Rangrasiya Written Update 30th April 2014 ~Mohini fails to prick Rudra

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Kakisa was about to prick the needle when Paro just arrieved on time and switched on the lights to give Rudra his medicines. She questioned Kakisa what was she doing so late in the hospital. Paro covered his feet and asked her what was she doing in the darkness. Mohini told her that she can go while she takes of Rudra for sometime as she was missing Rudra a lot.


Paro told her curtly her relation with Rudra might not be dual as hers but her relationship was much more stronger and until he wakes up she will not go anywhere let alone eating anything.


Mohini plotted a new technic to insert the needle by asking paro to get water for her. Paro kept her eyes on Mohini all the while till bringing the water to her. Mohini left defeated.


Maithili told Paro about the Iron thing she found out and she promised her that she would tell her everything once she gets proper evidence. Paro told her to get the half eaten ladoo from Rudra's room. She found the ladoo and she told paro to wait till she finds out whether there is any iron in the ladoo.


While going to find the magnet he met mohini and samar. She hid the ladoo. When mohini asked what was she doing so late she counter asked mohini where did she go out. Mohini told her she went to met rudra. Mohini scolded Maithili and asked her to go to sleep instantly. Samar too retired for the day.


Paro got all worried in the morning when Rudra still did not open his eyes. She tried to talk to him but he did not answer. She started crying and starting talking about Jaipur. How he used to scold her but in Jaipur he did not scold her when she came running to him in the darkness. She asked how they slept together and she was unable to find her earing whether he knows where was it. She told him that it was enough and that now she will not speak to him anymore.


She started to sing the song hearing which he gets irritated but nothing changed. She apologized to him for singing the dsong and promised him that she would never sing the song. She pleaded him to wake up holding his hand.


Mohini asked Maithili where was she going in the morning and what was there in the bag. She told her that she is taking food for Paro. When Mohini suspected that there were other things too in the bag and was about to check the bag, samrat arrived on time and took her to the hospital.


Mohini and sumer suspected that Maithili was hiding something from them.


Paro asked Aman and Kakasa to stay with with Rudra while she goes to pray in front of Shiv ji and she will not come back until he gives what she wants.


Doctor told Kakasa that there was no improvement in rudra. Maithili gave the iron powder to the doctor and the half eaten ladoo to check whether what she was thinking was true. The doctor told her that he have to first send the evidence to the BSD and then only he can tell her.


In the meantime paro ran to the nearest mandir without waering her slipper. She did not care that her foot started bleeding.


Doctor's asked everyone present in the room to monitor Rudra at his each and every move.


The Pandit asked Paro to sit while he gets some water from her. The pandit told her that after the mangal aarati is done she can ask anything but only if she is ready to sacrifice anything for him.


Precap : Rudra's heart was not responding. Paro promises that she would leave him forever shiv ji gives back Rudra's life to to him and till he is absolutely fit and fine.

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