SS: Time To Say Good Bye (Chapter 2 Updated On Pg 3 On 11/05/14)

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Hi everyone!Smile

So I was studying & suddenly an idea for a story struck me. I'm yet to pen it down, but plan to do so by tomorrow.

Here's a little teaser:

Ram looked out to the setting sun, from his balcony, resting his elbows on the railings. He had no idea for how long he was standing there, until he realized the blend of red & orange flames in the sky had given way to a purplish tinge of the night. And just like that, with the sun going below the horizon, his life's gleam of hope had disappeared into thin air. How could she leave him?? How could she close her eyes & just not open them again?? She had left him before as well, broken her promises but not in this manner. Just when he was finally gathering the pieces of his life, she had left him heartbroken. Again. And this time, she will never return. Ram closed his eyes in despair as a lone tear made its way down his cheek. A hand was placed on his shoulder as a voice filled with empathy called out "Ram!"...

I guess all of you have realized by now that there will be a major character death. Who?? How?? When?? We'll come to that. But I sincerely hope you'll enjoy the story once I've put it down in writing. I'll try my level best not to keep you waiting for long & post it ASAP.



Prologue: Pg 1
Chapter 1: Pg 1
CHapter 2: Pg 3
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Cry very touchy preview pls continue soon
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Posted: 2014-04-20T14:42:50Z
nice preview...looking forward to reading ur update...PM me when u update it. Smile
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Posted: 2014-04-20T16:14:54Z
Nice one!!!
Will be waiting 4 the update...
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Posted: 2014-04-20T23:41:47Z
good beginning..
update soon
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Preview seems heart breaking. Lets see what's hold in future?
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I had posted the preview/prologue of sorts a week back. At that time, it was supposed to be an OS. But when I started writing today, the first part totally got out of my hand and gained a life of its own. So, I decided to make this one a SS. I have written three One Shots before this and the only characters I had showcased were Raya. So I decided that I'm gonna bring in more characters into this one and try to build a story. The central plot would still revolve around Raya though.


This is set in S1, just after Ram & Priya had confessed and before the domestic violence track came up.

Happy Reading!

Chapter 1: You Make My Dreams Come True

One fine afternoon...

Ram & Vikram had just returned to their headquarters at Nariman Point in South Mumbai, after their 3 hour long meet with corporate investors from Japan, who wanted to collaborate with the newly launched automobile manufacturing sector of Kapoor Industries. It was close to 2 and another meeting, this time with the GMs of KI's real-estate segment, was scheduled in half an hour.

Jenny, Ram's ever-efficient secretary arrived in the chambers, followed by a bearer with lunch boxes. Jenny softly said, "Sir, ghar se aap dono ke liye aaj lunch aaya hai." Vikram, a little surprised, raised his eyebrows looking at Ram.

"Accha...okay. Yaheen rakh do", said Ram. After the bearer had gone away, Ram thanked Jenny and asked her to inform them once the GMs arrive. "Sure, Sir", replied Jenny letting herself out of his cabin.

Ram looked at Vikram to find his best friend smirking at him.

"Ab tujhe kya hua??" asked an irritated Ram.

"Lunch..haan!! Dekh raha hoon...kaise din ba din tu badal-ta jaa raha hai. Aur sab kuch ek insaan ke vajaa se," replied an amused Vikram.

"Tujhe khana hai, yah wapas bhej doon??"

"Arre...kyun! De...idhar de..." Vikram almost snatched his box from Ram's grip. "Pata hai, jab se Neha baccho ko le kar apni mummy ke wahaan gayi hai, tab se mere ko home delivery se kaam chalana padh raha hai," complained Vikram. "Aaj pure 6 din baad ghar ka khana kha raha hoon."

Ram smiled and both friends proceeded to have lunch. Although he had diverted Vikram's attention with food, he knew what Vikram had spoken was absolutely true. This was all because of Priya! It had just been a week since they had confessed their love to each other and he was still reeling under the highs of matrimony. The morning's events flashed through Ram's mind.


