os-Heart always beats for each other

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After  a long  long long back.. Me writing OS ..and specially its on requestt..but ..cant revel her name..she said a Big NO to me.. :P Reason i know..LOL

ok No masti..and i guess first time i am writing this OS with particualr one character..So ..Dont hit me..its all about RAYA only ...

Os starting from the Maha Episode of 4th December 2012, Rajat - Priya dance ( one of my fav song..that i dont like now )  


Ram hurts her ..with his harsh words.. that does not mean.. he does not love his lady love..still he loves her .bt his ego, dont allow him to expect that.. and the other side, Priya  after 5 years who is still in love .with her man.. ..his words hurt her self respect.. and her faith too.. how can her man said all those  cheap words to her and about Rajat Sir..

For relaxing her mind she .made herself busy with some ladies.. ...

Again one male voice calls her ..Priya...

 She knows the owner of the voice..though that moment she does not want to give rly to him.. but..  she did ...composing herself.. with her sweet smile she turned..and asked the Matter..

Priya.. No Miss Sharma..Can u give me the pleasure to dance..

Never ever Priya thought in her life that she will agree to do so..but her agony made her so blind that.. she gave her hand to Rajat and went dance floor with him..

Rajat kept his hand.. on her waist.She shivered ...she is craving for her man touch and .. cant allow any one.. to so close to her ..bt her ego , her agony ere controlling her mind ..but her heart still was craving for her man.. and .. now and then she was stealing glances ...

From other side Ram was watching her silently, Actually their Rhythmic movement with the song ..


But he could not take this more ..he moved towards them .. and like a gentleman..he asked..:"May i get the privilege to dance with the lady"...his tone was sharp..not in usual..that Priya could feel his jealous rage ..even she did understand the reason behind ...but her ego did not allow her tough she was not feeling comfortable ...she tried to ignore RAM and , showing his presence did not effect her ...but Rajat in his feeble tone asked : Ram Tu...that he could not believe that Ram wants to dance with Priya..

In a scar tic tone   he asked..kyun main meri biwi k sath dance nehi kar sakta kya..and did not wait for any on's reply..just snatched Priya from him.. as he was trying to Show Rajat that ..Priya is his own.. and only he has right on her . Priya landed in his broad chest.. as the way he snatched her .. within a moment .. Ram took priya in a corner..when no one else...Priya  already lost herself in his eyes.. which is illed with his fake anger only..but deep inside..there is only love.. immense love for her ..and it came outside as jealousy seeing Rajat so close to her .. but the reality and his past words .. too Priya in reality..she was trying to push him..and freed herself from his grip...but Ram tighten his grip..on her waist ..even purposely .. he kept his both hand..on her waist..tightly..that she did not get chance to escape..

What r u doing ? what r u trying to prove..? leave me. And pushed him hard..but it did not effect him..

Clinching his teeth ..he asked  kyun problem ho rehi hai ...jab main aise kar raha hu ..bohut problem ho rehi hai.. aur itni der tak jab Rajat k sath aise chipak k...

Priya di dnot give him chance to complete ..with her all force  she pushed him as.. from starting she has had enough all this taunt which she does not deserve ..as she knows and her heart that .. only RAM is there .. and even RAM can feel her each and every feelings by her expressive eyes..then how could he  use so cheap words...

Aap samajhte kya hai ..aapne aap ko ? jo man me aye..bata denge..dont u know how to give respect ..at least not as ur wife.. as woman u can..could not control her tears more..

Ram did not want this situaton..not even he wanted to hurt Priya like that . but ..he could not control his emotion when he saw Rajat and Priya so close...

Ram was trying to console ..seeing her ..in this condition..it hurts him much more..

Priya was not in her mood to listen anything.. aapko kya lagta hai..k mer aur Rajat Sir k beech kuch  hai..how could u even think Mr.Kapoor, .. and within a moment changing her tone she asked.. let it be this one.. Why this is effecting u so much..hu kaun main aapki life me..Biwi to nehi hu aapki.. us din sabke samne u were introducing ayesha as ur wife..then why its effecting u .. i am no one..aapki Priya wo to kabki mar chuki hai ..hai na..

