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Part 1

Laila tells Paro that she has just come in Rudras life and she is in his life since ages so. Rudra tells Paro that i only know how to make burnt veggies. This is what i made first time. I dont like burnt veggies. Make bhindi. Laila offers to make Aloo sabzi for Rudra. He says not needed. Rudra says will eat dal-roti..! Laila leaves from there. Rudra feeds Paro ..! A bit of dal sticks to Paros lips and Rudra cleans it. He is about to lift the plate and Paro says u left the  dinner incomplete? I dont like this habit of urs. Rudra helps Paro to get up and helps her lie down on the bed. Paro says no i will sleep on the floor. Rudra says no... sleep here. Paro says i cant sleep now.. i have to take off the bandage. Rudra says.. take it off tomorrow morning .. right now its time to sleep and dream. He tells Paro the tablelight is on .. have some work .. will finish and come. Dont worry .. if u need any help.. call me. He leaves. Paro turns to her side and smiles. BG - Rangrasiya. Show flashback scenes of PaRud moments.. fights.. and then Rudra caring for Paro moments.

Laila is pacing in the alley and Rudra comes. He says .. 'I dont' ..! Laila is surprised. Laila asks what? Rudra says. a while back u asked if i trust u or not .. well i dont.. stop this drama of being helpless.. i know u better than u know urself.. i can see what ur trying to do. What u wanna show to Paro?. Laila says.. only helped Paro to cook. Rudra asks what u wanna show? Laila says enough. .first tell me. what is ur problem? That i wrote the arti mantra on chit .. . or made food? Ur wife knows i love u.. and still trusts me ..! Rudra fumes..! 

Part 2

Laila tells Rudra that.. Paro knows about me.. but not us.. those 8 years... u hid it all from her? Laila says.. now i realize what the matter is. She turns to leave and Rudra holds her hand and says enough. Its thundering and Paro is startled. She calls out for Rudra. He tells Laila u dont have any rights. Laila says.. u dont have any rights.. i am not in ur way .. i came here coz i thot u will help me but u .. have trouble from me. now all is clear to me..! Laila says u din tell all this to ur wife coz .. u thot ..what will she think about u after finding all out? Paro gets up from the bed and is walking out of the room. Laila says Rudra is scared? Paro is in the alley ..! Laila says leave my hand.. its hurting. Rudra is glaring at Laila..! She says leave my hand and screams. Paro comes and says Rudra.?? He leaves Lailas hand..! He turns and sees Paro coming towards him..! He extends his hand and Paro holds it ..! Laila smirks ..! She walks away ..! Rudra asks Paro why she came out of the room? What if she fell down? Paro asks what did Laila do that u held her hand? Rudra looks away. Paro says looking away from me? Rudra says first go to the room. Paro says i will go but first answer me. Rudra says .. wanna go ..then go alone . .or stand here.. u wont get any answer from me.. coz i havent given anyone the right to question me. He walks off! Laila smirks.! 

Laila comes to Paro after Rudra goes and offers to call Maithli to help her or she can help too to go back to her room..! Paro keeps mum ..! 

Rudra is pacing and is worried ...! He recollects Laila words about Paro finding out all about him and Laila and her reaction. Rudra throws off things and wonders why do i need to answer Paro? Who is she? He hears a voice.. am ur wife.. and recollects marrying Paro ..! Laila helps Paro to reach the room and helps her sit down ..! She smirks ..! She asks Paro where her meds are? Paro says in the drawer ..! Laila takes out the med but sees red bangles and admires them ..! She says lovely bangles..where did u buy this from? Paro says Rudra bought them ..! Paro is taking off her patti and Laila says.. is there a tiff going on between u and Rudra? Paro says no . nothing like that..! Laila puts the bangles on .. and asks Paro .. why she is not wearing mangalsutra? Paro is applying meds on her eyes and keeps mum ..! She looks for her patti but Laila takes it away! Paro says.. we got married in a hurry so culd not make mangalsutra.. and now am used to the thread around my neck..! Laila says.. Mangalsutra reminds of hubbys long life.. one shouldnt compromise on it..! Paro keeps looking for her patti and finally takes another cotton roll ..! Paro asks Laila what she and Rudra were talking about and says felt like u both were fighting. Laila says nothing like that. Paro says its like that only .. ur hiding something from me..! Laila gets up and looks at Paros sindoor dibba and asks u think am hiding something? Paro says yes..! Laila says i understand ur anxiety ... so much darkness in front of u... ! Laila says.. anxiety to see all things clearly ..! She asks .. if Paro will be able to see everything? Paro tries to open her eyes as Laila looks at the sindoor in her hand ...! The lights go off and so Paro sees darkness all around .. Laila goes off..! 

Mohini wonders what is the matter.. where to search candle here? She stumbles into Samrat..! He says sorry and ignites the candle..! Mohini comments .. .ur wife wuld have lost something if she came to take candle? Samrat says i was working so was awake..! Mohini asks some new work? Samrat says ..what if we start embroidery work along with dying? Mohini says told u since long. ur brain cant work on new business .. burn ur ideas with this candle fire.. . enjoy the money i give u .. dun overexert..! Samrat walks off..! Dilsher watches from far..! 

Paro screams Laila and Rudra comes and says only lights went off .. dont worry! He asks how did u reach ur room? Paro says.. Laila..! Rudra asks did she say something? Paro says that .. she said. once the patti is off i will be able to see everything clearly ..! Rudra says.. dont like her talking crap to u ..! Paro asks what is the matter? What is going on? Rudra says she was trying to say that.. Laila interrupts and says.. that when the patti is off Paros eyes ..she will see things clearer... or were u expecting something else? Rudra is stunned! 

Part 3

Rudra asks Laila why wearing Paros bangles? Laila says sorry .. did not know i culdnt wear them.. ! She says sorry .. i came in between both of u ... just one more minute and i will be gone..! After i go.. Rudra u can tell Paro what u were planning to say to her. Rudra says .. not here.. he takes Paros hand and says...come with me..! Laila smirks.. now keep thundering .. !! Mohini asks Laila if she has lost her marbles that the stone (Rudra) .. who did not care for anyone ..took Paro out for a walk .. everything is ruined..entire weather..! Laila says .. the weather has just about started to sizzle... i love this darkness...and well ur old so u dunno what darkness can do! Laila says. ... what is Rudra thinking? Whether or not to intro Paro to mine and his past..! Laila smirks ..! 

Precap -- Rudra says to Paro .. for eight years used to go to HER ..every night..  no bond .. no ties. ..just one relation ..that relation that is not there between u and me ... Laila was that woman! 

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ty that was damn quickTongue
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Many thanks for the WU
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baisa, u got the title wrong. thanks for wu.Smile
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god this is sooo exciting:)
story is full of suspense:)
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This was so quick! Thanks Tanu for the updt. 
Cant wait to see how Paro will react 
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thanks for your super fast Update..
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Thks for z derails armuuu
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