OS: Together, Forever

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Hi folks!


Look, who is here! I am seriously backlogged with my SS, but I did not feel like writing the update of it, as of now. This idea popped in my head today morning and what better occasion to write than the fact that RK is back on sets.


This is based in S1(like most of my other write-ups), just after Ram returned from the US trip, following his realization of love. Just that, in my version, the coin-scene in office does not happen. No party as well, no jealousy trip. I've always wanted to see a passionate Raya, who don't give a damn to the protocols and just listen to their hearts. So, here goes my rampant imagination's fruit. Hope you enjoy it!


Priya stretched her arm as her eyes slowly adjusted to the rays of sunlight flooding the room. She felt like sinking deeper into her soft pillow. Wait! It wasn't a pillow. It was her husband of seven months, sleeping peacefully, his left arm securely locking her into his embrace. And there was something on his cheek - an imprint of her lipstick. Priya gaped in horror, as she realized it wasn't the only one. The buttons of her husband's blue silk shirt were undone and there was another such imprint of her lips on his milky white vest, just above where his heart was throbbing in his chest.


Her head was pounding and she couldn't think straight. Neither could she leave the bed without waking Ram up. A look at her turquoise blue saree reminded her that she was still in the same clothes, which she wore at their dinner out with Neha & Vikram. It was the part after which was a little fuzzy, that could shed light on what actually transpired last night.


"Focus, girl, focus", Priya thought but how could she concentrate, with Ram lying so close to her.


"Priya, jaldi karo, hum late ho jayenge," shouted an exasperated Ram. Now he knew why Vikram always blamed Neha for getting late. "Women...uff", he thought.


Just then Priya walked out of the changing room, fixing the pallu of her saree and Ram's jaws dropped open. His wife was looking like an angel who had descended from the heaven, simple but elegant! "Chaliye...abhi toh chilla rahe the, ab kya hua??" asked a confused Priya. "Haan...chalo," said Ram, still bedazzled by her beauty.


Priya didn't fail to notice that all through their car ride to Wasabi, Ram stared at her from the corner of his eyes, every occasion he got. Although she didn't let her emotions show, she was loving the effect she was having on him. She had made an effort to dress up for him & it was paying off!


Once Ram & Priya entered the posh restaurant, they found their best friends already seated at the reserved table.


"Hi guys! Sorry, we are late," said Ram as he pulled up a chair for Priya.

"It's alright Ram. Bas kuch hi minute hue hai humein pahunche hue," replied Vikram.


"Toh...achanak yeh plan kaise?? Anything special we should know about??" winked Neha.

"Nothing special Neha...just that ki Mr. Kapoor kal hi US se laute and it's been some time since we four went out together...toh bana liya plan," said Priya, blushing a little.

"So, Ram, US mein tera kaam kaisa gaya?? You were supposed to return next week, isn't it??" smirked Vikram, completely aware why his friend had decided to cut short his business trip.

Priya looked towards Ram in confusion.

"Aaah...woh...bas aise hi...I got bored," blurted Ram.

"The Ram Kapoor got bored on a business trip!!!! Whoa!! That has to be a first," quipped Neha.

"Yaar...woh sab chodo...lets eat...the sushi is here...and it smells awesome," Ram tried to speak his way out of trouble, but Neha had other plans.


Priya had an inkling what Neha was talking about, but she feigned innocence.

"Sab aapki kartoot hai Madam, waise bhi aaj itni khubsoorat lag rahi ho, Fatty toh kaam se gaya," laughed Neha. "Nehaaa!!!"

Priya couldn't help but laugh out loud as well.


And that is exactly when she took a sip of the red wine that was ordered. "I should have known...it's always a bad idea to listen to Neha," thought Priya, "lekin ab ho gayi na khurrafat!"


"Why don't you try some wine, Priya?? It's good."

"It's okay...Neha. I'd rather not."


"Arre, its okay Priya...main hoon na...don't worry. Aur phir now you're more experienced with alcohol. I don't think tumhe nasha chadega", Ram couldn't resist from pulling Priya's leg. Unfortunately for him, Priya took his words seriously and gulped down the peg at one go. Just like Ram said, it didn't make her tipsy but did numb her senses a little and made her a bit bold.


Soon both the couples were on their way home, after a fun-filled evening. By then, the alcohol had started to affect Priya and she kept smiling throughout their ride back home. Just as Ram pulled up to Kapoor Mansion's driveway, Priya sung out, "Raat Kali Ek Khwaab Mein Aayi...Aur Gale Ka Haar Hui".


"Priya!" shuddered Ram, "Priya...are you okay?? Dekho...hum ghar pahunch gaye."

"Subah Ko Jab Hum Neend Se Jage..." Priya sang in a high-pitched voice as she stumbled out of the car.

"Oh God!! Yeh ladki pagal kar degi mujhe...Neha...humesha aisa kyun karti hai tu mere saath", Ram jumped out of his car to get a grip on Priya before she fell down.

"Thank God ghar pe koi nahin hai", muttered Ram under his breath, as he helped Priya up the flight of stairs, into their bedroom.  

"AANKH TUMSE CHAAR HUIII!" Priya completed the stanza and hugged Ram from behind, as soon as he had shut the door.


As Ram turned around, still within Priya's embrace, he smiled looking at her divine face.

"Mr. Kapoor..." said Priya in an enchanted voice.  

Bolo darling," Ram could feel the sense of anticipation growing in between them.

"Mr. Kapoor...you're very very special to me," Priya's eyes glistened, as she rested her head on his shoulders.

"You're very special to me as well...darling...I...Priya, I..."


