Rangrasiya Written Update 28th May 2014 ~Rudra opens up to Paro~

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Posted: 2014-05-29T02:49:03Z
- Thakur held captive of Laila and asked her to help in his plan. When Laila asked him why was a man like him hiding in a shabby place he told her to mind her own business and tell him whether she would like to help him or not.

- Samar got few gifts for the entire house people and is two minds whether telling about his new business to the entire family was the right thing to do. Maithili gave him strength and stood beside him telling once day he had to tell everyone and he did the right thing by announcing it.

- Rudra was about to scold paro when Paro turned towards him with teary eyes and told him that now she understood why Rudra wanted to keep laila out of the house all the time when she like a fool believed in her. Rudra told her she gave Laila a second chance which she lost. Paro was devastated to know that Laila wanted to break Paro's and Rudra's relationship but Rudra held her in his arms and assured her that he would have never let Laila come in between him and Paro's relationship. Hearing his confession Paro felt content and asked him that whether he agrees that there is something between him and paro, a relation. Rudra once again went into his shell and closed down.

- Maithili who was listening to the conversation made Paro understand later that what Rudra told her was straight from his heart and that he does believe in their relationship. Samar gave Paro th gifts that he had brought for her and Rudra.

- Rudra scolded his father for once again getting involved in the fights with Mohini. rudra told him that he should find another place to live when Dilsher ask him not ti think of separation anymore because they have already lost 15 years of their life staying separate away from their own family. He also told him to try to regain hope in life because it will help in mending a lot of things.

- Paro entered dilsher's room to check where Rudra was and was directed to the roof top where he would be seeing the full moon.  Dilsher also told paro that rudra loves to watch full room since his childhood days.

- Without looking at who it was Rudra was sure it was Paro who came to search him in the terrece. He told her without looking at her that he was waiting for her. When paro asked him that he always told her that he hated moon Rudra confessed her that sometimes he lied. He told her that when he said he would have never let Laila come in between them he meant each and every words and that he wanted to trust paro and wanted Paro to trust him back. Paro assured him that she did trust him wholeheartedly.

- Rudra shared his childhood memories with her and talked about his mothers. Seeing his pain paro asked him to stop but he said he wanted to share with her and her only. He never shared his pain and his childhood miseries with anyone but today he wanted to share with her because he trusts her.

- Rudra asked Paro to sing the song which she always sung and which he asked her not to sing ever in front of him. When paro reminded him, he almost pleaded and asked her to sing once last time. When paro started singing he laid on her lap and cried like a baby. Paro held his face lovingly and continued to sing while he held her hand, his tears drenching her soft palm.

- Thakur took Laila in a room where mala was held captive. When Laila recognized mala and asked wasn't mala his wife, mala confessed that she was never his wife and she did a blunder by loving a man like him and committing the greatest mistake of her life by leaving her husband, her family and her son for this man.

Precap : Rudra tells paro that her thakurain masa is his mother.
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