Parud OS-Rasam (mature)

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Hi Everyone,

Based on the current story line with the Women's rights association monitoring Rudra and Paro's every move (Which BTW, I totally think is corny and unbelievable, but this a soap opera and so keeping logic aside), this OS is just to have some fun!Tongue 

If the bats aka " 3 Chimkadars"LOLLOL are willing to snoop and peek into the newlyweds bedroom, then this can happen too, at least in my mind any maybe the readers EmbarrassedLOL

Happy Reading...enjoy!


 Wedding Rasam

A fuming Rudra walked into the room with Paro following right behind him. He still couldn't believe these women that were hell bent on driving him up the wall with their personal, meaningless questions about his marriage to Paro. 

Kakisa as usual, the thorn in his side waseimmensely enjoying the situation he was stuck in and doing her best to destroy him. And of course, there was his Shrimatiji, Paro, who couldn't stop talking once she got started!

What was the need to tell these women that he sang for her? Paagal larki and the other pagal women were plotting against him, intentionally or unintentionally and he was tired of this nonsense!

"Aap chinta mut karein, Major Saab... mein ne kaha na aap se kay mein aap ki naukri kay liye kucch bhi kar sakti hoon,... aap bharosa karein mhaare per..." Paro interrupted his thoughts

Rudra turned around and looked around at Paro, "Pehle naukri gayi bhi teri wajah se hai... ab tu chup raha kar,... faaltu baatein kar kay mera dimaagh mut kharaab kar...pehle unse keh diya kay gaana gaata hoon tere liye...bewakoof larki!"  he almost screamed the last bit.

"Lekin mein tou aap ki hi madad kar rahi thi"....Paro replied

"Ab say jo karna mein karloonga... inse nipatna aata hain mujhe... tu chup rehna..." Rudra said roughly

"Haan dekha hai mein ne, kaise aap baat karte hain..."Paro paused as Rudra gave her a dirty look and then continued, "mhaara matlab hai, ...woh aap per bharosa nahi karte kyun ki aap baat baat per ghussa karte liye, " she tried to reason with Rudra.

The simple reason was that even though Phulwari had believed their little act, Damayanti had a hard time trusting Rudra. His agitation with the questions, his curt behavior with Paro and then add Kakisa and her antics to the mix, which made their situation rather tense. 

Rudra remembered General Singh's advice to be softer and said to Paro, "Tujhe kya lagta hai ke mein araam say...pyaar se baat nahi kar sakta?"

Paro hesitation just angered him more and so he said, "Tu mujhe abhi jaanti nahi, mein chaahon tou yeh bhi kar sakta hoon...

At Paro's doubtful look, he got angrier and promised her that now he will show the ladies his softer side and it wouldn't be long before they left or his name wasn't "Rudra Pratap Ranawat"!




Everyone was dressed up and sitting down for Rasam. First rasam was a silver ring in a big bowl of milk with rose petals, and whoever found the ring first, would rule the other spouse's heart.

Rudra sat opposite Paro in his gold Kurta and Paro looked radiant in her Red and purple lehnga and dupatta. As their hands touched in the bowl, Rudra looked at Paro and she looked back at him. His fingers grasped hers and she pulled her hand away, searching for the ring on the bottom of the big silver bowl. 

Their hands collided once again, fingers sliding across each other's palms until Rudra felt the ring. He was going to pull it out of the milk when all of a sudden; he remembered the bet with Paro about being a loving husband in front of everyone. He grabbed the ring and pushed it into Paro's hand, while their hands were still immersed in the milk bowl.

 Paro was surprised when she felt Rudra pushing the ring into her hand; she looked up and saw him slightly smiling at her. She pulled out the ring and everyone started cheering them up, congratulating Paro for winning the tug of war. Maithili hugged her, the rest of the family smiled, Kakisa looked pissed as usual while Damayanti looked skeptical.

Paro blushed when she saw the slight smile Rudra gave her and looked away.

Next Rasam was eating kheer. There was one spoon and the husband and wife were supposed to feed each other. The belief was that whoever ate first would be the winner and would have the upper hand in the marriage.

As soon as the kheer came, it was decided that since Paro's family was not there, Maithili, Sunehri and Phulwari were to cheer on Paro. Kakusa, Kakisa, Samrat and Dayamanti were on the groom's side.

The tug of the spoons started and Paro's team were so good that they insisted that Rudra feed Paro first. They took the spoon full of kheer and placed it in Rudra's hand, urging him to feed Paro first, and then eat after her. Rudra's support system was mainly Kakusa and even he was losing the battle as he started urging Rudra to feed Paro first.

Kakisa came in and grabbed the spoon out of Rudra's hand and gave it to Paro, saying that since she was Rudra's kakisa and Mamisa, she could not see her boy lose. Rudra understood the game Kakisa was playing and instantly, grabbed the spoon out of Paro's hand and told her to open her mouth and eat the kheer.

