior

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Posted: 5 years ago
Link to my original post on Maitali
I am no longer watching RR as I used to. I used to wait breathlessly for 12:30pm my time so that I could google the outcome of the daily show and then I would watch it on-line as I did my daily commute and then I watched it again at home and again the next day with subtitles. Unfortunately, that joy is gone for me. I chose to stop watching after Paro's death, but I will probably come back to check up on the characters. I was in the process of deleting all my pre-recorded shows when I watched a few minutes of one episode. I hope if I am incorrect in my assertions here (as I am not watching regularly) anyone who is watching will correct me.
I saw a scene between Maitali, Rudra, and the two children. It was the sweetest scene I have seen. The saddest part is what a makeshift family they were: a widower, a motherless boy, a girl who has a mother who seems to care less about her and a childless Maitali with  so much love to give. It was a  heartbreaking scene as there were 4 people who needed each other to survive in this family.  Rudra's heart belongs to Paro, Dhruv longs for his lost mothers touch and a love, Koyel longs for own mothers attention and love, Maitali longs for her husbands support and her mothers in laws approval.
I watched as Rudra sat at the head of the table, the father, The kids sat mimicking him and joking and Maitali stood near by as the loving patient mother figure.
Maitali- again she has risen above all the women in this household to show that she is the real woman of the house. She is the mother. She is the caretaker. She is the backbone of this house and this family. If she were not there, these 2 children would suffer immensely. They would feel a loss so much greater than they already do. I hope she gets the due she deserves for being the strongest woman in this family.
This will be my last post on the forum (probably), so I just want to say thank you to anyone who
anyone who has read any of Paro/Rudra inspired FF and I thank everyone for the inclusion. I have  loved all of the lively discussions and debates as well. Enjoy your time in the forum.
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Posted: 5 years ago
Hey, dont go! 
Dont go yet!

We a oot of us that us are watching for Rudra nd dhruv and .mythili and little Koel.

Mythili has come into her own. But samraat is very loving, and Mohini has toned down considerably. 

The family lives in Udaipur ow. They are quite modern. Dhruv calls his parents Mummy and Papa, not maasa and  bapusaa. They eat bread and eggs, eat off porcelain and read English newspapers. Dilsher and Maala are no more! Cry. Their lives are about one thing and one thing only... paro.

Watch fir the moochman and his memories of Paro, dear!

Myrah is yet to grow on us. Lets see how the writers create the raisson d etre for her. 
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Posted: 5 years ago
This is a nice post regarding Maithli.
Really like her.
I wish she and Samrat adopted a child.

I am watching RR 2.0 and so far so good.
Of course missing Paro, but looking forward to the interaction between Rudra and Myrah.
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Posted: 5 years ago
Hey, stay on, lets support the makers and the cast. Rr now looks promising with family bonding and Maithili character looks strong in this track and she is main anchor that everyone looks to. The actor playing her is good.
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Posted: 5 years ago
beautiful post on maithili...i love how the cv's have developed this character and given her so many layers...and she portrays them beautifully and with ease...shes on character who i enjoy watching besides the main leads of course...shes a strong women of today, who still have values and glad she didnt adopt her own child, otherwise we maybe wouldn't have been able to see her showering so much love on her nephew and niece..
and I'm loving rudra and maithili's relationship as well...bhabhi-devar, more like friends...rudra never hesitates to share anything with her...he trusts her and and now that paro is nomore, she's the one he can confide in...shes the only one who can understand him, what he's going through...and i glad he opens up to her, and has that special bond with her...its a very sweet relationship they both share...hope it remains like this forever :)

and please dont leave...stay for these 2 characters...myrah hasn't grown on us yet, as paro's death still hasn't sunk in...but I'm sure with time, we will be able to connect with myrah as well...give it a chance :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Nice post on Maithili.
Hope you'll come back again.
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Posted: 5 years ago
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