Before Ram could complete, Priya did the unthinkable...something she had never done before. Priya stood up on her toes and kissed Ram on his left cheek. As she tried to step back, Ram's body refused to let go of her warmth. He spontaneously cupped her face and pulled her close. Ram kissed the sweet, sensitive spot on her neck while Priya's hands all but undid his shirt buttons. It seemed the time had stopped and all that was there was this sense of frenzy which vowed to consume both in its clutches.



Sometimes When I Let Myself Drift Into Daydreams

They're About You

And Somehow

When I Touch Your Skin My Heart Begins To Do Things

How About You?

And The Strangest Thing About It is

I'm Scared To Blink In Case I Miss

You And Your Beautiful Ways


Somewhere In Between The Now And The Beginning

Who Cares When?


Ram's jacket and Priya's accessories were discarded by the time they stumbled and fell on the king-size bed. Just when Ram was finally about to claim her lips in his, Priya rolled over and fell asleep, cuddling him in the process.


A soft smile played on Priya's features as she realized how close they had been to finally accepting each other, how close Ram had been to confessing his deepest feelings. As if on cue, Ram opened his eyes and bore into hers, with a look Priya couldn't recognize. She had experienced his anger, seen him at his most vulnerable moments, rejoiced with him in celebrations, but this morning, Ram's eyes emanated a molten radiance she could not fathom.


La La, La La, La La La La Love

I Love You

La La, La La, La La La La Love

I Love You


"Good Morning Mrs. Kapoor! I suppose you had a good last night," Ram flashed his trademark smile.

"Morning," Priya turned crimson red while replying.


Ram drank his wife's beauty, her smudged lipstick, tousled hair, crushed saree making her look totally smouldering. His hand rested on the small of her back as Priya clutched his shirt tightly in her grip, both looking into each other's eyes as time stood still. Priya blinked first, breaking the spell, and then proceeded to wipe off the lipstick mark off Ram's cheek. Almost instantaneously, Ram pulled her closer and said in a husky voice, "Rehne do...I don't mind."


"I...uhm...I should go & get fresh...it's already quite late," stuttered Priya.


As Priya tried to get up, Ram pulled her back to him and sang "Chahe Kaho Ise Meri Mohabbat, Chahe Hasi Mein Uda Do, Yeh Kya Hua Mujhe Mujhko Khabar Nahin, Ho Sake Tumhi Bata Do", although off-key. Both of them laughed out loud as Ram ended the song, brushing his nose with hers.


"I love you Priya...I really, really do," spoke Ram in an earnest, sincere voice, not once looking away from her. "I know I am not the perfect life partner...bahut galtiyan karta hoon, tumhe hurt bhi karta hoon, lekin Priya, I can't live without you," the words came out of Ram's mouth even before he could think them through.


"Sshh", Priya put a finger on his lips, "I thought you'd never say. I love you too Ram, I love you a lot," said Priya, as she buried her head onto his chest.


"Priya...look at me," Ram softly said. And then he pulled her in for a kiss, swiftly turning her over and trapping her between him & the bed. His left hand rested on her nape and hers ran through his shortly cropped hairs. His tongue made its way into her mouth, meeting its mate and branding each & every inch of her soul. Ram's right hand roamed all over Priya's back, making her squirm in pleasure. When Ram finally broke the kiss, resting his forehead on hers, trying to catch his breath, Priya realized what pleasure and ecstasy felt like. She could see the desire in his eyes as Ram's cool hand touched the warm, bare expanse of her waist. Priya moaned in delight as he softly kissed her bottom lips and made his way towards her earlobe, putting mild kisses all along her jawline. She helped him out of his shirt as Ram bit her earlobe and blew cool air over it.


"I want you Ram"..."I need you Priya," both almost spoke unanimously.



Drawing Every Kiss As If It Were The Last One

We'll Ever Get

Oh We're Riding

On A Bicycle That's Built To Last A Lifetime

Who Would Have Guessed?

And The Strangest Thing About It Is

I'm Scared To Blink In Case I Miss

You And Your Beautiful Ways


Those were the last words they spoke before Ram proceeded to make slow, lingering love with his wife of less than a year. As the two came together, it was a dream come true for both the souls who had longed for love all their life.


Later, as Priya lied spooned within Ram's embrace, her hands entwined in his, she finally found her voice back, "Ram...we'll always be like this, nah??" Ram softly kissed her bare shoulders before turning her towards him and replied solemnly, "Yes. Together, forever!"


La La, La La, La La La La Love

I Love You

La La, La La, La La La La Love

I Love You



Thoughts are love. Share them! ;-)




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Posted: 2014-05-22T13:13:42Z
 wow ...
 best OS on the  time.. RK back n   OS mein bhi

 this is so cute .. OS.  romantic  naughty, emotional  everything..  well  penned.   I loved reading..

  thanks for the OS ..
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Posted: 2014-05-22T13:26:42Z
awee u wrote it for rams return thanks for.this I so loved it each n every scene was fab
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Posted: 2014-05-22T13:30:56Z
Sreya Dear,
Thanks for the Beautiful OS Clap
Awesome, Cute & Romantic too Smile
Good to hear that you made this OS for Ram sir Return to BALH
Thank for the Dear Hug
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Posted: 2014-05-22T14:57:31Z
Breathtaking! Absolutely mesmerizing OS! Totally different spin on their romance yet very RaYaishDay DreamingYou kept Both very much in their element and us drooling over romantic confession ...thanks for writing and sharing this OS with usClap
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Posted: 2014-05-22T17:49:40Z
Awesome updateSmile
Raya's romance was awesome...loved it!!!
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Posted: 2014-05-22T21:53:43Z
wow lovely EmbarrassedClap
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Posted: 2014-05-22T21:53:56Z
Hayeee Raya romance very romantic again priya got talli but i m happy that Raya confessed their love in morning n also consummated it pls do write more
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