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Yaad aa rahi hai...

Raya ki yaad aa rahi h Cry

Kitna miss kar rahe hain raya ko to humne socha ek FF likhe. At least we can re-live Balh memories through it. To rayans aap sab bi zrur padhna...aur kesa laga batana Smile


New FF on RaYa: Addictedly Yours (Part 1: Introduction)

The famous love story of "Romeo-Juliet" par lecture khatam karke, she came out of the classroom of 12th graders. Clad in a red colour saree and

carrying all the dignity of a well-respected lecturer who had a Masters Degree in Literature and Psychology, Priya Sharma walked along the corridor of

Vidyaniketan College in Mumbai. Saawan ka mousam tha aur baarish aakr filhal ruki thi. Priya ka dhyan campus ke ped-poudhon par pada...aur wo jitna ho sake utne lambe lambe saans lete hue chal rahi thi..kyunki she loved nature, greenery, and the feeling of breathing in moist air. Raste me students usko wish kar rahe the... aur wo apni ek pyari si smile se unhe b wapis wish karte hue staff room ki taraf jaa rahi thi.

Suddenly Priya remembered something. Jhat se apne bag se phone liya usne and she stood in disbelief for a second looking at it.. "Itne saare missed calls Neha ke ! Oh God ye ladki pagal ho gayi hai" bolte hue Priya dialed back her best friend.

Neha, screamed back in her forever enthusiastic voice: "Hiii Sexy, mae tumhare call ka hi wait kar rahi thi."

Priya smiled slightly at the word "Sexy".. Neha usko aise hi chhedti thi ...sexy, hotty bolkar... Priya stopped the smile and asked: "Wait? Arre wait kaha kiya ?? 15 missed calls hain tere 15!!...Accha wo sab chod aur bta mera kaam kar diya? You spoke to him??"

Neha: "kaam ho bhi gaya aur nahi bhi."

Priya obviously had to ask: "Matlab?"

Neha: "Matlab mere khadus boss aaj puura din kisi conference par bahar gaya hua hai ...to us se baat nahi hui meri. (and continued in a hurry) Lekin lekin lekin...I spoke to his brother...wo b sweet type ka banda hai. I convinced him to sponsor your college fest...thoda badha chadhakr bol diya ki tera college ye h wo h...to he was impressed. Puura cost bear karne ko agree kiya hai usne!! Par usko kuch details chahiye about the whole event...so he will send you a mail tonight. Aaj raat ko please please apne mails check karo and respond to him. Rishab Kapoor naam h

uska. Ok baby?"

Priya was ecstatic: "I don't believe this... Kapoor Industries sponsor karegi Vidyaniketan ka college fest!!... Nehaaa...yaar tune to mera saara problem solve kar diya. Thank you so very much"

Neha grinned: "Aww ab itna formal mat bano ok. Suno ek aur baat. Maine na...apne saare friends and acquaintances ko bhi bata diya tha ki you are looking for sponsors. To shayad kuch log tumhe contact kare. Pls un sabse bhi baat kar lena."

Priya sighed: "Hmm ofcourse."

Neha reaffirmed: "Chalo fir fingers crossed. Talk to you later, bye."

Priya smiled "Hmm thanks again, cya."

The annual cultural festival at Vidyanikentan where Priya worked - wo kafi grand scale par manaya jaata tha har saal. So college was looking for

corporates or industries to sponsor the event by bearing the cost. Surely 6-7 lakhs to chahiye hi tha. Along with many other tasks, Priya had to find a

sponsor as well. She was the most enterprising among their staff aur uski ek reputation thi ki jo bhi kaam ho, wo karegi hi karegi aur acche se karegi. Almost ek mahine se Priya had been putting in 12-15hrs a day at college to make sure ki all arrangements were in order. Colleagues' ne support to kiya, but the responsibility was more on Priya and she executed it with the sincerity of a saint.