Her words created a great effect on him.. that he forgot the surrounding .. shouting at her in his loud   of voice...his attire ..scared Priya more that .. she lost hr words even.. her tears also stopped , just a sudden jerk. Made her realized that ..her words..hurts him..

Ram forcefully clutched her wrist.. and pulled her ..by saying ..janna hai na .. tum kaan ho mere life me.. janna hai na ..mere Priya k bade me. Do u really wanna know na.. chalo mere sath..even he was not waiting for her rly ..

After a few minutes.. they were in car, Priya and Ram both were in silent.. Ram was so much angry and kept busy himself..in driving..and Priya .. was scared seeing his angry ..suddenly her cell  rang in loud peach and ..brought her back.. seeing the display id..Priya hesitated to received the call..

Kiska hai ...receive it  ..and say  u r with me.. firmly Ram and her..

Priya with lots of hesitation received it ..

From the other side just firing of questions .. she had to faced:

Kaha hai aap ?..Party is almost going to its end.. Peehu hai..ghar jana hai ..we are waiting for u .

 ha Natasha.. ha..main aajayungi.. Peehu?

Ram could sense ..he took the cell from her and ans...: Hello Natasha ..Ram here .. Priya is with me..dont worry about her ..and ..please take care Peehu.. ..Priya kal tak aajayegi..bye good night..

Listening the word kal tak it made her shocked more .. ..

First time she questioned him:  hum kaha jaa rehe hai .. means ..aap mujhe kaha lekar jaa rehe hai..

Without changing his voice tone.. not even looking at her he replied.. we are not divorced ..still now i am ur husband so .. i guess i have very much right on u ...and..technically . ayesha is not...

His cell did not give him the chance to complete his sentence.. , seeing the caller ID..Ram gave his cell to Priya and .. asked her to rcv it..but seeing the name: priya said ..she cant as ..its his ..personal..call..

 But RAM forced her to receive. ...and even said.. to keep it in speaker..

Hello ..Ram aap kaha hai..main kabse party me aapka wait kar rehi hu.. ghar nehi jayenge aap..

Each and every words from the otherside..just hurt  Priya more and more ..but as Ram forced her ..she spoke out : Hello Ayesha .. .

Priya di aap.. why r u attending my husband's call..

Priya silently with teary eyes..passed the cell to him..

Ram took it with his left hand..and said with his arrogant voice..: Hello Ayesha ..This is Ram here .. u dont need to worry about me.. looking at Priya he added, " i am with the right person in right place.. so .. dont need to show ur drama."...and disconnected the call..and switched off it.

Within a moment they  reached at  hotel west-inn..its another shock for Priya.. as she did not expect it ..

Ram took her from the car ..and clutching her wrist ..forcefully..taking her  to the entrance..

He took her to the receptionist  and asked the key of room  2110..

Sir wo to aapke pass hi, Ram  rudely replied him that he forgot ..so must be they have another one..

Asap the hotel authority gave him the duplicate key.. The no of th room echoed in her brain.. it was not so special place as man and lady.. but.. this was the first room.. first time they shared their night .. shared their thought .. specially their thought about successful  marriage which needs- Compatibility, Love and trust.. yes Her Mr. Kapoor lost the trust on her.. once it was the main which bound them in an eternal relation..now this trust lost.. .is it forever..

Again Ram pulled her .. and this sudden jerk again .. landed her in reality .. within moment .. They stood in front of the room.. ..Ram opened and .. gave her chance to enter there..He followed him..and put the light on ..

 It was the most shocking side for Priya.. full room was filled only with her pic.. some where as couple pic, aur some where her single snap.. her each and every moment ..her smile, her crying face, angry face..each and every moment was captured so nicely and framed with so much care .. and also some messages in each and every pic of her of course..message from her man..

