Mahasangam MahaEpisode - Written Update (Acceptances and Confessions)

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Beintehaa sole portions are in brief. PaRud and the crossover are in detail.

Rang Rasiya and Beintehaa: Mahasangam Mahaepisode - Written Update

Part 1

Alia is sleeping in Zain's arms. They share an eye-lock and a kiss.

At City Hospital, doc gives Rudra reports and news that everything is positive, his hands will get well soon. And the second news is that, Dr RK Joshi...will take care of him. Rudra asks Dr Joshi? The army officer. The doc says yes, the one who is from Chandangarh and happens to be in the same battalion as Rudra's. He tells Rudra that in 15 days, his hand will be 40-50% recovered. Paro is happy and prays. Rudra sees her praying and goes to her and asks, What? Will she do all her prayers here itself? Paro blushes, shakes her head and they leave.

Zain and Aliya share a quite moment in the car. Zain pays the driver and asks him to go. They decide to spend time together. Romantic Moments between them in the car. Finally, a car honk disturbs them and they drive off.

Paro is seeing the city. She is happy remembering about the docs and reports. She remembers how he'd get well soon in 15 days. She looks at him. Rudra asks whys she smiling? Paro says even he can smile a little, he won't be indebted. Rudra says I don't smile. Paro says dont lie!! Army officers don't look good lying! I remember how you laughed holding your stomach. Rudra says you won't feel like smiling if you're on my side. Paro suddenly recollects her vow to leave him once he's well. She becomes sad. Rudra looks at her and says now what? First she was laughing and now she's crying. Paro keeps crying thinking she has to leave him. Rudra says cant understand wives at all. He wipes her tears and takes her into his arms. "Saiyaan...plays in Background" Paro prays that the time should freeze here.

Zain and Aliya get cosy in the car while the song plays.

Paro keeps herself close to him. The car stops and breaks down. Zain and Aliya's car stops in front of Dargah. Rudra says he'll see. The driver repairs the car while Rudra waits. Paro gets out and spots the Dargah. She prays. Aliya sees her and says that if she had to ask for something, come inside. Paro says, would not have stayed here if she could visit. She has heard of this place and she knows that it holds a lot of importance. Paro says cant go! We have a train to catch. Aliya asks what matter more? Train or prayer? Paro says Major Sahab will get angry. Aliya asks who? Paro tells her husband. Rudra looks into the car to find Paro missing.

Part 2

Rudra finds Paro missing. Aliya says if he gets angry, he will get ok as well. Paro says no no! My husband is short-tempered. Aliya says wives should do something they like once a while. Come lets pray. Rudra is worried and searches for her. He asks few people. Paro joins her hand and they go.

Rudra collides with Zain and shows him Paro's pic. He says my wife is missing. Zain jokes, even my wife is missing!! Rudra says are you mad? My wife is missing are you mad? Zain says! The one who is missing is my wife too! Don't worry. We're standing in front of the Dargah. Here people meet their loved ones soon.

Paro and Aliya reach and start praying. Paro joins her hand and prays while Aliya does her Sajda. She turns around and sees Zain looking for her. She tells Paro that there is her husband, her life, her world. He's more than just a husband. Paro smiles as Aliya introduces Zain to Paro. Zain asks Aliya to teach him ibaadat. Zain says that so you are Paro. You're husband is searching for u. Paro fears Rudra will shout at her. Aliya says while you teach your strict husband some love, I'll go teach my soft husband how to do ibaadat.

Rudra shouts at Paro. He says how would he have found her if she got lost. Paro says wanted something. Tie this thread. Rudra says do that there. Paro says wanted to ask you your day today. In this unknown city, every moment. Can he give?

Zain and Aliya reach to tie the thread. Aliya tells Paro that Baba gives what devotees ask but also gives what they don't ask. Paro says I know what I am doing is right. Aliya says if what is right, there's no tension, there's only peace. Paro prays for Rudra's happiness no matter she's with him or not. Aliya prays for her and Zain.

Zain and Rudra give flowers and Chaadar to the Dargah. Zain says be happy, now that your wife is happy. Rudra says yeah! Got her. But how do you know I am Rudra? Zain says your wife told. My wife flee with yours! See! There they are tying the holy thread.

"Saiyaan..." Plays in Background and they complete the customs. Zain Aliya share romantic moments.

After prayers. Rudra asks Paro where to go? Paro says lets ask Aliya? Rudra says the one who got her here? Paro says yeah! Sweet girl! Rudra says is it enough for her to believe them? Paro says enough for me! Zain comes and asks as I can see, you both left the train? So what plan? Paro says wanna visit Mumbai? Please tell us some places, and how to reach there? Aliya says come with us. We will spend time together whole day. Rudra agrees. Zain proposes that the two could stay with them!

Part 3

Zain's mother makes arrangements to get the Mud Island bungalow repaired.

Zain-Aliya and PaRud reach their bungalow. Paro says beautiful bungalow. Rudra says yeah. Beautiful. Paro says they love each other so much. Rudra says fine, they love. But in the car, in public...what were they doing. Paro says love is love. One should do love as and when it comes. And anyways, way of loving are different. Some show it, while others hide photos in mobiles. Rudra thinks how does she know. Zain Abdullah must be the one who told her. Paro sees the sea and asks Rudra to come.

Paro plays with the sand. Throws stones in the sea. Rudra watches her. "Ishq Bulaava" plays in the background. Paro is having a lot of fun while Rudra smiles at her. She asks him, if he knows swimming. Rudra says was a medalist. Paro says that means you'll save me if I drown. In the sea, she trips. Rudra shouts what if something happened. Paro sad relax, just tripped.

Back to the bungalow. Zain says today I came to know, Aliya and he like to roam. Rudra says Paro likes seas. Zain says when did their ILU happened. Rudra says what to tell, when nothing happened. Zain says one should never wait.

That night, Zain praises Aliya in verses while Rudra sings for Paro. Soon, both of them go to prepare food. Aliya asks what Rudra likes. Paro says potatoes. They make veggies when the shot circuit breaks a fire. Paro and Aliya are at a risk of loosing their life. Rudra tries to push the door while Zain breaks the door with the stick. Rudra finally controls his dead hand and opens the window and saves Paro. Zain saves Aliya.

Mahasangam Ends.

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Awesomeee >3 keep updating : p
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Thanks very much for the speedy WU
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Thank you...Smile
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Nice one thank for WU
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Thanks for such fast update!
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great epi , thanks for the WU :)
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So does that mean that his hand is recovered by end of episode?
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