FF-Kyunki Tum Hi Ho part38-last part pg16(Page 7)

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tnx 4pm

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<font color="#0099FF" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3">nice update...thanks for pm
continue soonDay Dreaming


thank u for ur lovely comment
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Originally posted by luvsakshi

Thank you for the pm
Nice updates

Ram has fallen for her

thank u for ur lovely comment
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Originally posted by luvsakshi

Thank you for the pm
Nice updates

Ram has fallen for her

thank u for ur lovely comment
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nice... continue soon
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nice updates
thanks for pm
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here is the part 9-12 pls read and comment
original writer Amrit Kour 
Part 9 
Priya looked for a taxi but on that windy and cloudy night she couldnt find any,so she began walking down the streets to reach KM 
Ram was not angry with what priya said,he was hurt and broken,he was pissed off with his lyf 
Ram reached and headed to his study to spend some tym alone 
after a few mins,he lukd at the wall clock 
r-priya ab tak aai kyu nai,use kyu akele chod kr chala aya mai itni raat 
suddenly the climate got changed,ligtning n thundring all ovr mumbai 
it started raining heavily 
r-ye baarish! Hope she's f9 
He got mre n more worked up 
Priya was all drenched from head to toe but she din find any shelter 
p-agar ghr nahi pahuchi to pta nai wo insaan kya karega meri zindagi narq banane k liye 
after 1 hour 
priya reached KM 
Ram saw her through the study n rushed towards her 
She was shivering due to cold n her clothes wer also wet 
ram wid a guilt on his face 
she neglected him n headed to their room 
Ram lukd down in discontentment...

after a few mins,ram went to his room 
He was shcked to c priya sleeping on the couch in an awkwrd position that too in wet clothes 
r-ye priya bhi 
n he went near her 
r-priya get up n change ur clothes u'll fall sick 
but priya din move 
r-plz get up yar n change den sleep 
ram panickd wen she din move a bit 
r thinks-priya ko kya hua y is she not moving 
he touchd her hand in hesitation 
r-pri...n was shockd to find dat she was burning wid cold 
r-oh god iska badan kitna tap ra h 
n he touched her cheeks 
tears build up in his eyes 
n widout thinking twice he pickd her up in his arms n placed her softly on the bed 
ram held her hand in his 
r-plz open ur eyes priya m sry.. 
bt priya was lying unconsious 
he calld d dr 
r-hello dr ram kapoor bol ra hu..meri biwi ko bhot tez fever plz jaldi aa jaiye 
Ram sat besides her holding her hand till dr arrived 
r-dr plz dekhiye na kya hua h ise she's not opening her eyes 
dr checkd priya 
dr-inhe baarish me kyu bheegne diya apne

ram lukd down 
dr-103 degree fever h inhe injectn de diya h n ye medicines h..agar subah tk fever km nai hua to inhe hospitalize krna hoga 
ram got more tensed 
dr-ap husband h inke u must tk cre of her 
r-i will dr..n m really sry 
dr-tk cr of her 
r-tq dr 
dr left,ram closed the door n lukd at priya's pretty face,she was lying quite 
tears rolled down his cheeks 
r-m such n animal priya..kitni taqleef de ra hu tumhe..tum ye sab deserve nai krti ho 
n he gave a hard punch on d wall..it hurted him a lot bt he din bother..wat matterd to him the most at that vry moment was priya 
he sat besides her 
tuk her hand in his n kissd her hand 
r-plz forgive me priya..bhot bura hu main but plz khud ko sazaa mat do..i cant see u lyk dis..plz open ur eyes..tumhe jo bolna h muje bol lo but dont hurt urself for god sake 
n he hid her face in his belly n cried lyk a baby.. 
r-u deserve hapines priya..aur main tumhe kabhi khush nai rakh paunga..kitna dard deta hu main tumhe...

