**Author Of The Month #1 - Anony_mous**

Posted: 5 years ago

The Fan Fiction Development Team would like to announce the very first Author Of The Month!

She is a diehard Arnav-Khushi fan and has written numerous Fan Fictions on the beautiful couple that are favourites of many!

A n o n y _ m o u s

What was your first story on India-Forums?

Why/how did you start writing?

As the author of the month, name one of your fan fictions you'd recommend to readers.

Choose the next Author of the Month.

Feel free to grill her away members!

F a n  F i c t i o n s  D T

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Posted: 5 years ago

Wow, I don't know what to say. Thanks I guess :)

Shall come back to this space when I have gathered my wits!


First of all I thank FF DT and all my readers for this honor. Being author of the month makes me feel... loved. And important. I am still trying to figure why Making Khushi Mine-2 received the kind of response it did, but for sure I am not complaining. I love every bit of love that is coming that story's way and indirectly mine. While MKM is my flagship, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful readers for their encouragement, enthusiasm for my other stories as well. Arshi and non-Arshi both. Love ya all HeartHug

Now some Q&A time:

What was your first story on India-Forums? 

~ Making Khushi Mine - I

Why/how did you start writing?

~ I joined India Forums in May 2012 as a reader of fan-fictions, without any intention to write, which was severely rocked due to creativity flowing all around on this platform. Infact, before India forums I had never written anything beyond what is required for English exams. Then, in December 2012 I was bed ridden due to an injury and India Forums became my full time refuge. Now, I have been an avid reader who loves to imagine all my life, and somewhere between May to December 2012, I got  MKM-I idea bubbling in my head (for 3 months to be precise) and I waited for it to go away like usual. It did not. Then I thought of  publishing it, but I was not sure (read dead nervous) about its response and reception by unknown faces out there on the forum, so held back. And would have held back for eternity actually. However, lying in hospital does wonders to your resolve to take your dreams seriously, and thus I finally plucked courage to pen it down and rest you guys know :)

As the author of the month, name one of your fan fictions you'd recommend to readers.

Since most of the readers know about MKM 1 & 2, I would like to recommend For Your Sake. I have been told it is a decent read.

Choose the next Author of the Month.

Wow, this is a big honor. And there are so many names that are swirling in my mind right now. Can I please take some time to come back to this section? I'll update the name here soon.

Feel free to grill her away members! ~ Umm.. Sure!!

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Posted: 5 years ago
congrats anon :) ... love u... love ur talent, ur stories... 
btw... does it mean we can ask u anythg here?? u see... i hv quite a few gd ones Wink
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Posted: 5 years ago
Ready to get grilled?? Wink wink

so i was going to ask a lot of " good " questions but then i dropped the idea ..
acha nai lagta naaa!!!

so here is my ques which first passed thru Tanu di's censorship..

1.Is there is anything you have written but not posted yet ??something you have written for yourself?

2.is being polite is your nature since beginning ?or it developed steadily after u started writing ?i have never seen you getting you angry...although i have read quite a nasty things about but still u react calmly...

3. Why you remain so discreet  Wink ?(  initially i dropped this ques from asking but tanu di said you can ask )Big smile

4. sorry , but i cant stop my self from asking...: why all your comments, notes  etc except your update are in brown and green colour??LOL

congratulation for being author of the month..lage rahoSmile

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Posted: 5 years ago
A silent reader is here to wish you dear Writersahiba.
I will be on your stories threads to comment ASAP.
Love n hugs.
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Posted: 5 years ago
Finally she is the one author who I always wanted to see in these threads. She writes the finest stories ever!! Where I always fine myself satisfied reading it. I dont have to put any compliant. Who does not categorize any of her readers. All are equal. All characters are equal. Glad to see her getting recognition for her efforts.
Anamika!! I told you one day would come this will happen. You have a thread in your name in IPK forum (which I saw too late), you won the Bolly Curry thing, now this.

Congratulations ANAMIKA!!!!
I will not grill you dont worry. I leave it to the rest.
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Posted: 5 years ago
Congratulation for becoming 'author of the month' Anony_mous ji! Hug
You deserve this title Heart
You are one of my fav fanfiction writers and your stories are trilled to read.you always give equal attention to all characters.always treat readers equally.
I have not more questions, only one.
How do you get inspired to write the storylines?
I know it is very silly but can't help. Embarrassed
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Posted: 5 years ago
You totally deserve the title.
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