Paro ate the kheer but some of it dripped on her lips and chin. What happened next was enough to shock everyone as Rudra ate the reamining kheer  from the same spoon. Not only that, he made a show as he used his fingers to gently wipe the kheer off Paro's lower lip and chin and licked that too, all the while looking at Paro intently, as if a lover sharing an intimate secret.

Phulwari started squealing with joy, Maithili turned red, Sunehri started fanning herself, Damayanti and Kakisa's jaws dropped and Kakusa started staring intently at the bowl of kheer. Paro was so shocked by Rudra's action that she just sat there, embarrassed and uncomfortable at what had happened a moment ago.

Rudra just smiled lazily,  turned to Kakisa and taunted," Jab mere kakusa ko joru ka ghulaam banne mein koi sharam nahi...tou mein bhi apni Paro ka Ghulam ban sakta hoon" 

Kakisa just pursed her lips with anger at Rudra's snide remark but chose to smile as she had no option but to do so. The game was not yet over, Rudra Banna, she thought to herself.



It was late in the afternoon and Paro was still thinking about what had happened at the Rasam earlier. Once in their room, Rudra had told her not to read anything romantic in what he did in front of his family and those three bat ladies. He had warned her to play along with him if she had really meant what she had said about getting his job back.

The ladies had then grilled her about her marriage to Rudra and Kakisa had sort of slipped in remarks about the drunken state of Rudra and marriage, which Paro tried her best to cover. He had really thought that his performance of adoring husband at the rasam would be enough to convince these women but it appeared like they were out for a pound of his flesh!

What did they want him to do? How long was he supposed to play a lovey-dovey husband with Paro? They had even managed to peek into his bedroom!  Rudra's temper had flared then and he had walked out on all of them.

As she stood thinking of what would happen now; these ladies were not buying their story and what she could possibly do to convince them. She had promised to help Rudra get his job back and she was determined to do so.

"Kya soch rahi ab tu yahan khadi hokar?" Rudra asked her as he walked into the kitchen

Paro was surprised but replied, " nahi, woh mein soch rahi thi hum kaise Damayanti ji ko bharosa dilaayen..."

"Mein ne sab sambhaal liya that Paro...rasam kay samay per tujhe mana kiya tha zyaada baat mut karna in logon say... per tu toh chup nahi reh sakti..." Rudra said menacingly

Paro thought that was unfair since she hadn't said anything wrong. It was kakisa who had initiated the conversation and ignited the fire; she had no option but to explain and try to cover up the scenario of their wedding night. Why didn't Rudra believe her when it came to this, why didn't he understand that she was trying to help him?

"Mein aisa kya kahoon aap ko jo aap mere per vishwas karenge, mein aapki madad karna chahti hoon..."

Rudra stepped up closer to her as she retreated back to the sink, he grabbed her arms then and then said, " Dekh paro mein aakhri baar..." He suddenly stopped as he saw the 3 chimkadars on their way with mohini Kakisa in the center.

Quickly, he asked Paro, "Tu meri madad karna chahti hai na..." Paro was surprised at the change of converation but nodded

"kucch bhi kar sakti hai, meri naukri dilaane kay liye..." Rudra asked again urgently and paro nodded again

There was no more time to think as Rudra decided to take the next step and close this chapter with the ladies once and for all.

He released her arms and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her close to him, asked her put her arms around his neck and trust him. She did not understand what he wanted but did as he asked.

The next moment, Rudra's head bent down and he placed his lips against Paro's soft lips and kissed her. As soon as Rudra's lips touched hers, she trembled and tried to move out of the circle of his arms but Rudra tightened his hold around her waist.

His mouth was hard but then turned soft as he placed tiny kisses along her lips, teasing her with his tongue until she gasped and opened her mouth. He then deepened the kiss, ravishing her soft mouth, using his tongue, lips and even teeth to bite her lower lip and suck on it.

Her limbs turning weak, her senses shocked into oblivion, Paro leaned into Rudra and then her arms which were around his neck tightened as she ran her fingers through his hair and held onto the nape of his neck, which elicited a groan from Rudra. They were standing together, Paro's soft breasts pressed against Rudra's hard chest as his groin pressed  against her belly.

The three women looking into the kitchen from the door were startled to see such display of passion yet too intrigued to simply walk away and leave the couple alone.

Rudra had started out with the idea of placing a couple of chaste kisses on Paro's lips and convincing these women that everything was well between them and Paro was happily married to him, as his wife. But the moment his lips had touched Paro's lips, pink and soft as the dew moistened rose petals, he had lost all control! 

As he had claimed her mouth, stroking the inside of her mouth with his tongue, she had moaned as he captured her moan into his mouth. That had sent him over the edge that he had even forgotten his audience.

He couldn't get enough of her kiss. He wanted to ravish her, devour her, in fact, he wanted her so badly that he wanted to take her right there and then and make love to her by the sink. His body was rock hard and heavy with desire as he pressed shamelessly against Paro's hips.

The coughing sound from one of the women brought him back to his senses and he realized that he had lost control of the situation. He glanced at Paro and her eyes were glazed with first bouts of passion, she was breathless, and her lips swollen and wet with his kisses.