ram kissed priya on her forehead.. 
r-tum thik ho jao priya..main tumhe khud se door kar dunga..i cant see u lyk dis..vikram ne kaha tha k tumse pyar kar baithunga main...aur dekho..tumse pyar karne laga hu main..bhot pyar..sabse zyada...but mera ye pyar tumhe sirf dukh dega priya aur wo main nai dekh sakta..kabhi nai..mere sath koi khush nai reh sakta...tum bhi nai..isliye humara alag ho jana hi sahi hoga.. 
Ram traced her face with his fingers 
r-tum bhot khoobsoorat ho priya..lyk an angel..tumse to koi bhi pyar kar baithega..par tum kabhi mujse pyar nai kar paogi..u hate me so much..i wish tumhari lyf me koi aisa aye jo tumhe bhot khushiya de..tumhare chehre pr se khushi kabhi gayab mat ho itna pyar kare wo tumhe 
Ram's heart broke into zillion pieces while he spoke dese words...but priya's hapines matters d most for him..her well being her smile.. 
Ram checkd her temprature many tyms but it wasnt reducing,he got worried more n more...

R-priya k kapde abhi bhi geele h aisa uska fever kam nai hoga 
n he was helpless..it was raining heavily outside..neha cant cum now 
r-priya jb hosh me ayegi to gussa karegi..bt i dont care..uski health meri priority h naa ki uska gussa 
ram went ahead..n changed her clothes..made her wear her nite clothes n coverd her proprly wid d duvet..switch off the ac..n sat beside her wid her head in his laps 
he caressd her hair for hrs..still her fever was not cuming down 
he got more tensed.. 
r-priya ka fever to kam hi nai ho ra h..n he kept on luking at her face wid care n luv 
he calld d dr 
r-helo dr..priya ka fevr kam nai ho ra n she's still shivering wid cold 
dr-not to wry ram..she needs a mouth warm..m sure it'l work 
dr-u'r her husband i dont hv 2 xplain u further 
r-tq dr 
ram kept the fone on the table 
r-mai kaise..wo kya sochegi mere baare me..bt i want her to be alright...use thik dekhna chahta hu..aur iske liye jo karna pde main karunga...

ram went near her..traced her face with his finger..her skin was soft..ram was losing his senses 
he had tears in his eyes..he felt guilty for wat he did wid her.. 


part 10


Ram leaned over her..his face was close to hers..v v close..he was mesmerised wid her beauty n grace 
Ram touched her cheeks..saw her mole over her upper lip..it was so captivating n inviting 
Ram closed his eyes..soon his hot lips touched the mole..he kissd the mole wid passion.. 
Ram headed towards her lips..gently tuk her lips into his..n he started sucking dem hard... 
he was losing himself on her... 
he tasted her sweet nectar...the passionate kiss lasted for too long.. 
ram parted to breath in some air..he was panting due to lack of oxygen..he cudnt remove his eyes from the beauty..who laid peaceful in her deep sleep... 
Ram kissed her again...dis tym wildly...lyk a crazy mad lover...all he wanted was her to b f9..he din care about the result..all he needed was her to be ok... 
he kissd her 4hed den her eyes...

he placed several wet kisses on her neck.. 
ram whispered-kaise rahunga tumhare bagair..kuch hi dino me meri zindagi ban gai ho tum...pr tum khush bhi to nai ho mere sath 
a lone tear rolld down his cheek which fell on priya's lips.. 
he sucked dat tear drop.. 
r-plz jaldi se thik ho jao..fir jo bolna h muje bol lena i promise kuch nahi kahunga tumhe.. 
he movd away from her n sat besides her... 
wid a smile on his lips n pain in d eyes...he kept on seeing her..his eyes spoke a zillion words... 
The whole night ram cudnot sleep...he sat holding her hand... 
her fingers moved a bit..ram noticed dat...his eyes sparkled..he coughd softly..he got up from d bed n stepd back bt din move his eyes away from her 
slowly,priya opend her eyes..her eyes wer red due to fever..she was very weak..she saw his face..lukd around n found dat she was on his bed.. 
priya tried 2 get up bt cudnt move due to weakness n fever 
r-plz...stay lyk dis..dont get up its not gud 4 u...(in a soft tone)