"Mr. Kapoor...Raaam...uthiye...uff..." called Priya trying to wake Ram from his deep slumber.

"Kitni baar kaha hai...itne raat tak jagke match dekhne ki zaroorat kya hai...par nahin...Ronaldo ka goal miss ho gaya toh...ab office miss ho jayega toh pata chalega," grumbled Priya.

"Kya hai yaar...sone do na!" replied a still-very-much-in-sleep Ram.

"8:30 baj rahe ghante mein aapki meeting hai na Japanese investors ke saath...uthiye ab. Go & get ready...aapke kapde nikal ke rakh diye hai... come downstairs within half an hour. Nahin toh phir breakfast skip kar denge aap."

Ram finally got up from bed and made his way to the changing room. He stopped in his tracks, right by the doorstep, as he found Priya arranging her dupatta. A soft smile played on his lips as he took in the aroma of the cherry scent, emanating out of Priya who preferred a cherry bath wash. Her freshly bathed look, complete with moist hair and the soft glow of her skin always drove him crazy.

"Kya hua, aise kya dekh rahe hai?? Jaiyye...late ho jayenge nahin toh...waise bhi elections aa rahe hai...traffic zyaada hogi," Priya almost tried to push Ram into the washroom.

Ram immediately snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. "Aur agar na jaaon toh??" he asked, his intense eyes boring into hers. A shiver ran down Priya's spine as she found herself trapped between her husband and the dresser attached to the wall mirror. Priya found Ram's day-old stubble & unkempt hair totally enticing, almost losing her senses in his grip. As she took a step back, Ram's upper frame further leaned onto hers, his left hand resting on the mirror giving both of them the necessary support.

All Priya could do was gasp as Ram softly nibbled her ear lobe and took in the all-feminine scent of hers. Her hands flew to his shoulders and the only words she managed to say was "Raaam...pleaseee..." before he kissed her.

It was an all-consuming, earth-shattering kiss. Nothing registered on Priya's mind except for Ram's rough lips claiming her soft ones...her hands frantically moving through his hair...his tongue making its way into her mouth and colliding with its mate. "'re irresistible Priya", said Ram after he finally broke off the kiss to satiate their need for air. Her dupatta was on the floor and his kurta was crushed a little. Both were breathing hard, not just because of the lack of oxygen, but also because of the growing sense of anticipation for something more between them.


"I need to take a shower."

"Toh jaaiye na...and let me go...kaam hai mujhe."

"No...join me."

"What???" Priya's eyes almost popped out, listening to her husband's suggestion.

"Tum chup chap meri baat maanogi ya main apne tarike se manwaayu!" Ram's eyes gleamed, hopeful that Priya would say no and he'll get to convince her in his own special manner.

"Lekin Ram.."

"'s my way then," said Ram as he picked up Priya in his arms, kissed her shut and advanced towards the Jacuzzi in their washroom.

An hour & fifteen minutes later, when Ram and Priya's cars made their way out of Kapoor Mansion's gates taking them towards their respective work destinations, both had skipped breakfast and were running late, but neither complained for the morning had turned out to be a beautiful one.


Ram broke out of his reverie as his cell phone was ringing. "Yes," he answered curtly.

"What??? Are you sure???" Ram jumped out of his chair. "Yes...I'll be there as soon as I can. Thanks!" Vikram, who had finished his meal by now, also became concerned looking at Ram's sudden change in demeanour.

"Vikram," said Ram, "we have to go to Lilavati Hospital, now!"


To Be Continued...


Haha! So I've left you guys on a cliff-hanger. I'll update again next weekend. Until then, do let me know what do you think of this chapter and whom do you think is the CHARACTER I'm gonna kill off.

I am not being able to send PMs with the links as I'm still a newbie. But hopefully, I'll soon cross the 25 post mark and be able to send PMs.




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Lovely update
Its was full of raya romanceWink
Continue soon
Will be waiting 4 next update
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