Rudra, Paros protector-first and always?

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Posted: 2014-07-29T06:16:46Z
ok ive been a silent fan of RR from the day it started, infact from when I heard SI was doing a new show, I was eagerly waiting for this, as I like her alot. I never thought Id be able to see her portray a character falling in love as well as she did with Arnav but i was wrong. Ashish I didnt know of at all before RR and I was apprehensive about how their onscreen chemistry would was I surprised! I fell in love with Paro, fell in love MADLY with Rudra and then with both Parud, their onscreen chemisty is magical, the kind ive only seen twice before (Arnav and Khushi and Asad(KSG) and Zoya)
Ive just spent the entire weekend watching this show from the begining again and what I saw, once again brought to front that Rudra is, and always has been shown to us as Paros protector, her rakshak.

What will happen to Rudra, who protected Paro from the first day that he met her, who killed her husband, was angry at her but protected her, who got anxious when she unintenionally, acciently or purposely got hurt, who wouldnt even let his younger cousin TOUCH her, who married her in anger and yet couldnt see her crying even when he himself caused those tears! who fell in love madly, passionately, deeply, despite all that he believed in, ...

With this unbelievable track of Paros death, how can they justify Rudras character even wanting to live, even if it is for the sake of their child, when he failed to do the one thing, that he from the day he met her was doing-PROTECTING her! How can they show a mans grief when he has failed to protect his very own life! How will such a broken man bring up his child is all im so disillusioned that I dont know what to do, watch the show or not, can I bear seeing Rudras grief, or a leap with NO grief, flashbacks of Parud? Rudra with Myrah is just unimagineable...

To see the show come from what it was to this before 200 episodes is just a massive disappointment, a blow to all us fans who have avidly followed the show and have fallen in love with Parud.

Im sure there are many of you who feel as I do...all I ask is if you dont, please dont bash my post as im an extremely disappointed and disillusioned fan...

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Posted: 2014-07-29T07:47:36Z
That exactly my friend,is my prob. Why in d name of god did they make viewers believe that this couple is str8 from heaven..they cannot breathe without each other coz they were always meant to breathe each other.. Situations created, circumstances unfolded such that the roads always brought em together wid least expected ways...n forced them to live together until d point they madly feel for each other...n until we went nuts about their being together...

N dis, exactly dis...makes me feel myrah cannot be a just another look alike. Writers know their characters better than us.. But the only thing i hate n fear is TRP race... Hahh! 

Y on d earth r these days not passing wid d damn speed of light.. 

PARUD forever...
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Posted: 2014-07-29T08:06:00Z
Yes, I know what you mean...
First Rudra has to loose Paro and that also this way... He was her protector and he failed...someone shot her at home! Now he has to live with the loss of Paro coupled with his guilt at having failed to safe guard her...he always promised that he would never let anything happen to her...

It's just unbearable...
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Posted: 2014-07-29T08:42:01Z
Same as you, I have been also a silent fan of RR from the day it started. I have very religiously followed every episode, every news segment on tv, articles writeups etc. In all those they have portrayed that Paro and Rudra were soulmates. In fact in the first episode itself they showed that they are connected since childhood. It was not her face which attracted him. It was her nature/ character/ or soul which pulled him towards her. even when he was injured he did not care about his wounds, all he was bothered about was to protect her. Again when he was unconscious he called out to her, or speak to her, could only talk to her about his hurts and no one else. they showed that she is a necessity for Rudra to survive. He couldn't even bear a single tear of hers, then how can they show that Rudra is even alive after Paro is dead let alone move on? I'm not saying that I would not watch the serial anymore because I definitely would as I love Ashish and Sanaya. But my question is how are the CVs going to justify Rudra's survival after Paro's death?
For me Rudra and Paro's love is eternal .
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Posted: 2014-07-29T08:56:42Z
Creatives are dumb end of !
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Posted: 2014-07-29T09:05:03Z
I think I have seen you before on forum 32! 
Dont worry dear, I feel along with you at every heartbeat! Cry
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Posted: 2014-07-29T10:04:02Z
Originally posted by Oldestfan

I think I have seen you before on forum 32! 
Dont worry dear, I feel along with you at every heartbeat! Cry

Yes, I used to regularly visit F32, before another show made a disastrous mistake...not anymore...
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