Rangrasiya Written Update 20th May 2014

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Rangrasiya Written Update 20 May 2014


Will he be able to give me his heart today tomorrow any other day as he has not got his heart with him and Mythali asks why keep Laila in this house and increase your troubles. Paro says I don't want to put any pressures on Majorsa and when he realizes his love it is not forced whether Laila stays here are not makes no difference so I don't want to send her out.

Sunheri comes and wants to take all to puppet show. Mythali says Paro is unhappy but Paro likes the story and then all decide to go as she has enacted that story in Birpur in which heroine has troubles in the starting but then everything is sorted out and she gets happiness at last. All then decide to go and Sunheri gets excited as all her friends are going.

Laila and  Mohini go to the market Laila  buys same  bangles as Paro's and Mohini goes to Sumer. Laila  also wants to go but Mohini refuses meanwhile Sumer dashes against Laila and both have a tiff as all bangles are broken  and she calls him  Surdas he wants to know her name. Just then Mohini comes and calls him gives him food and scolds him and asks him to go stay in the room. Laila tells her name to him and  thinks so this is parrot Ram and she will make use of him sometime. Sumer thinks his new name is Majnu and he is Laila's Majnu lol.

Paro comes into the room smiling she sees Rudra in uniform then goes to get her clothes. Rudra comes and drops his watch  both bend and their heads bang against each other then both have a tiff she says better be angry and shout at her instead of others .He says he is not angry with  her and just then Aman comes to take him out he wants the file and Paro gives it.

 Just then Sunheri comes and says come Bhabhisa and asks she is not yet ready. Paro takes her clothes and Rudra asks where they are going. She says to Tejpur for Puppet dance. Rudra 1st does not say anything  but then asks them not to go when all are ready for going Laila plans to stay at home . He says it is dangerous for them to go as he is in BSD. Sunheri protests a lot but Paro says let us do as he wishes.Sunheri wants Rudra and Aman to go with them they refuse.

Sunheri says why are you angry I want to change the mood of Paro who is sad since morning if you are angry we won't go. Paro comes and gives him medicine and he says I said no as Tejawat was seen around Tejpur she says TC of yourself and be careful and take your medicine properly.

Rudra arranges for puppet show for all when they are all surprised and Mohini is angry but Dilsher also gives her back as she talks about bad weather. Laila goes and gives some money to people asking them to sing certain song. Sunheri hugs Rudra. Laila tells Paro Rudra  won't come as he does not like songs but he comes and joins them and watches Paro's reaction who smiles he is happy with the RR song in the BG

The shows starts it's a unrequited love story and  Rudra also joins them he is happy to see a smiling Paro and then both of them imagine themselves dancing  and the song  is about a king  queen and a fairy who stole kings heart played by Laila.Paro and Rudra looked so lovely she in white and he in black in the puppet show. Then Laila   also comes in the scene  with a knife they sing about a Pari who stole the Raja's heart in the show, who says the Rani has to go it brings tears to Paro's eyes and Rudra stops the show saying tthe story is not like this All are surprised and look at him . Laila smiles her wicked smile. Paro says how will it be Majorsa Rani will have to go as she gave her heart but Raja did not give and his heart was stolen. Rudra says nothing like that happens No one has any power over him and no pari has any strings over him and Paro says why not. The king should get his heart back and not live in the past or he wants Rani to go away. All look at them

PRECAP Laila says why you have filled the whole bowl he will only eat half and throw away the rest . PARUD look at each other and Mohini says what Laila understood in a few days Paro could not understand even after so many days

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Sounds like a good episode.  Thank you darling.  Always love the written updates!  Embarrassed
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Thank you for the fast update!
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Thank you so much for the written update:-)
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Thanks for the update.
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Thanks for the updates.  I can save my time by skipping these episodes.
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Thank you for the update.
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