Silently ..she walked towards one of her pic..it was also..one of the most memorable for both of them...

Priya was in Black saree.. with long ear rings..and backless blouse.. in a party..

 the message - " Priya that day u were looking drop dead gorgeous.. when i saw u.. i just wanted to hug u . but i was scared,, scared about ur reaction.. and .. my feelings..still it was unspoken to u .. i was teasing u ..not purposely i wanted to .do ..just was trying to avoid my own nervousness ..but when i saw u with Ronit.. i could not and next day i said..all those..words..i did not wanna mean i single..I loved u..i love u..and always will love u .. where r u Priya Please come back.. or take me..to u please."

Priya looked at him.. one pic and its message was enough for her  for her , self realization..what she did...she was alone.. but still she has.his love, their love symbol with her ..but her RAM was alone..only he is trying to be like a normal with her memory.. ..

Her eyes already filled with water, still she went towards him..and going to wipe his tears..but Ram removed her hands..and asked ..in same tone as before...now..ans me..who r u in my life.. DO u have any idea..ya abhi bhi tumhe kuch janna hai.. who r u ...u r my life priya- ,Main jinda hu..kyunki..u r within me nehi to..his time Priya did not scare what will be his reacion..she kept her hand on his mouth .and closed her eyes tightly...

Very gently  Ram held her hand..and asked.. hoti hai na taklif..ye sunkar hi taklif ho rehi hai..and..main panch saal jinda raha hu..ise sach man kar k meri Priya...but sach kuch alag hi tha..

I am Sorry Mr.Kapoor...i tried to contact...

Without listening her further,,,Ram hugged her tightly..as there is no tomorrow...

Priya took some time to realize exactly what happening. but when she realized..she tried to push him..and said,No..Mr.Kapoor its not right..Ayesha...

Ram stopped her further saying anything..by keeping his finger on her lips..and said..Ayesha is not my Wife..its just a deal..that she is using my surname..and..still now my wife is Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor..

So,What i want ..i can do with her..knowing so well that ..she still now loves me right?

After a long..days ..first time Priya smiled.. the smile which was directly formed from her heart...

Aapko agar ye pata hi hai..then why u werereacting seeing RAJAT sir ..so close to me...

How could u..say this things priya..I love and no one has the right to touch u..

Do u know Mr. Kapoor..aapki problem kya hai..aap kabhi bhi ..mri intension samjh nehi pate hai..not before five years ..not even now..

I was agree to dance with Rajat sir..because i was craving for u..and i so knew it..it will effect u...it worked..

Ram looked at her very intensely ..and slowly moved so close to her lips..just a inch apart distance he said..that means..after five years ..i have to stop u ..the same way ..and caught her lips...Priya also  respond him in equal passion..,,

It was not only .a random kiss of husband..wife..its the symbol of two lovers.. one soul..which met with its another part.after a long.time..its the time to cherish the moment..after a few minutes when both were feeing the need of air they broke ..and Ram asap stole one soft kiss...

And said...change karlo...

Priya looked at him..Ram could sense that she was asking for her dress..that how can she change..

 Go to the  changing room , u will get all ur necessary things...

Priya was shocked aftr hearing this ..as was it his plan..otherwise  how i it possible that her dresses are there ..

But when she opened the door of the  wardrobe the another shock was waiting for her ..

All her dresses which carries lots of memorable moments ..of their life. These were neatly placed there..

From the red nighty of their so called hm to his white kurta ..which  she wore after their special night ..

 With lots of hesitation priya took the nighty ..and went fro freshen up..

Ram  was removing his coat..when he heard the  sound of door open..

And looked at the side..

After 5  years..become his child mother still she took towel to cover up..properly...

Ram  removed his court , looking at her...it made her more shy...he went close to her...lifting hr face..he asked..Peehu..is our daughter ..Priya..our symbol of love...u dont need to put this one to cover u..indicating the towel..he made his comments...