priya lukd @ him bt din argue wid him 
she found her clothes changed n she was in nite clothes 
p-mere kapde 
ram lukd away 
r-dey wer wet..nt gud 4 u 
p thought-meri itni parwaah kbse hone lagi inhe..jab marham khud lagaani rehti h to dard kyu dete h 
r-m sry priya mere gusse ki wajah se tumhara ye haal h m really sry...n he lukd down 
priya cud see tears in his eyes 
p-its ok..muje kismat me bhot vishwas h shayad ye din meri kismat me hi likha tha 
ram gave her the medicines 
r-ye khaalo..dr ne kaha tha hosh aane pr ye medi khilani h tumhe 
priya tuk d medicine n gave the glass of watr 2 ram 
he kept it on d side table 
r-tum rest karo..main aata hu 
priya noticed dat ram was in the same clothes n his face lukd pale 
p-sari raat soye nai h iska matlb..ye asli ram h ya wo jo ye dunia ko dikhate h 
wid lots confusion in her mind..priya dozed off to sleep...

Part 11 

Ram had cancelled all his meetings n taken a day off from his work..he came back to the room n saw priya sleeping peacefully..his lips curled into a smile...he sat down on the sofa wid his lappy 
after a few hrs priya woke up n saw ram sitting..she din say anything n tried getting up from the bed...ram saw her getting up 
r-tum kaha ja rai ho 
bt due to weakness she wasnt able 2 stand properly.. 
ram rushed 2 her n held her sholders 
priya lukd up at him..he lowrd his eyes 
r-chalo..n he helpd her 2 reach d washroom 
patiently ram waited der till the door opened 
ram steppd forward 2 hold her..bt she showd him her hand n stopd him 
p-i can manage 
aftr taking 2 steps..she was abt 2 fall 
r-priyaa..n slippd his hands around her waist 
wid his one touch priya closed her eyes..she felt a sensation in her bones n nerves 
ram picked her up in his strong arms..n headed 2wrds d bed 
priya inhaled his manly scent..she cud hear his heart beats...his warm breath on her face.

he placed her softly on the bed n coverd her wid duvet.. 
ram orderd 4 soup over d intercom 
bk knocd d door..ram went n tuk d tray wid d bowl of soup 
r-hv dis..dr ne bola h tumhe dene k liye 
priya made a face 
p-i cant hv dis 
p-i hate paalak ka soup..eww 
ram smiled @ her innocence 
p thought-omg ye smile b krte h! 
r-priya it'l help u..u'l recover fast 
p thought-meri itni concern..n den she remembers watevr neha said abt ram 
priya tuk d bowl n startd having d soup 
ram went back n sat on d sofa 
p-mere liye apko ofic se chutti lene ki koi zarurat nai h 
r-i dont hv much work 2day 
p-bt apki imp meeting thi na 
r-i've postponed d meeting n mohit ko b 4 din ki chutti de di h..now he can luk after her mom 
priya lukd away n thought-so he has a heart too..shocking 
after smtym 
ram got up from the sofa 
r-main shower lene ja ra hu dont move 4 d bed 
priya lyk n obedient child noded a yes... 
ram went from der...

ram came back..his hair wer wet..making him luk s**y as ever..he wore a navy blue shirt wid black jeans 
priya lukd at him n her heart skippd several beats.. 
p thought-he luks so...n she moved her eyes from him..oh god wat he must b thinking of me! 
n she bit her lower lip 
priya swithd on the tv..in a music channel 1 song was playing 
hum tum ek kamre me band ho 
priya n ram lukd at each other..n den movd der eyes away..priya changd d channel 
after a few mins..priya switched off the tv n threw the remote on the othr side of the bed 
r-kya hua 
p-offo m getting bored 
r-oh..n he went 2 his shelf 
he came wid a buk n gave it 2 her 
r-padhlo..bore nai hogi 
priya tuk d buk 
p-thnx i luv reading 
priya read d title 
'luv never dies' 
priya was surprised wid d title 
p-kaun padhta h ye buks 
r-akela rehta hu..so obviously main hi padhta hounga na..its one of my favs 
p thought-inko to action stories padhni chaiye..romance aur ye...not his cup of tea!! 
she smiled n started reading...