He wanted to turn around but immediately recognized his predicament. The kiss had taken a toll on his body and if he turned around, these women were going to do more than scream if they were to look down below his waist.

So, he decided to just go all out and asked against paro's mouth, "madad karni hai meri, tu chup rehna..."

Paro, too astonished to respond with any understanding barely nodded as Rudra bent down and picked her up in his arms. Once she was in his arms, he turned around now that he was sure that Paro's ghagra covered up the evidence of his recent passionate activity with Paro, just moments ago witnessed by these ladies.

Phulwari ji looked beet red, fanning her face, Kakisa looked like she was going to burst in flames any moment and Dayamanti ji had a look he did not understand but it was no longer the stern look of disbelief.

As if to further provide proof of his husbandly love for Paro, who was holding onto his neck with her arms as if her life depended on it, he started to carry his bride out of the kitchen casually, walking past all three women, as if nothing had happened.

If they could peek into his bedroom, then he had no option but to put on a show that would finally make them leave him alone! The three chimkadars managed to move out of his way but Kakisa couldn't resist one last jab and said, "Rudra banna, ab tou aap ki prem- leela khatam ho gai hogi, paro ko kahan le jaa rahe hain..."

Rudra turned back with Paro still up in his arms, looked at Kakisa directly and said with a big smile on his face," Kakisa, ab naya shadi shuda joda hai, apne kamray mein jaa rahe hain, aap ko tou pata hai aapke Rudra ko apni Paro kay saath prem-leela kitni pasand hai...phir aap aise sawaal kyun poochti hain..." leaving all three to imagine what they were going to do as he walked away with a blushing, mortified Paro towards their bedroom.

Kakisa's jaw dropped to the floor, Phulwari fanned her burning face profusely hoping to find her own Rudra one day who could carry her in his arms just like that for a session of lovemaking, and Dayamanti dropped to the floor with a thud!


Okay, so how did you like this one? Did I just mention that I don't care or believe in the track with people checking on the married couple, it is very unbelievable (in my humble opinion). However, as I watched it, this idea popped into my head! If they can peek into the couple's bedroom (disgusting in my opinion, who does that really?), then why can't Rudra give them a dose of their own medicine.LOL If they want performance, then well, he has to give it to them!Shocked

I changed the timeline slightly and added the rasams from my own wedding and just decided to make it a bit juicier and romantic!Blushing Also, I think it so looked like Rudra was going to kiss Paro when he leaned in but he didn't, so I decided to make them kiss in my OS!LOL

Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? Please don't forget to press like and as always, do give me feedback! Your comments and thoughts are much appreciated and I love reading about what you thought while reading it. I hope you enjoy reading as much I enjoyed writing it and it brings a smile to your face. Ciao!

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AWESOME...SUPERBBB...yes u r right about the fact that MOST of your OS can happen in the show tooo like for example...

1. Rudra challengin Paro that he can b gentle too
2. The finding the ring in the milk bowl & sliding it up Paro's finger...
3. the kheer khilane wasli rasam...toatlly wud luv to see that...
4. Rudra carrying Paro in his arms to their room...

I hope that the CVs get their hands on ur work and take some inspiration..Wink
6 Likes this
Posted: 2014-04-17T22:58:00Z
It was hawwwt
Absolutely loved it
1 Likes this
Posted: 2014-04-17T23:14:20Z
this was awesome. loved itSmile
1 Likes this
Posted: 2014-04-17T23:40:32Z
Good one again. And I totally agree that SW ladies are totally unbelievable! I mean what the..  LOL
1 Likes this
Posted: 2014-04-18T00:05:23Z
you are on a roll, girl!!...i love each of your pieces including this one...can you please turn this into an SS or atleast a TS??...Blushing..the three bat women's embarrassment writ large on their faces after witnessing their PDA, is something that i thoroughly enjoyed..please, pretty please turn this into a SS...
1 Likes this
Posted: 2014-04-18T00:31:18Z
M fanning myself like Phulwari. Great.
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Posted: 2014-04-18T00:45:55Z
Originally posted by Absoluv

AWESOME...SUPERBBB...yes u r right about the fact that MOST of your OS can happen in the show tooo like for example...

1. Rudra challengin Paro that he can b gentle too
2. The finding the ring in the milk bowl & sliding it up Paro's finger...
3. the kheer khilane wasli rasam...toatlly wud luv to see that...
4. Rudra carrying Paro in his arms to their room...

I hope that the CVs get their hands on ur work and take some inspiration..Wink
Thank you dear!Hug you are always so kind Smile

I wish and I wish some more but it almost never happens. Today's episode was so blah for me as I kept on thinking about the chudi rasam at the end, what was so new and exciting about it? Seriously, chudiyan rasam was so D'oh,   
there is so much potential and so many scenarios they can enact, especially considering Rudra and paro are amazing actors with blazing chemistry and they can make it happen! Yet, I keep on dreamingDay Dreaming
maybe CVs will incorporate something, someday, how cool would that be? LOL
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