Priya ..downs her head..but softly she asked..Mr.Kapoor mujh ek baar Pehu se baat karna hai.. at least natasha se Puchna hai ..she is ok na..kabhi bhi aise mujhe chod kar..

Ram could feel her mother's love..and every time he can..it makes her unique..

Ram switched on his cell. dialed  natasha's no and gave this to Priya...and said..jaldi ana ..I am waiting..

Priya looked at him once ..took the ph..

Hello Bhai ..what happen why r calling so late...all ok na..

Hello Natasha..its me..

What happen Priya..?

Nothing nuts..just i am worried about  ..Peehu..she is ok na..actually kabhi bhi aise mujhe chod kar..

No no..Priya she is completely fine..rather in so happy mood..khush k sath masti kar rehi thi..just main in dono ko..sulakar ayi..

Sab thik hai na..

Priya could complete her sentence ..before Ram shouted..Priya ..jaldi ayo na..

I am waiting...it was audible to nuts too..

Haye haye..Priya lag rehi hai..settle se kuch jyada hi hogaya..I am so happy for both of u..

Just enjoy this moment..both of u were suffering like hell..dont ..worry about Peehu..I am here for her..

Just be with Bhai .he suffered a lot with out..

Only Priya could say a soft thank u to her..and disconnected the call..

Hurriedly she went the bed room..from where RAM was shouting..and  there was king size photo frame..of  them the holi hug..with the message..

"After our reunite as a couple..it was our first hug..really the holi was special for me..u made it special for me..actually u made me  special priya with ur love ..with ur care..i was started to again live my life...why..why god is so cruel that he took u ..but..he gave me u ..for a short period of time..that i can..enjoy my full life with all memories..."

Ram took her in a tight hug and said,: ye sare msg mujhe mitana hai..kyunki aaj k baad,our life will be filled with only happiness.. u, me and Peehu...

In this process..the wrapped towel fall ..Priya did not realize as she was lost in her mna's charm//but ram..could feel and. Said in very much seductive voice..if u want..humare family  one me aur bhi member ho sakta  hai...Priya looked at him..in her questioning look

Ram pointed her through his eyes..and said..tum mujhe seduce karne k liye aise dress ue karogi to..must be our family members will be  added na..

Priya hit on his chest..and said..aap pehle se jyada..

Romantic hogaya hu na..mere biwi mere sath ho to what can i do..and gain hugged her tightly...

The night after 5 years again they united as couple..with their love,,withe their craving for each other...


Waiting for ur Comments..and dont forget to hit the like button 

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Posted: 2014-07-28T13:39:43Z
Awesome os Sanju dear
i will give my full comment soon
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Posted: 2014-07-28T15:11:15Z
So cute
so romantic
so seductive
This OS was all this & much more...TongueSmile

Thanks for the PMSmile
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Posted: 2014-07-28T15:28:45Z
jst lve it
awesome 1
thnk u sooo much fr pm
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Posted: 2014-07-28T21:54:12Z
Thx for the pm.

Drama karna toh banta hai dono ko, lekin bahit der tak ek dusre ko kisi aur k saath bardaasht kaise karein lolz
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Posted: 2014-07-28T22:14:01Z
thnks for pm
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Posted: 2014-07-28T22:27:44Z
Both are angry with each other but still love
Ram can't see Priya with Rajat
he decrorated whole room with her pics in the form of memories but now she is with him no one can separate them
emotional and romantic Os on Raya
thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2014-07-28T22:45:45Z
Originally posted by bpatil3

Thx for the pm.

Drama karna toh banta hai dono ko, lekin bahit der tak ek dusre ko kisi aur k saath bardaasht kaise karein lolz

 kanjus.. Angry
tu ekbar ..wats up pe ana.. bohut din baat nehi ho rehi hai ,,,missing u.. 

i am not ok ok.. yaar.. 

and yup ye dono ki drama bhi hume bade achhe laggte the... Cry
thank u darling 

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