The long day ended somehow..after having their dinner..raya went to the room to sleep 
priya headed 2 the couch 
she stoppd n turnd 
r-tum bed pr so jao...u'r still not well 
priya din feel lyk arguing so she went to the bed..after a few mins..both went into deep slumber 
nxt morning 
priya woke up n saw ram ready to leave 
r-kaisi ho tum 
p-much betr nw 
ram noded his head n walkd away 
hearing his name from her lovely voice he stoppd n turnd 
p-i feel lyk going to home...to jau mai 
r-sure..u dont hv 2 ask 4 dat...n he left 
priya in a confused state-kal se dekh rai hu kitna ajeeb behave kr rae h no arguments nothing..strange 
after getting ready..priya too left for SH 
On her way,she saw ram's black bmw standing outside an old age home.. 
priya thought-ye to ram ki car h na..yaha par 
priya to the taxi driver-bhaiya bas yahi rok dijiye 
n she steppd outta taxi aftr paying money 
p-ye yaha kyu aye h..shud i go n see?muje kya krna h...bt stil ek baar..


Part 12

priya opened the main gates n went inside 
as she went inside she saw ram sitting wid the inmates of the old age home n talking 
she stopd at the door n silently listnd to the convo 
inm1-bhot din baad aye ho ram beta 
r-kaam badh gya tha isliye nai aa paya mathur uncle par dekho aj aya hu 
inm2-ha aj to tum aate hi beta aj tumhara janmdin jo h 
ram smild at him 
r-sahi kaha apne..har saal ki tarah aj ka din ap logo k sath hi bitaaunga..aur kaun h meri lyf me aplogo k alawa...he had tears in his eyes while he spoke 
priya was shockd to kno dat it was ram's bday..n he was wid dem to celebrate the day..she heard further 
inm3-ram..tum kyu dil chota karte ho..mere bete k jaise ho tum..hum manaayenge tumhara bday 
ram smild-ye din..jitna dard deta h..utna hi sukoon mehsoos karta hu yaha aakr..apsb bhot spcl h mere liye..mere apne h ap sab.. 
one lady came wid a cake 
inm2-chalo ram ab cake kaato ye maine banaaya h 
inm1-janti thi tum aj zarur aoge beta 
priya had tears in her eyes...

she was surprised to see this side of ram...she thought 
p-kya hua h aisa inke sath jo ye dunia k liye itne kadwe h.. 
Ram cut the cake n all sang d bday song 4 him 
the inmates fed him the cake 
r-hmm its yummy..kya jaadu h apke haatho me singh aunty 
inm-tq beta pineaple cake tumhara fav h na 
r-apko yad tha 
inm-humse milne sirf tum aate ho ram..humari families se kabhi koi nai ata..tum humare apne ho to kya hum tumhare liye itna nai kr sakte hum 
ram smild-tq so much u all made my day 
priya went back to KM wid loads of questns in her mind 
p-aj mujhe jaanana hi h is kadwaahat k peeche kya wajah h 
priya sat on the sofa in the hall waiting 4 ram 
aftr smtym ram entrd the hall..he saw priya sitting in the hall..widout talking he started going to his room.. 
priya got up from her place 
p-happy bday ram kapoor 
ram was shockd...he stopd for a few secs..den widout turning towrds her..he again startd walking upstairs 
p-i said happy bday...atleast give a reply..

ram stood stand still 
priya rushd to him n stood in front of him 
p-wats ur problem han? Dimag sahi jagah par nahi h kya apka 
ram lukd down 
p-ye hypocracy kyu..aisa kya hua h apki zindagi me jisne apko ek pathar bana kr rakh diya 
ram lukd at her 
she cud see pain in his eyes 
r-kyu jaanana chahti ho 
p-bcz m fed up wid u..ur behaviour..ur ego..ur attitude..jo abhi dekhkar aai hu wo apki asliyat h ya wo ram jo sirf sabse nafrat krta h 
r-main kisi se nafrat nahi karta bas khud se karta hu..n plz muje jaanane ki koshish mat karo..kuch haasil nahi hoga..tears emergd in his eyes 
p-oh plz stop it ok..ye dunia bhot badi h..sabki lyf me problems hoti h dard hota h bt lyf ruk nai jati h.. 
r-muje kuch nai samajhna h plz leave me alone 
p-ok chali jaungi mai..fir akele ho jana jaise sari zindagi the 
ram held her sholders-meri galti nai thi..it was nt my fault 
p-to kya hua tha plz speak up 
tears rolld down his cheeks-u want to know na.. 
priya noded a yes 
r-cum wid me...he tuk her away...

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