She managed all the other tasks using her people skills, hard work and passion. Soft natured ki thi par jab zarurat padti she could be a hard task master too. But still...finding a sponsor for Lakhs of rupees was very tough. Uske liye high level logon ...in the industry se pehchan chahiye thi plus running around to convince them... It was all tough for her becoz she was a simple girl from a middle-class upbringing. Uske zyada friends bhi nahi the...So she sought help from her best friend Neha who worked for Kapoor Industries, which is counted among the cream companies of the times. It was an empire known across the country for all the good reasons. Unke liye corporate sponsorship was a small thing considering how big their assets were. So Priya depended on Neha to pull it off.

After Neha's call, Priya went to the staff room to wind up and headed home, with hope in her heart that things will go as planned. Uski parents Shipra and Sudheer were glad to see their darling daughter back before sunset after a long time. Warna roz to raat tak aati thi.

Shipra exclaimed: "Priyaa...wah beta aaj bade din baad jaldi aa gayi. Tabiyat to theek hai na teri..hahh?" and placed her palm over Priya's forehead to check if she has fever.

Priya smiled as she walked it: "Haan maa bilkul theek hun. Bas mann kiya jaldi aane ka to aa gayi. Mae fresh hokr aati hun." And walked to her bedroom.

Sudheer chipped in: "Haan beta tum jao. Aur Shipraa...aaj mujhe aur Priya donon ko adrak wali chai pilaado" and smiled.

Within minutes, Priya and her dearest daddy Sudheer were at their favorite spot - their balcony - sipping piping hot adrak chai, watching the Sun go down the West Mumbai sea. Papa-beti donon ko ye boht pasand tha...it was their preferred way of unwinding a busy day. They used to exchange conversations that revolved around family, friends, life, and well...everything over that cup of chai. Apne papa se sab kuch share krti thi

Priya...aur Priya khud darling of the Sharma household thi. It was a well-knit family overall, contented and at peace with themselves. Par having a unmarried 36-year old daughter can be a worrying experience for parents. Sharma family me bhi yahi hua..they were worried for her. This displeasure though came out from Shipra at unexpected moments par Sudheer calm rehte the...he was a sensitive and quiet person.

Priya ki chota bhai Karthik returned home by7pm. The family spent some time together and had dinner together like they always did. Kitchen ka kaam niptakr Priya got on to her laptop to check mails. Her mind was racing for the mail from Rishab Kapoor. She searched up and down her inbox par uska koi mail nahi aaya tha. She assumed he must have been busy and that the mail might arrive any moment. She decided to wait. There were a couple of spam mails that she cleared and re-read a few old emails just to kill time.

On the other side of Mumbai was a massive and popular bungalow Kapoor Mansion that was home to Ram Kapoor who was a dashingly handsome, charming, and macho who was in his 40s yet single. Interesting kism ka insaan tha. Ram was big' in many ways - big hearted tha, big brains ka tha becoz he had to carry the weight of Kapoor Industries on his shoulders. Aur fir khud bhi big built ka tha. But he never preferred anyone to call him fat...he argued that he was "healthy" and not fat. He was a foodie to the core and absolutely loved his family by being a doting brother to younger sister Natasha and brother Rishab, and a dutiful son of the Kapoors. But seldom did his family express enough care for him, leaving him to feel lonely and lifeless.

Ram ka public image kafi different tha...he was known to be shrewd, strict and khadus but had a good name in business circles. He had the ability to strike huge deals and churn out crores worth of business. With a clean professional image, Ram could hold his head high any day and was a celebrity in business circles. Everyone seemed to know his earnings and share value better than the humane values he upheld. Par Ram ne kabhi shikayat nahi kiya...chupchap sab jhelta raha though he was aware that his larger-than-life businessman image had eaten into his personal life.

Ram reached home tired as dead wood after a hectic day at office. He refreshed and had a quiet dinner in his bedroom watching TV. Ram ko accha lgta tha ki wo roz raat ko thodi der personal emails check kare ya or browse kare on anything that interested him. He was not much into social networking. And Ram never disclosed his true identity to everyone..warna log uski power misuse karte ya fir bheed ban jaata. Afterall everyone likes to be called Ram Kapoor's friend! So he had created a couple of fake email and chat IDs for himself, just to be in touch with the society at large. It was 10PM. Settling on his bed and resting against a pillow, Ram ne laptop on kiya. Nothing really caught his eye except for one mail with a subject line "NEED YOUR HELP". Ram was a man with his heart in the right place - ever willing to help anyone in need, especially monetarily. So usne wo mail padna shuru kiya.

Back at Sharma house, Priya was still waiting for that mail from Rishab Kapoor, her savior. Wo restless ho rahi thi and decided to call Neha to check ki aakhir mail aaya kyu nahi. By the time she got up from the chair to get the phone, Priya saw a new chat message blinking. She saw the header

"Message from Golumolu. Click here to Accept, Click X to Close".

Usko wo name ajeeb laga..."Gosh, Golu..molu...hunh koi baccha hi hoga ...ya to time pass kar raha h ya flirt karne ki koshish...sorry but I have no time for you." Priya shrugged and closed the window without even reading the message inside. Usne jakar Neha ko call kiya. Neha ne usko samjhaya ki shayad Rishab abhi tak busy ho... to wait kare thodi der aur. Priya didn't have a choice, so she came back to her laptop and sat.

There was another new notification.

"Message from Dukhiram. Click here to Accept, Click X to Close"

"Bapre..ek gaya to dusra idiot tapak gaya! Dukhiram...sorry dukhi atma...mae tumhare dukh baatne ki mood me nahi hun ok." Was Priya's reaction. She didn't close the message but sirf ignore kiya without reading. Five more minutes passed. She heard a ping...from the same Dukhiram window. Irritated hui par she opened it. There were 3 messages:


I read your requirements.

I can sponsor your college fest but only if you care to reply to my messages. I

see you online!"

Priya read and re-read these 3 lines as though they were sacred verses. Usko surprise hua aur socha ki maybe she should take a chance and respond. So Priya replied with phrases and clauses, just as how they randomly occurred to her:

"Hi. Sorry I hesitated to reply to a stranger...I mean..you know..your ID is

weird. By the way do you speak English?"

Priya bit her cheek after sending it.She realized ki it was stupid to ask... English me type kiya hai to English ayega hi na. But the message was sent...and by now it was even read! A swift taunt reply aaya:

"No I don't know English that is why we are speaking in Arabic :-/ "

Priya couldn't stop a smile. She had to apologize.

"Oops, wrong question. Sorry I got a bit carried away.

Where are you from...and your good name please?"

There was no response. Priya stared at the monitor, her fingers eager to type up questions and evaluate this stranger to be sure of his credibility. Par

reply aaya hi nahi...

<To be continued> :)

- Sampa, Shipcy, Arti (TheFatWriter)

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Super Start
Very interesting story line
Continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2014-07-24T09:19:16Z
Awesome start !!
Love it
Contnue sooon
And plz pm me 4rm next part!!
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Posted: 2014-07-24T09:32:15Z
Omg! A RaYalicious start to an awesome Fanfiction! You have kept all the characters in their element while giving us a new story. Loved RaYa's online convo...very RaYaish! Please update regularly and thank you for taking the time to write and sharing this beautiful story with us. Clap
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Posted: 2014-07-24T09:46:43Z
hahah golu molu lovd it
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Posted: 2014-07-24T09:54:00Z
very nice start...Clap
mailing part is nice...Tongue
update soon...

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Posted: 2014-07-24T10:03:08Z
Very nyc concept n love the the start of ur ff n Raya chatting wow but they dnt their real name pls continue soon
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Posted: 2014-07-24T10:17:01Z
superb start
continue soon
plz pm me from nxt part
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